ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa
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ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa

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ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa Empty ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa

Post by Ashley Palmer Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:21 pm

ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa Large+%2810%29

Christine Alyssa Ackerley


    FULL NAME:Christine Alyssa Ackerley

    NICKNAMES: Chris, Christi, Christin, Ally, Lysa.

    AGE: 14

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    CLASSES:  Charms, CoMC and Potions.

    WAND: Holly, Veela hair, 10 1/4 inches + Brittle

    PLAY BY: Kristina Bazan


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Blue


    BODY BUILD: Thin

    Appearance Details: Christine's hair may vary from four colors - golden blonde, light blonde, pale blond and glossy platinum blode. She has at the moment glossy platinum blonde hair falls in a straight sheet down her back like a waterfall of sunshine that ends at her roughly under her chest. It's quite long in her opinion.

    Face Details: Girl has a very innocent look. Those big eyes look at you and you instantly think she's a pure like a little girl. Her eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue. It looks like the color of the most beautiful tropical beach. Her skin is a delicate ivory shade, pale but lightly pink on her cheeks.  She often wears a bright red lipstick on her lips, which stand out against her fair complexion.

    Body Details:  She is thin. She's not model worthy,but she's also not anything close to chubby. She has barely any fat on her,and she has legs that many girls would die to have. She stands at 5'2", and she has long, graceful limbs.

    Clothing Details: Chris is always in fashion, she's never out of style. She has a very girly sense of style. She is always following the new trends and she always looked great in everything she put on. She likes to wear jeans and tops/shirts most of times but she doesn't say no to dresses and skirts too. It all what she wears depends on what she likes to wear today. You can see her wearing one day dress, next day jeans and top and so on.


    + Friendly
    + Smart
    + Trustful
    + Helpful
    + Sincere
    + Cheerful

    - stubborn sometimes
    - hates criticism
    - can be mean, if you are with her.
    - Cute boys
    - too cheerful - ends up annoying sometimes people if she smiles too much.
    - Can forgive very easily.

    + Reading
    + Drawing
    + Studying
    + Potions
    + Charms
    + Animals
    + Being outside

    - Mean people
    - Early mornings
    - Being late
    - Bullies
    - Losing some close to her
    - Being inside all day
    - Loud Music

    To Graduate
    To find a job
    Fall in love one day.
    And then one day to marry with person who she loves and he should love her back too of course.
    Have kids.

    Looking around when nervous.
    Biting lips sometimes.

    BOGGART: Being lost and alone.

    PATRONUS: Being together with family.

    DEMENTOR: Being alone in the middle of mall, when was five.

    VERITASERUM: If I say It Won't Be Secret anymore!

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To have her own family and to be good mothet to her children.

    PERSONALITY: She is very friendly and kind if she wants to talk with you. Of course she can be mean too if you are or piss her off very badly. Quite smart also too, likes to learn new things everyday. Actually she is intelligent too more than just smart girl.  She is sincere too also. She is very trustful girl, you can trust to her secrets, she won't tell anyone. She is very helpful even if she may be bad at giving advice. But she has a big heart and would help you with anything. You can see her being stubborn too but that's won't happen quite often, mostly then when she truly needs it or so.


    FATHER: Stewart Ackerley

    MOTHER: Amanda Ackerley [nee Truman]

    SIBLING/S: 2 brothers (one is 3 years older and other is 3 years younger.

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    Cat named Sasha.
    Owl named Sica.



    Early Years: She was born as second children to Stewart and Amanda Ackerley. She is also only daughter. They treasure her very much, even she gets along with her brothers very well. She always had very good life, with many good friends. She was very friendly, brave and smart girl but one day it all changed. Her parents did lost her in the mall when she was five. After that she is little bit scared of talking with people and tends to be alone or with her closest friends or family. When she was almost 11 she did receive the letter to Hogwarts. She already knew she would go here since her brother already went here.

    Hogwarts Years: Her life her was not easy at all first. She was just quite shy to talk with everyone since she mostly didn't know anyone here. But thanks to her brothers help she managed to get some friends here and have some fun. She is very glad that she has just good brother who cares about her very much. Now she has already couple of friends with who she hangs out and talks about things. Now when she is already fourth year it's much easier to make friends since she is not shy anymore, like she was in first year here.

    Adulthood: Isn't here yet!


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Krissu

    RP EXPERIENCE: Around 2 (English sites almost 1)

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have already here chars!

    MAIN CHARACTER: Cecilie Montez

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I want me to Hufflepuff too.. then I have in every house some and I wanted to someone somewhere there middle year or so.

    RP SAMPLE: I can skip this!

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Ashley Palmer
Ashley Palmer
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Second Year Hufflepuff

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ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa Empty Re: ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:08 pm

Can you do her wand for me, please?

Also, could I have a little bit more on her appearance and could you match the number of strengths/weaknesses + likes/dislikes?
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa Empty Re: ACKERLEY, Christine Alyssa

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:51 am


Accepted and sorted into Hufflypuff. Don't forget your claims, honey! Smile
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin

Number of posts : 4833
Special Abilities : Occlumens, Parseltongue, Animagus
Occupation : Owner of Eli's Fine Dining, Artist, Deputy Minister of Magic

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