NOGARD, Bertius Peter
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NOGARD, Bertius Peter Li9olo10

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NOGARD, Bertius Peter

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NOGARD, Bertius Peter Empty NOGARD, Bertius Peter

Post by Bertie Nogard Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:15 am




FULL NAME: Bertius Peter Nogard

NICKNAMES: Bertie, Bertie-kins,

AGE: 16 Years old.

BIRTHDAY: 12th June


Ancient Runes
Defense Against The Dark Arts
OWL RESULTS:  6O's & 4E's 
Ancient Runes - Oustandings
Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations
Care of Magical Creatures - Outstanding
Charms - Outstanding
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Exceeds Expectations
Divinations - Outstanding
Herbology - Outstanding
History of Magic - Outstanding
Potions - Exceeds Expectations
Transfigurations - Exceeds Expectations 

WAND: 14 1/2 inches, Laurel, Unicorn Wand Core, Slightly Springy

PLAY BY: George Shelley






Bertie has longish hair that has a natural wave, almost curl to it and his fringe swishes across his face. He has chubby cheeks, occasionally sad eyes and a cute smile. He is of a tall slim build yet has smaller hands than you'd expect. His arms and legs are long in comparison to his torso giving him a somewhat lanky appearance.
Although he sometimes wears glasses Bertie prefers to wear contact lenses and so allows time in the morning to put them in.



+ The main strength showcased by Bertie is his creativity. This is something that comes so natural to him because of his incredibly large imagination - Something that he loves to have. His flair for writing originally started as writing short stories as a child but as Bertie had grown older his writing has extended to writing songs as he has a growing love for music. 

+ Herbology is Bertie's strongest subject.  He is interested in learning about all the cool and unusual plants out there and their quirks. He also had a talent at the practical side too, which could be because his Mum is a keen gardener. 

+ He has a thirst for knowledge and so will pay attention to what people have to say, ask questions and he sometimes reads up on different questions that suddenly pop into his head however silly they may be. 

+ Bertie has a strong sense of individuality meaning he is who he is and can't pretend to be anyone but himself. This individuality is from numerous reasons: being an only child, having no friends until Hogwarts and being in a house where everyone is accepting of others and are all usually themselves - the Ravenclaws don't try and be people that they aren't.

+ He is a perfectionist, which is a strength because it means he will dedicate himself to his school work and creative hobbies, making them the best that they can be. Bertie spent extra time re-writing homework so that it was as presentable as it could be. However this is equally a weakness because it reduced the amount of time Bertie has to do other school work, spend time with his friends and attend to his hobbies - luckily he has as much time to do everything so that is no longer a problem.

+ Growing up Bertie was always considered the outsider, the victim. This has led to him being able to understand what others are feeling and so has resulted in him being a kind, caring, empathetic boy who takes into consideration the outcome and hates to upset or do things that could hurt people.

+ Although not a Hufflepuff he has a strong Hufflepuff attribute: Hardworking. It is in his blood to work hard to achieve the beat grades that he can and do his Mum proud. Despite that he won't work hard in some areas such as flying as he isn't a keen flier.

- He lacks in transfiguration theory and the complexity that it holds. Granted, he is an intelligent boy, although he isn't incredible in every area of subject as there are areas everyone can find shaky. What he finds complex about the subject is when it has a mathematical/physics approach to it and the phenomenon of where vanished objects go (into non-being). 'non-being' is something that completely baffles him.
- He used to be timid and didn't really stand up for himself, instead he would take whatever anyone gives to him, thus making him an easy target to bullies. In spite of this Bertie has developed a 'shake it off' approach to what people say and think towards him, although inside he can still hurt and so can be cautious about meeting people who have thrown shade his way before.

- Shyness often goes hand in hand with being timid. The Ravenclaw isn't shy when he has gotten to know someone, in fact he can be the opposite of shy, but around those he doesn't know he comes across shy. This is because he doesn't know the person and so doesn't know their likes and dislikes, if they were to get on or not, if they would dislike him. Despite this he does find it easier being around girls and is more shy with wizards - this is because he has never had a male role model in his life. If there is one cure to his shyness it is when he finds himself wrapped up in creativity. Whether he is performing a song he's written or talking about an idea for a novel any drop of shyness evaporates, most likely because he is confident and has a clear sense of direction with regards to his creative works.

