ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron
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ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron

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ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron Empty ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron

Post by Theodore Rookwood Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:21 pm

ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron Tyson-ballou-alexi-lubomirski-homotography-4



    FULL NAME: Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron Rookwood


    AGE & BIRTHDAY: Twenty | b. April 19th 2006

  • Aries - Sun Sign
    - Element: Fire
    - Quality: Cardinal
    - Ruling House: First
    - Ruling Planet: Mars

  • Taurus - Rising Sign
    - Element: Earth
    - Quality: Fixed
    - Ruling House: Second
    - Ruling Planet: Venus

  • Dog - Chinese Astrology
    - Fixed Season: Autumn
    - Fixed Direction: West
    - Fixed Element: Metal
    - Associated Sun Sign: Libra

    SPECIES: Human.

    BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE & YEAR: Slytherin Alumni


    Core Classes
  • Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations
  • Charms - Exceeds Expectations
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
  • Herbology - Acceptable
  • History of Magic - Exceeds Expectations
  • Potions - Poor; mark was appealed and later instated as Outstanding during thoroughly unsettling, curious events at the Ministry.
  • Transfiguration - Poor; mark was also appealed and received the same Outstanding re-grade.

  • Study of Ancient Runes - Outstanding
  • Arithmancy - Exceeds Expectations
  • Alchemy - Exceeds Expectations
  • Divination - Exceeds Expectations

    Extra-Curricular Subjects
  • Earth Magic - Outstanding
  • Ghoul Studies - Acceptable
  • Magical Theory - Outstanding

  • The Rookwood Family
  • The Mascherano Family

  • Thaddeus Rookwood
  • Raghnall Rookwood

  • The British Ministry of Magic
  • The Department of Magical Law and Enforcement
  • The Wizengamot Court

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Slytherin House
  • Slytherin Quidditch Team

  • The Quidditch Federation
  • The Firebolt Racing Broom Company
  • The Irish International Quidditch Team
  • The Kenmare Kestrels

  • PlayWizard
  • PlayWitch - He modelled a few times.
  • The Daily Prophet

    WAND & WAND TRAITS: Ash and Cedar woods inlaid with Hawthorn and Papyrus, Augurey Tail Feather and Basilisk Skin and Ashwinder Eggs, 14¾ inches, inflexible.

  • Associated ‘slightly’ with the Dark Arts,
  • Excels at Dark Magic,
  • Good for Transfiguration,
  • Bonds to good Diviners

  • Docile
  • Particular skill in protective spells
  • Wielders become potent Occlumens

  • Excellent DADA wand
  • Symbolises protection

    Augurey Tail Feather
  • Associated with powerful Dark wands
  • Cries of the bird said to signify upcoming death
  • Ironically, not a strong Dark core
  • Powerful core for Divination

    Basilisk Skin
  • Adds extra ‘venom’ to Jinxes and Curses
  • Does not bond well with Phoenix Feathers
  • Cored wands passed from generation to generations
  • Very little good comes out of the wielders

    Ashwinder Eggs
  • Common in Love Potions
  • Found in skilled Potion makers’ wands.
  • Not well-suited for subtle forms of magic


    The Rookwood in Theodore is very strong and appears, seemingly, in every aspect of his face. He has the long, wide face and the abruptly squared off jaw that seems to cut through the soft plains of his face. His jaw knits together at his chin, bunching the skin together and making for a rather round, pronounced chin which is often, along with the rest of the lower half of his face, peppered with stubble and the small growth of facial hair that he allows and even then it is kept trimmed neatly against his skin. His lips are thin, the upper being considerably skinnier than the lower and atop that is a moustache that, along with the beard, is kept to a minimum. His nose is long and quite wide, giving him a masculine edge that, had it been any skinnier, would’ve been totally erased in favour of a rather feminine look about him. His eyes are small and sucked back between the cheek and brow bones but sparkle the Rookwood sienna brown regardless. His eyes are speckled about with long eyelashes and lidded with thick eyebrows. The right one, particularly, bears a handful of scars from where, as an unrepentant, rebellious teenager, he elected to pierce the skin. His forehead is wide and pockmarked from picking at the spots he got during his teenage years but other than those few blips is decidedly smooth. It sweeps up into a head of long, dark locks that are thick and luscious. His ears, lastly, stick out ever so slightly but not enough to warrant being pinned back. No, instead they’re rather endearing - along with that impish, Rookwood smile he has.

