BISHOP, Clarissa Christine
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BISHOP, Clarissa Christine

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BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Empty BISHOP, Clarissa Christine

Post by Claire Bishop Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:37 am

BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_m2njv7AXeB1r1li13


    FULL NAME:  Clarissa Christine Bishop
    NICKNAMES:  Claire

    Claire goes exclusively by Claire. The only people to call her Clarissa have been her family - her sister when angry, and her parents when they are disgustingly doting of her. Because of this, Claire does not like the name Clarissa and insists all call her Claire, thank you very much.
    AGE: Twenty.  June 14th.
    American Ministry.
    Elsie Norton.
    The poor.
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang Graduate. (Would be a Ravenclaw, just as a fun fact.)
    WAND: Black Walnut, Demiguise hair and boomslang core, ten inches, rigid
        Black walnut
    Less common than the standard walnut wand, that of black walnut seeks a master of good instincts and powerful insight. Black walnut is a very handsome wood, but not the easiest to master. It has one pronounced quirk, which is that it is abnormally attuned to inner conflict, and loses power dramatically if its possessor practises any form of self-deception. If the witch or wizard is unable or unwilling to be honest with themselves or others, the wand often fails to perform adequately and must be matched with a new owner if it is to regain its former prowess. Paired with a sincere, self-aware owner, however, it becomes one of the most loyal and impressive wands of all, with a particular flair in all kinds of charmwork.

        Demiguise hair
    Demiguise hairs were long considered to not have enough oomph to make a proper wand, but with the advent of multiple cores they have gained favor for their strength in Transfiguration and the subtle arts. When combined with a stronger wand core they make potent wands, however, on their own they can be rather one-dimensional and difficult to use for anything but Transfiguration. 

        Boomslang venom 
    Boomslang venom, whether crystallized or in a rarer liquid core, provides a small boost to jinxes and hexes thanks to its venomous qualities. However, when a wandmaker undertakes the dangerous task of working with the raw venom, it is generally with the aim of creating a powerful Transfiguration wand. Whether or not the advantages outweigh the risks is not generally agreed upon in wandmaking circles.

        Eleven inches
    A fairly average wand length, though closer to the taller end of the spectrum, this wand reflects the  height of Claire. It is a fairly easily disguised wand, thin, and straight.

    Wands that are on the more flexible end of the spectrum are easier to wield, but less powerful, and those that are less flexible are more difficult to wield but more powerful. Rigid wands are of the more inflexible wands.

      PLAY BY: Blake Lively



    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde, to dirty blonde. Her hair comes down to the small of her back and seems to have a mind of its own. It is naturally sort of thin and messy, and she has a mousy look if she does not do something with it. She can straighten it to be stick-straight and paper thin, and she can curl it to frame her face with cascading locks of yellow. Mostly, it is seen up and pulled out of her face, as she wears it this way in a professional setting - and she's typically in a professional setting.
    EYE COLOUR: Claire has light, hazel eyes that almost appear to be a shade of grey from afar, but really are just brown. They have lightened, on occasion, to an almost grey colour that she is very fond of.
    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Claire is a bit on the taller side. She doesn't tower over anyone and is shorter than the average male, but is typically one of the tallest in any random group of girls. She is slender, which makes her look taller, and she does occasionally don shoes with heels which gives her another added inch or two of height.
    BODY BUILD: Claire is toned because she has lived her life with great discipline. She runs every morning, does yoga every Tuesday and Thursday, is in a kickboxing class, and she has her own workout routine at home. She stays in shape because it is one way to exercise control over her life, and the byproduct is that she has always been rather fit. She does not like to say she is thin, as she aims to have muscle, but her tendency to eat junk food when she gets into her moods prevents her from putting on any significant muscle mass - though she is stronger than she appears.
    Appearance Upkeep : Claire is an attractive woman but does nothing to display her features. Any and all beauty regimes are not for her physical look but for her health. She does her best to stay in shape, she moisturizes and exfoliates, and tries to eat well (until her nighttime cravings kick in.) A small part of her understands that it helps to look attractive, but she also understands that it has disadvantages, especially in the professional world. By being naturally good-looking and healthy, but refusing to display it more than it naturally appears, she finds the balance perfect for her life.