- Bertie is very independent because of growing up as an outcast/ oddball in his Muggle primary school. Although some would think that his being independent is a strength Bertie considers it a weakness. The reason for this is because it means he doesn't trust a lot of people, has difficulty making friends and is usually alone - of which he has developed a defence mechanism against to: getting lost in imagination. 

- He is a sensitive boy and words hurt more than physical pain for him. Although he tries to hide when someone has hurt him he sometimes people do realise and, especially Gryffindors, find it amusing. 

- He wasn't the best potioneer, mainly because he doesn't like the aspect of doing many things at once such as boiling something, then whilst the armadillo bile is boiling shred the boomslang skin into equal shreds. There is sometimes too much going on at once, which illustrates a weakness in his ability to multitask. Thankfully when it came to potions he had Vivianna to give him tips and help him out.

- Physical activity, whether it be in the form of duelling, flying or simply Muggle sports Bertie isn't the best. He doesn't have great physical ability as he isn't muscular and doesn't seem to put any muscle on even if he does use them a lot. Duelling especially is a weakness because, granted he can cast the spells, his accuracy is dreadful and isn't quick, meaning he usually gets hit by a spell pretty soon resulting in the end. .


+ One of Bertie's favourite places is the library, especially by the table halfway along by the history section where there is a huge window that Bertie enjoys sitting by. This is his prime spot for writing as he can look out of the window up at the sky and enter his imagination. Likewise sitting in the clock tower where there is the big window-clock face is something of Bertie's past times, however he only goes to the clock tower when he wants to escape and be alone - usually when he is sad.

+ Another reason for his like of the library is that his all time favourite smell is the scent of parchment, which of course the library is full of!

+ Taking leisurely strolls in the grounds and sitting under trees in the summer is something that Bertie loves. The cool air brushing his face and gusting around the hem of his robes gives an odd, yet wonderful, sensation. The grounds is also home to the herbology greenhouses - Bertie's favourite class. Although he has never actually been into the forbidden forest he does love walking along leaf strewn paths and the being in a forest, mainly because they can hold anything from magic to mayhem and is a perfect place for the imagination to thrive. Bertie would go into the forbidden forest with Vivianna but he wouldn't want to get into trouble and the fact that it is forbidden suggests that it is dangerous.

+ Bertie loves Honeydukes sweet store in Hogsmede and is especially interested in how the different sweets cause different effects, such as what causes you to breathe fire when eating a black pepper imp. The exciting 'Exploding Bonbons' and the mundane 'liquorice wands' are Bertie's favourite snacks and he could eat them until the sun goes down. 

+ Ever since showing his first spurt of magic Bertie has had a connection with playing music. He likes to pick up different instruments and play them, although he does prefer the piano above the others. Bertie also writes songs and will sit in the music room, playing the piano and singing when nobody is around. 

+ Probably what Bertie is most known for among his friends is his writing ability. It is one of his favourite past times and spends almost all his time getting lost in different stories that he cooks up in his mind. He has also been known to wake up in the middle of the night and start scribbling down an idea that randomly, but luckily, popped into his head. 

+ One thing Bertie enjoys about Hogwarts is the lessons themselves. Granted he doesn't like all subjects but being in a classroom full of eager Ravenclaw's urges him on to do well and pay attention. Whether the class involve scribbling notes down, group discussing or the teacher asking questions, Bertie loves to get involved and showcase his intellect. 

+ The Ravenclaw Common Room is Bertie's home from home. In his opinion it is one of the most spectacular rooms in Hogwarts. The huge, round room with elegant windows engraved into the wall and the domed blue ceiling embroidered with twinkling silver stars is really a beautiful place to spend time. 

+ Bertie is interested in ancient architecture, meaning Hogwarts is a wonderful place for Bertie to be. From the magnificent Great Hall to the spiral staircase of the Owlery there is things he loves. He also enjoys walking down streets lined with ancient buildings and, during the summer holidays, taking photographs of churches, cathedrals; old post offices and so on.

+ He likes fruity drinks such as mango and passionfruit, apple juice and strawberry smoothies to name a few. In particular Bertie likes to drink non-alcoholic cocktails, his all time favourite being strawberry purée, apple juice and lime.  

+ Divinations is a fun lesson for Bertie. Despite it being terribly inaccurate he enjoys the symbolism and using his imagination to discover what the future holds. It is a 'chill out lesson' that doesn't require much thought and comes naturally to Bertie. 

+ Vivianna Varnes, a Slytherin two years older than him, is like a sister to Bertie. Within the castle Walls he is closer to nobody else but her and loves to spend time with her, whether it be a serious discussion, teasing each other or simply talking and telling her about his latest story.

