Lupin, Theodore James
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Lupin, Theodore James

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Lupin, Theodore James  Empty Lupin, Theodore James

Post by Theodore Lupin Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:25 am

Lupin, Theodore James  Asdg



    FULL NAME: Theodore James Lupin

    NICKNAMES: Teddy, Ted

    AGE: 25

    ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Pheonix

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Gryffindor


    WAND: Redwood, 6"2', Thestral tail hair

    PLAY BY: Joseph Gordon-Lewitt


    HAIR COLOR: His usual hair colour is brown, however he is known for sporting a range of different shades, varying with his moods.

    EYE COLOR: Again brown is the most prominent colorant, but this also varies.

    HEIGHT: 6ft

    BODY TYPE: Athletic and toned.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ted's 'Style'-if you could even call it that-, differs depending on whether he is on the clock or off of it. Off the clock, Ted sways towards blue jeans and brown biker boots, occasionally throwing a worn leather coat in there. His basic theme when in Civies is comfortable, old, and as always- practical. On the clock, Ted sticks with a simple back suit and tie, switching things up only with a pair of trainers. The way he sees it, the top bottom by far make up for the feet.


    - He is more than proficient in the ways of wise-assery
    - Won't ever give up on anyone
    - Very skilled in wandless magic
    - Will do the right thing even if he doesn't want to
    - Determined to the core
    - Good ethics, generally and work-related
    - Can make most people laugh even when they're crying

    - Proficient in the ways of wise-assery
    - Extremely sarcastic
    - Blindly chivalrous
    - Broody
    - Mumbles
    - Has a hard time taking things seriously
    - Commitment issues
    - Massive risk-taker

    Books. Mostly because, in Ted's opinion, even in the world of magic there are limitations on possibility and probability. Books are kinder, their stories often have morals and there's a point to what goes on in them. In the real world, there's often no point to the evils. They just are. And there's really no arguing with that.
    Dogs. As they all like him, the feeling is mutual. He's not a huge animal lover, but dogs are his exception.
    Alcohol. More than he probably should.
    Pretty girls. Lots of them. Then again, who doesn't?
    Divination. Not because it makes a whole lot of sense, but because it requires a large amount of guess work. He has an odd association with possibility.
    Defense Against the Dark Arts. Again, for obvious reasons.
    Vintage record players. Or really, just vintage anything... No, not a hipster. Whatever that is.

    Spiders. They creep him out. Lots of legs, lots of poison.
    Disorganization. Clean. Organized. Calm. That's not necessarily how things stay, specifically in the position he's in, but it's how he prefers them.
    Small spaces. Though he can stand them, they just usually result in a cold sweat and the shakes.
    Warm beer. Or a warm drink of any kind.
    Tile floors. No traction on them.
    Money. A needless complication of life. Specifically if you're good with transfiguration.
    Churches. They remind him of death and loss.
    Being cold. Which sadly, due to the usual weather of the British Isles, is an often occurance.
    Mornings without coffee. Caffeine is a nessecity for him to function.

    GOALS: To help everyone he can, for as long as he can.

    - His appearance tends to change when under stress/feeling extreme emotion
    - Can change his apperance at will, to whatever he so wishes
    - Talks to himself when lost in thought
    - Constantly is running his hands through his hair

    BOGGART: Simply put, death.

    PATRONUS: Teddy's patronus takes the form of a lion. He was taught him how to cast a patronus during his sixth year of Hogwarts by his grandfather. The memory that powers the patronus has changed over the years.

    At first, it was the memory of when he first kissed Victorie Weasley during his fourth year of Hogwarts. It was one of his happiest memories, until the two had their falling out and broke up. Now the memory is of his eleventh birthday party.

    It was a surprise party. The Potters, most of the Weasleys, and some of his other family had been there. It really made him realize that even though his parents were gone, he was surrounded by a group of wonderful people that loved him just as much. It was one of the happiest realizations he's had.

    DEMENTOR: During his first year at Hogwarts, he'd been dared to go swimming in the lake and try to find the Giant Squid. He wasn't the best swimmer, and ended up in deeper water than he could handle and almost drowned. It was a good thing one of his professors had been around to pull him out but it was the most terrifying experience of his life, and he's still not a fan of water to this day.

    VERITASERUM: He's afraid of falling in love, simply because he fears starting a family and ending up like his parents and leaving his wife/kids alone. Though he's tried to get past it and not wallow in pity, he often wonders why he had to lose his parents and grow up without them.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Ted's biggest desire is to be able to meet his parents and get to know them. Even though this isn't possible, it's the one thing he wishes for more than anything. He's heard about how amazing they are, but he constantly wishes he could have had the chance to meet them himself. He often wonders how differently his life may have turned out if they had of been alive to raise him.

