CHASE, Margaret Christine
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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CHASE, Margaret Christine

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CHASE, Margaret Christine Empty CHASE, Margaret Christine

Post by Margaret Chase Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:40 am

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Margaret Christine Chase


    FULL NAME: Margaret Christine Chase

    NICKNAMES: She's pretty particular about what people call her... no nicknames, really.

    AGE: 15

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff/Gryffindor

    CLASSES: CoMC, Potions

    WAND TYPE: Cherry, 11 inches, phoenix feather

    PLAY BY: Lea Michele


    HAIR COLOR: Dark brown

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 5'2"

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    Coming from a well-off muggle family, Margaret got nearly all of her looks from her mother, who was a supermodel in her late teens & early 20's. Her light skin has a healthy tan glow from being outdoors often. Her skin tone compliments her flowy chocolate brown hair perfectly. She is a little on the short side, but it surely doesn't offset her natural beauty obtained from her mother.


    Making friends
    Working with animals
    Duelling skills

    Deathly afraid of heights
    Can have a big mouth at times
    Very self-conscious


    Strict professors

    Margaret wants to do well in her last few years at Hogwarts and go into law enforcement at the Ministry. All she really wants to do is rid the world of people who do bad things to other people.

    Margaret is probably one of the most musical people one could ever come to know in their lifetime. She loves to sing, is a songwriter, and is very passionate about the music she makes. She loves every second she's singing or playing an instrument.

    She also tends to freak out while in towers (from her fear of heights) and does not like stairs one bit. She trips and falls on them quite often.

    Also, goblins creep her out.

    BOGGART: A goblin, with the teeth of a basilisk

    PATRONUS: Her first ride on a speedboat

    DEMENTOR: The car crash (when she was 10 y/o) that almost took her life

    VERITASERUM: She was interested in joining the dark forces when she was in her third year.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Herself, as the Head of Magical Law Enforcement

    Margaret Chase is a very bubbly, musical girl who is afraid of some of the strangest things. She loves working with animals, and trying to make up some new potions to cure the diseases that ail them. She used to be a huge 'snob' because her parents are so rich, and in the muggle world, that was the key to popularity. She's generally easy to make friends with, if you don't make the wrong first impression. She loves making friends, but if you blow it, she couldn't care less.


    FATHER: Thomas Chase

    MOTHER: Veronique Pontmercy

    SIBLING(S): (She's an only cnild)

    OTHER: A distant cousin, Victoire LeGrand, who graduated from Beauxbatons in 2012.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    Snowy white owl named Claire



    Early Years:
    From ages 1-11, Margaret lived the life of a former model's daughter. She was in tons of commercials, and had a steady supply of beautiful dresses to wear. From ages 1-4, her family lived in Paris. Since her mother no longer did modeling, they moved to the London area when she was 5 years old. There, she enjoyed many luxuries of still being a rich-kid. Her elementary school friends were jealous of her fortune, and most of her 'friends' actually only liked her for her money. She did grow to figure out which 'friends' to let go of, though.

    Hogwarts Years:
    During her years at Hogwarts, Margaret has been a brilliant student, excelling in Potions and Care of Magical Creatures especially. She has had an overall great experience at Hogwarts, making plenty of friends and not getting into too much trouble. She occasionally has a bit of drama going on between her and her friends/enemies, but that is to be expected, for her anyway. She's used to lots of drama being a more wealthy person. Despite her wealthiness, however, she is very nice and has managed to make a few true friends.

    After her time learning at Hogwarts, Margaret would like to work in Magical Law Enforcement. Other than that, she's not sure what else she would like to do/


    YOUR NAME: Maddie

    RP EXPERIENCE: 2 years roughly

    HOW YOU FOUND US: My friend Molly!


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: The other RP's that I join keep going inactive on me. x_x


Margaret Chase
Margaret Chase

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CHASE, Margaret Christine Empty Re: CHASE, Margaret Christine

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:30 pm

Welcome to Potter's Army friend of Molly's! :D *huggles*
Accepted and sorted into the mighty house of Hufflepuff!

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Elijah Krum
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