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THOMPSON, Daniel Adrian

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THOMPSON, Daniel Adrian Empty THOMPSON, Daniel Adrian

Post by Danny Thompson Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:16 am

THOMPSON, Daniel Adrian E59496444a4c1f9e_sam_worthington.preview



FULL NAME: Daniel Adrian Thompson


AGE: 23



WAND: Blackthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches + firm.

PLAY BY: Sam Worthington






GENERAL APPEARANCE: Danny since a young age has always had an intimidating body structure. Broad shoulders, defined facial features, and high athleticism have all played a contributing factor to that. Having put himself through vigorous training techniques, Danny has managed to acquire a large physique that came through constant trail and error. His face is rather rugged and retains a rather tired look upon it, mainly due to the amount of stress his body had been through in the past. His hazel eyes oddly has a rather strange sheen to them, bright and full of life as you stare into them.


TRAITS: Friendly, Adventurous, Brash, Bold, Hotheaded, Honorable, Thickheaded

LIKES & DISLIKES: Danny likes to surround himself with anything that has the word 'Muggle' in it. He prefers muggle transportation, muggle technology, muggle art, and even muggle foods more than the magical alternatives. He prefers to be surrounded by those he loves and do things that borders on both 'adventurous' and 'insane', with much of his time being spent socializing with others. Besides that, he hates dealing with people who he considers an enemy, and that terms goes far with him. Slytherin, Death Eater, Arrogance, Coldhearted, Mean spirited, all of these could be considered to be an enemy in his book. He also hates relying on magic too much, even though he had become very skilled with it at one point.

GOALS: Danny wants to be able to find a place for himself back in the Wizarding world, something he had spent too much time away from.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Danny doesn't have many habits, he never truly takes notice of such things. Quirks on the other hand are a different story. He likes to talk in an almost storyteller mindset,

BOGGART: Dementors

PATRONUS: Winning the Quidditch match for his team in his school years.

DEMENTOR: Dueling with Voldemort when he was much younger.

VERITASERUM: He helped break two convicts out of Azkaban once, but no one ever found out it was him who did it.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Being the head of his own defense agency within the Ministry.

PERSONALITY: Danny's personality has melded over time. When he was younger, he was a fiery boy who intended to do battle with evil until the end of his days. He spent much of his youth finding adventure and battling those that did anything wrong in his eyes. Always leaping first and never looking below, he'd often trample the thoughts and feelings of others if he didn't truly care about them. Now, as he reached adulthood, Danny retains some of these fiery feelings, but on a much more controlled level after spending some time with his brother. He still is prone to lashing out at those who decide to get in his way, but he is able to walk away from a fight as easily as he could start it. Brash and unforgiving, he isn't afraid to deal with those that seek to hurt others.


FATHER: Johnathon Thompson

MOTHER: Maria Thompson (nee. Rousseau)

SIBLING/S: Andrew Thompson

OTHER: Grandmother who lives in France.

BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood (was already a pureblood when I first made him, hope that still counts.)


SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class.


Early Years: From an early age, Danny has always shown an affinity to being the adventurous type of person. Always getting in trouble with his family due to his shenanigans, Danny was never a stranger to the dangers that humans faced everyday. Always getting hurt in some way, whether it was breaking bones or getting sick, he was always doing something, often straining his own body in the process. It all started when he was born, his family had been living in America, near Utah for the first few years of his life. The open terrain of where he lived always had Danny in a rage, he wanted to be someplace where the action was always happening, and he became a bitter kid because of it. He often teased his brother, getting himself into trouble, and even failed a grade due to his increased efforts to ditch class. He hated his home, and he was always searching for a better one as his life went by in long droves. On one of his so called 'quests', he managed to meet a man from New York City, describing the man's time there in great detail. With much delight, and a renewed purpose, Danny instantly reinvented himself so he could be the best person he could be. He improved upon his grades and actively participated in school, he even changed his attitude so he was more respectful. It was all for his goal of going to New York one all changed when he got his letter from Hogwarts however.

Hogwarts Years: Having gone from a quiet home in rural America to the crowded and noisy lifestyle in London was a huge culture shock for Danny. He never even used magic, hadn't even really known about it before he got his letter. The only thing that mattered to him though was being able to escape his dreary lifestyle and find something better for himself. From the start, he managed to befriend two people: Andrian Potter and Sophia Granger, friends he would quickly bond with and constant numerous adventures together. It became frantic at one point or, they were consistently fighting enemies or chasing down 'bad guys', it was something of a cult like belief in Danny. Time passed by however, and Danny only grew stronger in his affinity for magic and even began to learn about Muggle weapons and training managed to acquire such information is still unknown.

