MACNAIR, Audrey Jean
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MACNAIR, Audrey Jean Li9olo10

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MACNAIR, Audrey Jean

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MACNAIR, Audrey Jean Empty MACNAIR, Audrey Jean

Post by Orla Hughes Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:05 pm

MACNAIR, Audrey Jean Tumblr_lkqpsn7KTi1qepoq3o1_500



    FULL NAME: Audrey Jean Macnair.

    ‘My parents were rather tradition in the way they named both me and my sister. ‘Audrey’ is of Old English origins and it means ‘noble strength’. I don’t suppose they realised that at the time but I find it quite apt. The way power rises and falls means that if you’re quiet then you keep your head - both figuratively and literally. Noble strength is quiet strength. With an air of grace and nobility there is a quiet, almost silent ripple of potential power that neither I nor anyone else with the same reserved disposition has sought to grasp. No one does this with regret, though, because self-preservation comes first above all schemes. But then again, that applies to any Slytherin with enough brain cells for conscious thought. So perhaps only a few select Slytherins then. Jean, again, is a fairly traditional name. It’s of Hebrew origins this time and means ‘God is Gracious’. I don’t know what that is implying; I’ll leave you to figure that out. Knock yourself out. Macnair is my family name. It’s an old Pureblood name, watered down by the few Muggles some of the less than savoury characters married in the past. Thankfully my father’s branch of the tree remained pure and is, to this day, a well respected Pureblood name and family. One can only hope that the name and the assurance of blood will make an array of suitors with the same approved traits will wish to marry myself and my sister. Merlin help me. My father will rue the day he ever marries me off to one of the idiots I am forced to attend Hogwarts with. I pray he’ll find me a Ravenclaw that will ignore me for the most part and not supply me with a needy Slytherin who demands the attention of any and every woman.’

    NICKNAMES: Aud. Heinous bitch.

    ‘Both as crude, both as equally un-allowed as each other. The latter is a favourite of many ‘gentlemen’ who had seemingly been on the end of a rather biting quip. I am not quite what they expect. They are incredibly foolish to think that I am the easy girl they expect. I am not foolish and when their attempts to charm me are thrown back in their faces, the latter ‘nickname’ comes into play. It is popular among them. The former is one that my sister likes to use and she uses it patronisingly, around the same gentlemen that prefer the latter. Then, like parrots they repeat it knowing full well that, that irritates me just as much if not more so. It’s hilarious for them, I’m sure. Their minds must be whirling, using so many brain cells that when a vaguely attractive specimen walks through the door their back lapping at the heels of her shoes in the vain hope that she’ll go to bed with them. Soon enough though, once they’re all rejected, they’ll return to my harassment. I live for their attention, as if it wasn’t already obvious.’

    AGE&BIRTHDAY: Fifteen, 26th October.

    ‘One of the colder days of the year, my birthday is five days before Halloween. Perhaps I should have been born then, it would have made more sense wouldn’t it? The lack of luck I have experienced and just my general ‘shrew-ish-ness’ (that word, though not a word, is courtesy of my darling sister). Wouldn’t that be so ironic? It would have certainly made for an interesting string of birthday parties when I was younger. It’s such a pity. Oh well. Merlin knows if we could all pick our birthdays then everyone would pick Christmas. Praise the fates for some originality.’

    YEAR: Fifth Year.

    ‘O.W.L year. You have no idea how shockingly excited I am. As if I haven’t got better things to be doing with my time. I suppose it is important though and it’s the sort of thing my parents expect me to do well on. I will deliver but I have no doubt it will take a little bit of time to do so. Effortlessly talented in all areas I am not and this year will be difficult. N.E.W.T’s will no doubt be equally - if not more so - difficult and neither set of tests I am looking forward to. I see them as my way out, though. As much as I despise them, they could potentially save me from being the arm-candy of a wealthy Pureblood. It isn’t that I think that highly of my appearance but that is the way it could, and no doubt will, potentially work. I will be there to look good, whether by my own genes or due to beauty spells. It’s what is expected. I would be a disappointment if that wasn’t supplied - and a disappointment is what I aim to be.’

    LOYALTY: Macnair Family, Death Eaters, Slytherin.

