O'SULLIVAN, Sebastien Tobias
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O'SULLIVAN, Sebastien Tobias

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O'SULLIVAN, Sebastien Tobias Empty O'SULLIVAN, Sebastien Tobias

Post by Sebastien O'Sullivan Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:21 pm

O'SULLIVAN, Sebastien Tobias Tumblr_mk4hbfkgUK1rhvrnio1_400



FULL NAME: Sebastien Tobias O'Sullivan

NICKNAMES: Bastien, Seb

AGE: 26; b. December, 20th, 2001


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin alumni


WAND: Ebony, unicorn hair, 13½" , pliable

PLAY BY: Mariano Di Vaio


HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown

EYE COLOUR: Dark green



GENERAL APPEARANCE: With dark green eyes and brown hair more people would find Sebastien striking than attractive. He inherited his father's tan and his mother's high cheekbones and that's where similarity with his parents ends. Sebastien usually wears simple darker clothes, trying to make himself invisible and attract less attention because that gives him the opportunity to freely study other people without being noticed or recognized. His hair is messy and longer from the front, so it constantly catches his eyes but it's hiding eyes at the same time so none could guess where exactly he looks at the moment. He rarely laughs, people who knows him probably never seen him laughing, only smirking, with the exception of his baby brother who always find some way to make him smile, even for a second. He hates wearing wizard cape because it reminds him of women's skirts, so he wears it only when he can't avoid that but he usually wears jeans, even under the cape. His body is full of barely visible thin scars. [See: Adulthood]


I. Logical
II. Smart
III. Bold
IV. Independent
V. Confident
VI. Persistent
VII. Ambitious
VIII. Determined
IX.  Honest if he wants to be
X.  Secretive
XI. Cunning

I. Arrogant
II. Jealous
III. Impatient
IV. Manipulative  
V. Sarcastic
VI. Disorganized
VII. Unapproachable
VIII. Quiet
IX. Impulsive
X. Cynical
XI. Short-temper

I. Autumn
II. Coffee
III. Drums
IV. Classical music
V. Animals
VI. Cigarettes
VII. Rain
VII. Flying
VIII. Reading
IX. Dark
X. Watching river

I. Sun
II. Annoying people
III. Team sports
IV. Chess
V. Summer
VI. Snow
VII. Crowd
VIII. Showing feelings
VIII. Trumpet
IX. Fog
X. Be helpless

GOALS: He doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.

HABITS & QUIRKS: When he is furious he is too stil.

BOGGART: That Christian is going to hate him because of what he became.

PATRONUS: Graduating, because he doesn't need to be surrounded by people, anymore.

DEMENTOR: Finding his mother dead.

VERITASERUM: That Christian is going to find out that he's werewolf.


PERSONALITY: Sebastien is complex and unpredictable, his lack of trust makes him look antisocial, but the reason he's always alone is so much different – he's afraid if he start liking someone that person will die, just like his mother, and he'll be hurt again. He is very independent, and usually neither his family knows where is he, and they can't find him unless he wants to be found. He'll do whatever it takes in order to achieve what he wants, and he doesn't care how much people he needs to insult, manipulate or persuade. He can be very persuasive and charming if he thinks that approach will work the best. The only person for whom he would do everything is his brother, also he's the only person he trust completely, although he would never admit him that. He seems like arrogant and sarcastic person, only because he discovered that people will leave him alone if he's acting like that. Sebastien is very secretive, he never tells truth about himself to anybody, without exceptions. He makes up stories one inconclusive more the other, until the person he is talking left him alone, even to his brother. His impulsiveness always leads him to trouble from which he quickly get out in most cases, but if he's boring at the moment, he'll stay and as long as it's fun.


FATHER: Thomas O'Sullivan | 53 | alive | architect

MOTHER: Elizabeth  O'Sullivan | 37 | ex ravenclaw | the order | deceased | auror

Phoebe O'Sullivan | sister | 3 | deceased
Christian O'Sullivan | brother | 24 | ex ravenclaw | the order | alive | newspaper reporter

Hayley Sierra | cousin | 21 | ex gryffindor | neutral | alive
Jenna Sierra | aunt | 47 | ex ravenclaw | the order | alive | writer
Veronika Zrinski| his daughter's mother | 29 | deceased | muggle doctor

