ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete]
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ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete] Li9olo10

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ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete]

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ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete] Empty ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete]

Post by Scott Ackerley Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:07 pm

ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete] 03



    FULL NAME: Scott Bay Ackerley

    NICKNAMES: ---

    AGE: 18, Seventh year

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    CLASSES: DADA, Charms

    WAND TYPE: Cedar; Core of hair from a Unicorn's tail; 12.5"; Best for protective and defensive spells; Rigid.

    PLAY BY: Logan Lerman


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5'6"

    BODY TYPE: Scott does not have a particularly impressive build. He is a bit short and is generally lanky.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Scott Ackerley, while 18, is the slightest bit short for his age. He has dark brown hair with a messy fringe and has a habit of running his hand through his hair. Scott, while generally extroverted, is a bit aesthetic when it comes to himself and admittedly does this to make his hair seem even messier. Even though this permanently makes him seem like he has just rolled out of bed, it also compliments his almost always smiling face and twinkling eyes. Scott is a generally happy person and it shows in the way he walks and talks. He stands up straight and never hunches, making himself appear a little more impressive than he actually is.

    He has full red lips and long eyebrows, something which his brother always makes fun of. Scott usually walks with his hands in his pockets. He dresses like he wants to and in terms of clothing, never puts style over comfort. He is most usually seen padding around in his pyjamas at home and at school, in baggy cargos and a t-shirt - and fluffy slippers, if he's feeling particularly eccentric. He is almost always seen wearing converse shoes, even with his uniform and even though they look like they are two seconds away from disintegrating into nothing, he pulls off the overwhelmingly stupid and shabby look simply by not paying any attention to what people think of him.



    • Annoyingly considerate
    • Confident
    • Laid-back
    • Optimistic
    • Spunky
    • Daring


    • Reckless
    • Naive
    • Spacy
    • Easily distracted
    • Generally careless
    • Tad irresponsible


    • His family
    • Flying
    • Girls
    • Procrastinating


    • People troubling themselves on his account
    • His father
    • Studying
    • Rainy days

    GOALS: Scott is fixated on being a hero but he doesn't know what kind. A part of him enjoys the thought of being an Auror and finishing off dark wizards but another wants to support his family since that seems like the best way to sacrifice all his needs and so become a hero in his head, even if no one else will ever know about it.

    QUIRKS: Scott runs his hand through his hair - a lot, to the point where it is nearly dorky.

    BOGGART: Scott's father is a drunk and his mother has destroyed her own health by smoking to handle all the pressures of daily life. Scott is terrified that both of them will end up killing themselves and leave him to take care of everything.

    PATRONUS: First, when he saw his brother getting sorted and second, when he saw his sister getting sorted. Even though he will never admit it to himself, Scott is incredibly proud of the two of them because they managed to enjoy their lives both in and out of Hogwarts despite the kind of home environment they live in.

    DEMENTOR: The day his father came home drunk, stumbled over a step and hit his head on the edge of a table. His mother thought he was dead and seeing the devastation that the misunderstanding brought upon his family, Scott has always been afraid of that day.

    VERITASERUM: Sometimes, Scott wishes that his parents would just die already so that he wouldn't have to see his little brother and sister suffering each time they returned home for the summer.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: His whole family, complete for once. Scott sees his father sobre, his mother healthy and both his siblings happy and successful and himself as an auror.

    PERSONALITY: Scott, while not popular, is notorious within Gryffindor for being a bit of a screw-up. He is irresponsible, doesn't know how to take care of himself, can barely dress presentably and can't be bothered to study. Still, he manages to joke and laugh and be generally likeable. Scott is the kind of person who makes friends easily. He is charming and charismatic and he shows an apparent interest in girls. He'd rather fly on the Quidditch pitch than study. He has a bit of a dorky sense of humor but in truth, Scott is nothing like he seems to be.

    Every summer, Scott has to deal with his parents and even though he loves the two of them more than life itself, he hates them for what they put his siblings through. At home, Scott is a changed person. He's the one who cooks and does the laundry. He's the one who buys his sister things out of his own pocket money. He's the one who sneaks PSPs into the house for his brother, even though his father would never allow it. Scott is a responsible, mature adult. He is forced to be and even though he pretends like he's happy at home, he can already see his future. He knows that the next 7 years of his life will be spent taking care of his siblings, until they're old enough to graduate and make their own choices.

    Scott will sacrifice anything for his brother and sister and even though he wants to do something, anything meaningful with his life - he is prepared to stay close until his sister marries someone and his brother is sensible enough to make is own choices. Scott sees the kind of strength that his siblings show everyday and so, does not underestimate anyone. He relates to people who are going through difficult times. Even though the future is turning out to be not like Scott expected, he is still optimistic about it. He never gives up hope, no matter what. If anything, he can be unreasonably positive at times, to the point where someone has to snap him out of it.

    Scott's wand represents these qualities more than he would like. Even though no one asks, he is generally noncomittal about revealing anything about his wand. The wood, Cedar, is perfect for defensive spells - which spells out his inherent need to always protect his brother and sister. The Unicorn hair core signifies that he is pure of heart, even though he himself doesn't believe it. He doesn't view someone who wants his parents dead as particularly 'pure of heart'. Scott is generally unyielding and strong and this is reflected in the strength of his wand wood, which is rigid.