At any rate, he was enjoying his life to the fullest. He found love several times, characters such as Alesy, Brianna, and even Sophia at one point, he was truly living it up. That all changed however when the Ministry started cracking down on the ever increasing presence of Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Despite being underage, Danny managed to become a member of the Order of the Phoenix and even lead Potter's Army. That time was spent honing his skills as he became a better fighter, and an even better defender against the evil that was thrown at them. Eventually, the battle of Hogwarts came, and the students of Hogwarts had to make a stand. Danny was at the front, with his friend Andrian. Together, they slayed countless enemies, including an ogre and a dragon...again, how this even happened is still unknown. It just happened apparently, right place and the right time.

One moment changed his life however: while investigating leads on Voldemort's horcruxes, he and Andrian managed to find the Dark Lord himself in the bowels of the Ministry. There, they both fought against his relentless onslaught, only being saved by Darren Riddle and Sue Malfoy, friends turned enemies...then turned friends again apparently. Despite those two being Death Eaters themselves, they saved the Gryffindor pair and managed to leave without losing their lives. That moment changed Danny, he became much more aggressive and was willing to kill anyone who got in his way. He spent long periods of time alone, disappearing off the grid completely as he continued to master his skills. By the end of it, he somehow managed to become proficient in Muggle firearms, infiltration, and learned most of the Dark Arts...again, I couldn't make this up even if I tried, it just happened.

His last few years at Hogwarts were very much quiet. He kept a low profile and secluded himself from the other students, just biding his time until another revolt took place. During his last year in Hogwarts, it finally happened. Vincent Majere, the Death Eater headmaster of Hogwarts imprisoned his friend Ne'Os Emof and former headmaster Kingsley Shacklebolt in Azkaban. When Danny heard about the news, he knew instantly he had to break them out. Spending two weeks planning each detail, he successfully busted the pair out and took the fight to Majere. They failed however, with Shacklebolt dying in the process. Danny blamed himself for his death and fell into a deep depression, where he secluded himself once more. He never even said goodbye to his friends as he graduated.

Adulthood: Adjusting to life outside of Hogwarts was tough for him at first. He retained his 'shoot first, ask questions later' attitude outside of the school walls, which got him in numerous trouble with the Aurors. He felt lost, not being able to comprehend what to do anymore, there was no more fights for him, especially since he let his old headmaster die, he just didn't want to be a part of anything anymore. The fight came to him however when a group of rogue Aurors, angry over the deaths at the Azkaban prison breakout came to kill him. Barely escaping with his life, the disgraced hero fled to France, to live with his grandparents for a year. He recuperated while he lived there and found an answer for his troubles, returning to the Wizarding world and becoming a full fledged Auror.

Some time later, he learned his own brother was missing, in grieving over the loss of his ex-girlfriend. He had apparently gone insane and tried to kill a few Aurors, when Danny had heard of that, he instantly took on the case. With the help of another man who he cannot name, the two brothers finally reunited after four years, allowing them both to find what they were looking for. Quitting his position and returning to America with Andrew, they both spent time in New York City, finding jobs in the Muggle field and making an honest living for themselves. In time, Andrew found new love and decided to stay behind in the Muggle world, while Danny decided to go back. Now, with a new stride, he hopes to become the hero he always wanted to be.


ALSO KNOWN AS: That guy who leaves a lot then returns in a blaze of fiery glory... a.k.a AJ.

RP EXPERIENCE: I am a newb. Maybe.

HOW YOU FOUND US: Do what you want 'cus a pirate is free, YOU ARE A PIRATE!


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Wanted to bring back my first character I ever made...still very strange to think about. Seriously. I also wanted to be able to get involved with some of the more plotcentric things that go on now...Danny loves dat action, you know what I am saying? You don't? Oh! Okay then...

I know this all sounds extremely odd, but this was the first character I made back when I was...11 or so. Please keep that in mind xD

Danny Thompson
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Gryffindor Graduate

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THOMPSON, Daniel Adrian Empty Re: THOMPSON, Daniel Adrian

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:35 pm

He looks pretty good, a lot happened to him o.o I'll allow him to be a Pureblood since he was one hen he was first created.

Anyways, accepted and sorted to Graduates!
Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
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