WEASLEY, Hugo Arthur
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WEASLEY, Hugo Arthur

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WEASLEY, Hugo Arthur Empty WEASLEY, Hugo Arthur

Post by Hugo Weasley Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:40 pm

WEASLEY, Hugo Arthur Tumblr_lrdr2jY2VK1r2wazqo1_500



FULL NAME: Hugo Arthur Weasley

AGE&BIRTHDAY&SIGNS: Eighteen | b. December 5th 2008

Western Astrology
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Ruling House: Ninth
Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Chinese Astrology
Fixed Season: Winter
Fixed Direction: North
Fixed Element: Water
Associated Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Mayan Astrology
Aztec Name: Calli
Mayan Name: Akbal
Direction: West
Qualities: Thoughtful and Conservative

Ruling Planet: Mars
Colour: Red
Gemstone: Bloodstone
Qualities: Compassionate and Idealistic


BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood.

The Weasley Family,
The Granger Family,
The Potter Family,
The Delacour Family,
The Johnson Family,

Hermione Weasley,
Ronald Weasley,
Rose Weasley,
Harry Potter,
Ginny Potter,
Teddy Lupin,
James Potter,
Albus Potter,
Lily Potter,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Gryffindor House,
Gryffindor Quidditch Team,
Slytherin Quidditch Team for Albus,
Ravenclaw Quidditch Team for Rose,
Hufflepuff Quidditch Team for Teddy,

The Quidditch Federation,
The Quidditch World Cup,
The British and Irish Quidditch League,
The British National Quidditch Team,
The Chudley Cannons Quidditch Team,
The Chudley Cannons Youth Team,
The Wimborne Wasps for Frank,

The British Ministry of Magic,
The Department of Law and Enforcement,
The Auror Office,
The Department for Magical Games and Sport,
The Department of Magical Education,
The Wizarding Examinations Authority,
The Ministry of Magic Exploding Bonbons Unit,
The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes,
The Accidental Magical Reversal Unit,
The Obliviator Squad,

The Daily Prophet,
The Quibbler,
Quality Quidditch Supplies’ Magazine,
QuidditchNOW Magazine,

Binky the House-Elf – “Don’t tell mum, please.”


Ancient Runes, the Study of: Acceptable
Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations
Care of Magical Creatures: Acceptable
Charms: Outstanding
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding
Divination: Exceeds Expectations
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic: Acceptable
Potions: Exceeeds Expectations
Transfiguration: Outstanding

Astronomy: Outstanding
Charms: Outstanding
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding
Divination: Exceeds Expectations
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic: Exceeds Expectations
Potions: Exceeeds Expectations
Transfiguration: Outstanding

OCCUPATION: Obliviator apprentice in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

PROFESSIONAL WAND: Greek Olive inlaid with Cedar, Mooncalf Blood core, 11¾ inches, rigid.

Olive is a sleek wandwood, with slight leanings towards Light, which gives a definite boost to healing magic. Olive wielders are often potent Legilimens, at the cost of a weaker skill in Occlumency. Legend says the Olive tree was given to the people of Athens by the goddess Athena, and as such, Greek Olive has a reputation for boosting wisdom and wit. Because of this, it is often a Ravenclaw wandwood.

Cedar is a rather docile wandwood with particular skill in protective spells. Cedar wand wielders often become potent Occlumens.

Mooncalf Blood wands are quite rare, as the Mooncalf is considered such an innocent creature that it is forbidden to kill one. All the Blood is harvested from natural deaths only. It gives a powerful boost to Charms, as well as Herbology, and has leanings towards Light. Mooncalf wielders tend to be proficient with Occlumency, and place great stock in the value of family.

PERSONAL WAND: Holly and Hemlock wood, Dragon Heart-String core, 12 inches, whippy.

The archetypal Light wandwood, Holly is renowned for its ability to repel dark spirits and demons. It may reduce your power in Hexes, but the boost you get to DADA may just balance it out.

Hemlock is a ‘quick’ wandwood and allows for fast reactions, and makes an excellent potion stirrer besides.

Dragon Heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best. Although it is the most common core among Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards are most certainly not their most common users. Dragon Heartstrings are by far the most common wand core amongst Slytherins, but their power often bonds to Gryffindors and Ravenclaws as well. However, they tend to overwhelm the archetypal Hufflepuff personality.