    PERSONALITY: Witty and quick, his mouth tends to get him into all kinds of trouble. Ted is a self-made loner, cutting himself off from most people by plain instinct. Ted has had trust issues all of his life and holds most people at arm’s-length. It takes a lot for him to let someone into his life, despite the fact that Ted had a well enough childhood. Despite his solo mindset though, he does feel the need to help people, especially women. He is extremely chivalrous, almost to the point of chauvinism. He tends to get in over his head when a girl gets in trouble.

    To say that Ted is quiet is an understatement. He generally keeps to himself despite his mouth, only piping up when he feels the need to or when he's spoken to. He travels alone when not on the job, a choice he doesn't think about too often. He keeps himself busy when he isn't working, keeping his body in shape, training his combat and wand-less magic skills as well as tinkering away at his rusty, ramshackle motorcycle. He has dabbled in a little of everything martial arts-wise, but he has a knack for Akido. Ted has a healthy thirst for knowledge and he has the attitude that if there is something he needs to know and doesn't know it, he will find it out.

    Ted seems to take after Remus. He generally has a very serious, calm demeanor. He takes the time to think things through, which can be a bit of a disadvantage in situations where he needs to make quick, spur of the moment decisions, for he'll attempt to analyze things when there just isn't time.

    He's one of those people who let's their anger build up. He'll shrug it off and push it aside for as long as he can. Slowly, it builds up until he can't take it anymore and he just explodes. This usually involves several minutes of yelling and once he lets it all out, he's fine again...until it all builds up and needs released once more.

    However, Ted really isn't a violent person at all. Although well trained, he doesn't like fighting and tries to avoid it at all cost. The only act of violence that comes out of the guy is when he’s in a duel or situation where he has to fight to protect himself and others. Considering all of the deaths that came from the great war, such as his parents’, he prefers trying to figure out solutions to problems without violence.

    For the most part, he’s a pretty friendly person when approached. He enjoys being around people he loves and is generally a pretty nice guy, and quite the gentleman. However, Teddy can often be seen just wandering around by himself, lost in his own thoughts.


    FATHER: Remus Lupin, deceased

    MOTHER: Tonks Lupin, deceased

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Andromeda Tonks- Grandmother
    Harry Potter- Godfather
    Treated like family by the Weasleys and Potters

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Somewhere between middle-class and poor

    PET(S): None

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt, from his Quidditch days in Hogwarts

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: A motorbike


    Early Years: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks had a bit of a rough relationship. After all, it was never easy to fall in love during a war, especially when the man you fall in love with is a werewolf. Remus was opposed to the whole thing for the longest time, insistent that Tonks could do better than someone like him. However, as times grew tough, Remus started to realize the things in life that were important and, finally, could no longer deny his feelings for Tonks. The two were married and soon had a child on the way.

    Theodore James Lupin was born into the world on April 7th, just a few months before the end of the second war would come. Though Remus and Dora were afraid for their son (because of how dangerous times were and the possibility that he would be a werewolf), they loved him instantly. Harry Potter was named to be young Teddy’s godfather, though he wouldn’t be able to see the child until later on. It was only a few days before it became apparent that Teddy had inherited the Methamorphmagus trait from his mother. He had been born with sandy colored hair and blue eyes, but his hair and eye color continued to change from day to day. For the most part though, life was great for the young family. Unfortunately, tragedy was soon set to strike.

    Remus and Nymphadora were both killed during the Battle of Hogwarts. They both went down fighting for freedom, but left a now-orphaned child behind. Of course, Ted was too young to realize any of this, but just because his parents were gone didn’t mean he was going to be alone. He was taken in by Tonks’ mother, Andromeda Tonks. Aside from his grandmother, Teddy had plenty of other family to care for him. Aside from Andromeda, he had his godfather, Harry, to care for him and many others who were part of the Order of the Phoenix. Even Narcissa Malfoy would eventually rebuild her relationship with her sister and become part of Teddy’s life.

    For the most part, Teddy had a fairly average childhood. Andromeda was a great mother, though a little strict (of course, you would be too if you had to raise Nymphadora Tonks), she wanted to give her grandson as normal of a life as possible. Thankfully, Teddy ended up not being a werewolf, but his Metamorphmagus abilities got him in trouble a few times around Muggles. His appearance was constantly shifting, based on whatever emotions he was feeling. When out in public places like the supermarket, he’d earn some very weird stares when his hair would suddenly shift in color.

