NOTT, Alexander Theodore
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NOTT, Alexander Theodore Li9olo10

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NOTT, Alexander Theodore

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NOTT, Alexander Theodore Empty NOTT, Alexander Theodore

Post by Alexander Nott Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:04 pm

NOTT, Alexander Theodore 1923_419284



FULL NAME: Alexander Theodore Nott

NICKNAMES: Nott or Alexander -  His name is Alexander and he doesn't answer to anything apart from Alexander.

AGE: 21  (b. November 2008)

Nott Family
Parkinson Family
Malfoy Family
Pure Blood Society

Slytherin House
Slytherin Quidditch Team
Lancashire Quidditch Team

Dark Followers
Death Eaters

Ministry Of Magic


NEWT Results:
Arithmancy - Exceeds Expectations
Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
History of Magic - Outstanding
Potions - Outstanding
Transfiguration - Outstanding

OWL Results:
Arithmancy - Outstanding  
Astronomy - Outstanding
Care of Magical Creatures - Exceeds Expectations
Charms - Exceeds Expectations
Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic - Outstanding
Potions - Outstanding
Study of Ancient Runes - Oustanding
Transfiguration - Outstanding

Extra Curricular Activities:
Apparition: Year 6
Slytherin Quidditch Team - Seeker: Years 3 - 5

WAND: Aspen, Dragon heartstring , 11 3/4 inches, unyielding.
Aspen: Wand-quality aspen wood is white and fine-grained, and highly prized by all wand-makers for its stylish resemblance to ivory. The proper owner of the aspen wand is often an accomplished duellist, or destined to be so, for the aspen wand is one of those particularly suited to martial magic
Dragon heartstring: As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn quicker than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner
Unyielding: A wand of this flexibility finely tunes itself to its original owner's preferences and doesn't stray from those preferences, even in the hands of a new owner; the new owner will just have to get used to it. It is particularly good for combative and healing magic. Unyielding wand owners tend to be very confident in themselves and/or in the things they believe in. They tend to be intelligent, somewhat cynical, and usually have well-defined principles that they will not stray from ever. Sometimes, this combination can lead to arrogance because of them insisting on how right they are without considering other points of view or whether or not they might be wrong.

PLAY BY: Francisco lachowski


HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown

EYE COLOUR: Light brown

BODY BUILD: As a child Alexanders parents, his Mother in particular, feared that he would resemble his Fathers build: talk, skinny and difficult to put on weight. He was taller than his two older cousins by the time he was seven although it appeared the rest of his body caught up during puberty. He remained a light weight during his third and fourth year, which worked well considering he played seeker, however by the fifth year Alexander had began to fill out and had stopped growing leaving him at a height just under six foot.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Alexander was the perfect cross between the puggish Pansy Parkinson and the slimmer facial features of Theodore Nott. His jaw line is rather strong straight on (a little less from the side profile) and it forms almost a triangular shape at the chin. His lips are wide and the top is no bigger, nor smaller than the bottom. Alexander has almond shaped eyes that are narrow and fall beneath a pair of pencil-line eyebrows that are kept well groomed. On the surface he seems a handsome boy although his skin is rather pale in coloration and contrasts slightly with his dark hair. The hair is kept neat and tidy holding a professional look as it is shorter at the sides and back then swept back and to the side on top. Alexander wears a silver ring with the Nott family crest on the little finger of his right hand, furthermore a dark mark can be found on his left forearm.


+ Ambitious
+ Cunning
+ Determined
+ Resourceful
+ Intelligent
+ Hardworking
+ Prejudice
+ Blood Purist
+ Narcissistic
+ Charismatic
+ Confident  
+ Slightly Arrogant

+ Pure bloods
+ Artwork
+ Victorian Architecture
+ Broomsticks
+ Quidditch
+ Jewellery
+ Brewing potions
+ Slytherin House
+ Being victorious
+ Being envied
+ Intimacy
+ Parties
+ Cigarettes
+ Whiskey

- Half breeds
- Muggleborns
- Blood traitors
- Unattractiveness
- Heavy meals
- The Quibbler
- Rock music/ Heavy Metal
- Clutter & mess
- Losing
- Potters Army
- Order of The Phoenix
- Being laughed at

1. To graduate from Hogwarts with straight outstandings in his NEWT's.
2. To work in the Goblin Liaison Office managing the wizarding economy.
3. Become Minister for Magic
4. To fill his Gringotts vault with gold.
5. To marry a pure blood and have pure blooded children.
6. To not get thrown into Azkaban.

