STONE, Matthew
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STONE, Matthew

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STONE, Matthew Empty STONE, Matthew

Post by Mary Mist Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:36 pm

STONE, Matthew Jesse_williams-1

Matthew Robert Stone

Matthew Robert Hunt

    FULL NAME:  Matthew Robert Stone

    NICKNAMES:  Matt,

    AGE: 34

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor Graduate

    Care of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
    Defence Against Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations
    Herbology: Exceeds Expectations

    Astronomy: Acceptable
    Care of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
    Charms: Exceeds Expectations
    Defence Against Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations
    Herbology: Outstanding
    History of Magic: Poor
    Muggle Studies: Oustanding
    Potions: Acceptable
    Transfigurations: Poor

    Extra Curriculum:
    Gryffindor Quidditch Team: Beater (Years 4-7)
    Earth Magic

    WAND:  Rowan,  Dragon heartstring, 13 inches, fairly flexible

    PLAY BY: Jesse Williams


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Greenish-Grey/Blue depending on the light.


    BODY BUILD: Athletic/Muscular

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Matthew has dark hair and tanned skin. His eyes are a steel piercing grey which contrasts well with his dark hair, which when grown is naturally curly although Matthew keeps his hair short. He also has freckles on his nose. His ears are somewhat pointed and as a child his friends used to joke saying he was part elf. Matthew has a relatively strong jaw, of which is lined with stylish facial hair.


    + Loyal & Trustworthy
    + Brave & Bold
    + Magical Creatures, especially  Dragons  
    + Streetwise
    + Physical Activity
    - Beautiful Women
    - Transfiguration
    - Potions
    - Magical Theory
    - Emotionally Unattached

    + Beautiful Women
    + Dragons
    + Adrenaline Rush
    + Flying/ Quidditch
    + Making Money
    - Ministry of Magic
    - Magical Law
    - Azkaban
    - Deceit, lies
    - Foreign foods

    + To make as much money as he can
    + To enjoy the company of as many beautiful women as possible  

    + Twiddles his wand in his fingers
    + Rubs the back of his neck
    + Spends two hours a day working out.

    BOGGART: Takes the form of a dementor, because he is ultimately scared of going to Azkaban.

    PATRONUS: Takes the form of a bear. Matthew can call upon a variety of memories that involve him and a woman. Another memory he uses is when he stepped out of Azkaban, the freedom came rushing back to him and he for once felt like a human being.

    DEMENTOR: Brings back the memories of when he was beaten as a child and had to here his Mother and brother being beaten by their Father too.

    VERITASERUM: He secretly keeps dragons, illegally deals dragon eggs and also illegal sells dragon 'parts.'  

    MIRROR OF ERISED: When Matthew looks in the mirror he would see himself as a child with a family. The reason for this is because he was abused by his Father and his Mother rarely cared for him either, all he wanted was to be loved.

    PERSONALITY: describe Matthew is courageous, bold and flirtatious. He knows what he wants out of people and stands by his views. He is physically strong and emotionally too, although he says his thoughts he doesn't usually deal with his emotions in a healthy manner instead releasing them through women. Matthew is a rebel and doesn't agree with the law, thinking he is above it. Finally he is playful and daring and his ideal date with a woman would be getting involved in something exciting, however is willing to go on fancy dinner dates if necessary to win her over - even though he will most likely not speak to her again and knows that they wont have a proper relationship.


    FATHER: Duncan Stone, 65, Retired Gardener

    MOTHER: Philipa Stone, Deceased

    SIBLING/S: Alexander Stone, Muggle, 37, Plumber.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggle Born

    SOCIAL STATUS: Working Class- Middle Class

    PET/S: Barn Owl, Woody.



    Early Years:
    Growing up Matthew didn't experience the happiest of childhoods. He was never in a happy home, more of a feigned-happy home that was fed with fear. His Mother, unemployed, would spend most of her day gambling. Although when she was out of money to gamble then her next activity would be drinking, meaning that Matthew and his brother never got much love and care from their Mother. Of course she did love them and tried her best: she managed to get them dressed for school and make sure that they got in (even if they were always late) but the attention he got from his Mother never compared to the other children's Mum's. His Father wasn't any better of a parent either. Secretly, behind closed doors, Duncan would beat Philipa and punish her for not taking proper care of his children whilst he was working all the time. There came a time when Matthew soon became the next target, along with Alexander. It was during these times of abuse when Matthew displayed signs of magic, such as making light bulbs explode nearby, causing things to fall on top of his Dad.  

    Hogwarts Years:
    When Matthew discovered that he was a wizard he couldn't have been happier, especially because it mean't that he would finally get to leave the home in which he was a constant punch bag. Matthew was sorted happily into Gryffindor and delved right into school life, taking a particular interest into supporting the Quidditch Team (which he went onto play for). However most of his teachers all had the same feedback to the Headmaster: he was boisterous, rebellious. Matthew didn't seem to understand or obey simple rules and was becoming a bit of a pain in lessons. It was his care of magical creatures Professor that channelled his behaviour into something positive by showing him different types of magical creatures, more dangerous magical creatures after class and soon enough Matthew had developed a love for beasts, especially dragons. On top of learning about dragons and how to care for them he became a bit of an icon among the girls and had various on and off girlfriends, none which he cared for. The school holidays were more bearably too.  Now that Matthew was learning magic his Father soon feared him and left home out of fear, meaning that it was just his mother, brother and him.

    When Matthew graduated from Hogwarts he knew exactly what he intended to do: become a dragon keeper, or a magizoologist of some sort. Of course you have to start at the bottom of the food chain and so Matthew got a job at the magical menagerie in Diagon Alley at the age of eighteen before finally getting an internship at a Welsh Green Dragon Reserve. It was here he got his first hands on experience with dragons and soon dedicated himself to knowing how to deal with them on a practical level. He no longer had time for friendships (not that they had been great friends anyway) and the only affection he received were from multiple women who were impressed by his manly talent.
    When Matthew turned twenty six he got wind, from his brother who he'd lost contact with, that their Mother had died. Matthew attended the funeral and that night cried for the first time since he was being beaten as a child. He cried out of a mix of love and hate.
    Two months later Matthew had been charged guilty for dealing dragon hide without a license or involvement in the Ministry, giving him a months sentence in Azkaban and a fine of 400 galleons. Of course Matthew is still in debt with the ministry and refuses to pay the fine, even after his release a month later. Once again the rebellious behaviour was beginning to come out of him, no doubt being in Azkaban and forced to remember the times of his beating day after day had caused problems.
    Now Matthew has managed to keep dragons in his own reserve, in the Scottish Highlands unknown to the ministry, and is heavily involved in the black market of selling and dealing dragons. Although he isn't famous so to speak he is known, even by some officials in the ministry and will do dealings with dodgy officials from time to time whenever a dragon is needed. He still holds a distant relationship with his brother (Christmas and birthday card terms) and hasn't seen his Father since he abandoned the family when Matthew started Hogwarts.  He is neutral, so to speak, and communicates with both death eaters and order members too.



    MAIN CHARACTER: Hallie Cooper

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a graduate character who is a bit of a rebel

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STONE, Matthew Empty Re: STONE, Matthew

Post by Thaorson Ian Elldir Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:36 am

looks good!

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