    While he loved his grandmother greatly, Harry quickly became one of Teddy’s favorite people to be around. His godfather made it a point to be a part of Teddy’s life, determined to have the relationship that he and Sirius should have been able to have. He practically became a father to Teddy, despite his young age and, as he grew older, found that Harry was the only person that could really understand how it felt to never know his parents. This was a nice reassurance for Teddy to have as he grew older, for when he reached the age of ten, he finally started to understand the whole thing about not having his parents around. It was rather difficult for him to deal with, what with hearing about how amazing they were but never getting to know for himself. He thought it was unfair and didn’t see why this had to happen to him. Thanks to the help from his friends and family, he was able to realize that he wasn’t totally alone. Still, it was going to be something that would constantly pester him over the years.

    Hogwarts Years: Upon entering Hogwarts, he had been very curious as to what house he would be sorted into. After all, his family members had been in every house, aside from Ravenclaw. He ended up taking after his father and godfather and being sorted into Gryffindor, something he was quite proud of. He loved his classes and being able to learn new things. He did rather well in his studies too, seeming to have inherited his father’s brains. Charms and Transfiguration seemed to be the subjects he did the best in (and the ones he enjoyed the most), but he did well in the other classes as well.

    Thanks to some training from the Potters, Teddy was able to play as Keeper on the Quidditch team from his third year to his seventh year. For the most part, the young wizard was well-liked among his classmates and got along pretty well with them. He had his fair share of friends, dated a couple of girls, and was named prefect his fifth year. He did quite well on his O.W.L.s and life was great.

    Considering his close relationship with the Potter family, it was only expected that he would know the many members of the Weasley family as well. However, Victorie was a couple of years younger than him and, honestly, he hadn’t paid much attention to her throughout his childhood. As he got to know her better during his time at Hogwarts, the two became very close and started dating. Teddy can honestly say she was the first person he truly fell in love with. No one was more amazing than Victorie and no one seemed to understand him like she did.

    Adulthood: After his tenure at Hogwarts, Ted applied for apprenticeship as an Auror for the Ministry. Anyone who knew him where surprised considering his problems with authority, not to mention the Ministry itself. He would never tell anyone this, but it was the only thing he could see himself doing. Even though he still half-resented the Wizarding Government for what happened to his parents, he could not stop himself from wanting to help others. And since there was no type of armed service or pubic servant other than Aurors, that's what Ted set his sights on. It took to him well, and he to it. His Master, Auror Ortiz, was a seasoned veteran from the Second War and had a great many things to teach young Lupin, along with the grit to kick him in his place when he needed it (which was quite often). After a few close calls and a lot of ass saving on both ends, Ted was given his Aurorship.

    Things weren’t going to go according to plan, however. Not long after Victorie got out of Hogwarts, the young couple moved in together. At first, things were great, but as time wore on it all started to fall apart. Teddy tried to do his best to avoid fighting and keep peace between the two of them, but Victorie was a little too firey for that. It didn’t help that as rumors of another war started to break out, Teddy seemed to withdraw. All he could think about was how his parents had been killed in the last war and how he’d been an orphan because of it. He began to have a hard time envisioning a future with Victorie and slowly started to push her away. Things became very tense and, eventually, she broke it off with him and left. To say he was devastated by the whole thing would be an understatement. His heart had literally been shattered and, once again he could only wonder ‘why me?’

    It was a hard time for Teddy, who had been twenty-one at the time. Thankfully, he had his family and friends to help get him through it all. He hasn’t talked to Victorie much since, but at the age of twenty-five, he’s finally able to move on from it. For the past four years, he's been very much into sexual rather than emotional relationships. He had to believe there were other fish in the sea and, though it wouldn’t be easy, he’s become willing to trying to find love again.

    Nowadays Ted pretty much keeps to his work, trying not to stop long enough to let anything else settle on him, whether that be people, places, or assignments. If you asked any of his superiors, they would say he was a reckless, smart-mouthed, effective and driven Auror. As a person though, Ted is still just a young Wizard trying to outrun his own problems, same as any young man.


    YOUR NAME: Georgia, alias name is Dean.. Don't ask

    RP EXPERIENCE: 6 years now

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Oh I actually can't remember what I typed in...

    OTHER CHARACTERS: None as of yet

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To be able to interact with a lot of people.. Perhaps even a love interest?

