HARRINGTON, Peter Michael
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HARRINGTON, Peter Michael

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HARRINGTON, Peter Michael Empty HARRINGTON, Peter Michael

Post by Peter Harrington Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:08 am

HARRINGTON, Peter Michael 195233



    FULL NAME: Peter Michael Harrington


    AGE: 16


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

    CLASSES: Transfiguration, Charms

    WAND: Chestnut, Unicorn Tail Hair,

    PLAY BY: Colton Haynes


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6’1”

    BODY TYPE: Lanky, hunched

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: A hidden beauty, Peter is pretty tall, but feel uncomfortable, and tends to bend over quite a lot. He tends to hunch, and for his height, he blends pretty well into the background. Short brown hair that is often messed up from constant ruffling, he likes to keep it slightly spiky, even if it’s just to feel a little better about himself. His clothing, while at school is always in his regular uniform, outside of school he wears simple plain shirts, and jeans. He sometimes adorns his clothing with a jacket, though normally it’s simply a jean one, and nothing to special about it. The one thing he does keep special is a wristwatch that belongs to his great grandfather. He also wears dog tags, with his name, house, and date of birth on them.


    Wordless Magic
    Telling random facts about things

    Girls (He’s very awkward)
    Loud people
    Standing out

    Quidditch (Secretly)
    Working with new spells
    Teaching people new things.

    Standing out
    People who make fun of his height

    Become a great teacher at Hogwarts.

    Runs his hands through his hair when agitated, spins his watch around his wrist a lot.

    BOGGART: Getting arrested

    PATRONUS: Getting sorted at Hogwarts

    DEMENTOR: His Great Grandfather dying when he was 13.

    VERITASERUM: He plays Quidditch in his spare time. He hates people knowing this, because it brings attention to himself.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Be a teacher one day.

    PERSONALITY: Peter is an extremely shy person. This often causes him to be bent over a lot because he tries to hide. His hands are almost constantly in his pockets, and he keeps his head ducked down. While he is shy, if he gets to know you very well, he loves talking about things he learns. Once he opens up, he does enjoy talking, and is often pretty excited about talking about things he knows. Other then that, he keeps mostly to himself, and spends a LOT of time in the library.


    FATHER: Francis Harrington –Auror

    MOTHER: Mary Harrington – Waitress at The Leaky Cauldron

    SIBLING(S): An twin sister(Carrie), who eloped when she was 15, and ran away from home.

    OTHER: Great Grandfather –deceased- gave Peter the watch he wears constantly.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Owl named Skippie

    Nimbus 2000

    Dog Tags with Name, House, and Birthday on it
    Watch previously owned by his Great Grandfather


    Early Years: Peter grew up in an easy going household. His parents both worked full jobs, and he spent most of his time with his twin sister, Carrie, who was his best friend. They both came into magic at the same time, and spent a good deal of time as children practicing how it worked, and stealing their parents wands to play with the magic they had grown into. Never learning any real spells, they both enjoyed doing little things with the wands, such as changing the color of things, and using levitation spells when their parents backs were turned.
    It was this early in his life when Peter first showed his skills at teaching people, he taught his sister everything he learned when she wasn’t around, and would spend hours with her playing classroom, holding up books that he didn’t know the contents of, and pretending to teach her silly things, such as the proper way to brew a booger, and later in life, how to get a member of the opposite sex to fall in love with you.

    Hogwarts Years: School started out in a rough manner for Peter. Him and his sister were separated in the sorting, and he was devastated. She was his only friend, and now she was off with other people, meeting new people, and learning things without him. He saw her often for the first year or so, but after that they slowly grew apart and became their own people. When Carrie was fifteen years old, she came home one summer stating she was getting married. Her parents didn’t take kindly to it, and told her she was not, without even speaking to her twin brother, two weeks into vacation, she packed her bags in the middle of the night and ran away from home with her new boyfriend. Peter never saw her again. Now in his 6th year of Hogwarts, Peter has withdrawn from people, and hidden away from people who might run away from him like his sister did.

    Adulthood: Not there yet


    YOUR NAME: Molly


    HOW YOU FOUND US: All of my other charries

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Chase Moor, Felix Barker, Zara Ellis, Zoe Gould, Selene Brun, Rhys O’Neill, Rise Lehmberg

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To add to the decreasing amount of male characters, and give a teacher in the future!

    Do I gotta??? No? okay!

Peter Harrington
Peter Harrington

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HARRINGTON, Peter Michael Empty Re: HARRINGTON, Peter Michael

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:18 am

he's definitely a ravenclaw. accepted and sorted.

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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