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KITSON, Lenora Jean

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KITSON, Lenora Jean Empty KITSON, Lenora Jean

Post by Lenora Kitson Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:09 am

KITSON, Lenora Jean Hayley-atwell022

Lenora Jean Kitson


    FULL NAME: Lenora Jean Kitson

    NICKNAMES: Lenny, Len, Nora

    AGE: 24

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Hufflepuff


    WAND: Apple, Fairy Hair, 8”

    PLAY BY: Hayley Atwell


    HAIR COLOR: Medium Brown

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 5’7”

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medium brown hair that is likely seen down rather than up, but when it is styled it’s for a reason. Lenora isn’t the type to overdo on appearances, she likes herself without the modifications of beauty products, but she will occasionally indulge for the special events to make an impression. Ears are pierced and if there isn’t any earrings in, then it feels like her ears are bare. Her nails are painted and styled, but on closer examination the paint that is used is acrylic paint with a layer or two of the clear top coat. Often dressed to look nice, but likes the clothing that’s comfy and has no value, as she seems to get paint on them every day. No matter what the occasion or how beautiful she looks, there’s always paint smeared somewhere on her.



    Artistic-With multiple paint stains all over her, her talent in art is natural. She excels in painting and drawing. She likes to try out many different things but always goes back to those. She always had a desire that pulled her to Art. When her parents had taken her to a muggle museum on a family vacation once, just for fun, she fell in love with the careful brush strokes and vivid color play upon the canvas. Ever since that day she pursued her dream to be an artist.

    Keen eyes- Lenora’s eyes are trained to help her capture the smallest of details, slight playing of lights, what color things are. It goes hand in hand with her talent for Art. Without it she’d be lost. They capture the next project that she’ll be working on.

    Patience- It’s difficult to sit around or stand in one place for very long, but trying to get the last detail perfect takes work and a lot of being still.

    Honest- Never able to tell a lie, even if it was to get out of trouble, was how Lenora lived. She could never bring herself to lie to her parents; it meant that would make her parents upset. When she was faced with the choice she tried to stay quiet but always ended up telling the truth in the end.

    Friendly-She likes everyone, no matter who they were. She would randomly walk up to someone to just say hello then disappear. When she’s this way, there’s always a smile on her face.

    Snoopy-Even though she was honest that lying was impossible, she was born with the innate ability to be snoopy, curious and what not. Always hiding around the corner to know what was happening “just to make sure everything is alright”.

    Loyal-She likes who she meets, which means it could be anyone. But she loves who she really knows. She sees herself as having a strong bond with them that if anyone she knows is in trouble, then she’ll back them up.


    Temperamental- Has occasions to snap at someone when she’s doing something important. A lot of the time she doesn’t mean it though.
    Too self-reliant- tries to do things herself more than let others help her.

    Competitive- Unlike others who were in her house when she attended Hogwarts, she was competitive. She must have picked up this trait when she learned that there would be a fight for her spot to be recognized as a famous Artist.


    The smell of paint- this seems to calm both other her personalities down, much like a tranquilizer for her mind. When the bottle or tube is opened her mind goes numb.

    Art- there’s always something for her to draw or paint. The details drive her wild with excitement that she usually can’t wait to start on her next project. This ability comes naturally to her, without even trying.

    Coconut- she loves the taste, it doesn’t matter what else is with it she’ll eat it.

    Children- Doesn’t have any of her own, but she loves being around them. Whenever she’s around them she always feels a sense of being like a mother.

    Nature- Or the landscape more precisely, the land never judges her for her problems, plus its beautiful the way it is and doesn’t have to change to prove. She tries to go by that a lot of the times, but loves to indulge in special events.

    Asphodels- being the flower of the middle ground souls in Greek myth, she loves the way that they look and that they give her inspiration for some of her work when painting mythical realms.


    criticized- she got enough of this in her life, but hates it when she hears people talk about her and others badly. She likes it better if everyone got the chance to show their true potential rather than being critiqued on what they do wrong.

    Stickiness- always having paint on her doesn’t bother her, but being sticky is another thing. Having her fingers sticking together is an annoyance to her.

    Superiority- Not that she hates it but she does dislike people who think they are in charge or are in charge. She doesn’t like the aura, air that they bring about them, so she tries to stay away from them.

    Becoming a famous freelanced artist.

    Chews on her bottom lip, unconsciously.

    BOGGART: Her dreams and hopes shattering in pieces and isn’t able to pick up the shard of her dreams and hopes again.

    PATRONUS: Her vacation to her first muggle art museum

    DEMENTOR: flying, she likes her feet firmly on the ground.

    VERITASERUM: she stashes large amounts coconut in her house and enjoys having movie nights for the sake of it when she is suppose to be doing something.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Having a place in people’s hearts as a famous artist which people will come to her to make portraits of them

    PERSONALITY: Lenora’s mostly a cheery person, but she has shifted into another mood easily, mostly when someone pesters her when she’s concentrating on her projects. She’s very much a nice person otherwise and could be someone’s loyal friend. Lenora is mostly a very friendly, can be laid back, and honest person.


    FATHER: Donald Kitson- Doctor

    MOTHER: Viviane Kitson- Homemaker and wife


    OTHER: Grandparents on her father’s side

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood
    RACE: Human

    Gypsy: Irish Setter


    lots of art supplies laying about in her house.


    Early Years: Her father worked as a doctor and mother as a house wife. She got to see her mother more often than her dad. She always knew that he went off to ‘make the sick people better’. Her family before she moved out was fairly rich, which meant that she was spoiled, she got all the things she wanted and life was uncomplicated.

    Hogwarts Years: Her years at Hogwarts proved to be more complicated than her early years. People teased her for being a snob and stuck up. Not having friends for the first two years really had Lenora depressed; during those times she would find a peaceful place to hide and try to figure out her problem. Then she came to the conclusion to throw away any material things she had for happiness. Her parents worried about her and tried to take her on vacations but they failed to see their Lenora. On her vacation she fell in love with art. When the attempted plan failed she went back to Hogwarts and finally had a much better time.

    Adulthood: Her adult life has remnants of her Hogwarts years still about. She kept a scrapbook of all the years she had there including her first and second year. Now she tries to live a more peaceful life away from all the noise. Lenora and her dog have exchanged a few silent conversations about her lifestyle, but she doesn’t care. Knowing that she can’t talk to animals she always finds them good sports taking the time to listen to her.


    YOUR NAME: Cindy

    RP EXPERIENCE:Moderate amount

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Molly introduced me.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Ellie Burgess

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Would like have a character that isn’t a student a Hogwarts, plus who loves art as much as I do


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Lenora Kitson
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KITSON, Lenora Jean Empty Re: KITSON, Lenora Jean

Post by Keith Nicholas Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:21 am

Mostly looks good, but we do not accept characters with mental illnesses. We have had members portray it poorly in the past and so now it's banned.

Please remove that, and then I'll give your app another look. (And maybe flesh out her history a bit? Thank you!)
Keith Nicholas

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KITSON, Lenora Jean Empty Re: KITSON, Lenora Jean

Post by Lenora Kitson Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:06 pm

Edited! Hope its better.
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KITSON, Lenora Jean Empty Re: KITSON, Lenora Jean

Post by Keith Nicholas Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:39 am

Thank you for the changes, I hope you understand the reasoning behind the ban. Your application's a bit on the short side, but since you have another character already I think you can be trusted.

Accepted, and sorted into GRADUATES
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