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STEEL, Scarlett Li9olo10

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STEEL, Scarlett

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STEEL, Scarlett Empty STEEL, Scarlett

Post by Guest Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:33 pm

Scarlett Steel


    Scarlett Steel 

    The Steel Twins 

    17 - Seventh Year 

    Dark Followers & Death Eaters (which is unusual due to their oppression of pure bloods but they feel it useful to know the enemies movements but do share similar views of wanting power and enjoying the dark arts). 

    Same as her twin sister

    NEWT Arithmancy
    NEWT Divinations 
    NEWT Potions
    NEWT Transfiguration 

    OWL Grades:
    Arithmancy - Outstanding 
    Astronomy - Outstanding 
    COMC - Troll (Didn't attend exam) 
    Charms - Outstanding
    DADA- Outstanding
    Divinations - Outstanding 
    Herbology - Outstanding
    History of Magic - Outstanding
    Potions - Outstanding
    Transfiguration - Outstanding 

    (They do identical classes and achieved identical grades)

    Yew, Unicorn Core, Slightly Flexible, 10inches 

    PLAY BY: Amanda Seyfried


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde 

    EYE COLOUR: Blue/Grey


    BODY BUILD: Skinny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sadie and Scarlett are completely identical. Not only in appearance how they compose themselves. The twins hair is always styled exactly the same, the way the long locks sway and fall as they walk is also the same. They have blank expression most of the time and don't show emotion at all, which is rather unnerving for others to be around as they both move at the same time in the same way. They don't seem to talk much to each other apart from in hushed whispers although they seem to know what each other is thinking. During lessons such as potions they are a double image of each other, chopping, slicing, dicing and stirring at the same time. They stand with average height and their shoulders are straight as though wearing shoulder pads, meaning they are rather broad backed. 
    Sadie and Scarlet's fingernails are like talons, long and sharp. In addition they both have extremely pale skin. 
    However there is a difference between Scarlett and Sadie. Scarlett has a birth Mark on the bottom of her foot. 



    + Defence Against Dark Arts, which has resulted in an interest in dark magic. Although it is more Sadie who is pushing the dark magic, however Scarlett does enjoy the feeling of being powerful after living under her sisters sort of control. 
    + Highly Intelligent and has a photography memory, meaning she can conjure facts she has read at her command. 
    + Potions. Scarlett is a much better brewer than Sadie, which doesn't bother Sadie because Scarlett does whatever Sadie wants, plus Sadie is much better at divination so in Sadie's eyes that makes up for it. 
    + Scarlett is headstrong like her twin, although not as headstrong. 
    + Scarlett is obedient and tends to try and keep out of trouble, which the pair do apart from on off occasions. 
    + Cunning, slightly devious and can manipulate people into doing what they want. This is a skill that she has learnt from Sadie and in their plans makes full use of it. 
    + Scarlett secretly is a fair flyer and on odd occasions has snook away to fly on the quidditch pitch,  although doesn't tell Sadie because Sadie will immediately shoot her down because of it. 
    - Scarlett isn't as good as Sadie at duelling, she would much rather use clever charms and tricky transfigurations as opposed to bexes. Despite that she is fairly adapt at duelling. 
    - Her weakness again is animals. She isn't sure how to care for them but does know that they have feelings and is hesitant when it comes to practicing on them but does it anyway. 
    - Sadie is more independent and anti-social than Scarlett and prefers to be with her sister. Although Sadie is talking to more people in order to benefit her Scarlett wants to talk to people to enjoy different friendships, however it is rare she gets the chance to do this. 
    - Scarlett had turned cold by being manipulated by Sadie and and doesn't care about other peoples emotions and feelings so has no problem hurting people emotionally and physically. However, she does care more about other people than Sadie but, due to being naive (another weakness) she has become colder and believes only the pair matter. 

    + Being with Sadie 
    + Dark magic
    + Being envied 
    + Studying and reading 
    + Orange juice 
    + Potions 
    + Painting
    + Muggle borns
    - People who are better than them
    - Being with Sadie constantly 
    - Sick people 
    - Dementors 
    - Alcohol and drugs 
    - Being told what to do 
    - Punishments
    - Not getting her own way 
    - Pure Bloods (because of Sadie)

    Her goals have been carved out by her twin sister Sadie and so she abides by them goals and believes it the only path for them to become powerful and highly intelligent. 
    To be envied (rather than feared like Sadie) by their subordinates and recognised for their dark magic. 
    Furthermore she wants to show the world that muggle borns can be far greater than pure bloods due to her sisters manipulation. Although in the future she will come to learn there is nothing wrong with pure bloods. 

    They do everything in unison. Such as when they walk, each foot is placed down at the same time. The twins also look in the same direction at the same time with the same blank expression. 
    They finish off each others sentences and speak in unison sometimes too. 
    There is a difference between the pair in that Sadie will take in a deep breath of air and narrow their eyes when they don't like something, as opposed to Scarlett who tilts her head forward and purses her lips. 

    Takes the form of her and Sadie's corpse as she believes the two are a pair together, whereas Sadie's boggart is merely her own corpse because although she thinks she does things for both of them Sadie really does things for herself as opposed to Scarlett who does things for the two of them. 

    Her fondest memory is anytime where she had had their own way - which is rare because really it's been her sisters way. However neither twin can not produce a patronus, one of their weaknesses considering they excel in almost every other area of magic. 

    At the age of three their Mother wouldn't let them have their own way and so punished them in a manner so severe: she locked them in their bedroom all day. They felt so encased and powerless that ever since then the pair have resented their mother - more so Sadie, who has brainwashed and manipulated Scarlett, who is naive. 