    Face and hair : Her hair is dirty blonde and eye-catching, but she usually wears her hair in a tight ponytail so that it cannot be enjoyed in full. She has a rather symmetrical quality that is both simple but lovely as well. Her eyes are hazel but happen to have a grey-sort-of quality on occasion. He nose is straight and melds seamlessly into her straight nose. Her cheeks are a bit thin, and she has a freckle on her cheek - which people seem to think is cute. She has a prominent, dimpled chin that she thinks to be the worst feature of her face, though she has long gotten over it and doesn't mind it so much anymore.

    Claire has a slender neck, untouched by color except for two light freckles that rest an inch below her right ear, less than a centimeter apart from each other. She had well-framed shoulders that are broad enough for her body without becoming too broad, and they hold her long, thin arms in place. Her arms, in her opinion, are a bit flabby in her bicep area as they are hard to tone, but they are rather strong because of all the defensive courses she has taken in her job. Her arms are not the strongest part of her, but are very deft and nimble, making her an accomplished duelist and climber. Her stomach has a layer of muscle underneath, though she does not yet have the abs to prove it. Her arse is a favorite of some, though she thinks it may be too small. Her legs are the most muscular part of herself, as she has nicely toned legs from running and working out.

    Claire tends to dress professionally. Even on her days off, she's typically in Business Casual. She will wear the odd dress or two, but she dresses about ten years older than she is, and most people seem to think she is in her later twenties because her personality so matches her style of dress. She likes whatever she wears to be practical, so when she is in casual clothes, she likes to wear shorts, pants, and sensible shirts. She will wear jewelry, but she likes to wear traditional jewelry from far off places - African necklaces, Indian bracelets, Asian rings. Her clothes are not always expensive, but look expensive and are kept well. She buys cheap, does modifications, and keeps careful care of her clothes. She does not like to wear heels as it makes her taller than most people, but is not against them either. When she is at home, sweaters, yoga pants, and sweats are her best friends.


    01. Discipline.
    02. Calculation.
    03. Intelligence.
    04. Espionage.
    05. Secrets - keeping and collecting.
    06. Efficiency.
    07. Charity.
    08. Hard working.
    09. Observation.
    10. Resourcefulness.

    01. Hyper-critical.
    02. Lack of sense of self.
    03. Lack of understanding of life goals.
    04. Second guessing.
    05. Workaholic.
    06. Inability to express emotions properly.
    07. Doesn't relate well to others.
    08. Stubborn.
    09. Socially awkward.
    10. Harsh.

    01. Elsie Norton.
    02. Working.
    03. Children.
    04. Warm clothes - sweaters, sweats, yoga pants.
    05. Running and working out.
    06. Hot tea in the winter.
    07. Winter weather.
    08. Trivia and facts.
    09. Blogging.
    10. Snack foods.

    01. Currently - her sister.
    02. Anywhere that isn't New York - obviously, she is not predisposed to dislike other places, but she easily gets homesick of her dream home.
    03. Personal confrontation.
    04. Pleasantries.
    05. Hot weather.
    06. All of her weaknesses.
    07. Losing control of a project/task.
    08. Anything that is incomplete and unable to be completed.
    09. Her eating habits.
    10. The rumors people spread about her - often that she is cold and uncaring.

    GOALS: Claire does not have official goals. She intends to continue doing her job incredibly well, remain best friends with Elsie Norton, move back to New York as soon as possible, and one day marry happily.
    01. When on her own, Claire falls into what she calls her 'moods.' These are actually episodes of anxiety where she suddenly becomes very strange, and then progressively hyper. If she goes out in public like this, people see a very different side of Claire than she is comfortable portraying. Because of the high energy involved, she doesn't always remember the full extent of her actions. Elsie typically cleans up for her in these occasional circumstances.

    02. For all her discipline, Claire finds herself mindlessly eating junk food later in the night. The only person to know this habit is Elsie, but if anyone were to watch her from her bedroom window at night, they would see her mindlessly eating peanut butter or marshmallows as she goes to bed.

