STEEL, Cynthia
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STEEL, Cynthia Li9olo10

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STEEL, Cynthia

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STEEL, Cynthia Empty STEEL, Cynthia

Post by Belladonna Nott Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:06 am

STEEL, Cynthia Soaps-waterloo-road-naomi-battrick-gabriella-wark



FULL NAME: Cynthia Steel


AGE: 11

BIRTHDAY: 17th November

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral - For Now

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin or Ravenclaw

Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Herbology, History Of Magic, Potions, Transfigurations

WAND: Larch, Dragon Heartstring Core laced with Acromantula, 9inches exact, Hard  

PLAY BY: Noami battrick


HAIR COLOUR: Light Blonde



BODY BUILD: Slim, somewhat dainty and fairy like

GENERAL APPEARANCE: To anybody who didn't know her you could say she has an approachable appearance. Her face is round, eyes can be expressive and they aren't the cold eyes you'd expect when matched with her somewhat direct personality. Her hair is long and wavy and Cynthia tends to let is flow rather than style it in any particular way - the most she does is give it a quick brush in the morning.
During her time at Hogwarts Cynthia likes to look presentable as will wear the Hogwarts robes each day, including weekends and evenings. Her uniform is impeccable with her top button fastened, tie securely knotted and her shirt tucked neatly into her skirt.  


Short sighted

+ Potions
+ Magic
+ Being The Best
+ Power
+ Praise
+ Wizards Chess
+ Revenge
+ Success
+ Showing Off
+ Competition
+ Learning
+ Attention

- Unambitious People
- Losing
- Animals
- Humiliation
- Embarrassment
- Confectionery  
- Being overlooked
- Boredom
- Small spaces
- Werewolves
- Quidditch
- Flying

- To become extraordinary
- To always come out on top
- To become head girl
- To become a potioneer
- To be remembered in history

- Blinks slowly and heavily.
- Always carries her wand with her.
- Prefers adult/older company.
- Allergic to cats.
- Above average dental hygiene.

- That she will fail everything and be deemed as nothing more than ordinary.

- Getting her first potion kit on her ninth birthday.

- That she isn't as confident as she seems and only puts people down to make herself feel better and put herself into the spotlight.

- To see herself as head girl and surrounded by onlookers who are simply in the background, she is the centre if attention.

Cynthia is an independent girl who only relies on herself. She takes full responsibility for her actions and any faults are of her own and she aims to correct them. Her social skills aren't that great having only grown up surrounded by adults and she doesn't care much for other peoples feelings, coming across insensitive and blunt. Because of this it is easier for her to make rivals as opposed to friends, not that this bothers her and in fact Cynthia prefers rivals because it is the competition to beat them and come out on top that will help her in her quest to become extraordinary.
She is a studious girl and has always had a thirst for knowledge and becoming more intelligent. To her knowledge is power and the key to her success as she aims to become a potioneer and not only brew potions but create her own that could change the face of magical medicine.


FATHER: Matthew Williams. 34. Muggle.

MOTHER: Alexandria Steel. 38. Witch. Healer.

SIBLING/S: None. Only child.

OTHER: Two Aunties. Healers.
Grandparents. Ex-Healers.

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood



PET/S: None.


Early Years:

Alexandria, Cynthia's Mother, was raised alongside her sisters to become extraordinary, that you only get one life so in that life you have to do something incredible that will change the world, so that when you die you know your life was worth living. It is these morals that Alexandria has raised Cynthia to follow, to never settle for second best. As a result Cynthia has grew up aspiring to become the best and, coming from a long line of healers, to follow in their footsteps and become a world renowned healer. To make advances in magical healing that the world hasn't seen before. 

Growing up as an only child meant that Cynthia is a lot more mature for her age and can be described as older headed. She prefers adult company as a result. Not only was she an only child but Cynthia never went to school, instead her Grandparents taught her literacy and numeracy whilst her Mother worked long shifts. 

This rises the question of: 'What about her Father?' Alexandria married Matthew and then gave birth to Cynthia, who by the age of three began to show all sort of strange abilities. Any injury be it cut or bruise was always gone within the hour - she healed quickly. Moreover whenever she was in angry or upset lightbulbs and vases would unexpectedly smash. Things really began to mess with Matthew's mind when his daughter fell down the stairs at the age of four, broke her leg which then fixed itself. Upon raising this confusion to his wife (who he believed to be a surgeon at the local hospital) Alexandria, worried that her husband might not understand or accept that his wife and daughter were a witch modified his memory to forget that he ever knew them and sent him on his way. This was painful for her Mother and whenever Cynthia asked questions about her Father her Mother never tip toed around the subject but flat out lied and told her daughter that her Father couldn't handle the fact they were magical and walked out on them - more so to convince herself that modifying her husbands memory was the right thing to do. Although this initially hurt Cynthia she has spent most of her life without a Father and has developed a 'I dont care about him if he doesn't care about me' attitude and so rarely thinks about him.

All in all her Father's absence has had little impact on Cynthia for her Mother's strict upbringing ensured that she spent most of her time distracted with her head in a book. Because of this Cynthia was anxious to start Hogwarts and prove that she's not only capable of becoming a remarkable witch but become one of the best students Hogwarts has ever seen. Unlike other students she wasn't curious about what house she was sorted into nor was she bothered about exploring the castle too. All that Cynthia cared about was diving right into learning more advanced magic than the basic potions and magical theory her grandparents have already taught her. 

Hogwarts Years:
First Year
Anybody who knew Cynthia growing up would probably have expected her to be sorted into Ravenclaw, what with the fact being whenever her Mother had guests over Cynthia was reading up on magical theory or trying out basic potions. Although it isn't surprising that she was sorted into Slytherin. Granted she has intelligence and a lot of it that isn't what describes her. Cynthia is cutthroat and will do anything to become the best and prove that she is an extraordinary witch. Because of this cold, direct attitude Cynthia has found it difficult to make friends and spent almost all of her time in the library studying instead of getting to know the castle. Not that she feels the need to where anything is. What's more important: mastering a spell or knowing how to get to the owlery?



RP EXPERIENCE: Been her a while

HOW YOU FOUND US: List of RP Forums on Potter Wikia.

MAIN CHARACTER: Hallie Rookwood/Bertie Nogard

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a younger student


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STEEL, Cynthia Empty Re: STEEL, Cynthia

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:18 am

I can see her fitting well into either slytherin or ravenclaw. she has strong elements of both. But she seems a bit more pointed towards slytherin.

so--accepted and sorted to slytherin!
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