ACKER, Tobias
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ACKER, Tobias Li9olo10

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ACKER, Tobias

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ACKER, Tobias Empty ACKER, Tobias

Post by Barnaby Fontaine Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:38 am

ACKER, Tobias Tumblr_mv5bexb7KN1su0f9ho1_500



FULL NAME: Tobias Dawson Acker

NICKNAMES: Anything but Toby.

AGE: 24
Birthday: August 1st

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix
The Ministry of Magic
Department of Magical Law Enforcement
The Daily Prophet

Gryffindor House
Gryffindor Quidditch Team

England (Acton, London)
English Quidditch Team
English U-17 Quidditch Team
Wimbourne Wasps

Borden Family
Honeysett Family


OCCUPATION: Captain of the Magical Law and Enforcement Patrol

WAND: Cypress Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 9 1/5 inches, Solid

PLAY BY: Aaron Taylor-Johnson





BODY BUILD: Athletic


ACKER, Tobias Anigif_original-grid-image-13239-1397662779-24
ACKER, Tobias Rs_500x265-131015162238-tumblr_lplpebFUYf1qc0ij7o1_500


01. Dedicated
02. Conflicted
03. Reserved
04. Protective
05. Lost
06. Athletic
07. Loyal
08. Logical
09. Occasionally Pedantic
10. Forgiving
11. Proactive
12. Witty
13. Neat
14. Withdrawn
15. Artistic
16. Respectful
17. Efficient
18. Insecure
19. Caring
20. Reliable

+ His family
Having grown up as a Muggle and then learning he was something different, Tobias has actively made a point to spend more time with his family and to know them. Just because he went away for school didn’t mean that he wanted to be distant from them. It’s clear, too, that he was close to his siblings considering he married his elder sister’s best friend.
+ Working
Ever since he knew what Aurors were, Tobias had a feeling that he would be suited for the task. Protecting people comes naturally to him, as he has always been wary of the people that might try to hurt his sisters (even if that was just emotionally)
+ Attending professional Quidditch matches
This mostly is a reference back to his school years. He still goes to Wimbourne Wasps matches, as well as England’s national team’s matches, if only to visit with his friends or take a day off of work. Thankfully, he never gambles on the matches. Otherwise, he likely would have lost quite a bit over the last few years.
+ Children
Well, it makes sense. After all, his daughter was his second favorite person in the world (aside from his wife), and though he wouldn’t have said as much to his family, Tobias supposed they already knew. Having grown up as the big brother to Mauve and the faux big brother for Cassidy, the man is quite used to playing the father figure, and couldn’t miss it more.
+ Using small talk to avoid giving people information about himself
Most people he knows despise the very idea of small talk, but Tobias finds it quite handy after what happened. It’s a lot easier than outrightly telling everyone how he feels or explaining that he isn’t quite right in the head yet.
+ Trying to read people
This comes down, really, to the idea of his desire to be able to see if someone is lying to him. It’s incredibly helpful in his line of work, to be sure. But he also likes to be able to tell what people think of him, provided they are open enough for him to catch onto it.
+ Snowy weather
Winter has always been his favorite season, if only because his family would take trips together across Europe to experience the cities all covered in snow. It brings back surprisingly warm memories (considering the temperature that would have been involved), and the season itself just makes him feel a bit cozier.
+ Having direct goals or assignments
Lacking a directive irritates Tobias to no end. Without something in mind that needs to be done, he cannot be sure of where he needs to end up. This has become more of a problem for him recently, when he just wants something else to think about.

- Pity when directed at him
He’s tired of people telling him how sorry they are or how they hope he will be okay considering what happened. He would much rather they try and distract him from the pain of it than continue to make him focus on the problem. That’s not to say, of course, that he wants to forget his girls. It’s more about the fact that he feels obligated to move past it.
- Liars
Well, he’s a Gryffindor isn’t he? Liars make his job harder, and he really just has a morality issue with people that feel it’s okay.
- Exceptionally warm weather
As much as he loves Quidditch matches, and being outside, Tobias really just prefers winter time and the feeling that comes with the season.
- Pep talks
Tobias would rather do things on his own merits, rather than allowing someone else to talk him into it or work him up into acting. If he cannot do it himself, he doesn’t want to do it at all.
- Being idle
Having nothing to do means that he turns to things he shouldn’t – like drinking. It’s easier for him to keep busy and focus on what he needs to get done rather than wondering after the past and if he could have changed anything.
- Appearing weak
The trait would not be acceptable for his position, really, considering he is supposed to help lead the Aurors and ensure that everyone feels confident with him filling that role.

