HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro
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HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro

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HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro Empty HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro

Post by Ryo Hiroku Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:20 am

HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro Tumblr_n4lu5ha5v81tvgwf2o1_500



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Ry, Ry-Ry(annoying nickname he dislikes)

AGE: Twenty-five | b. August 9th, 2003

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff Graduate

WAND: 12 inch phoenix feather core slightly flexible

PLAY BY: Ross Lynch



Ryo had olive green eyes and dirty blonde hair. He standard at six feet even. Ryo usually wears dark colors like blue, black, or gray. He changes his style with whatever the occasion is, though, so what he'll be dressed in never set. He likes to wear pants and long sleeve shirts. He hates showing his arms for some reason and will wear anything to cover them up. Along with the long sleeves he will usually have a sweater on, when he's going for a casual look. He can definitely clean up well, if needed.


001. Creative
002. Honest
003. Caring
004. Hardworking
005. Stubborn
006. Patient
007. Brave
008. Loyal
009. Over protective
010. Careful
011. Driven
012.  Resourceful
013. Reserved
014. Blunt
015. Passionate

001. Drumming
002. Music
003. Nights
004. Animals
005. Open spaces
006. Singing
007. Sports
008. Halloween
009. Photography
010. Coffee

001. Crowded places
002. Stalkers
003. Werewolves
004. Being a Vampire(at times)
005. Extreme heat
006. Reading
007. Showing emotions
008. Loud noises
009. Board games
010. Kids

001. Accept that his mother is gone
002. Better himself
003. Become someone important


FATHER: Ryo Hiroku - deceased/would be 44/ halfblood/human turned vampire

MOTHER: Sayori Hiroku(nee Akashiya) - missing/believed to be deceased/42/ pureblood

SIBLING/S: Sayuri Kaiyo Hiroku - younger sister/20/human turned vampire

OTHER: Hatsuharu "Haru" Hiroku - uncle/older brother of father/45/human turned vampire
Yuki Hiroku(nee Akisha) - political aunt/43/human/halfblood




EARLY YEARS: Ryo was born to Sayori and Ryo Hiroku during the summer of 2003. He was the First born of two children. His sister Sayuri was born shortly after he was, though there were some complications in her birth. Ryo had been a stronger baby and his sister required special treatment to survive while he was as healthy as a baby could be. She made it out okay but even at the time of their birth, she began to take attention away from her brother.

From their birth Sayuri was always taking attention from Ryo. If it wasn't because of her health it was because she had gotten hurt somehow. At first Ryo hadn't minded it, as he really didn't understand that she was taking attention away from him, but as they got older he began to see that she was becoming more and more the center of attention and that he was basically fading into the background all the time. 

Well at least his father paid some attention to him. The boy always went on these special camping trips with his father where it was only the two of them, no Sayuri and no Mother. Just the guys getting to bond. Ryo always loved spending time with his father on these trips, until one trip when he was around 9 years old, that is. Just a few days before their annual trip, Ryo's father was attacked by a vampire and he was turned into one of them. The only other person who knew this was Sayori, but the children knew nothing. Sayori was scared that he would do somethig to her child on the trip so she tried to convince them not to go. Ryo only got angry and insisted on going on the trip with his father even more. Finally she had no choice but to let them go, and that was where things went wrong. Sayori's assumption was correct and before long Ryo's father list control and attacked him. He turned his only son into a vampire like he was. Ryo didn't remember much after that, just that he was attacked by his father.

HOGWARTS YEARS: When Ryo and Sayuri reached the age of eleven, Ryo couldn't wait to get away from his father. After his "accident" as they had decided to call it, Ryo had stopped going on those camping trips with his father and he had distanced himself from him. Two years had passed since that happened and Ryo still hadn't forgiven him for what he did. It was something that Ryo simply wouldn't be able to get over, never.

Only a few months after they left for Hogwarts, the siblings received a letter from their uncle who informed them that their parents had been attacked, they weren't sure by who, but it seemed that their father was killed and their mother was said to be kidnapped. The news took them by Surprise and after that they couldn't focus on anything but their parents, though Ryo focused more on his mother than his father. Even after five years(during his sixth year), Ryo still believed that his mother is alive somewhere. That belief remained with him even after he graduated as he had high hopes that once out of school, he would be able to finally search properly for and find his mother.

After the news, Ryo and Sayuri began to fight more often than they usually did. Sayuri was always defending their father and Ryo was always insulting him. Their fights grew and grew, and finally Ryo snapped during one of their fights, in their third year, in which his sister defended their father about him turning Ryo into a vampire. He became so infuriated that he attacked his sister and turned her into a vampire as well. The only thing he said to her was, "Let's see if you like being one of them." To an extent, Ryo felt bad about what he had done though he would not admit it to  his sister who seemed to take becoming a vampire better than he did.

ADULTHOOD: Shortly after graduating and turning eighteen, Ryo immediately started spending his time searching for his mother. His search took him to many places in Europe where he thought his mother might be, but to no avail, she really seemed to be gone and the more he searched with no results the more the thought that she was dead sunk into his mind. He had been the only one that hadn't thought she was dead, the only one who was determined to find her one way or another but after three years of devoting himself to searching for her, along with friends and family, Ryo was finally forced to leave the search for his mother alone.

He still won't believe that she is really dead, but he couldn't keep throwing years and years of his life away to search for someone who he hadn't seen since he was eleven. Hell, he didn't even remember what the woman had even looked like anymore without looking at a picture of her.

Even while looking for his mother, Ryo had gotten a job at the Ministry of Magic as a Spirit Specialist and as he slowly came out of the search, he realized just how much he was neglecting his job. He'd fallen behind on paperwork, the mounts on his desk were the proof of how bad it had gotten and he'd left a couple of interns doing nothing more than wait for him to give them further instructions on simple tasks he'd begun to assign solely because he couldn't be bothered with most of his workload at that point.

He knew it was time to change that and he began to take his job more seriously. He dove into his work and he was determined to not let it get to the point he had let it get to. No matter what the cause of any of his problems was. He still had a lot more to work for and it was definitely what his mother would want him to do rather than mope around forever.



RP EXPERIENCE: Four years, almost.

HOW YOU FOUND US: Former member


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Ryo Hiroku
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HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro Empty Re: HIROKU, Ryo Ichiro

Post by Everly Bardugo Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:34 pm

It's funny. He doesn't strike me fully as a Hufflepuff. But he was sorted as one before, and I think you've developed him nicely. Looks like he'll get some plotting from the Creatures Department.

Regarding his employment claim, go ahead and put it under Misc. jobs for now; Eli is working on a Department thread for us sometime this weekend, I believe. If not, I'll go by her code and fix it up so you can claim it properly.

But I think he's fine! I'll get him sorted.
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