    ‘Ah, my loyalties. However fake they may be, there they stand. My family, the Death Eaters we are associated with and my house. Each one as dark as the other and I am forced to hold allegiance to it. At school I am a member of what is referred to as ‘The Dark Followers’ began by some inane girl who wanted to create a school faction. It’s all beautifully ridiculous. Bittersweet, almost, to think they’re all going to end up Death Eaters and will eventually betray one another. Having said that though, that will be my path unless I draw up a plan of sorts. Until then I will be rocketing down through the mineshaft on the rickety minecart that is life. Perhaps I’ll strike diamond but the likelihood is I won’t find anything at all and I’ll find myself at twenty-five with no room left to breath. I’ll be the little chit they all want me to be. I’ll do my parents proud. How wonderful.’

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin.

    ‘Ah, Slytherin house. There had been wide speculation as to whether I would follow my sister’s lead and enter the house of the snake. They all seemed doubtful though. Even the hat was at first sceptical of where my traits truly placed me. Hufflepuff, I admit, was considered, if only for my diversity and not the true Hufflepuff traits. But then, after a little bit of persuasion the hat sent me to Slytherin, citing that though I might not fit conventionally, I have the Slytherin mindset. That was what was most important I believe. That mind set - that need for self-preservation - was what saved me from ridicule. I am still greeted with the verbal assault but it is not nearly as unbearable as it would have been had I been sorted anywhere other than Slytherin.’

    WAND TYPE: Willow, 13¾ inches, Fairy Wing core, Springy.

    ‘A beautiful, reliable and airy wand. Almost too innocent really. It’s the best wand, I find, for all areas. I can’t say that from experience but I’m sure when it breaks, which it is bound to considering how springy it is, I will find out.’

    CLASSES: DADA, Charms + Potions.

    PLAY BY: Daisy Lowe.


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown, almost black in colouring, Audrey’s hair is kept in pristine condition. It is shoulder length and she rarely keeps it any longer. She has a little bit of a fringe that she does have a tendency to leave to grow out, resulting in her blowing it out of her eyes every few minutes. It is naturally quite straight though when it is wet or when the atmosphere it quite damp, little curls form by her temples giving her a rather angelic, baby-like quality.

    EYE COLOR: Her eyes match the colour of her hair. With an almost almond-like shape to them, her eyes are framed by dark eyelashes that stand out against her milky-white skin. They seem to hold the thinly-veiled pain. The eyes are the windows to the soul, especially where Audrey is concerned. It is there that, if one was to look longer enough, one would find everything she keeps hidden there. Her downfall would be her expressive, honest eyes. Deception can roll off of her tongue at will but her eyes are honest and true. It is impossible for her to lie through them.

    HEIGHT: For her age, Audrey has a fairly normal height. She stands at about 5’5. It is a fair height and though she doesn’t put much stock in how tall she is, she certainly would have appreciated a little more length to her legs when she tries and fails to take things off of shelves in high places or pull books from the shelves above her.

    BODY TYPE: Slim, Audrey is a healthy weight, and being as slim as she is, coupled with her mother’s genes, Audrey finds it incredibly difficult to put on weight. She doesn’t go out of her way to do so but her weight does not fluctuate. That most likely has something to do with the size of the meals and the exercise she puts herself through. She likes to keep her body in the best condition it can be in, especially after what happened the year before. She has been working since August to get everything back and miraculously the weight she put on fell off of her, returning her body to the near-constant weight it had been nine months before.

    STYLE: Audrey has a well-put together, vintage twinge to her style of dress. Though she likes t-shirts and jeans much like everyone else, she’s a fan of floral dresses and the like. More than anything else though, she adores coats and umbrellas and so above everything else she will invest money into that. She can’t explain why she likes what she likes but she just adores winter coats and the interesting designs on umbrellas. She doesn’t have a collection or anything of the like. It is, more than anything, a passion fuelled by desire to possess and not the possession of such things.

    BLEMISHES: Like all people, Audrey has moles and freckles and little birth marks. Her skin does create more freckles when caught by the sun and she also has the tendency to burn the first time she is exposed to the sun fully. It doesn’t matter how many years she has been in the light of the sun, every time her skin is exposed to tan, she burns - horribly so at times. It is nothing some healing salve and burn soother doesn’t fix, though.