    Scarlett believes that she dislikes pure bloods but keeps it a secret that they are muggle born because Sadie says it is vital the pure bloods don't find out. 
    Scarlett's secret to Sadie is that she would like to spend some time away from her twin sister every now and then. 

    To see herself along with Sadie at the top of the ministry and control the country, enforcing laws that they believe are right and punish anybody who disappears in a manner so severe that the entire Wizarding population envy of their position and prove that despite being muggle born they are just as great and intelligent witches. 

    Sadie and Scarlet are cold, emotionless and keep themselves to themselves. They speak to each other in whispers so nobody can hear what they say, however they can talk in front of over people. When they do talk to people they don't change the tone of their voice and speak to every single person in the same manner. 
    The pair are never away from each other. They walk beside each other, sit beside each other, eat beside each other, sleep beside each other. 
    Their mysterious, dark, shadowy personalities are identical. 
    Neither keep the fact that they adore dark magic a secret although people are not one hundred percent sure. It is a rumour they delve into dark areas although nobody knows for certain that it's true apart from the dark followers. 
    Both are highly intelligent and their bags are always full of spellbooks beyond what their year is studying, however they seem to Breeze through them.
    The difference between the pair is that Sadie is more the leader, it is her vision that both of the twins want is she is the colder, more independent of the two - however without her twin sister Scarlett she would not feel as confident and powerful.
    Scarlett is naive. From a young age she has always listened to her sister and believed her word to be gold. Scarlett is more social and wants to make friends with people besides her sister, however due to feeling constricted by Sadie's reign she keeps close to Sadie. Both do share similar views although Scarlett is less evil and in side of her there is a good witch somewhere and a witch who believes muggle borns and pure bloods are equal. All Scarlett needs is to be alone from Sadie and have somebody else input information to her and make her become the person she subconsciously craves to be. 


    FATHER: Philip Steel

    MOTHER: Elizabeth Steel

    SIBLING/S: Each other. 

    OTHER: Their grandparents are alive and well. They also have multiple cousins. 

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggle Borns 

    RACE: Human 

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy 

    One snowy owl named Gemini 



    Early Years:
    As children the pair always had an unusual connection. They were aware that they were unique, different than the other children - even different from their parents. Their Mother was strict, which shaped the girls into disliking her and wanting to have their own way because they always felt constricted. However their Father seemed to be wary of them, somewhat scared at their blank expressions and unusual connection - after he tried to have a psychiatrist see them the twins displayed magic and sat in their bedroom whilst the bed covers tried to attack their Father because of Sadie's hatred. Luckily he survived (due to a sudden power from Scarlett that stopped Sadie's uncontrollable magic) but since then was scared of them. 
    During muggle school their parents always got odd letters and had awkward conversations about the girls behaviour, such as their frightening cold, yet unusual bond. Whilst their Mother punished them the girls Father would also treat them kindly behind the Mum's back. He thinks that they love him but Sadie just see him as a weak servant whereas It is this love that has made Scarlett more human so to speak - however whenever she tries to say their Father isn't weak her opinion is always belittled and shot down by Sadie. 
    On their eleventh birthday the deputy headmaster came to their large house (the Father is a dentist whilst the Mother a solicitor) and informed them that their twin girls were witches. Immediately the girls were pleased about this as they knew all along they were unique. 

    Hogwarts Years: 
    Upon starting Hogwarts they met other students who had grew up in the Magical World and instantly developed a dislike towards them due to their jealousy. Scarlett wasnt intially jealous it was more Sadie who brainwashed her and took advantage of her siste being naive. Because of this they detached themselves from other students and teachers too, retreating to the library to study and enhance their magical abilities. They felt that they needed to prove themselves coming from muggle backgrounds and each year have achieved top marks across the board. 
    They haven't made any friends although have found people who they can manipulate and use to get what they want - possibly because they practice magic on animals and are so mysterious. Scarlett is more reluctant to practice magic on animals but does so anyway. People do tend to stay away from them as they have been casted as 'unusual' and even the teachers are somewhat stumped by the pair. 
    Sadie doesn't care what is happening at home although they do keep in touch via their snowy owl, who is also rather peculiar, to know how well their grandparents are as they want them to stay alive and grow more wealth. Scarlett, however, does care a little about her grandparents but still believes that they are only a gold mine for the pair due to Sadie's manipulation. As a result the twins plan to curse them and make them change their will so that the twins gets absolutely everything. 



    My other characters: 
    Bertie Nogard
    Hallie Cooper
    Amelia Cooper
    Romeo Zabini
    Jackson Parker 

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Already a member 

    MAIN CHARACTERS: Bertie Nogard & Hallie Cooper

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to create a character that is different and what better way to have two characters in one. I was also interested in creating characters who are like pure blood supremacists but the opposite, muggle born supremacists. 


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STEEL, Scarlett Empty Re: STEEL, Scarlett

Post by Guest Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:16 pm

Khaat sorry to be a pain!
Can i put the application on hold for two weeks? It's just I am starting Uni soon and want to see how I will be able to manage my time and not sure if I would be able to be mega active with all my characters otherwise and wouldn't want to make them then never use them.
Just so I can see if I would be able to keep up with all my threads then let you know if I would be able to manage two more?

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STEEL, Scarlett Empty Re: STEEL, Scarlett

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:27 pm

yup, but if it goes much more than 2 weeks, we'll need to move the app to storage until you can get to it.

perfectly understandable, though.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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STEEL, Scarlett Empty Re: STEEL, Scarlett

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:00 pm

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 19802
Special Abilities : Energy Worker, Medium, Heightened Sensitivity
Occupation : Director of St. Mungos, Owner of Sparks Bistro

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