    RP SAMPLE: Ted stood on a snow-filled alley in Moscow, his wand arm outstretched in the wake of his spell. The magic erupted out of the tip of his wand, a wave of pure will nearly invisible to the naked eye crashing over the four men rounding the corner. To his pursuers, the wave coalesced into a large, fang filled mouth. A thick roar, too loud to be anything but a Lion's klaxoned at the group, knocking them off of their feet. The guards didn't get up, giving Ted the opportunity to turn and continue his retreat. He assumed they where guards, but to be fair, there had been all kinds of people things chasing after him since his rather... abrupt departure from Astor Delacroix’s good graces. For all he knew, he had just knocked four Auror's on their asses. While it shouldn't of made a difference, to Ted it did.

    It made it more fun.

    Lupin knew that he shouldn't have been enjoyed knocking his would-be-captors off their toes, but victorys had been scarce now days and he would take what triumph that came his way. As such, he was too preoccupied with the four men behind him to notice the fifth flanking him from a rooftop. Moreover, he didn't even see the threat until he heard a shout of "Fulminaris!", followed by a burst of dark crimson light.

    Ted shouted in surprise, throwing his arms up in useless reflex, trying to summon any type of magical defense that he could muster. His wand lit up briefly, a pale white half dome of a shield beginning to form around his forearms. The man's spell reached Ted before the shield had time to spread to his torso though, the blunt of the blast striking his exposed left side. This time Ted's yell was of pain, and he fell, his half-realized shield breaking as he hit the ground.

    He heard someone-probably the wizard on the roof-call to his comrades back at the mouth of the alley, who Ted figured were starting to regain their composure. Not that he could do anything about it. He clutched at his wounded side, pressing gingerly at his ribs, checking for any breaks. After a quick test resulting in lots of flashes of white-hot pain, Ted confirmed at least three ribs broken. 'Shit!', Ted thought numbly, berating himself. 'Stupid stupid stupid! Rookie mistake Lupin!' He churned his brain-pan, trying desperately to think of a way out. It was hard to focus though, the pain was growing and things where getting blurry. Ted pulled his hand away from his side, bringing it up to eye-level. It was hard to tell what with the entire alley spinning and all, but he was pretty sure that his palm was covered in blood. ...Oh no.... He was fading fast, and he could now see the blurry forms. In a drunken panic, Ted though of the last time he had been happy.


    Magic-the very essence and force of life in the world, poured out of him, his vision fading, and just as the five men reached out to him, Ted apparated away.


    When Ted came to, he was laying in the snow, half of his face down in the cold. It hurt to move, but he managed to lift his head enough to catch a glimpse of the skyline:

    Faded green towers and terraces pierced the sky, and a long bell toll sounded in a tell-tell confirmation.

    Ted's heart leaped in hope. Well it sped up a little. His heart was running a little low on juice to pump at the moment, as evidenced by the small amount of stained snow underneath him. Lucky for Ted though, he had been trained by one of the best Aurors. Which meant only that he could form coherent thoughts for maybe one minute more than the average wizard with his current wounds, maybe. With his last, fading act of consciousness, he raised his wand-which he had somehow managed to hold onto even with his wounded retreating-and thought of one of the only people left in this world he could trust at the school. Her face and voice locked clearly in his foggy head, he spoke "Expecto...Patronum...", the foe-latin a whisper.

    The last thing Ted saw before he faded away was a silver lion, thick mane flowing like a cloud, running towards the castle...

Theodore Lupin
Theodore Lupin

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Lupin, Theodore James  Empty Re: Lupin, Theodore James

Post by Wayne Bryd Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:34 am

I like him, problem is, Teddy Remus Lupin is the real godson of harry potter, son of remus and tonks. and they died long ago (Or at least in real lore) And harry potter would not know considering he went missing a while back and is presumed dead but other then that, Nice!
Wayne Bryd
Wayne Bryd
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Lupin, Theodore James  Empty Re: Lupin, Theodore James

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:36 am

Teddy has an aunt and an uncle and a cousin here. We allowed Remus to have a brother, Robert. His wife is Katherine, and they have one grown child, Khaat. She is married to a man name Brian, and they have 2 children age 2, and 3 that are age 1. Robert is the current minister of magic. idk if you want to add them to teddys' family or not. but he is welcome to interact with them.

if you dont' want to add, thats fine, but i've always wanted my characters to reunite with teddy so he could get to know his dad.

let me know what you think! then i'll re-read this app. it looks really good so far.

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Lupin, Theodore James  Empty Re: Lupin, Theodore James

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:03 pm

pm'd thhis player b/c he hasn't been back on since he made the app, from what i see.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Lupin, Theodore James  Empty Re: Lupin, Theodore James

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:06 am

moving to graveyard for lack of response.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Lupin, Theodore James  Empty Re: Lupin, Theodore James

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