LeClerc, Sebastien
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LeClerc, Sebastien

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LeClerc, Sebastien Empty LeClerc, Sebastien

Post by Debbie Blakesley Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:47 pm

Sebastien Alix LeClerc



AGE: 32 (b.1996)


Wandsworth family
Lond family


WAND: Hawthorn, Unicorn hair, 10 1/3 inches, supple

PLAY BY: Andrew Scott


Shorter than average, dark hair, dark eyes.
Seb manages to simultaneously exude nervous energy and convey that he is supremely bored.
In a crowd, you'd pick him out by the fact that he's the one making eye contact with you.



+ Determined
+ Gregarious
+ Resourceful

- Impulsive
- Moody
- Cutting


+ Warm mornings
+ London
+ Crowds

- Cold wind
- Countryside
- Loneliness

GOAL:  Make Edward Wandsworth proud.


FATHER:  Ethan LeClerc

MOTHER: Delia LeClerc

SIBLING/S: Jonathan LeClerc


Anastasia Lond - 36 - Wife, former personal assistant

Edward Wandsworth - 63 - boss, CEO of Wandsworth Enterprises
Claudia Wandsworth - 30 - it's complicated, technically cousin by marriage

Sabina Lond - 29 - former best friend, sister in law

Maximillian Redfield - auror, cousin by marriage

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human / Muggleborn

SOCIAL STATUS: nouveau riche



Sebastien grew up a completely unimportant muggle to two completely unimportant muggle parents. His early years were exactly what anyone would expect, he went to an ordinary muggle primary school until he got a completely unexpected letter from Hogwarts.


Sebastien's Hogwarts years were also fairly normal, considering they took place at Hogwarts. So long as he was a good Hufflepuff and worked hard, nothing bad ever happened.

However, things started to change when he started dating Claudia Wandsworth in his sixth year. Or, it was more like she decided they were dating. He didn't know why she wanted to date him, since she was one of those Slytherins who hated "mudbloods" as she called them, and he'd never been quiet about being muggleborn, but he also wasn't going to say no to the date. It wasn't like girls were tripping over themselves to go out with him.


Sebastien was quite surprised when the "dating" didn't end after he finished school, and he found himself already set up with a job at Wandsworth Enterprises. It was the kind of massive conglomerate with a finger in every pie, so Sebastien could never quite work out exactly what the business did, he was just assured that Edward Wandsworth needed a trustworthy man to manage his appointments.

Sebastien worked another two years with Wandsworth Enterprises slowly rising through the ranks, while Claudia graduated from Hogwarts and began training with the aurors. Figuring he was on to a good thing, Sebastien bided his time, planning to propose to her when she was promoted to the auror squad.

However, in 2017, just two years into her training, Claudia abruptly dumped Seb for no reason that she could properly explain, other than the usual "it's not you, it's me" story. While he expected to become just as suddenly unemployed, this didn't occur. He simply stopped being invited to family gatherings, although word on the grapevine was that nobody else was being invited in his place.

Years passed. Sebastien continued to do his job to the best of his ability. In 2024, it's hard to miss the fact that Claudia's cousin, Sabina, who's been "in hiding" for the last eight years, is no longer in hiding. And suddenly has a son. It is not hard to do the maths.

Claudia, Sabina and their friend Caelani (but who knows if Caelani is anyone's real friend) suddenly disappeared, much to Sebastien's dismay and evidentially, his employer's as well. At first, Edward tried to continue on with the company but he slowly became more and more reclusive. After the marriage law was introduced and Sebastien agreed to marry Edward's other niece, Anastasia Lond (Sabina's sister), he was promoted to General Manager and put in charge of the day-to-day workings of Wandsworth Enterprises.



RP EXPERIENCE: forever and ever

HOW YOU FOUND US: I followed Jemma (yes, I remembered this time)

Debbie Blakesley
Debbie Blakesley

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LeClerc, Sebastien Empty Re: LeClerc, Sebastien

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:59 am

hm...he looks like he's capable of some mischief. mischief is a good thing. lol

accepted and sorted to grads!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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