Nobody can bring you peace but yourself
Welcome to Potter’s Army

Welcome to Potter's Army

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Nobody can bring you peace but yourself Li9olo10

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Nobody can bring you peace but yourself

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Nobody can bring you peace but yourself Empty Nobody can bring you peace but yourself

Post by Charlotte Waldorf Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:01 pm

This was the first time Charlotte didn't go back to home during the holidays. It was odd, especially for someone who loves Muggles as much as she does but she just didn't... She didn't find any good reason to pack her things and go home. Christmas dinner would be boring. They would probably just sit there until her mother gets an emergency call from the hospital, as always. And then, Charlotte would excuse herself and go to the party with her friends and get drunk.
But then she would have to lie to them about her school, over and over again. And she would need to explain why she broke up with Christian even if she wrote in letters they were happy. How could she say to all her friends that he just didn't care about her? That he was just pureblood, Hufflepuff idiot who was obviously just playing around with her?

So she decided to stay at Hogwarts.
Mia and Darian were here as well. Even if they both said that they want to skip family dinner as well, one part of Charlotte knew Darian stayed because of her so she was not alone and Mia... Mia just didn't like to go home and spend time with her brother. As far as Charlotte realized, Mia and her brother didn't really have a got relationship but it isn't for her to judge.

Even if Christmas was 3 days ago, she was almost able to feel alcohol still in her blood and it made her sick. She was wandering through the castle and finally decided to go back to the common room. Maybe she could read or something like that, she still has few letter from friends she needs to answer to as well.
Once she finally came to the common room in Ravenclaw tower she was out of her breath. Why their coom room can't be somewhere with less stairs?

Evander was in there as well so she put the smile on her face and came closer to him. She didn't see him in last 3 days but if he was here now, that means he didn't go to the home as well.
"Hi, Evander. Merry Christmas."
Charlotte Waldorf
Charlotte Waldorf
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Seventh Year Ravenclaw

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