    As a younger man he was quite the skinny little runt and got a lot of stick for it from his father and grandfather. In an effort to gain their approval, Theodore took to weight lifting as well as a number of sports which, as he shot up to what is now an impressive six foot three, added muscles that his ropey arms and legs originally couldn’t support. He gained wide, thick shoulders and arms that could bear a ridiculous amount of strength. His legs became strong and powerful and his core strength second to none in his family. He became a physical powerhouse and was both an asset and a danger for the Rookwood family - so naturally, they put him into something menial in order to stop him from having what they liked to call ‘Augustus-impulses’. When he was born, Theodore seemed to have the evidence of inbreeding in his skin as he was graced with an extra finger on each hand - both of which were disposed of and he still has the scars from to this day. He has a dodgy knee from an old sports injury and as a result can often be seen with a cane but other than that is exempt from any disability in terms of his physicality. He has many a scar both from duelling and from wear and tear of his body. He has rather large feet but we shan’t go into what that means and also large, almost clumsy hands with long, thick fingers. Yet, despite this, there is a delicacy about his touch and a purpose in every step he takes, almost a spring when he’s particularly satisfied. Much of what Theodore feels is communicated in his body language and his body is something that is most definitely worth watching out for.

    Being highly narcissistic and self-indulgent, clothes matter. Of course, those traits don’t help but it is a Rookwood thing, a Pureblood thing, to be very well maintained in every possible way. No hair is left unturned and nothing is left up to chance by a slight rumple of a shirt or a dull spot on expensive Italian shoes. In many ways, Theodore’s outward appearance communicates exactly what he needs them to. The fact that he has wealth and standing is one thing but the light colours he enjoys suggests a far more laidback and approachable individual than dark, brooding, sharply cut suits and ugly outer robes that his uncles - and his father in that respect - all favour. Those bright colours give Theodore a much more playful look and it is something that is quite desceptive as the naive witch or wizard would assume, well, naively that because the Rookwood man is wearing pastels or a horrendous blockade of hot pink that he is no thread. But oh-no, you really have no idea. Like with everything else it is an elusive, clever facade and Theodore is eager to dispose of anyone who would dare rattle that exterior - cleanly or otherwise. His outer appearance displays many less easily concealed traits - his pernickety need for everything to be just so and the narcissism that is, despite being expected, always quite a shock when one realises that beneath the charm and the easy smiles, Theodore Rookwood is only, really, worried about one person: himself.

    PLAY BY: Tyson Ballou


    001. Active
    002. Ambitious
    003. Arrogant
    004. Blasé
    005. Blunt
    006. Bull-headed
    007. Charismatic
    008. Cold
    009. Competitive
    010. Conceited
    011. Confident
    012. Cruel
    013. Disloyal
    014. Domineering
    015. Elitist
    016. Elusive
    017. Hedonistic
    018. Impulsive
    019. Independent
    020. Manipulative
    021. Materialistic
    022. Narcissistic
    023. Natural Leader
    024. Persistent
    025. Pioneering
    026. Self-Indulgent
    027. Self-Serving
    028. Sporty
    029. Stubborn
    030. Versatile

    001. Alcohol
    002. Art
    003. Canes
    004. Classical Music
    005. Elaborate Architecture
    006. Expense
    007. Hard Work Paying Off
    008. Italian Leather
    009. Leisure Time
    010. Material Possessions
    011. Parties
    012. Quidditch
    013. Tea
    014. Well-Tailored Suits
    015. Women

    016. Blood-Traitors
    017. Criminals
    018. Dealings going wrong
    019. Gryffindors
    020. His brother
    021. His cousins
    022. Lack of Control
    023. Laziness in others
    024. Losing
    025. Misers
    026. Mudbloods
    027. Surprises
    028. The Full Moon
    029. The Order of the Phoenix
    030. The poorly dressed

    001. Stay ‘available’ indefinitely.
    002. Produce as many sons as possible.
    003. Trade in his old wife for a newer model - will be worked upon over a course of many years.
    004. Have very few daughters - none are preferred.
    005. Become Minister for Magic.
    006. Inherit his father’s wealth as opposed to his brother.
    007. Be the favourite of his grandfather and father.
    008. Be able to provide for himself and for the family he will be forced to create.
    009. Avoid divorce - dispose of wives through potion-type means e.g. poisoning.
    010. Maintain his position on the Wizengamot.

