BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon
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BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon

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BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon Empty BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon

Post by Adrian Blanchard Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:24 am

BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon Jamie-campbell-bower-2 BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon Tumblrmryp5um0zg1so3n8ko



FULL NAME: Adrian Davon Blanchard
Julien, among DEs.


AGE: 25, b. April, 2nd, 2003.


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw alumni


WAND: Cherry wood, phoenix feather, 12' + rigid

PLAY BY: Jamie Campbell Bower





BODY BUILD: Skinny, sometimes people would even describe him bony.


BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon Tumblr_msxgp4X3lW1sg46e8o1_500

Adrian likes to think that he looks just fine. However, although a bit taller than majority of men, he stands out because of his thinness, so there can be seen the outlines of almost every bone in his body through his pale skin. While his mother was healthier, she regularly reminded him to eat, sometimes even sending more than a three owls per day, if he didn't replied on her letters. It was annoying, he must admit, but after she stopped because she started forgetting things, sometimes even forgetting she has children at all, he find himself wishing to get just a few more those silly purple letters, he wished he saved them, only a few of them, if not all, instead of throwing them in the garbage. When there was no letters left he started skipping meals like he usually did in the past, he never did it on purpose, or because he thought he looked too fat, he never had bulimia either, he just ate when he was starving, he might not have three meals in a day, but he always took care too eat enough so he wouldn't become anorexic and get thrown out from the Quidditch team.

Tattoos, piercings, tattoos, piercings. Adrian Blanchard has a dozens of both. He sees his body as a giant blank canvas (not so blank anymore) so why he wouldn't paint something there? Or at least go and let someone who's more talented artist than him (and his drawing techniques are really poor, people still need a few minutes to figure out if he drew a sun or if that's some really ugly tree) to draw something he likes on his skin. It's his skin after all, only his, and he can do whatever he wants with that. Currently, Adrian has piercing in his right nostril, he had two piercings in his eyebrow, one in his tongue, and a few in his ears (auricle piercing, helix, lobe piercings) but he pulled those out before returning to the UK.

Every person has at least one thing he likes on his body, and Adrian likes his hair. It's blonde with several darker blonde strikes. Also, it's chin length, despite of his mother's persuading the haircut, it's going to stay that way. He had a phase in his teenager years during which he used a spell to die his hair in black color, that making him look even paler than he looks now, however it's been some time since he quit doing that.

Another thing that makes him stand out from the rest of his family is his eye colour, that pale greyish blue color among dark rich browns of Blanchards, with the exception of his father and Flavia who had hazel eyes.

Adrian always wears darker colors, simply because he likes them, although he knows he looks more pale in them. He loves jeans, and he can always be seen in ones, but other than that he's not very picky, he just likes to feel comfortable in his clothes. And, let's not forget hats! He adores and collect them, they're the only accessory he wears, besides his watch, but that's more because he needs a watch, not because he likes it.


[+] Adventurous
[+] Caring
[+] Charismatic
[+] Efficient
[+] Focused
[+] Generous
[+] Honest
[+] Honorable
[+] Humorous
[+] Independent
[+] Intelligent
[+] Loyal
[+] Neat
[+] Passionate
[+] Patient

[-] Arrogant
[-] Conceited
[-] Cyinical
[-] Excitable
[-] Irascible
[-] Moody
[-] Petty
[-] Presumptuous
[-] Sly
[-] Steely
[-] Tactless
[-] Vindictive
[-] Contradictory
[-] Restrained
[-] Zany

[+] His family
[+] Coffee
[+] Strawberries
[+] Black clothes
[+] Birds
[+] Flying
[+] Moon

[-] Rain
[-] Dueling
[-] Exercising
[-] Cats
[-] Apple pie
[-] Swimming
[-] Bad hair days
[-] Lost Quidditch games


[+] Become a Death Eater
[+] Become a Quidditch player
[-] Find a cure for his mother's illines
[-] Marry, someday in distant future

[-] Smoking.
[+] Practising as long as he needs to be the best.
[-] Sleeping only few hours per day.

BOGGART: That his real mother would forget his name.

PATRONUS: Joining Quidditch team at Hogwarts.

DEMENTOR: Leaving Flavia cause he got the position in Swiss Quidditch team.

VERITASERUM: He wants to found out who are his real parents.

MIRROR OF ERISED: He wants to find a cure for his mother's illines.


Who is Adrian Davon Blanchard?

Sometimes, even he can't give a proper answer to that question.

He might look like arrogant and self-centered bastard, but if someone in his family is in bad situation, be sure he'll be the first person that will try to help, even if he can't. They might not be his biological family, but they're the only family he has and he'll do everything he can to protect them, cause they always come first, everything and everybody else must settle for second place on his list of priorities.

Adrian is charming, but if he's in his bad mood he'll the most heartless person you'll ever meet. Deal with it and pray it's his happy day, he doesn't have many bad days anyways.

Whatever you do or speak, do not tell anything against his hair, the truth is, he is somewhat narcissistic and he really likes his hair.

He won't lie, that don't mean you'll like to hear the truth.