Wand Information Source


Like his father and grandfather before him, Hugo inherited the Weasley family traits of shocking red hair and an overabundance of freckles, the majority of which sweep beneath his eyes and over the bridge of his long, pronounced nose which he had to grow into rather than the other way around, making for some very odd-looking baby pictures. Along with that he got the great big Weasley blue eyes and the thin lips which also belonged to his father and let’s not mention the colour his ears go when he’s embarrassed, alright? Hugo is Ron’s son, no doubt about it. All over he is Ronald Weasley but thankfully there are also elements of his mother in him which somewhat save him from being accused of having a similar emotional range – teaspoon sized – just like dear old dad. No, for the sake of all of us, there is some Hermione Jean Granger in Hugo Weasley – quite a bit, actually.

To go along with that intolerable nose, Hugo also inherited his mother’s slightly dodgy teeth in that he had far too many. Often he joked that, as his grandfather’s began to wither and fall out, he could lend some to him which would get him a thwack around the back of the head by any number of family members but Arthur never minded. The teeth issue meant that Hugo spent a lot of time in the dentistry wing of St. Mungo’s, especially when he was younger. However, soon enough it was all sorted out and from there we can draw other comparisons between Hermione and her son. The slight curl and fluffiness to Hugo’s hair is gifted to him by Hermione and the plump cheeks and long fingers, and slightly short legs to go with it, also come from her and thus while at a glance he is clearly a Weasley – a Malfoy could spot him from a mile off – he is also very much his mother’s son.

Time and puberty did Longbottom-level favours for Hugo and though he didn’t complete a metamorphosis quite like ‘Uncle Neville’ did. Nevertheless, he turned out to be a fairly good looking bloke. Tall and skinny like his father, brushing in and around six foot one, Hugo never really bulked out like some of the Quidditch players in the family. Instead he stayed tall and lean and grew his hair out a little bit before cutting it again, deciding he didn’t want to look like his Uncle Bill and Uncle Charlie. He grew into the nose, the readers of Horse and Hound would be pleased to hear, and we are negating all of the baby pictures for the sake of his own sanity. His hair also darkened, taking on more of his mother’s traits, darkening through until there was only a little bit of auburn lingering.

As he got to the latter end of his schooling age, Hugo got a little more adventurous with his appearance. Though he has yet to acquire any tattoos, he does have a handful of piercings. Both lobes have been pierced but he only tends to have one earring – a dragon claw, a gift from Uncle Charlie – in at one time. His upper ears, in the cartilage, have also been done and he tends to wear all of the earrings in them lest they close up and on the spur of the moment – Uncle George got him drunk, it wasn’t his fault – he decided to get his hips done and, inexplicably also, he has one nipple ring that he can’t recall getting. Oh well.

PLAY BY: Garrett Hedlund.


001. Academic,

Being as Hugo is his mother’s son, an academic trait was an inevitability in many ways. Throughout his Hogwarts years, when he wasn’t goofing off his nose was to the grindstone and he does thoroughly enjoy learning. Whilst you could argue he is more of a hands-on learner, he’s not opposed to being curled up somewhere with a book, chewing on the end of a liquorice wand.

002. Activist,

There is a trend here – Hugo is almost a male version of Hermione Granger and in terms of this he is no different. He finds any kind of intolerance despicable and wands more than anything else equality for all in life, in love, in economy and all the rest of it. He wants people to have a fair chance to do and be surrounded by what they love. He is not unwilling to fight for that, especially for those who can’t do it themselves, either.

003. Adventurous,

The house of Gryffindor is strong in this one. But also, in many ways, he is the product of his war free upbringing. It has allowed for an adventurous trait to grow and coupled with a slightly reckless streak it doesn’t make for a young man who is afraid of much. Hugo is always looking to find the next big thing and will always, always try something new regardless of whether or not it is alien to him. He’s good like that, really.

004. Ambitious,

Ambition is a trait that is prized by the Ministry more than anything else and Hugo is as guilty as having it as the person in the next cubicle over. He has big ideas, this young man, and as he is young and unattached he is free as a bird to head off and pursue them with vigour. It is for this reason that he is a credit to his department, if not slightly concerning for those around him who are his rivals and who might not have the same drive as he does.

