Weasley, Frederick Arthur
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Weasley, Frederick Arthur

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Weasley, Frederick Arthur Empty Weasley, Frederick Arthur

Post by Fred Weasley II Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:30 pm

Weasley, Frederick Arthur Tumblr_mbs07xPNhL1rd3w17o1_500



    FULL NAME: Frederick Arthur Weasley

    NICKNAMES: Fred, Freddie

    AGE: Almost 24


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor Graduate

    CLASSES: None

    WAND: Ebony, dragon heartstring, 12 and three-quarter inches, hard and inflexible

    PLAY BY: Eoin Macken


    HAIR COLOUR: Russet brown, with reddish strands

    EYE COLOUR: Amber


    BODY BUILD: Well-built, broad-shouldered and straight-backed with long limbs. Possesses a casual, lounging grace.


    On looking at one Fred Arthur Weasley, one would hardly see a Weasley in the beginning, him taking mostly after his mother, what with all the dark hair and freckle-less swarthy complexion. But the roguish grin, and the dynamic spark in the amber eyes is all Weasley. He has a strong, polished jawline, and sometimes the features are a little too prominent for the face. He’s a man of simple tastes, hence mostly dressed in white tees, faded blue denims and brown leather jackets (or Quidditch gear), unless of course when he’s in his Unspeakable robes. That time, the smooth collar, sweeping black velvet and ripped cuffs presents an almost intimidating picture: hard eyes and teeth bared in a lightning-flash smile that was better left concealed.




    Mysteries, puzzles, riddles
    Physical strength
    Ancient Runes, Arithmancy
    Unshakeable will


    Rote learning, memory
    Reckless, not cautious in any shape or form
    Can be inconsiderate or simply ignorant of people’s feelings
    Sees world in black and white
    Blinded by his own beliefs, refuses to see reason or someone else’s view
    Callous and cruel to the people he dislikes
    Patronising at times



    Chilling out with friends at a pub over a can of chilled beer, or tankard of ale
    Muggle technology
    Puzzles, riddles
    Working out


    Herbology (Plants as a whole, actually)
    European cuisine
    The so-called sophisticated pureblood upper class
    Purists, power-hungry maniacs
    Deceit, lies
    What he labels as the Dark


    Climb up the ladder. Restore the Potter-Weasleys to their rightful place. Pick off those pesky Rookwoods one by irritating one. Destroy those unnecessary plagues on the world that call themselves Dark wizards. Make the world as it should be.


    A flightful, fleeting wink when he charms.
    A flashing of the eyes, bared teeth when he fights.
    A narrowing of the eyes, a hawk-like tenacity when he picks things apart.

    BOGGART: (Greatest Fear; Optional)


    Easy. That could either be his best prank on Theodore Nott, or his graduation party where he got piss-drunk and danced on the table. Good times, good times.

    DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory: Optional)

    VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret; Optional)


    Fred thinks he wishes for all ‘evil’ in the world to be eradicated. He wants to be the one to do it. It may not seem like it, but there’s a difference between the first and the second. And he’d choose the latter in a heartbeat.


    Fred Arthur Weasley, though he himself may not know it, reminds one of a fifteen year old Sirius Orion Black. The same charm, the same arrogance, the same love for the close ones, the same cruelty towards the ones he despises. But there are differences, and multitudes of them at that. Fred has a fondness, an almost overpowering fascination for riddles, like oysters too hard to crack. He sees them even in people, gravitating towards reclusive ones, stripping off their shields and secrets and emotions one by one, and leaving when everything is exposed. After all, the mystery interested him, and now its gone.

    Fred is kind, yes. Generous, yes. Brave, courageous, mind numbingly loyal, definitely yes. But he’s indoctrinated, and by himself at that. Fred has razor-sharp views of what’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘not’, and once he makes a judgement about someone, he rarely ever changes it, regardless of whether he has the right to judge or not. As he grew, his opinions grew; and he displays an almost Barty Crouch-like lack of morals and compunctions for the sake of the greater good, and so is hypocritical that way. He was born with the world being divided into ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ in his mind, and that has never changed, and will never change. He smiles, and means it, and laughs, and means it, but sometimes he kills, and he means that too.


    FATHER: George Weasley

    MOTHER: Angelina Weasley nee Johnson

    SIBLING/S: Roxanne Weasley

    OTHER: Lysander Scamander- best friend; James Sirius Potter- favourite cousin; Teddy Lupin- Only person he ever looked up to;

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET/S: None


    A handy, ever refilling pack of Weasley Wizarding Wheezes goodies for emergencies. His arsenal of Muggle and Wizarding weapons hidden away under a secret room behind the false back of his wardrobe. A plain, silver ring borne on the third finger of his right hand.  


    Early Years:

    On the topic of George and Angelina’s marriage: “It may seem a tad unhealthy…..but I think they would’ve been happy” ~ J.K. Rowling

    Fred Weasley. The second.

