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Post by Arthur Yorke Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:16 pm

DUFFY, SCARLETT Tumblr_inline_o0uzeql1IE1snsb19_540



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Scar, among a few. Typically for ironic reasons.

AGE: 16


HOGWARTS HOUSE: N/A. Ilvermorny student

WAND: Willow, Veela Hair, 9 1/4 inches, Pliant

PLAY BY: Rosie Day


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Don't let her large eyes and girlish manner of dress deceive you. If Scarlett were a student at Hogwarts, she would most certainly be a Slytherin. She is a charmer in every sense of the word, from her smooth voice to her dainty gestures and mannerisms. She is polite, friendly, and intelligent - or appears that way, at least. She has huge blue eyes, thick brown hair, and is quite short for her age. She prefers to wear dresses, and cares a great deal about her makeup and fashion. She prefers long sleeves to short, boots to heels, and tights to pants.


01. Charismatic
02. Imaginative
03. Passionate
04. Self-Reliant
05. Competitive
06. Proud
07. Reserved
08. Conniving
09. Cynical
10. Dutiful

+ Acquiring new skills/school
+ Muggle "magic"
+ Sweet iced tea
+ Photography
+ Traveling

- Food with odd textures
- Horror movies
- Sport
- Thunder and fierce weather
- The family she comes from

GOAL:  Scarlett would rather be famous in the Muggle world than in the Wizarding World, though it is entirely possible that she will be come infamous rather than just popular or well-known.


FATHER: Augustus Rookwood
Wizard l Never in the picture
Scarlett has no idea who he is, and has actually been told that her father was in the military and died before she was born. Her history, below, is based on her assumptions, and thus doesn't include him as an actual figure, even though he is her biological father.

MOTHER: Marlene Duffy
Lawyer l Not a big part of Scarlett's life l Muggle


OTHER: Charlotte Baxter, her sort of mother-figure.
Robbie Baxter, Charlotte's son

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human, Half-blood

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class


EARLY YEARS: Scarlett has never spent much time with either of her parents. Her father, Michael Scheer, was killed while abroad, working for the United States Air Force, and thus she never had the chance to meet him. She did get her dark hair from him, however. Her mother, on the other hand, is very much alive. Marlene works constantly, however, for reasons that Scarlett never understood. For those of us who know about a certain romantic interest of Marlene's however, it is entirely possible that she is ashamed of her past, and never learned how to interact correctly with her daughter, who reminds her of that past.

Because Marlene wasn't really around, she hired Charlotte Baxter to take care of the girl from almost the very beginning. When Charlotte first started, she would come to Marlene's home to help out, but soon she simply took Scarlett with her for a weekend, or even for extended periods of time if Marlene had an important case that would take up her time even in the evenings. Scarlett essentially had her family with the Baxters, and then Marlene, who gave birth to her.

Charlotte's son, Robbie, was the more creative sort of person, who struggled with schooling. So Charlotte home-taught both of the children. Marlene initially sent Scarlett to public school anyway, but the problems arose very early. Funny little things would happen when the little girl was unhappy or scared or too excited, and it frightened the teachers too much, to the point where they did not want her to attend school any long.

Charlotte was not so easily spooked. She was a superstitious woman, and likes to believe that anything is possible, so she agreed to teach Scarlett full-time. Talk of magic intrigued Robbie as he grew up, and he quickly started learning "magic" tricks to show Scarlett. He seemed to think, at first, that she was doing the same things he was, but was somehow amazing at them. He was wrong, of course, but they didn't know that. Scarlett started picking up his tricks as she got older. But then she got her invitation to attend Ilvermorny, and everything changed.

Charlotte was thrilled, her mother was furious, and Robbie was no longer her best friend. He was jealous, to say the least, and it was clear that he was not like her, as he was older and would have been attending already if he had magic. Before Scarlett left, Charlotte pulled her aside and informed her that Marlene had been lying to her about her father. She has promised to tell Scarlett what his real name is when she wants to find him, but so far she isn't sure she wants to, since he has never wanted anything to do with her.

After gathering her things and beginning school at Ilvermorny, Scarlett found that she excelled in Charms and Transfiguration, though she didn't care for things like Defense Against the Dark Arts or Herbology. When she returned from up north, the weather in Louisiana was the wet sort of humid, and her accent returned with force. She wasn't all that thrilled about sounding more Southern, considering it set her apart so much at school, but she was thoroughly happy with the fact that Robbie wanted to be friends with her again.

Obviously, she could not use magic outside of school without getting in trouble, but she told him great stories and it helped him plan out his tricks for whenever he would perform for fun at cafés or on the street. She didn't realize until she was thirteen, however, that he was using her rather than really trying to be her friend. After that, she refused to help him, and instead decided that it would be great fun to try and beat him instead.

Perhaps, she thought one day, if she was great at this sort of magic, it would help her get a job but - just maybe - if she was good at using that magic to convince Muggles she was absolutely brilliant at their silly, usual tricks, her name would be everywhere and then her real father might hear about her. Would he care, then? She didn't know. But it would definitely tick off Robbie, and that was a start. Yes, she would be lying and cheating, but it is a talent of hers in its own way, and she's actually quite proud of it.

So she enlisted the help of her friends at Ilvermorny to help her plan and practice tricks, knowing full well that it would be quite some time before she could do anything in the Muggle world. Her studies in some areas became fully important and others fell to the wayside. Not enough that she would get scolded by her professors, but enough that some of her marks suffered.

Although she did return to her home with Marlene during summers, they have never been close - particularly after what Charlotte told her, and Scarlett is far more likely to meet up with Charlotte to catch up or get coffee, perhaps. Charlotte always tells her that she's got something up her sleeve at any moment, and Scarlett couldn't agree more.

As she's finishing up her sixth year, Scarlett is thrilled to know that she has one year left to go before she can get out into the real world and work towards a career that people couldn't  dream of. And that in itself is quite spectacular, she thinks. She just hasn't prepared herself for the mess that is to come for Ilvermorny students and their new classmates.





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