+ Wizard Chess is Bertie's favourite game to play and he is part of the Ravenclaw Wizard Chess club and has been since his first week at Hogwarts. Although as he's getting older Bertie tends to play this less but, still, it is an enjoyment whenever he plays. 

+ Snidget, Bertie's toad, is a connection he had with Hogwarts when home for the holidays. It is his companion and although they aren't overly close Bertie is very fond of his pet toad - despite often not knowing where he is as Snidget likes to explore.

+ The media is an interest to Bertie. He likes reading the daily prophet at breakfast and keeping up with what is going in. Back home he also is a huge fan of the radio and so loves to listen to muggle music. 

- However he didn't always enjoy Care of Magical Creatures when dealing with dangerous/ unsafe animals or when the weather is bad. During the winter Bertie would rather huddle near the Gamekeepers hut to keep warm and out of the drizzle than take part in the lesson. Although he likes the subject Bertie will most likely drop it upon completion of his OWL's.
- Bertie has no real interest in sports and doesn't watch a lot of the Quidditch matches, instead taking advantage of the empty castle. Unless the weather is decent or Ravenclaw are playing Bertie will not watch a quidditch match. In addition he hates flying because of his fear of falling. 

- He doesn't like people who eat like barn yard animals. Whether that be noisy eaters, messy eaters, eaters who eat with their mouths open and eaters who shovel their food down their throats. He also dislikes the strong scented food unless he is eating it, in particular he hates crisps and sauces! 

- Bertie doesn't enjoy physical fights and confrontation, especially duelling. This is because of his lack of strength and the prospect of getting hurt. Moreover confrontation makes him uncomfortable and feel awkward because he is the most confident of people, even as his confidence grows he still dislikes it. 

- Be ignored. When Bertie is trying to say something or share an idea and people simply ignore him then he feels rather crestfallen. However when he is in the middle of explaining or telling a story and is continually interrupted then he can become a tad grumpy. 

- Selfabsorbed people who act as though they are the best at everything and look down on those whose abilities aren't as great as there's really do irritate Bertie. Ravenclaw is polluted with a fair few students like this, who Bertie stays away from - his younger cousin Fred being one of them. 

- Bertie doesn't like to get into trouble, which is purely because of how he has been brought up by his Mum. This means he is sometimes cautious about doing things when he could get told off by a teacher.
- The feeling that Bertie dislikes the most is that feeling of being judged. Whether it be his creativity, something he says or the way in which he behaves. This is because his confidence is still growing and although he simply shakes any judgement off it still lingers on with him. 

Bertie was never sure of what he wanted to do exactly, he always wanted to use his creativity whether it be to write for the Daily Prophet, become a published author or writing songs. On the other hand he loves to help people and see them grow and develop, meaning a career in teaching is a possibility because it would still give him time in the evenings after marking work and planning lessons to write and enjoy music.

He occasionally giggles or smirks to himself if a funny thought comes to mind - this is something he can't control. He ruffles his a hand through his hair sometimes or twists the ends.
Another habit of Bertie's is that he tends to daydream a lot and look out of the window as he does so. Others may find him interesting and quiet peculiar in the sense that he seems to live in his own bubble.
Probably his worst habit is his sleeping pattern, which is all over the place. He will stay up late at night pondering things or writing because he is on a brainwave and can't stop.

Bertie's greatest phobia is wasps. As a result the boggart will morph into a swarm of giant wasps with bright yellow and black markings with slightly sharper and more defined stingers. There is no known reason to Bertie's phobia, it is just that: an overly irrational fear. His fear of wasps is so great that if, in herbology, he sees any buzzing outside not too far from an open window he will make an effort to close the window. Unfortunately if there is a wasp in a classroom the poor Ravenclaw will simply sit in his seat shaking as he wouldn't want to get in trouble for running out of the room - however if the wasp were to come near him then he wouldn't have any control over how actions and most likely make a scene. Thankfully it is only the hottest of months when there are wasps in Scotland.

He used to miss his Mum more than anything in the world whilst at Hogwarts, however as he grows up he secretly enjoys the freedom that Hogwarts has to offer and only writes to his Mum to keep her updated for her sake more than his. 