005. Argumentative,

Again, we come to see the fruits of his parentage in him. Hugo, while a naturally nice man, is not one to take anything lying down and if he thinks he’s right, if he knows he’s right, and someone dares to contest him then he is, unfortunately, going to argue. He will argue until he goes blue in the face and until the cows come home and until he falls over dead. Hugo is a very interesting young man, in this respect. No one should mess with him, at least.

006. Bad tempered,

This trait is confined for the morning, normally. He is mostly genial and easy going but he does have the habit of snapping at someone if he is feeling particularly tetchy. Hugo finds that certain things grate on his nerves quicker than others and people are obscenely irritating. Thus, can you really blame him if he gets annoyed? However, you’ll usually find him at his worst when he’s just gotten up so avoid him then and you’ll be fine.

007. Brave,

Bravery is a Gryffindor trait but is something which Hugo has showed over the years without fail. He has had to put up with some rather horrendous things in eighteen years which he shouldn’t have done and he has made it through. Coupled with the fact that his adventurousness and recklessness requires an element of bravery too, he’d be lost without a trait like this.

008. Brutally honest,

Love him or hate him, Hugo is going to tell the truth and tell you exactly what he thinks regardless. Friend or foe, he cares not but you’re going to know what he thinks because he neither has the tact nor the desire to beat around the bush. I’m sorry but, you’re just not going to get it.

009. Carefree,

With only a kneazle to really occupy his time – and, let’s face it, cats in any capacity are going to be fairly self-sufficient – Hugo hasn’t got a lot of responsibilities in life and while he’d be happy to have them, they’re just not there. Thus, he is, indeed, very simply care free.

010. Clumsy,

Was that your favourite vase? That’s not in a million pieces on the floor. Apologies. Where’s Hugo? He tripped over. This boy doesn’t get much clumsier. If he hasn’t broken something you like, he’ll break something on him. He’s had more than his fair share of broken bones and it’s all – mostly – been his fault, too.

011. Commitment-phobe,

Aside from committing to feeding a cat thrice a day, you’re not going to get a whole lot else from Hugo. He’s not very good with real relationships. He likes the idea but you’d be really unlucky if you tried to get him to walk down the aisle and all of the rest of it because you’ll blink and he’ll be gone. Hugo can’t – and won’t – be tied down. He would love something steady in his life but it’s all useless, he can’t hack it.

012. Compassionate,

This Weasley’s emotional range is the size of a tablespoon – one whole size up from that of his father’s. He can deal with the world being a little bit topsy turvey and doesn’t have a problem with the emotions he evokes. He can empathise and he will without a doubt try and do whatever he can to make it easier for people to get on when things fall apart. He is a good guy, indeed.

013. Competitive,

See: ambitious.

014. Confident,

It is an oxymoronic trait, this. Confident though he is, see: clumsy.

015. Easily bored,

Boredom has been Hugo’s fault since he was young. He can never stay on one thing too long – hence his inability to commit – without getting bored. Nothing holds his attention for long so a fast paced job with no paper work other than saying “I obliviated [insert name here]” suits him right down to the ground. Good luck trying to get him to sit through Lord of the Rings, though.

016. Enthusiastic,

If you ever need someone to be cheerful, this is your bloke. He will throw himself into the most ridiculous of things at 1000% capacity of enthusiasm. He’s not entirely sure where he gets it from but there’s a childlike excitability in this that makes him rather endearing.

017. Free spirit,

See: commitment-phobe. You’re not going to tie this down – no sir.

018. Generous,

Do you need something? He’ll go and get it for you. Coupled with the fact that Hugo is a terrible spendthrift, he’ll do anything for anyone and often they don’t even have to ask. He loves to give, loves to share, but the only thing he won’t tolerate is being sponged off of. Though, if you want a sandwich and some cola, he’ll definitely pop down to the shop to get you some. Just don’t sponge off of him.

019. Goal-orientated,

See: Ambitious.

020. Good listener,

See: Generous. Hugo has time for everyone. If he can’t get you something or do something for you then he’s willing to listen. Day or night, for friends and family Hugo will be there. He makes himself more available than ever now if someone needs to talk because he lost the last friend who failed to take him up on it. He can’t deal with that again.

021. Good-humoured,

In light of who he is related to (Fred and George Weasley) do you really think that Hugo wouldn’t have a sense of humour? No, this man has a dry sense of humour, a macabre one and has a love of all things bad that is closely linked to puns. Anything will make this one laugh.