    It was a name. Just a name. A name borne by someone before him, someone who he admired and secretly resented in his younger years for apparently bearing it better than him. Still, it was a nice name. He liked it. His mother would run loving fingers through his messy locks, and his father would pat him on the shoulder, with happy, sad eyes.

    Oh the eyes. He almost forgot.

    He got two types of looks during his lifetime. The first was the happy one. The one he got when he rolled in the mud and returned home, draggled and flushed and bright eyed, the one he got when he slipped soap into his mother’s ointments and dyes into his father’s shaving cream and then looked tried to look all innocent when he got caught. The happy, yet exasperated tone to his mother’s voice, the secretly approving, yet strangely longing look on his father. He understood. He was doing well.

    The second was a bit different. The one he got when he asked for a mega Rubix cube on his birthday instead of a Firebolt, or the latest Wheezes. The one he got, later on during Hogwarts summers, when he spent them researching wards and ancient, archaic Wizarding weapons. When he closed off, and became reserved, and refused to speak for days. His father looked…surprised. His mother….she simply smiled, said his interests were his own, and nodded encouragingly. He appreciated it. At least she tried to hide her disappointment.

    It was like a small child, trying rather in vain to fill shoes that didn’t belong to him, ever conscious of the shadow that sat at the table with them at breakfast every morning, still a bigger part of his parents’ lives than he, their child, could ever be.

    Slightly tainted, yes. But his childhood was golden. His parents were the best in the world, loving and fun and upright. His friends were great, his family was great.
    A tad unhealthy, yes. But he was happy.

    Hogwarts Years:

    A nightmare. An absolute bloody nightmare.

    Fred Weasley’s Hogwarts years were an absolute nightmare. For the teachers.

    He justified his blood well. Mischievous, mega-prankster, Quidditch player: yes, he justified it well. He and Lysander were a troublesome pair indeed. Of course, the years were also peppered with deeds of magic that were impressive, much like his father and twin had been at that age. He made his laptop work in his dorm, battery feeding off on the magic, for one. Flickering screen, no internet, but he made it work. He gave the finishing touches to the Weasley MegaSwamp that forced people to breakfast in the Great Hall in the midst of marshes and mosquitoes for a whole week.

    He and his partner also bullied quite a lot of the younger years. And most of their pranks were directed against Slytherins. But who the hell cares, right? Nasty, mangy, sniveling idiots, the lot of them.

    Fourth year brought about a change. The Dark was on the rise again. His aunt, mother of his favourite cousin, Ginny Weasley-Potter was killed. Things started changing, and not for the better.
    So he evolved. Made a few decisions, formed a few opinions and mindsets that would stay with him, and impact a whole lot of others, for a lifetime. Expanded on his ward study, his Runic work. Got excellent NEWT’s, at least in the subjects that were important. Not the worthless ones like Divination, History or Herbology.

    Rookwood was a constant, and a factor in all these decisions. He, and his lot. One of the few people who challenged him, and who he could quite candidly admit, he despised with all his being. Stupid purebloods. It was all the fault of these families. These families who would never f*cking learn their lessons, who would never change their spots no matter what their smooth, silver tongues said. He could see through them. All of them.

    Something had to be done.

    Adulthood:. So he went out for Auror training. Then Hit Wizard. Realised his love of mysteries were leading him to the ultimate path of an Unspeakable. Qualified with a diploma, and a specialization in weapons. Travelled round the world, picked up three languages. Trained. Worked. Shagged random witches. Planned.

    Maybe, maybe he would have stayed in Manhattan, all this while, if he hadn’t gotten the call. The British Ministry was wobbling. Standing rather unsteadily, propped on crumbling pillars. Resorting to last options, clasping at ways. They sent him a rather impressive offer. The entire Department of Mysteries under him, the black seat, the post of Head Unspeakable, in exchange for a rather good life in America.

    Till date, if anyone asks him why he accepted, Fred replies that he had always been on the lookout of one mystery that he couldn’t crack. The Veil of Death seemed rather promising. The fact that Rookwood had been made bloody Headmaster of Hogwarts was just a plus point.

    So he packed his bags, his arsenal. Agreed to let Lys scout out a penthouse for him, replete with the latest state-of-art Muggle tech, bang in the middle of London. Mused about meeting the family again. And quietly, dusted off the cobwebs from his long cherished goals crafted during Hogwarts days, and wondered if it was possible after all.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Kiera

    RP EXPERIENCE: Loooooooooooooooooong XD

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Do I really have to go over it again?

    MAIN CHARACTER: Albus S Potter

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Another messed up, dystopic, dysfunctional character Razz


Fred Weasley II
Fred Weasley II
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Weasley, Frederick Arthur Empty Re: Weasley, Frederick Arthur

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:49 pm

Can he be Jack's friend? Jack's plotting has come to a grinding halt. <3
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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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Weasley, Frederick Arthur Empty Re: Weasley, Frederick Arthur

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:16 am

Looks good!

Accepted and sorted into Graduates!
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Anabelle Mulciber
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