He keeps it a secret from his family that he simply wants to write and do creative work when he finishes Hogwarts because his aunts, uncles and cousins all expect him to become a healer of enter the ministry and so, as to not disappoint them, keeps his true desires secret.
During the summer between his fourth and fifth year whilst working at Flourish and Blotts Bertie walked into the apothecary next door, after hearing shouting, to find Isadora Malfoy-Nott and her husband, Alexander Nott, deciding how to dispose of the dead werewolf on the shop floor. After his fellow Ravenclaw spotted him Bertie promised never to tell a soul of her murderous act and left the shop immediately. 

If Bertie were to look in the mirror he would see himself being celebrated for his creativity and imagination. Depending on what he has been drawn to the most lately he would either see himself at a book signing, performing a song he wrote to a crowd of people. It is the latter image that is more likely to reflect back at Bertie if he were to look in the mirror or erised for as he is getting older, getting more involved with music and after watching open mic nights Bertie is yearning more and more to sing and share his songs, only his confidence is holding him back. - The Bertie in the mirror would also be a more confident version of himself, the person he truly wants to be. 

When a dementor is near, inhaling all the happiness from it's surroundings, Bertie will begin to think back on his lonely childhood, having no friends and being mocked/exiled by the Muggle children at the primary school he attended.

Bertie is a creative, imaginative young boy. His imagination is what he prides most and tends to think outside the box. He is a perfectionist and likes things to be perfect, such as his work he takes pride to ensure that it is neat and works hard to ensure it is most presentable. He makes a loyal friend and stands up for what he believes in, and has strong opinions whether he sometimes voices or them or not. Bertie can be shy around people he doesn't know, mainly because he doesn't know what to say and what their likes and dislikes are, but once he begins to talk about anything he has read or written lately that shyness simply fades away. He is conscience and doesn't like to get in trouble, following rules wherever they are. He is an independent young boy and prefers to read alone.


FATHER: Peter Liver (Muggle)

MOTHER: Joyce Nogard (Squib)

SIBLING/S: None (only child), which is why he is very close to his Mother, with it being just the two of them.

OTHER: He is close to his Grandma who lives in the same town five minutes away. She was a Muggle who married a wizard an had six children, meaning Bertie has a large number of cousins, three of which attended Hogwarts (Paul, Stephan & Roxanne). He is closest to his one year younger cousin Theodore, despite being overshadowed by Theodore's expansive knowledge and ambition to become a healer - something Bertie feels he has to live up to. Although he is closer to Theodore he gets on much better with Vivianna Varnes and sees her more of a blood relative than Theodore.


RACE: Human


PET/S: Western Green Toad (Name: Snidget) 


Early Years:
When he was born  his aunties, uncles and cousins expected him to not show any magical talent being born to a Squib and a Muggle. He was never close to his father, when he was two years old he showed magical ability, such as changing the colour of certain flowers and other items around the house. When his Mum tried to explain how Bertie had somehow caused  his Fathers brothers piano to play by itself his Father thought his partner and child to be crazy so left just before Bertie's third birthday.
Because Bertie has grew up without a male role model he finds it difficult to communicate with males and would rather shy away from them, leading to an increase in independence.
Growing up in a muggle town meant he went to muggle schools and read Muggle stories, listened to muggle music and watched Tv. Of course he used to love visiting his cousins where their parents has magical careers and their houses were full of magic, this made him eager to go to Hogwarts and when he received his letter he couldn't be more happy - even his Mum cried and was so thrilled that he could get to live the dream she never got to. Throughout his time at Muggle school he made little friends due to him appearing 'odd' and 'different' to the other children. As a result he used to play imaginary games by himself in the playground or sit in a classroom and read up on different topics they had recently covered in class or write short stories and poems.

Hogwarts: First - Third Years:
]Bertie is in his fifth year at Hogwarts and has performed well in all test, although having a slightly lower mark in transfiguration, since he started. He consistently is praised by teachers and is very competitive, enjoying the race for house cup and this competitive streak also urges him to excel in his academic work. He has shown an aptitude for Herbology and has now taken up divinations, care of magical creatures and even muggle studies despite being from a muggle background - he intends to drop this at the end of the year due to it not being challenging enough and a slight waste of time seeing as he knows it all being from a muggle background.
Throughout his time at Hogwarts he has struggled to make a vast number of friends and prefers to be independent, probably because he has never been given an opportunity to socialise beyond that of his family due to being considered an outsider at primary school. Despite this he has a strong bond with Vivianna Varnes and the two are like brother and sister.

