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Amelia McLaggen

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Post by Amelia McLaggen Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:16 pm

Name: Amelia Isibéal McLaggen

Her first supervisor referred to her as “Mac” and it has stuck.
Mia, Mills are also acceptable.
Melie- siblings.
Millie- parents only.

Age: 19

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Appearance: The archetypal redhead: hazel-eyed, pale-skinned, freckled, easily sunburned. The only thing that goes against the grain is her near-inability to blush. Her hair is easily her best feature, a deep vibrant red, thick and glossy, worn down unless she needs it out of her eyes. She looks healthy and hardy: average height and weight, strong but not fully toned, bright-eyed and energetic. Her outfits are usually casual and easy to move in, often bearing stray dog or cat hairs, but she enjoys dressing up to go out. Tends to bear a bruise or two from training, somehow manages to look constantly well-rested, makeup definitely helps. Likes a red lip. Her neutral expression is distant, not friendly, but rarely maintained for longer than a few minutes- she is equally inclined to smiles and scowls, and has a big infectious grin, a loud, warm laugh, a louder yell.

daring, confident, sociable, opinionated, studious, hot-tempered, altruistic, petty, assertive, athletic, argumentative, quick-thinking, frank, compassionate, arrogant, impulsive, lively, flirtatious

Character Parallels: Jo March (Little Women), Ygritte (Game of Thrones), Jake Peralta (B99)

Facts Known About Character: 

  • Daughter of Cormac McLaggen, long-term manager of Puddlemere United, and Susan Bones, Head of International Magical Cooperation. Great-niece of Amelia Bones, former Head of MLE, and Edgar Bones, member of the original Order of the Phoenix. No pressure or anything.
  • Gryffindor Chaser from 2nd to 7th Year, Captain 6th Year.
  • Was scouted by the Holyhead Harpies in her 7th Year for a reserve position.
  • Has a dreadful temper. See: hexed a cheating ex-boyfriend so badly he spent a week in the Hospital Wing recuperating, sent a Howler every week for 2 months to the Hogwarts Quidditch commentator after he criticised her weight gain.
  • Works hard, parties harder. Slowed down slightly since Auror training started kicking her butt.
  • Plays good cop and bad cop equally well. Is on good terms with a few former suspects, the sense of humour comes in handy.
  • So far, has a great training record, but her Concealment and Disguise section is lagging. Finds it hard to camouflage her hair.
  • To date, has never refused a dare. Will eat doxy eggs, do laps around the Whomping Willow, jinx her skin green for a week, to name a few.
  • Not easily embarrassed. See above.

Rumors Known About Character:

  • Her parents’ connections got her a place on the Auror squad (False, if you ask her (Don’t. Saying this in her vicinity is a surefire way to trigger that temper). She detests this rumour, partly because a part of her fears there’s some truth to it, despite her clear qualifications and her parents’ sworn non-involvement. But nepotism isn’t quite that simple, is it?)
  • Never made prefect because her temper made her unreliable (Ridiculous. How would anyone even prove this?)
  • Was scouted by the Falmouth Falcons due to her father’s influence (False. I just told you it was the Harpies).
  • Her original partner quit because they didn’t get on (False. She just wasn’t cut out for the job).
  • Has a thing for older men. Within the Auror squad, some faint whisperings about an illicit something with a superior member of the department (No comment.)
  • Took up Auror training as the result of a bet, her original plan was Quidditch (Actually, no. It was a toss up, and she made the decision herself.)
  • Although she has mostly been on her best behaviour, some expect she will eventually encounter disciplinary trouble due to occasional instances of rash conduct and The Temper(Tm)


The union of Cormac McLaggen and Susan Bones appeared, on paper, to be a grievous mismatch, the two opposing ends of a polarised spectrum. Possessing the same intelligence and class as Hermione Granger but lacking the temper, Susan’s appeal, at least, was clear. Cormac, in turn, was humbled slightly by the war- not enough to completely shake off his over-confidence and self-righteousness, but enough that the more unpleasant aspects of his personality were tempered by the adversity. In all, they balanced each other out surprisingly well, an unlikely pairing that made sense when closely considered, and more than that, actually worked.

The joke goes that her birth was the only appointment Amelia was on time for, though this can probably be attributed to her mother, whose schedules are famously intransigent. Susan did not take an extended maternity leave- she worked until her due date and was back in her office within the week, leaving Amelia in the care of her grandmother and father, primarily, swaddled in an old Quidditch jersey and carted along on social errands or team meetings, depending on the carer of the day's priorities.

She had an active, privileged upbringing, given free rein for the most part to rattle around their large country home and grounds, muddying the carpets with her wellies and chipping the banisters with her child-size broomstick as she embarked on adventures and challenged herself to master various Quidditch formations (as much as a young child could). Frequent trips to London and a vast circle of family friends fulfilled her sociable nature, and the addition of siblings provided an extra layer of fun even when stuck at home, taking charge in their many games and schemes. Though her mother's job demanded long hours and frequent trips, quality family time was an event taken as seriously as any other part of the schedule, and her father delighted in bringing her along to watch practices from the stands, young eyes wide and small legs swinging.

Hogwarts was a change easily adapted to, her confidence manifesting in anticipation rather than worry. She jumped into school life with gusto, making a wide circle of friends within her house and across the others, a smaller circle of deliberate and accidental adversaries. Her father's urge to "give them hell on the pitch, Melie" and her mother's firm advice to "focus on your grades, Amelia" were balanced well, her active nature finding an outlet in more practical subjects as well as Quidditch. It took her some time but she learnt the arts of prioritisation and organisation, approaching academic and athletic interests with rigour and the determination to master both to her best ability. A few hiccups were encountered as a natural consequence of her strong-willed nature, the occasional altercation securing detentions that though thoroughly deserved, were not overly frequent. For the most part, she was an excellent if rowdy student and a talented if aggressive player. Her final year saw her explore a number of opportunities, eventually settling on the most challenging (and thus attractive) one: Auror training.

She's settled in well with the current squad, throwing herself into this new occupation with characteristic drive and doing her best to toe the line to the satisfaction of stringent training guidelines. Bar a few minor (if you ask her) indiscretions, she has managed to do this, and looks forward to proving herself an asset to the department. More and more often she is drawing on her Quidditch background to summon the discipline required by the regimented nature of this career, though if you ask her she's a perfect fit, no problems at all, having the time of her life. That's true, but it's also true she's due for some sort of outburst soon, and it remains to be seen how that will impact her prospects if it occurs.

Playby: Charlotte Spencer

Member Name: Alyssa

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Amelia McLaggen
Amelia McLaggen
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Post by Amelia McLaggen Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:51 pm

Amelia McLaggen
Amelia McLaggen
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Post by Jack Dyllan Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:30 pm

Added! Getting pips now!

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