Blanchard rarely forgives people that betrayed him, and he's very vindictive, keep that in mind before deciding to fool him, cause he won't left you without revenge.

He might be friendly in one minute and completely distant int he other, it's utterly normal in his world.


Adoptive: Jacob Blanchard | 48 | half-blood | Magical Law and Enforcement Officer | ex-Ravenclaw
Biological: Thomas O'Sullivan | 53 | muggle | architect

Adoptive: Evangeline Blanchard (nee Rosier) | 48 | pure blood | Unspeakable | ex-Slytherin
Biological: Alena 'Ali' Markovna-Daleney | 55 | pureblood | Quidditch coach | ex-Ravenclaw


Flavia Daleney (nee Blanchard) | 25 | half-blood | writer | ex-Gryffindor – adopted sister
  **Stella Daleney | 2 | half-blood – niece
Electra Winters  (nee Blanchard) | 23 | half-blood | elder twin  |  Auror | ex-Ravenclaw – adopted sister
Alesia Blanchard | 23 | half-blood | younger twin | potionsmaster | ex-Ravenclaw – adopted sister


Simon Daleney  | 27 | half-blood | dragon keeper | ex-Hufflepuff – half-brother/ brother in law

Alec Daleney | 23 | half-blood | arithmancy professor  | ex-Hufflepuff – half-brother
  m. Nova Daleney (nee Jones) | 23 | half-blood | songwriter | ex-Ravenclaw
    **Cassie Daleney | 3 | half blood | elder twin – half-niece
    **Carrie Daleney | 3 | half blood | younger twin – half-niece

Katja Daleney | 20 | half-blood | bartender | ex-Slytherin – half-sister

Jonah Winters | 27 | muggle born  | chef | ex-Hufflepuff – brother-in-law

Christian O'Sullivan | 24 | half blood | newspapper reporter | ex-Ravenclaw - half-brother
Phoebe O'Sullivan | 3 | deceased - half-sister
Sebastien O'Sullivan | 27 | half blood | librarian at Hogwarts | ex-Slytherin - half-brother
   **Barbara O'Sullivan | 12 | half blood | Gryffindor

Italic - blood related + he doesn't know that they're related

BLOOD STATUS:  Unknown (half blood)



PET/S: -



Thomas O'Sullivan met Alena Daleney through his wife, Elizabeth. Ali, that is Alena Markovna-Daleney is a Belarusian, and a wife of British Ministry worker named Aaron who worked as receptionist, while Ali is ex Quidditch player whose career was over after an injury so she continued to work as one of the coaches of the younger 'B' team. Ali was also one of the closest Elizabeth's friends. At the time these two met Thomas and Elizabeth's marriage was perfect, strong, and somewhat boring. They had one living son named Sebastien, darkhaired boy with green eyes, and were considering having their second child, well third, since they lost their first child, Phoebe, years before Sebastien was born. Ali has a family of her own, but not so perfect marriage.

One day she visited O'Sullivans, wanting Beth's company after specially rough day at home. However, Elizabeth went on unexpected trip so the only people who greeted her were Thomas and a little boy who ran to hug her the exact moment he saw her. Taking Sebastien in her arms, she adored the boy as much as he adored her, and although it was uncommon she was his godmother. After few glasses of wine the boy was already asleep in her lap so she went upstairs and placed him in his bed, while Thomas went to get another bottle of wine. A little groggy she came downstairs and set back on the sofa, knowing she should have been headed home but Ali couldn't make herself to actually do it, wanting to avoid her husband just a little longer, she accepted another glass when Thomas returned. Just… this time he didn't come back with a bottle of wine like she expected, he bought tequila. As volume of liquid in the bottle was declining, they become more open, laughed louder, and the distance between them lessen. One mistake changed their life forever, forced them to live lying to their friend and spouse. Ali soon broke all the connection with O'Sullivans, and after realizing she was pregnant with a child she never wanted went back to Belarus leaving her other children with her husband.

After giving birth to a baby boy, she didn't wanted to name him since he hated him, the baby was a living proof she made a mistake, that she betrayed her best friend, Ali returned to the UK with her first station being wizarding orphanage. She dropped her child, not even thinking twice about it, and left a picture of his father in his nursery, she never left her own picture knowing she doesn't want to be a part of his life. She told Thomas that she was pregnant, but after Thomas saw her again with no baby in her hands he thought she miscarried, and she didn't have intention to tell him otherwise.

Evangeline Blanchard always wanted a house full of children, but both healers and muggle doctors told her that chances for having more babies, after her first daughter was born, were pretty impossible, they told her that would be dangerous having their health condition on their minds. But Evangeline Blanchard never took 'No' for an answer, she wasn't that kind of woman who easily gives up on her dreams, so if she can't give birth to her children, she can adopt them. Evangeline had enough money to raise dozens of kids without having to work at all, being the only daughter of one of Rosier's men who married a half blooded witch after her mother's death and got deleted from family tree because of that, though they left him enough money for living, money that he gave to Evangeline after his death. Jacob Blanchard fell in love with Evangeline the second they met, after rushing into her, at least no one could say he doesn't know how to sweep a girl off her feet. Apology dinner soon became regular meetings, and couple of years after that the couple married, in front of dozens of witnesses that could swear that they never saw a couple like this one. Inherent. After the birth of Flavia, their daughter, and the bad news that came afterwards, Jacob couldn't say no to Evangeline's wishes, especially since he wanted a big family, too. They fill all the papers for adoption and the only thing left was to wait for a call.

