WOODS, Leo Edward
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WOODS, Leo Edward

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WOODS, Leo Edward Empty WOODS, Leo Edward

Post by Leo Woods Mon May 02, 2016 4:22 am

WOODS, Leo Edward Original

Leo Edward Woods



AGE:  16



Hornbeam, dragon heart string, 12 ½ inches, springy

PLAY BY: Dylan Sprayberry


Leo has a fairly lean figure with clear muscle from years of physical exercise and constant work around the farm at home. He shares the same dark brown hair colour and light blue grey eye colour as his twin sister Kasey. His hair is pretty much always spiked up and messy in some way. Much unlike his sister however, Leo has darker more tanned skin. He, like all the Woods children, tends to dress in muggle styled clothing finding it far more practical then wizards robes and will usually wear dark colours (black, grey and sometimes brown) and almost always will be wearing jeans and a loose singlet or shirt.


+ Protective
+ Chivalrous
+ Joking
- Stubborn
- Easily angered
- Rash

Outdoors: Like all the Woods kids, Leo was practically raised in the outdoors and as a result struggles being inside for any prolonged period of time.

Making People Laugh: At the end of the day this seems to be Leo’s main goal. To make the people around him laugh and feel happy when everything else seems to be going wrong for them. So if you ever see fireworks being set of in the corridor or find out that your least favourite teacher has a had their office suddenly over run by frogs you can almost be certain Leo is behind it all.

Sport: Yes Leo is one of the Ilvermorny students who loves the sporting component of the curriculum. There’s no complicated formula like in positions or complex theories like transfiguration. It is simple and easy.

Theory: Blah blah blah. Who cares? Why bother? There are better things to do in life.

People who take everything too seriously: You could say Leo dislikes people with this sort of attitude but really he just doesn’t understand them, especially when they start to ruin other people’s fun. He’s likely to go head to head with people like this.

Helplessness: Feeling helpless and people who act like they are helpless. Leo hates both with a passion. He’s a firm believer in helping yourself or putting in an effort and letting others help you. Honestly if you came to him with any ‘my life sucks because…’ story he won’t be rude as such but chances are he just won’t listen to you.  

Leo just wants to help people, and he seems to have a knack for doing so through practical jokes. Honestly he’s not too sure exactly what he wants to do just so long as he’s helping people.


Marcus Woods: Leo and Marcus don’t particularly get on well. Leo has always felt that Marcus could do a lot more for his family if only he used his intelligence for something more useful then star gazing.

Kat Woods: Leo is one of those guys who looks after his mother. Despite the fact that she is just as time wasting with her star gazing Leo, like with his sisters, feels somewhat responsible for her.

Lyra Kasey Woods: Leo and Lyra are twins, and as children always got on incredibly well. Due to all the travelling the family did and his parent’s constant absence Leo always felt responsible for protecting Lyra, who always seemed to have such a optimistic view of the world and who’s curiosity always seemed to be leading her into trouble. Even though Lyra doesn’t believe she and Leo have much to do with each other at Ilvermorny you can almost always guarantee that Leo is somewhere near his sister looking out for her.

Cassiopeia (Cassie) Maree Woods: Cassie Woods is Leo’s younger sister. Just like with Lyra, Leo is very protective of Cassie however he also seems to accept that his younger sister is maybe more capable of accepting and dealing with the harder realities of the world than Lyra.  

Daniel Rhys: Daniel Rhys is a family friend and for many years was Leo’s sworn rival. Now days Leo has developed a great deal of respect for Daniel and trust in him.




Leo spent his childhood before Ilvermorny travelling the world with his family for Kat and Marcus’ astronomy studies. Because Kat and Marcus were often away from the main camp during the night and spent most of the day catching up on lost sleep Leo, Lyra (Kasey) and Cassie often found themselves alone. Due to Marcus’ absence Leo naturally assumed the role of looking after and protecting his sisters, something which came naturally to him. Even from an early age Leo seemed to understand far quicker than Kasey that his parent’s wealth was gradually depleting and that their constant attempts of astronomy study were failing to produce anything but more debt. Leo and Kasey often spent a lot of time entertaining Cassie with silly magic tricks and entertain themselves by pulling pranks and jokes on other travelling wizards and occasionally muggles, most of which activities Leo planned while Kasey smoothed out the finer details.
All of the Woods children grew up with stories about their mother’s duelling club days and even before attending school were told the basics of the art.

Leo managed to fit in to life at Ilvermorny rather easily. His general easy going nature was far better to get along with compared to Kasey’s independent and introverted one. One habit that never left Leo though was watching over his sisters, particularly Kasey who had always held a particularly optimistic view of the world. To prevent her loosing such a view and try to keep her out of trouble Leo took to shadowing his twin from a distance just keeping a casual eye on her.

When Cassie started at Ilvermorny Leo initially began to follow her as well but quickly learnt after seeing her disarm and hex another student quicker than he ever could have that Cassie was far better equipped to deal with school life then Kasey. As a result he has learnt to leave Cassie to her own devices for the most part.  

Due to this constant shadowing and feeling of responsibility for his sisters Leo has never really established any tight relationships with other students beyond cheering them up or hanging out with them here and there.




RP EXPERIENCE:All on this site..


Leo Woods
Leo Woods
Ilvermorny Student
Ilvermorny Student

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