022. Headstrong,

See: Ambitious. Hugo knows what he wants. Is he going to get it? You betcha.

023. Hot-Headed,

See: Bad tempered.

024. Humble,

For all of his idiosyncrasies, Hugo is a very down to earth person. He doesn’t think himself overly important. He just wants to do the best with what he’s got. He doesn’t really know how to accept compliments and really does just want to go under the radar and do his work. He’s a big personality, but not to himself.

025. Idealistic,

See: activism, headstrong. Hugo has some of the biggest and best plans for this world. Sometimes he’s a bit optimistic, though.

026. Impatient,

See: hot-headed.

027. Impulsive,

See: adventurous.

028. Inconsistent,

The thing with Hugo is that you should never really know what to expect – whether that’s in the way he acts or in the way he displays his emotions. There’s nothing normal about what he does and you can’t really predict him, either. See: generous, hot-headed, commitment-phobe.

029. Inquisitive,

See: academic. He’s nosy. This is just another word for nosy.

030. Insecure,

See: humble.

031. Intellectual,

See: academic.

032. Kind,

See: generous.

033. Lazy,

To be honest? He’d rather do nothing, sometimes. Yet, this is an oxymoronic trait. He is a hard worker. However, given the opportunity, you’re not going to catch him getting up off of his arse if he knows he doesn’t have to.

034. Loyal,

This is the only thing he’ll commit to. Hugo is endlessly and unreservedly loyal. That is something you’ll never shirk from him, either. If he’s loyal to you, you’ve got him for life.

035. Mercurial,

See: inconsistent.

036. Opinionated,

See: headstrong.

037. Over-protective,

See: loyal, generous, good listener.

038. Party animal,

He’s eighteen. He’s unattached. He needs something to do, doesn’t he?

039. Reckless,

See: adventurous.

040. Restless,

See: easily bored.

041. Spendthrift,

See: generous.

042. Spiritual,

Hugo likes the idea of being spiritual more than the thing itself. He wouldn’t make the best religious person, to say the least. He’s a bit too flighty about it for a start, anyway.

043. Sporty,

Weasley. Enough said.

044. Stubborn,

See: hot-headed.

045. Tactless,

See: brutally honest.

046. Talkative,

He’s a friendly bloke, really. He’s got time for everyone. He is also well aware that some people aren’t as willing to have an open conversation as he is – hence, he happily takes the conversation gauntlet up and could talk for England.

047. Tenacious,

See: headstrong. Oxymoronic, somewhat, given his aversion to commitment.

048. Vain,

He’s beautiful. Can you really blame him?

049. Wanderlust,

See: easily bored.

050. Witty.

See: talkative.


The ancient art of shielding one’s mind from the influence and infiltration of other, prying individuals has been one that Hugo Weasley has been able to do since he was sixteen year’s old. It has only been in recent years, upon learning Leglimency, that he has managed to get Occlumency under his belt more successfully but since his sixth year at Hogwarts he has in some capacity been able to do the magic. After seeking guidance from the career’s counsellor in his fifth year, he was turned into the care of the then Defence Against the Dark Arts professor and from the autumn of his sixth year he was being coached in Occlumency, put through similar vigorous methods that his uncle was at more or less the same age. Unlike his uncle, however, Hugo has never had a problem steeling his emotions and whilst it did go awry for him after the death of his best friend, he has since used the magic to get his feelings and himself as a whole back under his own control. Since using Leglimency, he has been better able to conduct Occlumency and with the two combined has thus become quite proficient.

It wasn’t until his seventh year that Hugo began to learn how to use Leglimency. Struggling to get to grips with Occlumency again after the Christmas break, Hugo was given the opportunity to start learning Leglimency and he took it with both hands. As he began to learn ways of breaking into minds, he got better at the former ability as a result. He was always better at finding his way in than shoving someone out but once he knew the tricks of getting in, keeping anyone and everyone out was a piece of cake. Since joining the Obliviator Squad in the Ministry of Magic, Leglimency had become invaluable to him as it has an immense amount to do with the day to day field tasks that he is required to complete. As with all things, time and experience have changed the way Hugo has been able to use the skill and along with Occlumency has become something of the humble expert – though not entirely, he still has lots to learn.

