LUPIN, Abbey
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LUPIN, Abbey Li9olo10

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LUPIN, Abbey

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LUPIN, Abbey Empty LUPIN, Abbey

Post by Scott Fenwick Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:02 am

LUPIN, Abbey 28atelk

Abigail Fiona Lupin


    FULL NAME: Abbey Lupin

    NICKNAMES:  Abbey, Abs, Pixie (childhood nickname from Michael Tremaine, and its stuck)

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army, Order

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor.

    CLASSES: Dada, Potions.

    WAND: Birch, Pine, and Koa Wood, with a core of Unicorn hair, Pixy wings and kneazle whiskers

    PLAY BY: Abigail Breslin.. Remember to check the face claim list


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde. Darker blond in cold weather months. Signficantly lighter in good weather when she can be outdoors. Or when she uses a glamour spell. She prefers the blond.

    EYE COLOUR: Oddly enough, they're blue--unlike either of her parents. It appears to be a recessive gene from her maternal grandfather, and she has his striking blue eyes.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Right now, its an even 5'. She's definitely shorter than her peers.

    BODY BUILD: .slight and slightly muscular. She's smaller than her peers, in general.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Abbey has a distinctive petite look.   Her frame is small, and she is slightly muscular because of how much she enjoys sports. She is shorter than a great many of her peers, and has more of the build of a muggle gymnast. She is equally comfortable in jean or a more dressy look. However, she always adds a bit of her own spice to it, such as a pair of diamond studs with her jeans, or perhaps an antique lace handkerchief in her pocket to show just a bit of the lace.  She enjoys being a girly-girl.


    animagus--she's inherited some tendencies towards this from her father
    seer skills--inherited that from her mother and her maternal grandmother. excels at divination
    excels in Defense Against the Dark Arts
    drawing and painting
    writes fiction and poetry
    horseback riding
    unfailingly loyal
    afraid of very little
    well travelled and knowledgeable about other countries and cultures and about the magical and muggle worlds beyond most kids her age
    sometimes stupidly brave
    completely unafraid of self sacrifice if it is for those she loves or for the greater good

    quick tempered, but gets over it quickly too
    sometimes she can be too sensitive and can be hurt easier than she'd like
    she often will let those she loves take advantage of her
    can be forced to do schoolwork but looses focus easily if she can't force herself through it.
    insomniac--like her mother and her grandfather and her stepfather
    she can be a nightowl but she is also a creature of habit and is an early riser.  She is often short of sleep.
    She can get edgy when her sleep is irregular
    Sometimes is a bit overconfident when dealing and can get into trouble.  She's not sure where she gets that.
    Struggles with Herbology
    Gets bored easily with subjects she doesn't like
    "Borrows" her mother's "cool" clothing and jewelry and forgets to put them back
    "Borrows" certain 'fashion statements" from her stepfather and refuses to put them back after she goes to all the trouble of resizing them, transfiguring their color, etc. to suit her. She can't resist his fedoras.
    Has learned how to pick pockets from Michael Tremaine--which doesn't make her mother happy
    Tries incessantly to learn to crochet but so far all it does is make her ridiculously nervous and angry
    Is often too trusting
    Believes too much in second chances--and thirds and fourths, and fifths....
    Has an unquenchable fascination with Knockturn Alley
    Often tries too hard to please others.


    Time with her family--above all else
    Staying up late
    French Roast--she has always liked it better than tea. She doesn't know why that is.
    Cheesecake--she can't resist, and she has no clue why
    Chocolate--there is no such thing as too much chocolate
    Berries. Any sort of berry. There is no such thing as too many berries either
    Sugar cookies--with icing and sprinkles
    Fresh foods
    Reading fiction
    Horseback riding
    Sneaking rides on the hippogriff
    Her footstool puppy
    Wizards Chess
    Any sort of art--drawing, painting, stained glass
    High heels

    Wizard Robes
    Early bedtimes
    Junk food
    Werewolves--the ones who refuse to take Wolfsbane. They frighten her.
    "Snotty foods"--things that look "snotty" to her--raw oysters, okra, etc.
    Getting caught riding the hippogriff
    hovering bodyguards
    that 'dirty locker room' smell that happens so often in her brothers' rooms
    her sisters' pestering
    chopping up mandrakes--she always feels sorry for them when they cry
    Not being able to have a muggle cell phone
    Not seeing her biological father more than she does
    Her mother's request that she wears more flats
    Feeling short.
    Dislikes not being allowed to do a stained glass project by herself anymore b/c she always cuts her fingers
    Dislikes and has no patience for seeing people bite their lips.
    Drama queens
    Pureblood supremacists
    Trolls--she thinks they smell.

    GOALS:  Her life goal changes weekly, it seems, but this week, she's thinking she'd like to open a shop for divination someday

    HABITS & QUIRKS:Doesn't always have the best control of her animagus--a light buff colored Labrador.  Doesn't even sometimes seem to notice that she's shifted form because she just accepts it as a normal part of life. Confides in her Uncle Remus's wizarding portrait when its something she feels guilty about. She can't seem to avoid ratting herself out to someone, and right now, that's usually to Remus.

    BOGGART: (Greatest Fear; Optional) She is terrified that something will happen to her mother or her stepfather or her grandfather, and she doesn't feel prepared to be without them.

    PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory; Optional)Abbey has far more fond memories than bad ones. Its hard for her to pick but most of her memories are of lots of laughter when her house has been full of the people she loves. If she had to pick one memory, though, it would be the first time she rode a hippogriff, when her stepfather took her up for a ride. She remembers it as "awesome."

    DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory: Optional)The time, when she was small, a werewolf attacked and thought he would simply make off with her. She remembers the horror of him picking her up. She remembers how frightened she was and remembers the sound of her own screaming.

    VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret; Optional)She's afraid she's not acceptable somehow because she doesn't remember ever meeting her paternal grandmother and wonders what it is that is wrong with her that her grandmother won't have anything to do with her. She's constantly trying to measure up to some unreachable bar of acceptance.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire; Optional)She really wants to be able to come and go as she pleases, without having to live under such tight security and without all the bodyguards that comes with being a Lupin.

    PERSONALITY: Her mother describes Abbey as her sensitive child.  As a baby, she was the tolerant one, the one that simply put up her siblings hurling toys or food in her direction. She was always the cuddler, the one who was quick to seek out her mother or her grandfather just to be with them.  Those traits, although she shows them in different ways, have never left her.  She is quick to take advantage of any time she gets with her grandparents, her mother, her stepfather. And, well, yeah, sometimes she even enjoys being with her siblings.  Sometimes.  

    She outgoing in her own way. She doesn't like big parties or big crowds of strangers, but since her house is always chock full of people, she doesn't think twice about it there when its with people she knows and loves.  She values time she gets to be alone, which isn't very often. She ses that as a gift and not something to dread.  She does tire of older adults who call her 'perky' for her bright smile and her sheer love of life.


    FATHER:Robert Andrew Dent--("Dad")

    MOTHER:Khaat Karina Lupin--("Mom", "Mum")

    SIBLING/S:Dakota Lupin  16
                              Julia Lupin  15  
                               Robert Lupin II  15
                               Michael Lupin   15
                               Miseria Lupin   15

    OTHER: Brian Quinn--stepfather, ("Daddy,"); Godfather, Elijah Krum; Godmother--Jessica Dark Heart
                           Robert Lupin--grandfather--("Papa")
                           Kate Lupin--grandmother--("Gram")
                           Joseph Dent--grandfather
                           Charlotte Dent--grandmother
                           Jennifer Dent--aunt
                           Kieran Quinn--step uncle
                           Fiona Quinn--step aunt--("Aunt Fi")
                           Remus Lupin--uncle--deceased
                          and about a bezillion of her grandparents' and parents' friends who have all become family.

    BLOOD STATUS:  pureblood

    RACE: human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    Rainbow pygmy puff named Earl
    footstool puppy--white French provincial with pink brocade upholstery--named Cyd
    Barn Owl--Edgar

    optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


    Early Years: Abbey was the one and only child from her mother's marriage to Rob Dent.  She grew up, from birth in the home of her stepfather, Brian Quinn, who always treated her like she was his own. He loved her, and she knew it. Abbey was surrounded constantly by her family and their friends, and they became one large happy mass that was frequently living all under the same roof.  She learned to take magic for granted because she was always been exposed to it as a normal part of life. She played with animated objects and spent many happy afternoon with her stepfather coloring on the walls..  Her stepfather always ignored her mother's frustration and then would charm the scribbles away later.  She was rarely denied anything she truly wanted, and she knew she was loved.  There were always great numbers of other kids in the house--her siblings and the kids of the people who worked with her parents--so sharing and basic healthy relationship skills were always a part of her life.   The only part that has, for her, been not as healthy as she would like it to be is that while her family life is rich and full, she misses having contact with her biological father and his family.

    Abbey knew very early how dangerous her family's work was. She often saw the grownups in her life return with significant injuries. She knew what it was like, before she left her preschool years, to have her home invaded by vicious, attacking magical creatures. She learned to love to travel and it became part of her norm. She never had to fear being alone because there were always countless adults around her that she could trust. She didn't think twice about her family's fame or the need for bodyguards--until she went to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: Her mother almost didn't send Abbey to Hogwarts, preferring Beaubatons' for her daughter.  It was a dangerous time to be considering sending a child to the castle.  It was her grandfather, her "Papa," that ended up making the final winning argument, reminding Khaat that Abbey had the same love for home and family that she did, and he feared that Abbey being that far away in France would not be any healthier, in the long run, than it had been for Khaat.

    Abbey proved her mother's fears to be unfounded, and she flourished in Hogwarts. Her family saw her selection to Gryffindor as a no-brainer. She struggled for her first two terms in getting into the rhythm of the school's academic year and their expectations. It wasn't that she didn't want to learn.  It was merely that there were so many new things to do, and so much freedom without a herd of adults dictating her every move.  Freedom was an entirely new concept to her, and she frequently pushed the limits with the school rules--edging up towards getting in trouble but never quite having the guts to actually break any rules.

    She got along with pretty much everyone in her house, but stayed close to a handful of close friends.  She has dated some of the boys in her class but there hasn't been anyone to get serious about.  Some of her classmates look at her as though she's a bit odd because of her small size and because of her skills with divination and because she does enjoy a conversation with the portraits.  She is typically made fun of when she accidently shifts to her animagus form without notice, and she's had a few times when one of the professors has had to get her unstuck and help her shift back.  The transfiguration professor has taken to providing her extra tutoring to help her get her animagus under control.  When her classmates make fun of her for being so comfortable with the odder bits of magic, she withdraws to one of the many lonely places in the castle just to get away from them.  

    Adulthood: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history after Hogwarts


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Khaaty

    RP EXPERIENCE: a bit

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Because I got obsessive about her and couldn't help but make her. Let me know if I need another reason, and I'll come up with something. LOL


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LUPIN, Abbey Empty Re: LUPIN, Abbey

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:04 am

Look at my child!

Accepted and sorted into Gryffindor!

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