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Let the music move you

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Let the music move you Empty Let the music move you

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Sat May 16, 2020 1:25 am

It seemed like every time she had an issue, her first instinct was to wander off to the grounds, where she ended up at the lake, making it impossible to be alone like she wanted to be. It wasn't a bad thing, she supposed, but when your mind was constantly racing and (mostly) inappropriate thoughts were swirling through your mind, it was often better to be left alone. For the most part, others understood that and left you alone.

Unless you're Anabelle Mulciber.

It always seemed like the more she wanted to be left alone, the more people wouldn't leave her be. It really didn't help that her favorite place to go was one of the most open places in Hogwarts. Hell, even the forest wouldn't be much help since everyone thought it was cool to go into it and explore, regardless of consequences. She shook her head; never again.

This time, she decided that in order to be alone, she'd have to go elsewhere. The thought that the lake might not be the best place to go finally set in and she found herself wandering about the castle, looking for another place where she could finally have some peace and quiet. Something even the library had been lacking as of late. After wandering for what seemed like forever (but wasn't that long at all), Hit found herself on the fifth floor, standing in front of the door to the orchestra classroom. It didn't seem like too many students had much of an interest in anything that happened on the fifth floor, so she thought that she wouldn't be disturbed if she were to just.. hang out there for a while. Plus classes were pretty much done for the day, she'd be fine.

At least, just until she got her thoughts in order.

Seeing the different instruments in the classroom made her smile, made her feel comefortable and welcome. Music had always been her escape from things when she really needed it to be, she didn't know why she hadn't thought of coming here earlier. Maybe it was because she always secretly wanted to be found, even though she acted like it was the end of the world when she actually was.
Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
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Let the music move you Empty Re: Let the music move you

Post by Ducky Baker Sat May 16, 2020 3:02 am

Ducky sat in his bed feeling… off.

He wasn’t used to feeling bad. His whole life was in pursuit of feeling good. Home was awful so Hogwarts was meant to be fun and happy. He was surrounded by beautiful people in the prime of their lives. Their chief worries were points, partners, and popularity. Sure, sometimes fears about money or going home or his future crept in - but a regular regimen of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll kept those fears from looming too large.

But this past week had been wrong. He thought maybe it had been Finn’s anxieties somehow transferring to him but he knew that wasn’t it. And he had stopped worrying about being caught sneaking off the grounds years ago. Maybe he just needed to get up and get going. He could meet up at Bev’s before the party and shake out his jitters.

He rolled out of bed, already clad in his jeans and short sleeved button down. It was a colorful outfit, not great for sneaking but they still had an hour or so before curfew proper began. He’d wander aimlessly and then make a break for it. He didn’t even bother looking for Molly first - she was long gone by now.

He made his way down the spiraling path from Gryffindor common room, whistling a jaunty tune and settling more into himself with each passing moment.

And then he saw her, and it all came into place.

Right. He wasn’t used to being the bad guy. And he had been the bad guy.

Annabelle Mulciber was no threat. She could probably be one if she was the sort, but her greatest aspiration in life seemed to be to escape notice. Not that it worked. She always seemed reluctantly surrounded by friends - and yet she always seemed so… solitary. He had panicked on Finn’s behalf, he had never seen his timid little friend so frightened. It had not been fair and had left him with a bad feeling in his stomach, which had apparently infected his whole week.

Alright, Mulciber. I’m going to have to annoy you one more time.

She had not seen him so he could have left her alone, but he knew it was going to bother him all night, so he turned and headed down the hallway, reaching the orchestra room. Ignoring the basest part of his brain begging him to just turn around and get to the party, he opened the door, knocking on the frame as he peeked his head in.

His face was almost apologetic. “Hey.” He slipped inside and closed the door behind him. “Could we talk?”
Ducky Baker
Ducky Baker
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