Hogwarts: Fourth Year:
The evening before he started his fourth year Bertie was rushed to St Mungo's due to showing symptoms of the green itch and a magical bug. After extreme measures taken by Sophia Granger and a lengthy recovery time Bertie was discharged and returned to Hogwarts, unaware that the magical bug was lay dormant within him.
On the 12th October 2026, Bertie began to cough up blood at the Ravenclaw table and was rushed to the hospital wing, however by the time the healer from St Mungo's had arrived, which took time as emergency floo connections were needed to be set up at the Ministry, Bertie was believed to be dead.
When the healers took him to St Mungo's when they arrived they discovered he wasn't dead, as the nurse at Hogwarts believed along with any bystanders. Realising he was drifting precariously between life and death the healers restarted his heart four times in the space of six hours, They loaded him with the most power of potions to ensure his ion levels were stable and that he had equal breath sounds and a steady heart beat. Once they had reestablished homeostasis the healers put together a plan on how to eradicate the bug that had been lay dormant. As before they managed to relieve him form the symptoms and it appeared that the magical bug was gone once again. However, they learnt from their previous mistakes and kept Bertie in quarantine allowing only medical professionals on his case to be in contact him. It was believe back at Hogwarts that Bertie had died as the students were unaware of his survival because he couldn't write to the few friends he had. Of course Amelia was informed but kept the information secret in case things turned south (this was a mutual agreement between the Hogwarts and St Mungo's staff).
Just before Christmas the bug striked again, thankfully the healers were in close proximity and able to locate where exactly it had been camouflaged all this time. Once and for all they defeated the magical bug. After monitoring him for three more weeks the senior healer on the case decided that Bertie was fit and stable enough to reenter society knowing for certain he was no longer infected with the magical bug.
Bertie returned to Hogwarts in the the New Year to discover that everyone believed him to be dead. He hadn't wanted word going around the school that he had a contagious disease in case people suspected he still had it. The plan had back fired, it appeared teachers had neglected to tell any student about his current condition and he will never forget the day he walked into History of Magic and the entire class looked like they'd seen a ghost - besides Professor Binns at the front of the class.
It was a tough fourth year for Bertie, what with his illness, but once people were reassured he was alive and kicking Bertie delved back into school life passing all of his exams with remarkable scores - including transfiguration! He even decided to attend the secret end of year party and, although he isn't one for socialising, thoroughly enjoyed it.
The summer between the fourth and fith year Bertie managed to get himself a job working at Flourish and Blotts. It was during this time period that Bertie walked into the apothecary next door to discover that Isadora Malfoy-Nott had murdered someone.

Hogwarts: Fifth Year
Returning to Hogwarts had been a dread for the first time in Bertie's life. Although he had been anxious about returning after his recovery Bertie, it was nothing to how he felt on his way to London to board The Hogwarts Express. The reason for this was out of his fear of Isadora Malfoy-Nott. She had threatened him and warned him not to tell anybody about the crime she had committed and so is more than worried about having to see her again in the common room, at meal times and around the castle. Luckily Isadora appeared to give Bertie the silent treatment, something that he enjoyed greatly. As long as he kept quiet she wouldn't bother him and if she did bother him there was always the risk that he would crack and spill the beans. 
The fifth year for Bertie was a rather average, mundane year and quite frankly refreshing. After the unfortunate events of his fourth year and the fact that any connection he had with the Malfoy girl seemed to have been forgotten, he was able to get back into writing novels, songs and practice articles. In addition he even branched out a bit more socially. Perhaps this was because of the fact Vivianna was leaving Hogwarts at the end of the year and he needed to have more than one solid companion to get him through his NEWT's. None of the less the Ravenclaw has had an enjoyable fifth year and is glad to drop potions and transfigurations when entering his NEWT years. 
The summer between his fifth and sixth year is perhaps the most enjoyable one he has ever had as the Ravenclaw really started coming into his own. After watching several open mic nights at the Leaky Cauldron Bertie eventually plucked up the courage to share his own work and his confidence in his creative ability is growing leaps and bounds. So much so that he managed to find work on Diagon Alley again so that he would be more in touch with the newly discovered writers community that met at Diagon Alley readings and open mic nights. 



RP EXPERIENCE: Used to RP many of years ago on a Harry Potter RP site known as Hoggie Hallows.

HOW YOU FOUND US: google. (Harry potter Hogwarts roleplay forum, then I just clicked the links until I came across one I liked (this)

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To role play in and experience the world of Harry Potter in a fun environment.[/b]

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Looks good :3 Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!
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