Memory Manipulation
Being as Hugo Weasley joined the Obliviator Squad straight out of Hogwarts, he had to dabble in Memory Manipulation in order to get on and after twelve weeks of intensive training and messing with Muggles’ minds, it is safe to say that whilst the ability is controlled by all kinds of contracts, Hugo is scarily rather good at changing the way people think and remember things. Leglimency lets him in, as it were, but the ability comes to fruition when he can alter memories, hide some, remove a few completely sometimes, and place entirely new instances in the minds of those he uses it on. It is experimental, this skill, but Hugo has, from the beginning, had clear control over what he is doing as his abilities in Leglimency and Occlumency have given him a clarity of mind that allows him to concentrate. However, being as it is such a dangerous skill, he isn’t allowed to practise it outside of work hours unless supervised.

Non-Verbal and Wandless Magic
Like his mother before him, Hugo was known widely to have been practising both of these disciplines as early as his fifth year but it wasn’t until his sixth year that non-verbal magic became a skill that he was allowed to hone in lesson as well as out of it. The young Gryffindor spend a long time, indeed, getting to grips with these skills. When wandless magic joined the fray, it set into stone what was already clear as day: it was his mother who Hugo took after. These skills have come into use with his job, have become one of his most widely used skill, in fact, and Hugo, while still occasionally struggling with wandless magic, has certainly conquered many spells non-verbally.

A highly skilled dueller, since Hugo has been able to competitively hold a wand he has been coached in being as good as he can possibly get – and then better – when it comes to a fight. His parents’ collective abilities meant that eventually something would bleed through. While at first Hugo struggled, more out of fear than anything else, his father soon set him to rights by imparting some Auror hints, tips and tricks for Hugo to use. Then, with Hermione’s theoretical standpoint coupled with raw energy and what his father had taught him, Hugo’s ability was refined until he was turned into a formidable dueller. There is still a long way for him to go. He can hold his own against his parents fairly well and while often the people that he duels with are easily dissuaded from doing it again by being beaten thoroughly, he knows he can do better. He can always do better.

001. Activity,
002. Adventure,
003. Dancing,
004. Ghosts,
005. Jokes,
006. Kneazles,
007. Mochas,
008. Movies,
009. Music,
010. Pubs,
011. Quidditch,
012. Reading,
013. The theatre,
014. Travelling,
015. Winter.

016. Arguments,
017. Blueberries,
018. Boredom,
019. Early mornings,
020. Funerals,
021. Fussing,
022. Intolerance,
023. Lack of manners,
024. Loneliness,
025. Mess,
026. Nightmares,
027. No punctuality,
028. Spiders,
029. War,
030. Wrapping Christmas presents.

001. Become the Head of the Department of Law and Enforcement,
002. Go to every country in the world,
003. Be a best man,
004. Be a groom,
005. Visit every pub in London,
006. Go bowling more regularly,
007. Get everyone together for Christmas dinner,
008. Play Quidditch more often,
009. Work in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes at the weekends,
010. Be a better brother.


001. Can put on different voices/accents,
002. Chews his thumb nail,
003. Hums constantly,
004. Doodles on everything,
005. Dots his I’s with smiley faces,
006. Carries around guitar picks,
007. Always has his shoelaces undone,
008. Never tucks in his shirt,
009. Loses his ink wells,
010. Always feeds birds/stray animals.

Sleeping Habits
001. Prefers duvets to sheets,
002. Always goes to bed late,
003. Wakes up early,
004. Not a morning person,
005. Sleeps in boxers,
006. Loves to sleep with others,
007. Always remembers his dreams,
008. Gets up at two to go to the loo,
009. Falls asleep often with his glasses on,
010. Often falls out of bed.

Nervous Habits
001. Paces,
002. Wrings his hands together,
003. Clicks his fingers,
004. Bites his nails,
005. Rips up bits of paper,
006. Breaks and rebuilds pens/quills,
007. Taps anything and everything,
008. Sighs a lot,
009. Looks at his watch,
010. Bounces his legs while seated.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 3, 13, 21 and 30.

LUCKY STONES: Amethyst and topaz.

LUCKY TALISMANS: Tin, flint, arrowheads and a cornucopia.

LUCKY COLOURS: Violet, purple, red and pink.

LUCKY DAY: Thursday.

BOGGART: The death of all of his family members – this has been realised twice already by the deaths of Harry and Ginny Potter, his aunt and uncle.

