TRAVERSE, Edward Alexander
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TRAVERSE, Edward Alexander

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TRAVERSE, Edward Alexander Empty TRAVERSE, Edward Alexander

Post by Edward Traverse Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:36 pm

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    FULL NAME: Edward Alexander Traverse

    NICKNAMES: Ed, Eddy, Alex, Travs

    AGE: Seventeen

    ALLEGIANCE: Dark Follower

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    WAND TYPE: Gaboon Eboby, 15 inches

    PLAY BY Alex Watson


    HAIR COLOR: Golden-Rod, Dirty Blond

    EYE COLOR: Chocolate Brown

    HEIGHT: About 5'9"-6'1"

    BODY TYPE: Well-built, thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Edward Traverse looks a lot like his younger sister, Julia; with her medium hair and dark eyes, as well as with her nose and lips. He is beautiful, but he doesn't exactly see himself in that way, though he is fairly popular. Ed usually wears clothing that are in style and usually expensive, he is opposite in Julia in this way because he sometimes takes advantage of his family's wealth. His hair is a bit on the long side, usually hanging over his forehead and the nape of his neck. Overall, Edward is a very handsome boy.


    -Dark Arts: Ed is different from his sister in this way, because he actually enjoys the Dark Arts. At first, he found it uninteresting, and only got involved with it because it was a family thing, and he wanted to carry on the tradition alongside his sister. But now, he is Co-Leader of the Dark Followers.

    -Quidditch: Back in Ireland, Ed was Captain of the Portrush Panda's Quidditch team at his local school of Wizardry, he also played as a Beater, and is hoping to be a Beater on the Slytherin team.

    -Helping Out Others: This has been something that Edward always loved to do since he was young. He always had a passion for people, and if someone was in need, Ed would definitely help them.

    -Girls: [i]Self-explanatory

    -Being sympathetic: Even though Edward is a nice to everyone, he can never really have much sympathy for anyone; only under certain circumstances. He finds that if no one can have sympathy for him, he shouldn't have it for others.

    -School: Ed never was the best at his schoolwork, that is mainly because he never does his homework. He pays attention in class for the most part, but he doesn't like to put his intelligence to work.

    -Community Work

    -Conceited people

    GOALS: Edward's goals are definitely far-fetched for him, but that doesn't stop him from trying to reach them. He always wanted to be a professional Beater for the Ireland Quidditch team. He always shows his pride for his home-country.

    QUIRKS: He has a strange obsession with ears

    BOGGART: Enclosure (Claustrophobia)

    DEMENTOR: Watching his grandfather die

    AMORENTIA: Home Baked Brownies and Amber Vanilla

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be a professional Beater for the Ireland Quidditch team

    PERSONALITY: Ed has many different personalities ruled into one: he is down-to-earth, kind, loving, rude, opinionated, and talkative. These personalities never usually work well together, but Edward is a great person, his characteristics are selective to who his is with, or which one is fitting. Though his kindness usually dominates the rest of him, which can sometime can be seen as a weakness.


    FATHER: Jaime Traverse- 44 Years Old, Muggle, Irish; Ed always had a great connection with his father, and looks a lot like him.

    MOTHER: Emily Traverse/McPherson- 39 Years Old, Pureblood, Irish; Ed wasn't always as close to his mother as to his father, but he always tries to build a better relationship with her.

    SIBLING(S): Julia Traverse- 17 Years Old, Half-Blood, Irish; Edward is always seen with his sister, the two are inseparable. They are not twins, as Edward is a few months older than Julia. He is incredibly protective over her.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): Barn Owl named Óir (Meaning "Gold" in Gaelic/Irish)

    BROOMSTICK(): Neverlanding


    Early Years: Edward grew up to a wealthy family, but a normal lifestyle. His parents were modest people while he grew up, meaning that he never usually lived on the higher end of society. He was first introduced to the game of Quidditch at the age of ten, one year before he attended a local Irish school of Wizardry. Since then, Ed was always playing the sport and loved every moment of it.

    Hogwarts Years: Ed's school life was obviously not the best to his abilities, he usually gave up on homework and assignments. If he wanted to, Edward could get great grades, but in this way, he is lazy, as he never feels like doing his work because there was always something better to do. He made many friends throughout the year, and always kept a close watch on his sister. He can also be seen as a class clown, making him well-liked by most people, though he can be extremely self-conscious.


    YOUR NAME: Kellie

    RP EXPERIENCE: About 4 years now

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google: Harry Potter RPGs

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Julia Traverse (mainly), among others

Edward Traverse
Edward Traverse

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TRAVERSE, Edward Alexander Empty Re: TRAVERSE, Edward Alexander

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:00 am

Hmm. It will be very interesting to see how you portray him w/ his liking to help others but having no sympathy for them. I always saw that as sort of going hand in hand. And when you consider him to be part of the Dark Followers, that will make that little conundrum a bit more fascinating to watch.

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