    001. Clicks his fingers.
    002. Chews the inside of his cheek.
    003. Plays with a silver lighter.
    004. Pinches the bridge of his nose.
    005. Crosses his ankles.
    006. Leans back low in his chair when bored.
    007. Plays with the brass buttons on his robes.
    008. Busies his hand with a loop of bright beads.
    009. Pockets most things he picks up.
    010. Has an airy, disinterested quality to his voice.

    AMORTENTIA: Spring Blossoms, Bubbling Cauldrons, Crisp Parchment and Firewhisky.


    Theodore’s fear stems from being the younger son. He will never be his father’s heir; his brother being in too good of a state of health to really award him that. He is, as a result, in danger of being rather overlooked and assumptions, he fears, will be made that he will never, ever live down. He doesn’t want to be the weak, damaged, incapable brother. He doesn’t want to be the one who makes mistakes - he’s determined not to be another Augustus Rookwood. Beyond anything else, Theodore is afraid of seeing his grandfather’s disdain and as a Hogwarts student was terrified of the sight of the man, his expression set in a look of utter disgust. It is something that niggles at Theodore to this day and while he tries to put it at the back of his mind, every decision he makes is weighted upon by that first encounter with a Boggart in his fourth year. When he casts the counter-charm, however, his grandfather ends up turning into a statue with a party hat on, his fleshy outer body exploding into confetti and fireworks.


    Theodore is incapable of casting a Patronus. It is something that has yanked his chain since his seventh year of Hogwarts and, like his housemates, struggled with the spell. While others, however, succeeded, Theodore couldn’t even sputter the littlest wisp of a Patronus from the end of his wand. He lacks a favourite memory, his Professor explained to Thaddeus when the latter owled the former in regards to the low mark Theodore received in the class. The Professor had to pick his words very carefully but Theodore knew with a biting twinge what the Professor meant. Rookwoods don’t have memories strong enough to cast Patronuses because their whole lives are dictated by custom, order and saving face in the eyes of others. In failing to produce a Patronus and continuing to try despite knowing he couldn’t, Theodore disappointed his father irrevocably and the inability to stop himself, to reign himself in under the pretence of not caring for the lesson is something Thaddeus hasn’t forgiven Theodore for.


    Desdemona, if you ever asked her, would deny it ever happened and would be equally as quick to deny that Theodore could remember; but he does. When he was young, perhaps not even a year old, Thaddeus decided that if they were ever going introduce their son into society properly then they would have to be rid of the abominations that extended the amount of fingers on his hands. They took him to St. Mungos’s at first. The Healers there were not cooperative, claiming that vanity didn’t warrant surgery on the boy. In the end, Thaddeus took him to Knockturn Alley and found an old quack by the surname of Pince who took the fingers off with a severing spell that had a touch of Dark magic to it, leaving Theodore with ghastly scars that his mother taught him to hide with glamour spells; something he has done religiously since he was eleven. But he remembers the pain; oh, he remembers the pain and the way he screamed himself hoarse. But of course, as far as his parents are concerned, it never happened, did it?


    The secret that Theodore holds closest to his chest depends on the way he feels at the time of being asked after such information. Most often, it is that he has dreamed quite fervently about the death of his elder brother - killing him, torturing him - though he has never wronged Theodore personally. Yet the thirst to be his father’s heir remains, regardless of how kind his brother is to him. Then, usually when being asked by female family members or members of their circles, it is the fact that he is betrothed and has been since his fourteenth birthday to the Nott daughter. It’s an ugly thing to tell around, he usually hisses at his mother whenever she announces it and it is something he would prefer to forget because Merlin knows he’d rather be playing the field.


    Theodore sees himself as his father’s heir. He sees himself rich, successful and having had lots of sons by different, beautiful women. He wants to lead the life he believes a Rookwood should. He doesn’t want to be closed up in Ireland - he wants a manor in the Mediterranean. He wants to live the high life and he believes he is entirely entitled to it. By hook or by crook, he is going to damn well give it a go and achieve exactly what he wants; and he doesn’t care who he has to step on in order to get his way.


    Theodore is:
  • Wealthy in his own right.
  • Completely self-absorbed.
  • Painfully sarcastic.
  • Easily bored.

    Theodore is not:
  • Amused by your antics.
  • A fan of Muggle-lovers.
  • As self-assured as he likes people to think he is.
  • Ashamed of his mother - even though his father encourages him to dismiss her.

