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[OPEN/MASS THREAD] Valentine's Day Party

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[OPEN/MASS THREAD] Valentine's Day Party - Page 15 Empty Re: [OPEN/MASS THREAD] Valentine's Day Party

Post by Freyja Podmore Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:56 am

For once in her life, Freyja wasn't running after Cronis to calm him down. But that was because the twins being angry at one another was a problem that needed to be solved between the two of them. Last time she'd gotten involved hadn't gone very well.

And right now she was just drunk enough that she didn't care.

Freyja was more concerned about Hit and Julian. Her eyes seemed to be sparkling at Hit's response and she nodded at Julian's comment. "Awww Hit! You care about him!" She said happily. Finally, Hit showed some love for someone other than her, Evander or Cronis (if you can call her cold attitude toward him love) and it was great.

She leaned over to Hit to whisper in her ear. "I second Evan's comment to Cronis." Hit blushed almost immediately and looked down at her feet, making Freyja giggle. Putting her arm around Hit's shoulders, she looked at Kapur.

"Bet Hit can help you remember. She was there for the most part."

"I didn't see anything that happened, though. Besides Violet running away in tears. Then I helped Julian. If anyone knows anything, it's probably Apollo." Her voice cracked as the Slytherin's name came out of her mouth.
Freyja Podmore
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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[OPEN/MASS THREAD] Valentine's Day Party - Page 15 Empty Re: [OPEN/MASS THREAD] Valentine's Day Party

Post by Darcy Driscoll Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:40 am

Darcy was pretty happy with most of those answers, but she was pretty sure the twins had been the jackpot.  She knew not asking about twincest was the key getting at that secret.  Most people asked about twincest.

"Well, that was very enlightening," she said.  "I guess it's my turn now?  I'll take truth."

Because there was hardly anything worth knowing about her that these kids would care about, and she was pretty sure some of them would want to kill her, now that she'd made them all spill those secrets.
Darcy Driscoll
Darcy Driscoll
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Second Year Ravenclaw

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