1. Get past what happened to his family
2. Protect those he finds innocent and undeserving
3. See Mirror of Erised

1. Has different laughs depending on the situation, and depending on whom he is interacting with.
2. After what happened with his family, he does best when kept busy. That way, he won’t resort to drinking, and can force himself to act more normally.
3. That said, he has a very carefully cultivated façade when around others. Pretending he’s handling things well makes it feel less difficult.

PATRONUS: The birth of Colleen

DEMENTOR: Unfortunately, his worst memory happened only a short while ago. See end of history.
ACKER, Tobias Giphy


MIRROR OF ERISED: As much as Tobias wants to honor his wife and daughter, he half wants to be over it. Wants to learn how to move on and stop hating everything. He desperately wants to find a way to love something or someone again, if only because he knows that it makes him a better person. Otherwise, he focuses too much on his job, and takes it far too seriously, leading to his generally moody demeanor. He wants to, but the very idea of it makes him feel guilty. Makes him angry, even, just the think about it.

ACKER, Tobias Rs_500x280-131015162231-tumblr_inline_mr1gm6mrmq1qz4rgp
ACKER, Tobias Tumblr_n6k51g15NX1rjxbmho1_500

“Cypress wands are associated with nobility. The great medieval wandmaker, Geraint Ollivander, wrote that he was always honoured to match a cypress wand, for he knew he was meeting a witch or wizard who would die a heroic death. Fortunately, in these less blood-thirsty times, the possessors of cypress wands are rarely called upon to lay down their lives, though doubtless many of them would do so if required. Wands of cypress find their soul mates among the brave, the bold and the self-sacrificing: those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others’ natures.”


FATHER: Garrett Acker l Muggle

MOTHER: Shannen Acker (neé Honeysett) I Muggle

SIBLING/S: Cassidy Acker l Older Sister l Twenty-Six
Mauve Acker l Younger Sister l Nineteen

Wife (deceased): Haleigh Acker (neé Borden) I Half-blood I Would have been Twenty-Six I Was Cassidy’s best friend
Playby (headcanon, wise): Charlotte Riley
ACKER, Tobias Tumblr_m1iremx7m01qjb0m3

Daughter (deceased): Colleen Acker I Would have been Three I Half-blood
Playby (headcanon): young Bailee Madison
ACKER, Tobias Tumblr_mip2ba8Wt61r2em60o4_250

BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn




Born as the middle, and second, child to Shannen and Garrett Acker, Tobias would grow up to wonder how he had been the only child out of the three to possess magical ability. Of course, he didn’t know until he was about six – which is the typical age for young witches and wizards to discover such things. Before that, he was an average little boy. Playing sports and games with his family was his idea of normativity, and as a grown man, Tobias is quite certain he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Although he did have a few run-ins with Muggle children before learning what his “powers” truly were, Tobias was never the sort to seek out trouble. Even as a little boy, though, he was already protective of his sisters and his family – and, indeed, himself. He was not the most self-assured child, and would not grow into the most confident man (well, outside of his work, anyway). But he was not the sort to put up with the oppression of others who could not help themselves or who were innocent.

Tobias counts himself lucky for having a family who found it wonderful, rather than scary, that he had the magical abilities that suddenly made sense. Upon receiving his letter, he was worried for ages that they were merely pretending to be okay with everything. Once Cassidy figured it out, though, and made a point of telling him that the family thought it was exciting, Tobias settled down a bit.

His sorting was somewhat of a blur, considering he wasn’t entirely confident about where the hat would put him. Based on the Headmaster’s descriptions, he could only assume that he would be placed in Gryffindor. After all, isn’t that where the protectors seemed to fit? Tobias had always considered himself one after threatening away a rude and rather inappropriate boy interested in dating Mauve.

