WINTERS, Ski Renee
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WINTERS, Ski Renee

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WINTERS, Ski Renee Empty WINTERS, Ski Renee

Post by Ski Winters Fri May 06, 2016 12:29 am

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AGE: 16


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Slytherin

WAND: Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, Solid, 12 ½ inches

PLAY BY: Jenn Proske


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ski isn't one to dress up too crazily or in any outgoing manner. She wears her school robes when going to class, and jeans and a tank-top or t-shirt when outside of class. Her hair is brown and goes a little past her shoulders. Her most prominent feature however might be the look she always has on her face. One of cold disdain for the world in which she lives. It's almost a sneer as she stares at the world through eyes that never seem to attach to anything around her. This look carries through everything, even when she's very happy, when she's smiling, or just sitting doing homework. The look she gives the world makes some people nervous and tends to put them off of making friends with her.


Positive: Determined, Creative, Focused, Athletic, Adaptable

Negative: Obsessive, Blunt, Possessive, Mysterious (she often puts people off from getting to know her), Swayable (She's not concerned with what 'side' she's on, but she could easily be swayed to either)

Likes: Potions, exercise (running, swimming, etc.), Hanging upside down, Shiny things, cigar smoke

Dislikes: Small talk, Rainy days, Chocolate, Waking up early in the morning (much more of a night person).

GOAL: At this point in her life, Ski is lost for her goals, but she's working hard on learning potions in hopes to one day make a career of it.


FATHER: Baxter Winters – Ministry employee, currently working in the department of International Magical Cooperation. His job often requires him to leave the country to visit other magical places, so he isn't around very often.

MOTHER: Sabrina Winters – Muggle work-from-home mom. Sabrina met Baxter while on vacation and learned of his magical abilities. She was elated to find her daughter was a witch.

SIBLING/S: Aurora Winters – muggle (13), a unique girl who shadows her older sister everywhere. Very disappointed when she found out she wasn't a witch as well, but loves listening to her sister tell her stories of Hogwarts.

OTHER: Avalon (Dog) – Cocker spaniel mix, a stray they found in their backyard one day and decided to keep.
Rune (dog) – St. Bernard was picked up from a local shelter after the family volunteered together and met it.  
Emrys (owl) – A Spectacled owl used primarily for sending letters to and from Hogwarts.
Rhea (cat) – black cat doted upon by Aurora, she enjoys spending her time believing it's magical when in fact they just picked it up at a pet store.
Zephyr (owl) – Barn owl used solely by Baxter for work related letters.

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human - Halfblood

SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Middle-Class


EARLY YEARS: Ski grew up in a very happy household. A doting stay at home mother, a loving sister, pets galore, a nice house and a mix of both magic and muggle to help her appreciate how the two can exist together. She grew up loving both sides of the coin, the one with electricity, internet, tv, and cell phones, and the one with spells, potions, and magical creatures. The entire family grew to appreciate both sides, even though two of the four couldn't use any sort of magic, they knew of it's existence and raised a number of magical plants in their backyard, invited magical creatures to live with them, and enjoyed hearing the stories their father told them of the magical world in which he worked and lived, while smoking a cigar at the end of a long day.

Ski grew up knowing she was special, the second she showed signs of magic, her family celebrated, they threw a party, took her to Diagon Alley, bought her a toy broomstick, a toy potion making set, everything she might want to harbor her talents for Hogwarts. When her sister was born, they hoped and hoped she would show signs of magic, but it never showed, and the time quickly passed for when it ever would. It grew apparent that she wouldn't be a witch, but Ski still doted on her little sister, showing her all the magical things she learned at school, teaching her history and star charts during the summer, letting her read all her books, she loved watching her sister learn of this world in which she was allowed to be apart of.

HOGWARTS YEARS: At Hogwarts, Ski was almost a different person. She watched everything objectively, she was known for having a rather blank stare to her that some thought of as cold or withdrawn. In fact she was watching and observing and learning everything she could, she found her studies wonderful and fun and was confused when others didn't think of it the same way, she knew she could have easily been born a muggle and never gotten the chance to take part in this world, and she wanted to learn everything she could of it, also she needed to know it so she could show her sister on the holidays.

As she grew up, Ski found herself being drawn more and more to potion making. Her father was thrilled to hear about her passion and bought her top of the line cauldrons and ingredients, and took her many places to see how potions might be used outside of school as a career. He had never been much of a potion maker, but he let her buy about anything she needed to grow as a potioneer. Now at 16, Ski wants to do something in relation to potion making, but she's still trying to figure it all out.






Ski Winters
Ski Winters
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw

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