    03. Claire blogs under the penname E. A. Ivan. The name was chosen to honor two women who changed her - one for the better (Elsie) and one for the worse (Avery). The name Ivanov was chosen as she reminded herself she, at one time, could have worn the name Ivanov as a last name. Thinking Ivanov was too telling, and a name she might regret later, she shortened it to Ivan. Claire blogs about everything, from personal information, to hard-hitting journalism. She has quite a following, and E. A. Ivan's blog is a highly-frequented website by a few different countries.

    04. She sometimes uses facts and trivia as conversation filler, as she does not like asking about personal information. Trivia intrigues her and gives her something to look into.
    BOGGART: Her boggart appears in the form of a cascade of paperwork stating her failures in every area of her work, calling her a disgrace and a fool. Truly, her fear is she will realize what she wants out of life too late, and be unable to chase it down.
    PATRONUS: Her first day in the American Ministry, when she was told her testing scores had qualified her for highly-classified espionage work.
    DEMENTOR: Her confrontation with Robin Ivanov, the night they graduated Durmstrang.
    VERITASERUM: Her secret now is not a secret, so much as the usual character defect that she is living a life she is not sure she cares for. She feels lonely and as though she does not have it in her to actually find love, and fears she may have ruined both her life and Robin Ivanov's.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: Claire's truest desire is for inner joy and fulfillment, but is uncertain as to how to obtain it, or what would supplement her life by addition. Because of this, she would be unable to see anything specific in the Mirror of Erised - only her lips, gently curled upward in a smile.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_m32csremRH1r0ia88o1_500

    There is the part of Claire that most people see. This woman is very busy, constantly moving, and a relatively solitary figure. She puts one-hundred-and-thirty percent into every task and has a knack for efficiency. If she visits a department, she can typically improve productivity with a simple tip. She seems to see through the red tape and the political mumbo jumbo and can reach through all the webs of confusion and pluck the thread that needs to be pulled. She is analytical and a quick thinker on the job. She is often calm and collected and keeps a cool head. She has some physical strength that surprises people and, as a highly trained Ministry official, is quite the talented duellist. She is disciplined in almost every part of her her life and is talented at collecting and holding on to secrets.

    On the flip side, most people regard Claire as socially stunted and a shrew. She is seen by some as clumsy and awkward around people, never quite saying the right thing. She doesn't get personal with people, and that leads to issues that most others do not run into. ("Yes, and how's your wife? Oh... Still in a coma? Oh. Right.") Others consider her an Ice Queen of sorts, because of these oddities in her personality. She, herself, is not sure whether these situations arise because she is cold towards people or because she is awkward with them. But, either way, she finds it does impediment her relationships. She does tend, also, to take on more than she can handle. Occasionally, this leads to her being snippy or rough with people. Though she is charitable, she is not personable. She does not understand how conversation or contact can help a situation. She thinks hard work and quick responses are the solution, not relating to the person. Though some see her as well-intentioned, most agree she definitely needs to work on her people skills.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_m36nncHB2Z1r1li13

    Claire, however, is like an iceberg, as the old cliche goes. Only ten percent of her is on the surface. And though she gives her all with her work, she does not give all of her personality. In public, she shuts herself down and gives with all her basic skills and assets so that she does not get in the way of her work. What people don't see is that Claire is a very warm person. She can grow very fond of someone that she routinely has to chew out for work violations. She is quietly pleased to see success in others. Her hearts breaks for those in need, and this is why she puts her head down and works to improve their conditions. She is fiercely protective of Elsie and, though she may not always be bold in this, she would have no trouble getting someone fired if they so much as laid a hand on Elsie improperly. Claire has a maternal instinct she tries (and fails) to push down, and often wants to take in those too weak to care for themselves. She often thinks of how her actions affect others, and never forgives herself for accidental offenses she commits against others. In everything (even something as simple as knitting a scarf or cleaning the bathroom) she gives her all.