    FATHER: Stewart Ackerley

    MOTHER: Amanda Ackerley [nee Truman]

    SIBLING(S): Nina Ackerley - 14
    Noah Ackerley - 11

    OTHER: His uncle, Tobias Ackerley who often visits to check up on his brother, Scott's father.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human


    PET(S): Owl named Noah, much to his brother's annoyance.

    BROOMSTICK(): Scott owns a Cleansweep Eleven. While it is a long-outdated model, Scott still considers it to be one of his most prized possessions.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Three sneakoscopes. One is his own and he often carries it around with him. He forces his brother and sister to keep the other two, as he gets a little paranoid if he doesn't glance them at school every day.


    Early Years:
    One --- Three: Scott was the first of three siblings. His childhood was an enjoyable one and he was a perky little kid. He enjoyed playing and did not cry when he scraped his knee, mostly because his mother warned him against being so hyper all the time and made a point of going I told you so in a playful way. As he grew up, though, his father's drinking became more noticeable. At first, it was just a glass of red wine with dinner but with time, the wine became beer and the beer became scotch, until neither he nor his mother were sure what it was that his father was drinking.

    Four --- Six:When he was four, his little sister was born. Scott, after the initial jealousy of having all the attention taken away from him, grew to love her very much. But, for some reason, her birth did not bring as much excitement to the rest of the family as it did to him. Scott was too little to understand then but his mother was beginning to realize the pressure of having to educate him with the basics of magic, take care of his sister and make sure that his father didn't fall over his own shoelaces and kill himself. Little by little, though, those changes became apparent to Scott.

    Seven --- Nine:He would notice a pungent smell hanging over the entire house whenever he came home from the park. His sister would cry whenever she smelt it and Scott himself had to plug his nose. It was a few months before he first saw the cigarette in his mother's hands. He, personally, thought it was pretty cool. But little by little, his mother seemed to grow smaller and smaller. She had been coping well with adjusting in a magical family - after all, she'd been with Scott's father for over ten years but Scott's little sister was especially volatile with her magic and it was as if his mother couldn't handle all that transpired within their home. But then, Amanda got pregnant and if anything, things grew worse.

    Scott was wildly excited about having a little brother or sister to play with but his mother seemed to be shrinking further and further. His father was barely at home and whenever he was, he seemed to stumble about in a daze. He would yell often but most of the time, he was reminiscent of an empty shell. His sister began to grow up, finally beginning to comprehend just what kind of home she was living. But things improved for them a little when Scott's little brother was born. The three sort of banded together, resilient against the depression always hanging over their house and determined to make their mother and father smile again.

    Ten --- Eleven: By the time Scott was ten, the atmosphere in their house became a little better. His father spoke at dinner and his mother smiled often. There was a short span of three months when their family was actually happy - barring the times when his father would sneak out for a drink and their mother would smoke in the bathroom. But then, Scott turned eleven and it was time to go to Hogwarts. He was reluctant to leave Nina and Noah alone at home with their parents. Scott made his sister promise that she would write to him if anything was wrong and he would help, no matter what.

    Hogwarts Years: The entirety of Scott's first year was spent worrying about his brother and sister. He fell behind in his studies, almost in the first two months and after that, there was no going back. His professors tried to motivate him but he was constantly distracted by his sister's letters saying that Noah would never stop crying and that she couldn't find the disinfectant to clean her scraped knee. It broke Scott's heart to leave the two of them flailing at home.

    As the years went by, Scott became more and more irresponsible with his studies - choosing to fix his family's problems from Hogwarts rather than focusing on studying. Saying that being at Hogwarts was downtime for him would have been a lie but it was a bit of a refuge. He drew parallels between his life at home and life at Hogwarts by being and mature at one end and irresponsible at the other. The arrangement worked for him and he could cope with everything as well. It was only once his sister came to Hogwarts that Scott relaxed further. He strayed further away from his studies, barely listening in class and always looking out for his sister in his free time. When his brother came to Hogwarts, that was when Scott really began to focus on everything. There was no one left at home for him to worry about. He worried about his parents often, writing incessantly to them but they rarely replied.

    He often wanted to take a break from Hogwarts and visit them but always stopped himself in time, convincing himself that he had enough to worry about and that they were adults and could take care of himself. What Scott didn't quite realize was that sending away all of their children took its toll on them and their conditions, if anything, grew even worse.

    Adulthood: ---


    YOUR NAME: Aimen

    RP EXPERIENCE: 4 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google! I typed in Harry Potter RPG, I think.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Addison McKinley

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Well, I've never ever RP'ed a male character. =) And because the Wanted Characters list says the site needs more canon characters Razz And I'm bored >.>

Scott Ackerley
Scott Ackerley

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ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete] Empty Re: ACKERLEY, Scott Bay [Complete]

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:18 pm

accepted and sorted into gryffindor. i like him. good app. i really like the history. it was well thought out and developed. nice job.

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