1. Left handed.
2. Stares people out.
3. Smokes cigarettes  

His greatest fear is that he will be thrown into Azkaban for some reason, of course this is unlikely if he keeps his affiliation to the death eaters and dark followers a secret. Alexander is afraid that he wont become a high respected ministry official on a whopping salary and not continue to live in luxury meaning that his boggart takes the form of himself, although there is no likeness between the boggart and the real Alexander. The boggart is wearing working class clothes that are torn and dirty, his teeth aren't straight and his hair messy and brittle.

Alexander feels no need to be able to produce a patronus although he has learned the theory and practice anyway. His patronus takes the form of a kingfisher. Because Alexander has lived a life of luxury from the moment he was born it is hard to find a happy memory as the times with his Father, learning to ride a broomstick and attending every Lancashire Quidditch Team match from the age of six means that these memories the working class would associate as happy are simply memories for Alexander. The time when he was happiest wasn't that long ago. It was during their annual holiday to a wizarding village in France the summer before sixth year where he met Louisiana, a muggleborn witch who worked in one of the local village shops. Alexander got talking to her and by the end of the week he'd had his first romantic affair. It had been beautiful: strawberries by the lake, a walk along the stream as sunlight filtered through the trees. The Slytherin lost his virginity to her two nights before he returned to England after he met up with her at the end of her shift unaware of her blood status, when he found out he was rather devastated although Louisianna will always hold a place in his heart.

1. That he fell in love and shared his first intimate moment with a muggleborn.
2. That his Mother has had an affair on his Father. The only reason he has kept quiet about this secret is because Pansy is giving him a sum of galleons each month into his vault at Gringotts.
3. That his sister Anastasia isn't actually a Nott and is, in fact, the result of an affair with a Rookwood.

When Alexander looks in the mirror he sees himself with a beautiful wife, pure blooded children (male in order to carry on the Nott line) and talismans, treasures and piles of gold around him.  

Alexander is a confident person. He is comfortable with everything about himself and the Slytherin is exactly that: A Slytherin. He is ambitious, has goals and will stick to them no matter what. When he wants something he works hard to achieve those goals and will use anything he can to meet his ends. Of course there is more to him that the typical Slytherin qualities, such as his intelligence inherited from his Father.
Being an elite pure blooded wizard means that Alexander has been eating from a silver spoon his entire life. He fully absorbs himself into the world of prejudice and blood purity. Any pure blood socials he attends to assert his blood status and wrap up the luxury of everything. He is fond of anything that symbolises wealth and riches.


Albert Billius Parkinson, 79, Serving a life sentence in Azkaban
Bertha Magnolia Parkinson, 75, Living in West Cheshire
Tobius William Nott, 77, Serving a life sentence in Azkaban
Cynthia Belladonna Nott, 69, Serving a life sentence in Azkaban

Alexander doesn't know any of his Grandparents apart from Bertha as they were sent to Azkaban before his birth after being captured at the battle of Hogwarts. However he is quiet fond  of Bertha and enjoys seeing her on special occasions or family meetings.

FATHER: Theodore Tobius Nott
Alexander has a fairly strong relationship with Father. It was his Father who would teach him magical theory, how to read, write and do mathematics before he went to Hogwarts. His Father was the one who repeatedly encouraged him to do well in school and to seek a well paid job in the Ministry, maybe even becoming minister for magic one day. Although his Father doesn't share Alexanders interest in Quidditch the two do enjoy games of wizards chess and conversation about current affairs.