    Theodore has:
  • An Irish brogue that he likes to call upon when talking to women.
  • Always been rather fond of music and while he knows a few instruments, has never considered singing before.
  • A wife-to-be he’d rather not think about.
  • Had a string of lovers and has wondered whether from it he’s gotten an illegitimate child.

    Theodore has not:
  • Ever been in love - he doesn’t believe in it due to its impracticality.
  • Ever impressed his father.
  • Ever wanted to work for a living.
  • Ridden a horse since he was a young boy.

    Theodore was:
  • Expected to join the Death Eaters; has since let that idea drop quietly.
  • Terrified he wouldn’t be in Slytherin.
  • Secretly lonely during his Hogwarts years.
  • Never really interested in sport or Quidditch.

    Theodore can:
  • Play a number of musical instruments.
  • Change seamlessly between Quidditch positions.
  • Put up with Light Wizards easily.
  • Outsmart his father.

    Theodore cannot:
  • Deal with the repercussions of his actions.
  • Accept that he has failed.
  • Abide Muggleborns.
  • Accept the Kestrels have ever lost a match.

    Theodore does:
  • Have a meticulous routine for the mornings.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee occasionally.
  • Drink as much as his family members.
  • Smoke cigars - occasionally cigarettes.

    Theodore does not:
  • Enjoy family dinners.
  • Like the idea of being physically, mentally or emotionally inferior to his brothers.
  • Have any real form of a conscience - or so he likes to think.
  • Suffer fools gladly.

    Theodore will:
  • Entertain guests - he is a very good host.
  • Ensure that the wine cellar is full.
  • Go after what he wants without a care for the consequences unless they directly hurt him.
  • Kill anyone who gets in his way.

    Theodore will not:
  • Jeopardise his own reputation or safety for anyone - not even family.
  • Help anyone unless there’s something in it for him.
  • Put up with women talking to him improperly - loathes when they answer him back.
  • Dance - doesn’t matter whether you beg, he won’t; but he is rather good all the same.

    Theodore prefers:
  • One night stands.
  • Quiet.
  • Red wine.
  • Books over cinema.

    Theodore avoids:
  • Miserable women.
  • His father.
  • His grandfather.
  • Anything that might make someone disappointed in him.


    FATHER: Thaddeus Rookwood | b. 1967

    MOTHER: Desdemona Rookwood | b. 1971


    Catherine Rookwood | b. 1989
    Unnamed Daughter | b. 1991 d. 1991
    Lionel Rookwood | b. 1993
    Unnamed Son | b. 1994 d. 1994
    Irina Rookwood | b. 1997
    Adriana Rookwood | b. 2001


    Raghnall Rookwood | b. 1945
    Emelia Rookwood née Conrad | b. 1946

    Alfonse Mascherano | b. 1943
    Alondra Mascherano née Pique | b. 1945


    Eamon Rookwood | b. 1975
    m. Rosie Rookwood née Hudson | b. 1973
    - James Rookwood | b. 1994
    - Jeremiah Rookwood | b. 1997
    - Joseph Rookwood | b. 2000

    Cedric Rookwood | b. 1983
    m. Meredith Rookwood née Walsh
    d. Jane Rookwood née Kavanagh
    - Nigel Rookwood | b. 2002
    - Niall Rookwood | b. 2005

    Braulio Mascherano | b. 1969 | d. 1998
    m. Alonsa Mascherano née Iniesta | b. 1972
    - Emelio Mascherano | b. 1994

    NATIONALITY: Irish-Spanish.

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: The North Wing, Rookwood Manor, Southern Ireland.

    FINANCIAL STATUS: Theodore’s familial wealth is great but his own personal wealth, while able to support him, is a shade smaller and far more vulnerable.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Pureblood Elite, Upper Class.


    Early Years:

    Hardly, by any means, an anticipated arrival - Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron Rookwood was brought into the world by means of forceps and lacking in the usual fanfare of a Rookwood birth. He was born in mid-April and despite the earliness of the year it was unseasonably warm. Desdemona Rookwood was, by that point, thirty-five years old and despite being healthy enough to still bear children she was beginning to reach the point where it was inappropriate to put such demands on her body. Yet, as far as her husband Thaddeus was concerned, she could and would continue to have children until she couldn’t anymore. As it was, such luck, if you like, struck Desdemona and fortune favoured her with one last son before stealing away her fertility and her ability to carry her offspring to term.