PATRONUS: The last Christmas dinner when everyone was together. Hugo’s Patronus takes the form of a German Shepherd.

DEMENTOR: The day Hermione found out he had the Hogwarts House Elves iron his underpants.

VERITASERUM: Hugo had a crush on Moaning Myrtle throughout his first three years at Hogwarts.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To have everyone back together again.


FATHER: Ronald Bilius Weasley | b. March 1st 1980 | Pureblood | Auror

MOTHER: Hermione Jean Weasley née Granger | b. September 19th 1979 | Muggleborn | Department of Law and Enforcement employee

SISTER: Rose Minerva-Jean Weasley | b. c. 2006 | Half-Blood | Hogwarts Infirmary Healer


Arthur Weasley | b. February 6th 1950 | Pureblood | Head of a Ministry Department – retired
Molly Weasley née Prewett | b. October 30th 1949 | Pureblood | Stay-at-home Witch

Mr. Granger | b. c. 1950 | Muggle | Dentist
Mrs. Granger | b. c. 1950 | Muggle | Dentist


More Potters and Weasleys than you’d dare think.

NATIONALITY: British English

HOME TOWN: Ottery St. Catchpole, England.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Falmouth, England.

PET: Malcolm, the ginger part-Kneazle.


Early Years:

Hugo Arthur Weasley was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London on 5th December, 2008. He was the second son of Ronald Weasley and his wife, Hermione Granger. Their first child, Rose Minerva-Jean Weasley, had been born nearly two years before and since that time Hermione had been at home. However, not long after Hugo was born she returned to work in the Department of Law and Enforcement which left the two young children in the care of their grandmother, Molly Weasley.

Throughout his childhood, Hugo lived happily enough, bonding with his sister and, as was typical, eventually he paired off with his father as he grew more interested in Quidditch. This, he didn’t realise until later, caused a bit of friction between himself and his sister but, none the wiser, Hugo continued on happily enough, surrounded by family which came together in the wake of Harry Potter’s disappearance – all wanting to lean on his aunt Ginny and, in turn, let her lean on them.

Hugo proved to be a very able child, going to primary school up until he went to Hogwarts. He did well in all of his lessons, struggled in few areas and was a very likable, happy child. No one had any worries for him at all for when he went to Hogwarts. No, in fact, nothing could have made Hugo happier. Nothing could have made anyone else happier either, when the boy fulfilled his destiny and joined the famous school.

Hogwarts Years:

Armed with an owl – which died during his sixth year – and his new cat, Malcolm, Hugo went to Hogwarts. He was sorted into Gryffindor without the hat so much as touching his head and he joined the majority of his family in that house. There was a part of him that was disappointed he wasn’t in Ravenclaw with his sister but he hadn’t given it much thought afterwards and soon fell into the life that Gryffindors enjoyed. He studied here and there, watched a lot of Quidditch and got involved with all of the different clubs Hogwarts had on offer. He was popular, playful, and a great influence to be around. At the time, at least, there was no one better to be around than Hugo Weasley.

Throughout his Hogwarts years, until his sixth year, Hugo’s best friend was Ignatius Flint. Having met on the train on the first day, the pair were inseparable. If you saw either of them you’d know the other wouldn’t be far behind. Splitting them up would be intolerable and the teachers couldn’t stand their miserable faces when they did so kept the pair together for their own sanity. They were partners in everything, hexed the living daylights out of each other when duelling, and supported each other in everything they did. He was the only person in the world that knew Hugo inside out. Hugo was naïve in thinking they’d always be friends. They weren’t. In fact, after his sixth year, Hugo never saw Ignatius again.

In the autumn of their sixth year, having spent most of the summer together, Ignatius began to pull away from Hugo and by Christmas, they no longer spoke, Hugo having to come up with a lie for why the Flint boy didn't go to the Weasley New Year's party. Ignatius had stayed at Hogwarts and didn't get up from bed apart from to get food. It was there that Hugo found him, pulling back the curtains roughly, determined to make up with his friend. What he found was the icy body of his friend, bright blue eyes staring up unseeingly at the canopy.

One shake. Another. Thrice. Knees on the bed, slaps to his face. "Iggy, Iggy, Iggy...please." Lolling head, salty tears, screams of horror. The sound of footsteps on tiles, the shouts for the Head of House, the matron, anyone. Please. Help. Overdose they said. Suicide they said. Hugo could taste the Spice on his lips from where he'd tried to make Iggy breathe, the postmortem wizards stared at the purple bruises on Ignatius' chest where his friend had tried to make him live.