    Despite these, Claire struggles a lot. She is constantly battling with this lack of a sense of self and a lack of clear direction. Though ambitious, she can not name specific goals. She worries that she works for the sake of working, not because she enjoys it or because it fulfills her as a person. She is stubborn and can definitely hold a grudge. Once given a task, she will try to complete it, even if it is in vain or her efforts could be better used elsewhere. She lets her work come in between her life and her relationships with others, and sometimes finds herself stepping comfortably into the role of puppet of her superiors. She can become easily frazzled and, when worked up, shuts down and becomes almost robotic. Elsie has learned to cope with this side of Claire, but hates it regardless. Claire is naturally self-critical, but when it peaks to a dangerous point, she slowly spirals into apathy - an inward state, but still one that eats at her sanity. She occasionally struggles with insomnia, so she is not always at her peak performance. Worst of all, she second guesses most personal decisions in her life and is never quite sure she is where she wants to be; and she doesn't even know what she wants in the first place.


    FATHER: Mathias Bishop, pureblood.
    MOTHER: Else Bishop, halfblood.
    SIBLING/S: Avery Bishop, halfblood, twenty four.
    OTHER: Elsie Norton - long time best friend turned roommate who has sort of replaced Avery as an older sister to Claire. (PB : Leighton Meester)
    BLOOD STATUS:  halfblood.
    RACE: human
    SOCIAL STATUS: She makes a tidy income, but tucks most of it away and lives a middle class life. She came from the upper class of New York, but intends on staying among the masses of Upper-Middle Class in the U.K.
    PET/S: She claims her best friend is Elsie is more pet than anyone needs.
    optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


    Early Years: 

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_m89jf3Ycco1qeiocm

    Claire, as a child, was an incredibly happy child, just as her sister was. The girls were clever and creative and seemed to charm everyone they came into contact with. Claire innocently did not see anything of her parent's discontent until they politely explained what a divorce was and why they were getting one. Claire, unable to wrap her mind around it, saw no large threat to her happiness and had no plans to let it disrupt her life. Avery, however, saw what it meant and how it was supposed to change everything and set about explaining to young Claire how devastated she should feel. Frustrated, Claire refused to accept that a divorce meant anything and began treating her sister as though Avery were a fool for believing that their lives were changing. She adopted a cold shoulder, though (that young) continually forgot to bring it out unless Avery acted up.

    The divorce did not change much for Claire, who was able to see both of her parents regularly. Her father had more money, so he kept her, but she rarely went a day without seeing her mother. Claire's teachers adored her, and her parents doted on her for she did not have any qualms seeing them separate. She was an easy child, but it was still hard as her sister seemed determined to be made miserable by the divorce. It was a point of constant fighting for the two girls, and as Claire got older, she became more and more disgruntled with her sister. Feeling betrayed and forced into misery when she thought pain could be spared, Claire withdrew from her sister and retreated into herself, adopting a cool exterior.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_inline_mr7vu7Andm1qz4rgp

    Though she was her parent's baby girl, she found herself escaping home often and wandering parts of town her father had always forbidden her from seeing. She met colorful people - children her age who had never gone to school, grandmothers with drug addictions, men with unmended broken bones who still went out to work every day. She met the people her parents had always shielded their precious daughter from and she walked among them. She witnessed drug busts; she saw social workers taking children from their parents; she saw people sleeping in gutters. And she watched it all as a scientist observes lab rats. Pity and sympathy buried underneath the keen curiosity that kept her from ever intervening.

    During this time, she began to resent her privileged upbringing. She did not resent the money, for she knew it was stupid to resent the very thing the needy most longed for. But she resented the way her family looked upon the outskirts of society, and the way the ignored it. She was intrigued by it, and crime compelled her as much as it sickened her. From that time on, she became less of a spoiled, rich girl by separating her life at home from everything else. She removed herself from her friends at school and spent more and more time hanging around dilapidated playgrounds and community centers.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_inline_mr7vv2gBos1qz4rgp

    Despite this change within the young girl, she was still her parent's precious baby girl. The Bishop girls were sent to Durmstrang, as their parents both agreed it was the most prestigious institution of learning in the world. They dressed Claire up and took pictures and sent her on her way, expecting her to be loved by her peers and doted on by her professors.