    Theodore was a son; the desired spare that came thirteen years too late as far as Thaddeus was concerned. The only solace the firstborn son of Raghnall took was in the fact that Theodore was not a girl. He had three girls and only one son to show for it by that point and though Theodore softened the blow somewhat, Thaddeus was disquieted by what his wife had given him and further irritated when it became apparent that there would be no more sons, or daughters for that matter, born to him the right side of the sheet. So, with a flourish that would’ve given the billowing robes of Severus Snape a run for their money, Thaddeus apparated away and returned to his mistress in Dublin.

    That left Desdemona with her newborn son: Theodore, who was christened a few days after his birth. He was a quiet baby, all of eye and perplexed by the world he’d been born into yet seemed to understand it with clarity beyond his years. He displayed magic, too, in those first critical days and it leant to the idea that Desdemona had produced for her husband quite the powerful young wizard. Of course, one couldn’t be sure and while Desdemona was eager to see she didn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention to her son. She wanted him to herself for what little time Thaddeus would afford her and didn’t want anyone interrupting that. But of course, she didn’t have much choice there.

    Ten fingers and ten toes was the prerequisite of a healthy baby. If you had them, you were well on your way to becoming the perfect specimen of a human being. It was unlucky to have another, even unluckier to have two extra fingers - one on each hand. This was exactly what Theodore was afflicted with and in a fit of rage, Thaddeus accused Desdemona of sullying their son, of being nothing more than a useless bint who he never should’ve married. Not for the first time in their marriage, his first wife was brought up, one who had mysteriously died not long into their marriage.

    In the end, Thaddeus resolved to do something and when the Healers at St. Mungo’s were no help to him, he went to an unlicensed quack of a Healer in Knockturn Alley who severed the fingers from Theodore using a ferocious severing spell that never quite left perfect, puckered skin in the wake of where the fingers had been. From that point on, Desdemona glamoured the skin - succeeding in keeping family, their social circles and, largely, themselves ignorant to the problem that had arisen. Certainly, by not drawing attention to the skin, she kept Thaddeus’s temper even.

    Despite being a stringy, gangly mess of a boy, Theodore was very much into his sport and as soon as he could walk he was playing as many sports as Thaddeus allowed. Anything and everything from Cricket to Football to Quidditch - although Desdemona bravely drew the line at that. He didn’t build any muscles, remaining a ropey excuse for a boy until well into his teenage years. Thaddeus picked up on the boy’s magical ability, also, despite Desdemona’s best attempts at hiding it and all too soon, between sport and meals and, obviously, sleep, Theodore was locked up in the library in their wing of the house with a number of talented tutors with whom he would hone his abilities.

    Thaddeus became very much preoccupied with business due to the latter end of Theodore’s younger years prior to Hogwarts and as the tutors dispersed and the number of classes fell, Theodore became his mother’s companion and travelled with her across Europe while she enjoyed her holidays with her friends and what little bits of business - usually centred around art - that she dabbled in. As such, Theodore’s education became broad and well-rounded prior to Hogwarts though he remained, due to careful plotting, ignorant of the Muggle world yet, despite knowing nothing, had an ingrained prejudice against anyone Muggle or Muggleborn.

    Eventually, his Hogwarts letter arrived. Durmstrang was not an option as far as Desdemona was concerned. Lionel was fine to go there but her last-born son was staying close to home and Thaddeus, absent at the time, was not there to make the decision so Hogwarts was where Theodore was destined to go. His school things were ordered by Owl and a seamstress came to measure him for his robes and new wardrobe. Then, when everything was packed, Theodore was seen off with his sister Adriana who was, by the time he started Hogwarts, was just entering her last year.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Slytherin was an obvious choice. The Hat didn’t even pause to think. It was Rookwood custom and, oftentimes, they entered Slytherin quicker than the Malfoys did. Theodore found himself ironically surrounded by his family. His cousin Kendall, Augustus’s son, joined Hogwarts the same time while the cousin of his sister’s husband, Athena Goyle, also took a seat with the new intake. It seemed strange but oddly appropriate to be surrounded by family - not forgetting his other cousins who he daren’t think about due to his genuine disinterest in them. He was certainly proud to be a part of Slytherin and while he wrote to his parents, he noted glumly that he wasn’t written to back. No, being the youngest, nothing he could ever do could interest his parents.