MOTHER: Pansy Parkinson-Nott
Pansy loved her son, she treated him like a price and was the woman who bought him his first broomstick. It would be a lie to say Alexander wasn't a Mummys boy and he admires her talent and ability to get what she wants as venomously as possible - something he wishes he himself had more of. Although there relationship is fairly close Pansy never gave Alexander as much time as his Father did and it is only because of the monthly payments the Slytherin receives that is preventing him from blabbing about her affair - or multiple affairs as he is also suspicious she had had numerous.  

SIBLING/S: His sister: Belladonna Nott
The two got on reasonably well as children. To pure bloods family means everything and so their parents essentially forced them to get along. In spite of that His sister never seemed to get on as much with their Mother and takes a lot more after her Father. When Alexander went to Hogwarts his relationship with His sister weakened and even though the two stayed on writing terms gradually the amount of letters between them reduced over the years, although this soon changed and the pair became much closer again upon her arrival at Hogwarts and sorting into Slytherin a few years later.

His Sister: Anastasia Nott
Anastasia was always the sister that Alexander didn't really want around. She was annoying, would tag along and would always copy what he did in hope that she would gain attention from their Father because he never seemed to have the time for her for some reason that Alexander wasn't aware. In spite of that he does love his sister and will always look out for her even if sometimes he doesn't necessarily show this. Of course upon learning that she isn't a true Nott his feelings towards her have become more conflicted and this is where Alexander is beginning to question the strength that 'blood' holds as he believes he should love her less but appears to lover her no less than he did, simply because love isn't purely determined by blood lineage.

Uncle Louis Tobius Nott, 44, Ex-Slytherin - Brother of Theodore Nott
Auntie Daphne Fiona Nott, 42, Ex-Ravenclaw - Wife to Louis Nott
Cousin Phillip Louis Nott, 20, Ex-Slytherin - Son of Louis Nott  
Cousin Elizabeth Daphne Nott, 19, Ex-Slytherin - Daughter of Louis Nott

Because Theodore was never a fan of Quidditch it was Louis who introduced Alexander to the sport and it was he was took him to all the Lancashire Quidditch Team games as a child. As a result Alexander became rather fond of his Uncle and Auntie. Alexander also got on well with Phillip and Elizabeth  growing up and even throughout Hogwarts given how close they are in age.

BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood



Family Screech Owl - Selwyn  & Barn Owl - Salazar
A collection of racing brooms, an apparition license and a silver ring marked with the Nott family crest.


Early Years: Alexander lived a stereotypical pure blooded lifestyle. He had whatever he wanted when he wanted, was taught pure blood traditions and that they should be upheld, was heavily influenced by his parents views and picked up hobbies such as: art, reading and strolls around the grounds. His Father had links with the french ministry and so every August Theodore, Pansy, Alexander and his sister would spend time in south of France at their Father's friends luxurious villa by the lake.
There isn't much more to say about his early years as most of it has been covered through the family section and other parts of the application.