Barbara Zrinski O'Sullivan | daughter | 11 | gryffindor | neutral | alive

MAKER/ENEMY: James Blood


SPECIES: Werewolf


PET/S: None



Early Years:
Sebastien was born Deceber,20th, 2001 in muggle hospital in Manchester, England. He's second child of Thomas and Elizabeth O'Sullivan. Their first child was a girl named Phoebe who died when she was three years old, five years before Sebastien was born. Even when he was little boy he was always silent and uninterested for everything, so much that his parents took him to children psychiatrist every week. He never played with his toys, he never watch cartoons, or did anything else that children usually do. All that changed when his brother was born, he was five then, and he was the happiest child in the world when he saw Christian. Bastien immediately ran to his room and took all the toys his parents gave him and put them in Chris nursury. Chris almost chocked with little car but his intent is what's important. He basically slept near his nursury and took his father's old guitar so he could play it when Christian was crying the same way his father played to him, at least he thougt so, but his playing made Christian cry even more. While the two brothers were growing up Sebastien carried for his little brother and he did everything to make him happy, he even gave him his child broomstick, the most important thing he had to most important person he loved.
When he turned 6 he started going in public school for muggle children in Manchester. His father was a muggle and believed his wife and their children are too. Elizabeth explained his husbnd she's witch just few days before Sebastien turned 11 and got his Hogwarts letter. When she told him what she is he started hating her, their children too. He felt betrayed and like he doesn't know any of them, like they are strangers to him. His parents fight a lot these days, Thomas wanted divorce, broke half of they living room, fully ignoring the boys. Sebastien felt abandoned, his father simply forgot to congratulate his birthday for the first time in his life. Or he simply didn't want to do it. Both ways were painful enough for eleven year old boy.
When he turned 11 and got a Hogwarts letter at first he refused to go at that school because his brother can't go with him and he's no wizard, but then his mother explained him the importance of attending Hogwarts and told him his brother will join him soon, when he turns 11.

Hogwarts Years: Sebastien expected he'll be sorted in Ravenclaw, like his mother, but when the sorting hat said 'Slytherin!' insted he wasn't sad. Green color on his cape make his green eyes even more noticable.
One of first things he did after coming a Hogwarts was sending a letter to his brother. The next thing was visiting a library, his favourite place at home. He pulled a few books about houses in Hogwarts and started reading to see where he belongs according to his opinion. Hufflepuff is immediately written off. Friendly and cheerful? No, thank you. Gryffindor wasn't his choice either, he was brave, but not selfless. Ravenclaw, his mother's house joined the other two pretty soon, he likes reading, but learning everything they want for him to learn? Not so much. Sebastien agreed with the sorting hat - Slytherin fits him perfectly.
His first years was tolerable. Being Slytherin had one good point, people didn't dared to mock you assuming you'll kill them, turn them into a bat or other. He liked flying, a lot. Bastien was one of the bestest flyers on his year, but even he liked that his first and only love was Astronomy. When he was little he imagined he'll build a starship and explore the universe. After he grew up he knew that's not possible but he still loved it. And he always will.
As time passed moody little boy grew up into a handsome young man. He became womanizer, girls couldn't resist his looks and charm, and he used it well, used them just because that was fun, and he was bored. He never loved any of them, actually he never loved anyone but his family.
When the day of graduation came, he couldn't say he is gonna miss it. He had plenty good memmories and plenty of bad ones, too, but he was glad it was over so he can move on with his life never looking in the past.