    Theodore deserted his family members early in his First Year and found himself fitting into a Ravenclaw-based social group comprised of people he did not strictly like but were easy enough to be around. That satisfied him and also meant he had an expendable force of people willing to do his homework for him and Theodore took advantage of that without fail. Unfortunately, his First Year was rather dull and while he found he grew to like his social group, he still believed he was better off with Slytherins. That didn’t always mean, of course, that there was a wealth of intelligent conversation to be had.

    Second Year provided more in the way of interesting events. Bored, Theodore left his Ravenclaws and abandoned his homework pals, electing to do it himself and in the same breath, deciding that he would befriend the older years. His sister was gone and he considered himself the last, trustworthy ambassador for the Rookwood House. By this point, Kendall was already being irksome and seemed to play the field even at twelve years old. At the time, Theodore had no desire to join him but soon understood why when he encountered some of the older girls who, without a shadow of a doubt, knocked his emerald green socks off.

    Third Year proved even better as it meant that electives came into play. Theodore then became truly interested in the way his schooling was going to go and wormed his way back into the Ravenclaw clique because, after all, electives meant more homework and if they did his, there would be Galleons in it for them to spend in Hogsmeade; and Theodore had no shortage of homework - so much so that, often, he was the one going out into Hogsmeade and going on dates because now he was finally interested in girls while his Ravenclaws worried over his homework and not their own.

    Needless to say, between Quidditch, dating, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Divination... he was left quite busy.

    That summer, however, he was betrothed to the Nott daughter and it was a summer he’d never forget, or hoped he would, and from that point on found that he had to spend more time with her than ever before - but that didn’t curb his affection for girls; in fact, it spurred him on even more to increase his activity with the female populous of Hogwarts.

    And again, the following years proved to be as dull as the ones before with the exception of his O.W.L’s which garnered his father’s ire and was proof to all his teachers that it wasn’t Theodore doing the work and turning out the excellent essays.

    He was, from that point on, subjected to gruelling after-hour work and he was forced to join extra-curricular classes, banned from Hogsmeade and had to work ten times as hard as everyone else, he believed, in order to get back into the good books of his teachers and get a good grade; not that he cared for their opinion but he knew as well as his father did that if they hated him, he’d suffer for it.

    Seventh Year came and went and finally, finally, Theodore graduated. When he did so he was presented with a present Lionel could only ever dream of: a place on the Wizengamot, courtesy of the Rookwood birthright which had not been claimed in decades. Theodore took on his new role most seriously, for a while, but really just enjoyed the office he got and the women that seemed to trail along after him because of it. But of course, that wouldn’t last long. No, soon enough he’d have to pay attention to the work and Theodore knew it; or he’d get a smack round the ear for his troubles.


    When he was nineteen, having earned enough money for his own home, Theodore bought a brownstone townhouse in London and another matching one in New York City; all with a little help from his father. From time to time he lent his services to the magical judicial system there and found he rather enjoyed the city so saw it only fit to extend a residence there permanently. Most of his time was spent in London, however, as the Ministry demanded his attention.

    Not long after he joined the Wizengamot, he found a tutor and some books in the foyer of the manor and he knew from that moment on that he’d be stuck studying the way magical law worked - and his father disappointed. Before his twentieth birthday, Theodore felt he knew more pointless law-centric propaganda and titbits than anyone else on the council and, thankfully, after his twentieth, he found he was left to his own devices - trusted, seemingly, to do well in his gifted position.

    On his twentieth birthday, however, the betrothal was called into activity and he was forced to allow the Nott woman to take up residence in his home in London. As a result, he rarely went home and while she wore his ring, if anyone asked he was still single and available. They lived very separate lives and despite himself, he became used to the Department of Mysteries consultant preventing the dust from settling in his home. If you asked him, however, he’d deny it and, more importantly, deny she ever existed. It’s the way of things, of course.

    As ever, Theodore remains in the shadows and out of the way but he is newly determined to fight his way out and somehow impress his father and grandfather. He wants to be heir, their most trusted go-to family member - he wants it more than anything in the world and he is determined, determined to get it.



    RP EXPERIENCE: Nearly five years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliates from another site.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krum

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To ensure deliberate creation of character

Theodore Rookwood
Theodore Rookwood
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:38 pm

he's good! this will be interesting, indeed!

accepted and sorted into grads
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron Empty Re: ROOKWOOD, Theodore Raghnall Tritonos Aeron

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:43 pm

Gosh! That was quick! <3
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin

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