Throughout his early years, Tobias ignored pretty much everything except schoolwork. Quidditch was something he enjoyed watching and played recreationally, but he never went out for the team. His friends suggested that he should, of course, but the boy could never bring himself to do so. As sure of his knowledge about the game as he might have been, he did not feel that he would do well enough to make the team.

The summer of his fourth year, he met Cassidy’s new “best friend”, Haleigh, and the pair absolutely loathed each other. Nothing he said amused her, and everything she said was corrected or argued against by Tobias. Needless to say, he did not count himself lucky when he found out that she actually was a witch herself. In truth, he probably should have noticed her throughout the years, and perhaps he had on occasion. But he had been so focused on accomplishing what he needed to in order to become an Auror (since he heard about them in the middle of his third year and knew that nothing else would suit him) that he had not actually met her.

The next year, it was as if he couldn’t NOT run into her. After a vast number of unpleasant encounters turned into a number of awkward ones, their interactions slowly turned into more amiable attempts at getting along. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

After his fourth year assignments proved to have gone well, he spent the summer before his fifth year trying to get on Haleigh’s good side. Cassidy, of course, put in a good word for him – as did Mauve. Cassidy and Haleigh had been keeping in touch, bringing their childhood friendship around into the closer, “best friend” relationship they had claimed from the start, and Tobias knew that the brunette would be around more often than he could truly anticipate. This, of course, was because of his family being so very open to knew people and so willing to take in the friends of their children.

His fifth year was Haleigh’s seventh, and though he tried to deny it, things had changed between them. Before the school year was out, she had won him over whether he said so or not. Unfortunately, of course, he didn’t actually manage to tell her before the OWLs came around, or before she graduated.

Tobias spent his sixth year trying to focus on the skills he would need in order to become an Auror after his initial round of training, but used his free time to watch Quidditch matches and write to Haleigh and his family. His friends knew, Tobias assumed, but none of them ever mentioned anything about it, which saved him the teasing that likely would have brought about the halt of his correspondence with her.

His seventh year was used to prepare for exams, but the day he graduated, Tobias was thrilled to see that Haleigh had come with his family to watch and to congratulate him. Without even considering the potential consequences of his actions, he kissed her. Right in front of his family and friends. In front of everyone, really.

Marrying Haleigh? Well, that didn’t surprise anyone. Nor did his decision to become an Auror at the Ministry of Magic. His Gryffindor mentality led to the latter, and his adoration for and loyalty towards the former made both of them obvious choices. It wasn’t until Tobias turned twenty-one that he met the other love of his life: Colleen. Her birthday, unfortunately, landed two weeks after his own, so this next birthday (and likely several after) will not be cause for celebration, but rather for reflection.

This, of course, is only true because of the recent afflictions caused by the Ministry’s “vaccine” trial. While the disease that Haleigh was forced into having is not one that spreads easily to adults, it became clear very quickly that children could be dealt an equally unfair hand. “Fate was cruel, and left me alone after they were taken.”

Although the girls were both quarantined, he lost his wife and his three-year-old all within a week. Even worse, Colleen went first, making Haleigh’s last two days all the more stressful. Tobias’s only feeling of relief came from the fact that their little girl wouldn’t be on her own anymore in whatever comes next.

After he spent a few days on his own, Tobias found that he couldn’t deal with it by himself. So it was to his family that he went, and he spent about a week there before deciding that he needed to go back to his job. His newfound addiction to his work at the Ministry has led to his promotion to Captain, and Tobias can only hope to prove himself as he tries to get past his problems.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie! Very Happy

RP EXPERIENCE: Bunches! Something like 2 years on here, if you add the parts up. I think. *goes off to do the math*

HOW YOU FOUND US: Um. Um. *blinks*

MAIN CHARACTER: Currently? Oliver Connolly or Keiran Hayes. P:

CHARACTER PURPOSE: Well, it relates to the site plot kind of… I just love him, K? Also, I wanted to have a bit of my friend Cassidy on here now that she’s dealing with a life-threatening illness. It’s not much, in the grand scheme of things, but it does keep her in mind.


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ACKER, Tobias Empty Re: ACKER, Tobias

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:50 pm

</3 but <3

Wonderful. Accepted and sorted into grads! :DD
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