In the orphanage, the boy was named Adrian, cause the worker who accepted him, Jenna Sierra, liked the name. The workers didn't know anything about the boy, he was left with a picture on whose background was written the date and the place of his birth, that being the only information he knows for ceratin. Two months after the boy came in the orphanage, after compulsory medical exams, the Blanchards were chosen to be his new family, among many other applications.
They raised Adrian and become his real parents, his only parents, thought they didn't share the same DNA. Even after Evangeline got pregnant again, they always considered Adrian their son, equal to their biological children, and they loved him as much as their daughters. Adrian has three sisters, Flavia, who's three months older than him, Electra and Alissa, twins who are two years younger than them.

Sorting hat sorted Flavia in Gryffindor almost as fast as it placed Adrian in Ravenclaw, and young Blanchard really hated him because of that. He was used to always spending time with his sister, although they weren't real twins, Adrian knew he was adopted, they had that kind of connection that other people always assumed that Blanchards got two pairs of twins. Two pairs, like they were socks, even in his young age, he didn't liked that term. However, the sorting hat made his decision, and Adrian nor Flavia couldn't do nothing to undo it, so he joined the silvery blue table, while his sister went to sat for golden and red one, sending him sad glare as she passed Ravenclaw's table.

Being in different houses did nothing to split those two kids. They sat together at all classes they had together, they learned together, they spend their free time together along with other people they considered friends. Adrian cheered his sister on winter dance when her partner didn't show up, and took her with him despite her resistance although he didn't wanted to go to the ball at the first place, but he knew Flav was really excited about that, and he liked seeing his sister happy. Flavia was always sitting on showplace when Adrian played Quidditch, no matter if there's snow outside, if it's raining, if Adrian was playing, she's there, silently watching him and screaming every time blue team scores a goal, even if they're playing against Gryffindor.

Even after the other two sisters, Electra and Alessia joined them at Hogwarts and both got sorted in Ravenclaw, they soon find other friends, but Flavia and Adrian remain unbreakable.

After graduating the only thing Adrian wanted was to play Quidditch, and since he was good at it, he soon got the position of a seeker. Yet, since his mother wanted for him to have some education, so he can work once his career was over, he finished school for potionsmaking since it was his favourite subject at Hogwarts, though as soon as he got his diploma he continued with Quidditch, his bigger love that made him replace his address with Swiss one cause he played for one of the Swiss teams.

When he was 19 he did one thing that changed his life forever, he became a member of a secret group named Death Eaters. He never regretted because he joined them, in the past they were scary, and sometimes awfully nemoral group led by Voldemort, but many years has passed since them, they weren't that bad as they used to be, and he believed in their ways, supported them. Although he couldn't do the task where he might being seen, due to his job, he did quite a job in recruiting new members, not everyone he meets, but only those he find intelligent and suitable enough. It was easy, Adrian knew to be charming when he needed to be, and soon he became right hand of the Swiss leader. Sometimes, Adrian really wanted go back to being only a regular member, yet that was impossible without making some serious incident, and he simply wasn't a person that make silly mistakes.

When his mother's condition became worse, she started forgetting things, just regular small things, just as doctors predicted, he returned to the UK leaving Switzerland forever, he gave up on his position in Quidditch team and his place among Death Eaters in Switzerland, knowing that his mother will soon start to forgetting bigger things, like what day it is, names of his children, her own name, and he needed to be by her side once it happens.

This is left blurry on purpose, I know there are some blank spaces, and they are here because I don't want to write down all his life, I want to let him write it for himself.



RP EXPERIENCE: 5 years? Idk





At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

NOTE: There's
missing at the end of the code.


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Adrian Blanchard
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Post by Adrian Blanchard Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:44 pm

Done :3
Adrian Blanchard
Adrian Blanchard
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BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon Empty Re: BLANCHARD, Adrian Davon

Post by Everly Bardugo Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:56 pm

Hi, Rina!

I always enjoy reading your apps Smile As for the blank spaces, I think I know what you're talking about. I let my characters add things as I go. However, to approve the app, I just need a couple sentences in appearance. It's partly a "how would he describe himself" section as well as "how others see him," so we really do like having it filled out. Let me know when you get that going and I can sort him for ya Very Happy
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Post by Adrian Blanchard Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:15 pm

Thanks :3
I was planning to write that (appearance) down, but than I saw that gif and I couldn't leave it without adding it, anyways, I edited that part, but the image stays. XD
Adrian Blanchard
Adrian Blanchard
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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Post by Everly Bardugo Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:29 pm

Hahaha, of course! I like sticking in gifs, too. I'll get him sorted for you! Just put up your claims and I'll go through those, too Smile
Everly Bardugo
Everly Bardugo
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