Adulthood: Sebastien always thought he will know what to do with his life when he finish Hogwarts. However that wasn't the case. He still had no idea what he wanted to do, so he did everything briefly. He would quit after a month or two or even sooner if someone start asking questions he didn't want to answer. Sebastien choose his jobs per several parameters - not too much people around and not similar to any  job he did before. He rented a small apartment in south London, in which he had only a bed, one chair and bathroom. Although his mom learn him how to cook and he's amaizng cook, he rearly cooks and lives on sandwiches and soupes from the Leaky Cauldron, sometimes.
He prefers being alone except if he wants to do something which includes other people than he can be quite charming, and he'll use other people as long as he needs them without a hint of remorse.
While his brother has joined the Order, he guessed that was because Christian wanted to do good things, some kind of Superman with a wand, Sebastien prefers being neutral because he can't see a way how to use them, and he had no intentions to do something he doesn't want to, so he let others being superheroes and villains, Bastien's not interested.
While he alienated from people after the graduation he remain close with his younger brother, at least as close as he let himself. He never had a friend but Lilyanya, or told anyone how he felt. When his brother moved to France he was thinking about moving there too, but he dropped because he didn't want to bother Christian and he found a new toy here in London.
He went to Paris on his brother's birthday. Christian stood at Evanesco's house so he went there to find him. He met mrs. Evanesco, Adrien, moody old guy with strict mustache and a bunch of dark grey hair. The old one had incredibly young daughter, Nymeria, she was 16 or so, Adren was old enough to be her grandfather. That little blonde was bubbly and cheereful and a bit annoying. He guessed his brother must be thrilled.
He stayed with his brother for a few hours and after that they went to train station together. They saw a guy for whom Christian was convinced he's the right arm of man who killed their mother, and Christian wanted to follow him so he can trace the killer. Sebastien had no intense in personal vendetta, he knew that murder of the murdurer won't bring their mother back, but when Chris told him he just decided to left Paris and go after him, he promised his brother he'll do it insted of him, he had nothing better to do, and he'll do anything for his brother, even kill. It isn't like he never killed before, anyway.
He traced the guy to Oslo, Norway. Bastien slowly collected evidence and build a web of people who lived or even talked with a guy he followed, he name him John, simply because he hated that name. He was holing that John would lead him to his mother killer, Jerry, he gave him name too, according to mouse from some cartoon he saw on tv recently. No matter how long Tom was chasing Jerry he'll find a way to escape. He felt the same about this guy.
Sebastien thought they doesn't know he's following them. Until they broke in his rented ampartnent. It was few hours before night, and moon was full. They knocked him out and dragged him somewhere. When he woke up he was in chains, in some dusty old warehouse, nailed to the wall. And covered with marks of bites which were healing. They bit him, a dozens of times, every time finding a new place for bite.
Then the guy he's looking for, Jerry, entered the room. The mouse is going to play with a cat before he kills him. Ironically.
He listened every word he said, hoping he'll find a way out, but heard nothing. Except for one thing - they thought he's Christian.
They asked him questions, wanted to know where some book is and what's written in it, but he refused to answer. He has never seen the book they are talking about, but even if he saw it he wouldn't tell them anything, they didn't said please.
As time passed they became imaginable. Every time he wouldn't answer they would curse him with Cruciatus curse. After a month or so, they simply stopped. Stopped coming and asking questions. He assumed this is their new tactic, they'll try to question him after he didn't eat or drink for a whole week. Nothing. He guessed he started to annoy them when they bring some girl, she had 15 years, maybe less. With long dirty brown hair and pale blue eyes in torn clothes she looked like another prisioner. He started to wondering why is she here. The answer came soon enough, maybe even sooner than he excepted. They stripped him and gave her his pocket knife. It was nice, with wooden hold and abstract engravings. Then they started questioning him again, for every answer he didn't gave him, the girl would cut him with a knife.
At first he was handling it well, but after they asked him a lot of questions he was in agony. He lost a lot of blood, and yet they didn't seem stopping, not even for a minute.
When he came there he didn't wanted to answer on their questions because they didn't ask him on polite way, but as time passed he was glad he didn't know anything because he wasn't so sure he would keep quiet. He passed out because a lack of blood, Sebastien knew he's going to die soon and he started praying for it to be sooner than later.
The first thing he noticed when he woke up was that he's in other room. This one was bright. And he was in the bed, naked, his wounds were bandaged. And then his cousin, little Hayley entered the room, he knew she isn't little anymore but she'll always remain little to him. She saved him. He was grateful for her help, he was dying and she saved his life. He never asked her what happend there. How did she found him, how did she save him.
Sebastien could think only about two things now. First, he became a werewolf.
Second, he betrayed his brother.

7th September, 2027 Sebastien got a letter in which was written he has a daughter.


Hello Sebastien.
If you're reading this that means I'm dead. My name is Veronika Zrinski, we met in Manchester before almost 12 years. I was a kid then, but thought I was old enough since I studied. When you're young you think you're old when you finish high school, and you're trying to act like an adult doing adult things. You weren't much older then me ether. Anyway, I'm sending this letter to tell you you have a child. A daughter, specifically. And yes, I was completely sure it's yours, I'm doctor, well now was a doctor, one of the best, but you can do paternity Test if you don't believe me. With the same result.
I found out I was pregnant when I returned to Zagreb and decided it's better to hide from you that you have a daughter, I'm not sure even why, I guess I was scared.

Her name is Barbara, she's incredibly beautiful and smart and acting older then regular 11 years old child, that's the feature she inherited from you, you acted older than 19 when we met. My last wish is that she lives with you if I die, I know she has grandparents, but although they're caring she now, in her age needs parents love, and I can't give that to her anymore. That's the main reason I'm begging you to take her, even if I'm sure you don't think so, you would be a wonderful dad, and I'm sure she already loves you. If you decide so you can met her on her winter brakes, or summer ones if I survive winter but I doubt that, cancer is one tricky thing, I don't want for her to miss school. In this envelope you'll also find a picture of her, with a phone number on the back, call it when you're ready to take her.
PS. She got the letter with explanation too, with your picture in it, so she can recognize you.

I wish you all the best,


My daughter died 15th August this year. I'm Ana Zrinski and I know Veronika wanted for you to raise Barbara after her death, although we argued because of that, no hard feelings but I haven't met the person you've become, and I love my granddaughter so much so I don't want to handle her to someone I don't trust. But my silly daughter wanted that so I needed to agree, she's her mother and if she thinks so, or she's nuts, or you're worth meeting her. She's at school now, new one, Hogwarts, she started a few days ago, so you can meet her when she finish her term.




HOW YOU FOUND US: Sherlock helped me.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To create a mess, and basiclly I'm already in love with him, and Nym and Milena are too little too good, so I need someone not so good to keep it interesting.


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