MCLAGGEN, Axel Coleman
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MCLAGGEN, Axel Coleman

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MCLAGGEN, Axel Coleman Empty MCLAGGEN, Axel Coleman

Post by Axel McLaggen Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:49 pm

MCLAGGEN, Axel Coleman Reece1

MCLAGGEN, Axel Coleman



AGE: 16



WAND: Acacia Wood, Unicorn Tail Har, 12¾, Swishy

PLAY BY: Reece King


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Axel's mother is an African-American woman, giving him tanned skin that gets progressively darker as the hotter seasons come. He has full, groomed eyebrows. He has dark brown eyes and a nose that fits his face perfectly. He usually styles his hair in large curls at the top. He has a strong jaw. He has a number of tattoos on his arms that he got, regardless of the complaints from his father. He is thin, but slightly muscular. You will usually find him in a hoodie and he wears dad caps quite often.



-Brutally Honest

+Disobeying Authority
+The months October-December in general

-His Mother
-The Factions
-The assumption of darkness in Slytherin students/alumni
-Pureblood Supremacy

GOAL:  To become a healer in St. Mungo's Hospital


FATHER: Cormac McLaggen, b.1978

MOTHER: Elizabeth Hynson, b 1974

SIBLING/S: Dariela Amelia McLaggen, b.2013




(I'm going to disregard some of Dariela's family history, as no one currently plays the character. Let me know if this is an issue and I'll adjust accordingly.)
EARLY YEARS: Axel was born to Cormac McLaggen and a muggle woman. His father frequently slept around with both witches and muggles, resulting in one of them getting pregnant. In these encounters, he concealed his magical status from the muggle women. Once he discovered her pregnancy, he told her that he was a wizard. She was confused and afraid, not wanting anything to do with him or the magical child growing within her. When Axel was born, she gave her son up immediately, leaving Cormac as the sole parental figure in his son's life.

About a year later, he had another encounter with a Pureblood witch. She became pregnant and their romance was short lived. Cormac was left with two children to raise on his own. Axel doesn't have any complaints about the way his father raised and took care of him and his sister, aside from the occasional women that would pop in and out of their lives. They grew up in an economically privileged setting, not having to worry anything. Aside from Axel not having a permanent mother figure in his life, he enjoyed his childhood. But a negative side effect of not having his mother was a permanent resentment against her and the occasional feeling of being unwanted.

HOGWARTS YEARS: The sorting hat just had to scream Slytherin. Why not Gryffindor? It would have made his father a lot more proud of him. Not that his father wasn't but just to a lesser extent. It wasn't his fault that he isn't stupidly brave like the rest. Slytherin has a bad reputation for producing dark wizards. Axel had no intention of becoming one, but the stigma still bothered him nonetheless. A year later, his sister was also sorted into Slytherin. It concerned both him and his father, as she displayed dark tendencies and she had begun to drift from her family.

There was nothing exceptional about Axel's Hogwarts years. He made friends while staying below the radar. He had no interest in either of his school's factions. He thought of Potter's Army as a group of entitled individuals that were as equally responsible as the Dark Followers for the strife inside of the school. The latter attempted to recruit him a few times, but he rejected all of their invitations. His father was particularly pleased about this. But the same could not be said about his sister. This drifted them apart further.





HOW YOU FOUND US: I don't remember

Axel McLaggen
Axel McLaggen
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin

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