    Durmstrang Years: 
    Claire's years in Durmstrang were just as she had planned them to be - quiet. She aimed to achieve excellence whilst skirting recognition, and she worked hard to achieve this. She took on a heavy workload, taking every class of merit she could while taking on several academic extracurricular activities on as well. In class, she made sure not to attract the positive attention of her professors. This was helped in that her dormmate, Elsie Norton, was the most obnoxious girl in Durmstrang. Elsie, practically a squib, was hated by Claire the moment the two met. Not only did Elsie's name sound too much like Claire's mother, but she was loud, foul-mouthed, and certainly trouble. However, on the first day of class, Claire observed how Elsie sat alone and still managed to make the boring class seem like a party. Anything said was turned into a joke, and even though the jokes were crude, the method in which they were invented was clever. Elsie shoveled her food the way Claire did when no one was around, and there were rare moments of chivalry when Elsie boasted her muggle lineage. The daughter of a prestigious pureblood in the Ministry as well as a Russian muggle, Elsie was the black sheep of Durmstrang. So, Claire slowly fell in love with the girl and they were best friends by the end of their first year.

    Claire's Durmstrang years passed. During the year, she avoided everyone but Elsie (including her sister) and was generally liked but not often thought of. During the summers, Claire visited Elsie at her mother's new home in New York, gradually spending longer and longer stays there as she fell in love with the city. She picked up a pen and began journaling in third year, continued to stay at the top of her class without getting any approval for it, and worked on her own forms of activism

    During her fifth year, Elsie convinced Claire that the ultimate source of fun would be to drop in on a popular kid party and ruin their fun by simply forcing their presence upon the Durmstrang Elite. The plan backfired when everyone seemed too drunk to care, and backfired worse when Elsie met Robin Ivanov at the party and the two, as different as they were, hit it off.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_mlly5db39V1s9j8ldo1_500

    Though Claire liked to act as though the boy were the worst thing to ever come into her life, she began thinking of him more and more. Suddenly, she was getting invitations to these Popular Parties, as well as invitations to join them at lunch, and join them in the Quidditch stands. She, true to form, brought Elsie who never once minded that they seemed to hate having her around. They seemed to put up with Claire and her loud mouthed friend because their favorite Ivanov seemed to really like her. The two became an item, and as the relationship continued on, Claire withdrew from his friends to spend more time with him.

    Though Robin was the fun guy on campus, and Claire was the school busybody, they managed to have a good relationship. Claire saw more in Robin than anyone else had, seeing that he had a spirit of gentility and intelligence beneath the jokes and the bravado. Though he continued on as usual, she worked hard to try and unearth more about him. She shared her writing with him, spent many nights alone in his company, and talked of the good that could be done in the world if someone just decided they would take on the brunt of the work. Claire, finally, opened her heart to someone.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_inline_mjimueAwKC1qz4rgp

    Unfortunately, graduation was drawing nearer, and opportunities were arising for Claire, but not so much for Robin. Without a second thought, Claire accepted a position in the American Ministry of Magic, but held off on telling Robin. She wanted him to continue in her life, but only if she knew he would grow to be more suitable partner and open himself up to her. She held off telling him as long as she could in the hopes that he approached her first about their future together. Unfortunately, he seemed too focused on graduation celebrations and she began to resign herself to the terrible duty of breaking up with him. She was chosen for valedictorian of their class and found herself without time to do the terrible deed, deciding to wait for after graduation.

    But on that night, Robin did something highly unexpected and proposed. Claire, too certain of her life path to abandon it for sentiment, followed the news with her acceptance into the American Ministry and her suggestion that they separate for their adult lives. It was a hard night, and one that broke Claire's stone heart. When she managed to limp away, she spent the night at Elsie's house, silently wetting her sleeping friend's bed sheets with tears.


    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_m2phrzzu571r1li13
    Though going to the Ministry of Magic in America was a dream of hers, it was going to be tough for her. Her parents were incredibly displeased in her lack of nationalism and all of her "friends" (well, Robin's friends) from Durmstrang currently hated her because of the break up. Elsie, dear Elsie, was being oddly vague about her plans, saying she would travel about and see where she ended up. Though New York was her dream city, Claire was becoming more and more anxious about living alone. Though she was self reliant, there was a big hole in her life where Robin had previously resided, and facing all the changes without an ounce of support was frightening. However, Claire held on, looking as though she were born for the challenge, and moved to New York.