It was months before he spoke again. No one was allowed to touch anything. The books had to stay where they were. The glasses, on the nightstand, weren't allowed to move from where they'd been strewn across the Herbology textbook into which the accompanying essay had been tucked. He waited, staring at the chess board on the drawers, waiting for Ignatius to make a move, Hugo having made his months ago. He waited, laying amongst the sheets hat smelt like his friend, faintly also like Spice. No one ever came. The roommates steered clear, taking up in another room that the castle had created. Only the House Elves bothered Hugo, coming to deposit homework and food - both of which would be finished.

When the door finally opened, it was his mother. When the door finally opened, Hugo cried. Screamed. Broke the lampshade, tore down the curtains, sent goose feathers flying across the room as he hit the pillows against the poster. Then he sobbed, falling to his knees, clinging to his mother's legs, letting her bring her fingers through his hair. She took him home. At some point, he ended up in his pyjamas, wrapped in a blanket, cuddled against his dad's side. For once in a long time he didn't retract, complaining and insisting on a fist bump instead. No, he cried, clinging to his father and then, when she joined them, his mother too as though they were the only anchors in his world. And they were, too.

He still has nightmares about that night. Even now, when it should be just a terrible memory. In his flat, unhealthy though it is, he has a drawer with Iggy's things in. One Sunday every month he goes and has dinner with Iggy's parents. He can't forget, no matter how much he wants to. He still thinks about going to the Hog's Head on Friday nights with his best friend. Instead he goes out with Rose, trying to change the tradition. Occasionally, after a few weeks of being able to deal with it, it'll get him again and, awake-comatose, he'll go home and his parents will find him huddled on the sofa with hot chocolate he'd let go cold, staring at re-runs of America's Next Top Model because it's all he can deal with, United are on the telly - Iggy's favourite team. Then they do what they always do, what they have to do. They hug him, kiss him, make him a fresh cup of chocolate and wait for the misery to die down a little, to numb enough for him to see properly, to feel enough hunger to want to sit down and eat, to want to be in the present again instead of stuck reliving that night.

It was a miracle that he manage to finish Hogwarts. Nevertheless he did it. He had to. There was no way to get over it all, otherwise. Also, he had to find the time to get a new owl.

After graduating from Hogwarts in June 2027 and receiving his results the following month, Hugo received job offers from the Ministry as well as offers from universities he’d applied to both in Britain and outside – in Europe and in America. However, Hugo deferred them all in preference for an opening position in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. After the transfer of an Obliviator in the April of the previous year, the department had done without an extra Obliviator. When Hugo’s application, written out in neat yet cramped writing, hit the desk of Cabot Rookwood in that fateful July, they knew they had found their replacement and, donning the robes of his department and rank, Hugo became an Obliviator in training, set on a six week course to get him up to date and ready with all of the newer methods of mental and memory manipulation. He was retrained in both Occlumency and Leglimency, expanding what he had already been taught in his Advanced Charms lessons in the latter years of his education at Hogwarts. Along with that he was also given a new wand, a representative from Ollivander’s Wand Shop being called in to fit him for a work wand, suitable for Charm work in particular. So, by August, Hugo had fully joined the Obliviator team and has since been working out in the field – dealing with Muggles who have seen too much.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Hugo also moved out of his family home in Ottery St. Catchpole. He packed up his things and moved down to Falmouth, finding an apartment not too far from where the Falcons play. He’s not been there long but he’s managed to fill it with Ikea furniture and plenty of pictures of his family. He’s not every too far from Ottery St. Catchpole, though, always popping home to see his mother or going up to the Burrow to stay with his grandparents for a week or so. The benefit of living on his own, though, is that he gets a bit of garage space all too himself which means no one upon no one gets to complain about the motorbike anymore – though his mother still does every time she comes over. Problematically, also, Hugo’s House Elf Binky (who Hermione still doesn’t know about, by the way) has found settling in no problem. Binky now has a little bed in the pantry where she spends all night counting the tins because she is sure that someone is stealing them – probably her master. He’s leading quite a simple, happy life there, though, and he’s definitely embraced the independence and the fact that he can spend his paycheque on the most ridiculous things and no one can tell him off. Result!



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