Hogwarts Years: Alexander went to Hogwarts knowing a lot more than other first years, especially the muggle borns. His Father had wanted him to be ahead of everyone to give him a better head start at his education and the Slytherin soon excelled in theory. Of course his wandwork was slightly behind his theory, still good but not as good owing to the fact he didn't have one until a month or so before he started Hogwarts. Alexander was taught the ins and outs of Hogwarts within his first month being there thanks to older cousins Phillip and Elizabeth meaning that he soon rose in popularity. Alexander was quiet the student, he was smart and social meaning that he was recognised by both peers and Professors alike.
Upon entering the third year Alexander selected to study arithmancy, care of magical creatures and study of ancient runes. It was at this age he also was awarded a spot on the quidditch team as a seeker. Alexander was proving to be an all round student although one thing that did trouble him was had a growing attraction to girls but simply didn't know how to control or direct this. Besides his sister and his cousin Elizabeth Alexander had never really talked to girls before. They didn't do anything for him whatsoever, which was kind of odd as he was hitting puberty. Alexander soon learned to take advantage of his position on the quidditch team to get the female attention and even dated a few girls - none that was serious or longlasting.
During the fifth year Alexander joined the dark followers but with juggling that, quidditch practise and preparation Alexander decided to quit the quidditch team and spent most of his time studying in the library before relaxing and having fun in the common room. Alexander completed the fifth year with a strong set of OWL's and the relief of knowing he could drop the softer subjects, such as charms, herbology, care of magical creatures, and focus more on subjects that Alexander found more interesting and required a higher level of intellect.
During the summer between fifth and sixth year on the annual family trip to Southern France to stay with his Fathers friends Alexander met a Louisiana on his first day there, a muggle born witch who worked in the bakery. She was beautiful but had more about her than looks. She was intelligent, could hold a conversation and had quiet the witty tongue. Alexander went back everyday of the holiday just to see her and they even went on strolls together, enjoyed a romantic picnic by the lake. The second to last evening of the holiday Alexander shared a moment of intimacy with her where he was completely comfortable, he could escape the rules and regulations, the upholding of pureblood standards and enjoy her company. Unfortunately, afterwards, when asking what her parents did Alexander soon discovered she was in fact muggle born. Feeling ashamed and dirty he left that evening and kept his romantic affair a secret from the rest of the family. It didn't help that he also caught his Mother in bed with another man the next day.

Alexander graduated from Hogwarts with one outstanding short than a clean sweep. Fortunately his grades, although not up to his perfect expectations, were still good enough to get him a job in the ministry of magic where he worked as an intern in the department for magical creatures. The reason why he chose this position was that he hoped to progress into the Being Division and then onto work within the goblin liaison office and work with goblins to ensure a stable economy

After five months Alexander managed to secure a role within the goblin Liaison office. Sadly it wasn't what he expected it to be. The majority of the work was paperwork and mathematics and despite being highly intelligent, like most wizards, logic wasn't a particular enjoyment to Alexander and so he decided to seek work within the werewolf liaison office with the hope that he can progress and acquire a notable, high established position in which he can pass anti-werewolf laws as he has a hatred towards them after being slashed by one when he went to aid the Hogwarts Express when James Blood's packed destroyed the viaduct causing the red engine to plummet into the depths of a lake. Of course Alexander had done this to impress ministry officials rather than because he wanted to ensure his sisters safety.

During his early days employed by the Ministry in the summer after graduation in order to avoid an ill partnering in the marriage law his parents arranged a pure blooded marriage with Isadora Malfoy and so he took the blonde as his wife. The two now live in a cottage in Hogsmede whilst Alexander saves his gold for a more grandiose property. Moreover Isadora has perfected a poison that could be potentially used to kill werewolves, which only makes Alexander love his wife even more. However, in an attempt to hunt and kill James Blood himself in attempt to gain bonus points and propel his career further Alexander found himself in a tight situation and was rescued by Khaat Lupin. This incident caused the young man to find work once again in the Goblin Liaison Office, although due to additional experience he was given a higher position and has more direct work with managing the wizarding economy with the goblins and so spends a lot of his time actually at Gringotts instead of inside the Ministry office.  

Alexander recently discovered, after his wife overheard his Mother and Father arguing, that his younger sister Anastasia is actually the daughter of Augustus Rookwood and in an attempt to protect their families dignity Alexander intends to keep this a secret from his sister.



RP EXPERIENCE: PA, Hoggie Hallows

HOW YOU FOUND US: Already a member

MAIN CHARACTER: Hallie Rookwood

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I have so much head canon history about the Parkinson-Nott clan and I'm anxious to expand and share on that!


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NOTT, Alexander Theodore Empty Re: NOTT, Alexander Theodore

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:01 pm

I really, really, really liked this app! A lot, if you can tell. Razz He's great.

Accepted and sorted into Slytherin! <3
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NOTT, Alexander Theodore Empty Re: NOTT, Alexander Theodore

Post by Anastasia Nott Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:05 pm

Why thank you! I'm really eager to use him and get him involved in plots so feel free to throw any ideas at me!

Very Happy
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