    She thought there had been a mess up when she arrived at the apartment the Ministry had assigned her, for she entered to see that someone had left a ton of stuff. It took only a few seconds for the furniture to begin looking familiar, and only a few seconds more for Elsie to spring out of the closet and hug her friend. Elsie had spent the entire summer hiding the fact that she had managed to land a secretary job (for now) in the American Ministry and had requested she move in with Claire. She had even forged Claire's signature on the release form, like a true friend. With this assurance of friendship, Claire felt much more prepared to tackle the challenges ahead of her.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_inline_mjimxvDmsQ1qz4rgp
    Claire took to New York like a professional. The streets and transportation did not bother her for a second, and she assimilated into both the magical and muggle cultures of the big city. Her time in the Ministry began with serious placement tests, as they were considering her for high-profile work. She tested spectacularly across the board, but seemed best suited for intelligence gathering. Her job title was never actually given, though it was described as a cross between an Unspeakable and an Intelligence Consultant. Though her uppers could give her tasks, she was typically asked to do her own work. As apart of her job, she was rotated between departments in so she had a grasp in everything.

    Claire and Elsie made friends, both magical and muggle, and enjoyed a moderate social life. Claire skirted any romantic entanglements, instead focusing her energy on rescuing Elsie from her vivacious social life. They enjoyed New Years' Eves in Time's Square. They spent their weekends exploring the underworld of the big city at dangerous morning hours. And they enjoyed their life as thoroughly as possible. They were young professionals, and they were trying to do their best and attempt to survive the big, bad world they had seen.

    BISHOP, Clarissa Christine Tumblr_inline_mjimorSvGz1qz4rgp

    Claire spent three years in New York, happily living her life and doing all she had wanted to do with her best friend by her side, as faithful as anyone could be. She was now on first name basis with the American Minister of Magic, often doing jobs specifically assigned for him. In August of her third year in New York, several important American magical objects came up missing, and through preliminary reports, a list of suspects came to Claire. Not only was the British Ministry considered a potential enemy, there was a list of potential individuals who were considered capable of the crime. One being Robin Ivanov. Claire was asked to ship off to the United Kingdom, settle, and take on a Consulting Auror job in the Ministry of Magic there and investigate. It was a sad time for, though Elsie was allowed to assist, she was not permitted to move to the U.K as of now. So Claire finds herself travelling alone to the unfamiliar country to join a Ministry she feels no ties to, to spy and investigate but worst of all, to confront the very man she believes she may have ruined.


      ALSO KNOWN AS: Jackles
      RP EXPERIENCE: Some.
      HOW YOU FOUND US: In the land of Muse, there was nothing but the Lone Wanderer. She sought light and guidance, she sought the clay with which her fingers could guide creation. She wandered alone, rarely clothed, and with a mind full of thunderstorms and cold. Cold, cold, cold. This was her life without a vessel. She had the means, she had the mind, but what of the vessel to carry the sweet nectar of creativity and thought? Long she traveled, growing wearier with each rise of sun and with each descent of moon. Until came the day her spirit broke, and she fell off the quest for fulfillment and fell into the abyss of creative agony known to some by many names but called by the masses Boredom. In this state, she writhed and moaned out for solace and rescue. She withered, becoming colder and colder, more shrunken and childlike. One day, with the rising sun, a figure sprang forward on a steed of dazzling roan. It galloped towards the Lone Wanderer and offered a hand. On accepting this hand, she found a warmth spread throughout her. She felt characters bursting from her mouth, stories tumbling out her ears. She looked into the figure's eyes and saw the expanse of all of Life. Not just Past, Present, or Future, but the realms of What Could Be, What Shouldn't Be, What Never Could, and of All Potential Ships. And these realms were real, and could fit in the palm of her hands. She wept for the beauty and asked the figure, "Who are you who brings me my vessel?" And the figure responded with the wisdom of the Earth itself. "I am Potter's Army."

      ^This is actually exactly how it happened.
      MAIN CHARACTER: Jack Dyllan.
      PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: She, as you might tell, has some history with Robin. Not only will she be plotting with him, but her sister as well. And I think a character with a fresh start might be nice.
      RP SAMPLE:

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Nice Jackles!

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