    001. Observant.
    002. Soft-spoken.
    003. Creative.
    004. Knowledgeable.
    005. Resilient.
    006. Good-natured.
    007. Perceptive.
    008. Merciful.
    009. Passionate.
    010. Witty.

    001. Tense.
    002. Disputatious.
    003. Reclusive.
    004. Deceitful.
    005. Quietly-defiant.
    006. Accident-prone.
    007. Apathetic
    008. Cowardly.
    009. Blunt + Brazen.
    010. Enigmatic.

    001. Violins.
    002. Apples.
    003. Herbology.
    004. Thunder + Lightning.
    005. Candlelight.
    006. Snowfall.
    007. Astrology.
    008. Long walks.
    009. Magical History.
    010. Old Libraries.

    001. Cities.
    002. Being bought things.
    003. Muggles.
    004. Her sister.
    005. People - men in particular.
    006. Extravagance.
    007. Family dinners.
    008. Weakness.
    009. Authority.
    010. Politics.

    001. To escape her suffocating Pureblood existence.
    002. To one day see her daughter again.
    003. To avoid taking part in the war.
    004. To find herself in a position of guaranteed security.
    005. To one day own her own garden centre.
    006. To earn an ‘Outstanding’ in her O.W.L’s.
    007. To join the ‘light side’.
    008. To gain her own independence if 004. fails.
    009. To study Magical History in more detail.
    010. To escape the clutches of her betrothal.

    001. Her father’s wrath.
    002. Muggles + Persecution by them.
    003. Death.
    004. Her own daunting mortality.
    005. The Cruciatus Curse.
    006. Being naked in front of people.
    007. Losing control of herself.
    008. Being touched suddenly.
    009. Someone seeing through her.
    010. Anyone finding out about her daughter.

    001. Talks to her plants.
    002. Left handed.
    003. Flicks her tongue across her bottom lip.
    004. Bites the fleshy bit of her thumb.
    005. Eats from left to right.
    006. Bites her quill.
    007. Nibbles on the inside of her cheek.
    008. Hums to herself when working.
    009. Never picks cups up by the handles.
    010. Constantly tucks and untucks her hair from her ear.

    BOGGART: Death by her own folly.

    PATRONUS: N/A. Audrey cannot produce a Patronus + does not have a memory strong enough to support it even if she knew the mechanics of casting it.

    DEMENTOR: The day she found out she was pregnant.

    AMORENTIA: Cigarette smoke, the smell after rain, dirt + apples.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Happiness, pure and simple.


    Cold, calculating and insufferable, Audrey is not the kind of Pureblood girl her parents wanted her to be. She is disagreeable at best and disputatious at worst. Though meeker than her sister, if bitten then Audrey will most certainly bite back. Meek but not entirely submissive, she has an almost vicious wit about her. She is incredibly sarcastic and persistently deadpan. She is rarely excited by anything and is very measured in the way she handles herself. She is rarely relaxed and is wound like a coil ready to snap from all of the pressure on it. She doesn’t let herself go until she is in bed and asleep - and even then she is sure that her dreams are limited to what she deludes herself into needing.

    Since her pregnancy, Audrey has become rather bitter. She is determined to keep herself safe and out of from harm’s way and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to secure that. Emotionally she is very immoderate and extreme. Though she does not show how she is feeling, she voices her emotions to make up for that. She does not retire easily and is desperate to grasp what little independence her life can secure for her. Despite the extremities of her emotions, though, she is naturally a rather quiet girl. It is only when her buttons are pressed that she becomes a harpy she has been often compared to. Disputatious and insufferable she may be but she is a really lovely girl once she is in her element.

    Audrey’s love has always been Herbology. It is there that she can be as relaxed as possible, pottering around amongst the dangerous plants and the potions ingredients that are grown in the greenhouses. There she really shines through. She is often wistful towards those she encounters there and her forked tongue retracts, turning her into a softly spoken young woman with a sweet smile and a quick mind. It is only when she’s given a reason to fight her corner that she truly becomes vicious. She is not tactful about it, either. She attacks with her words head on. She is not suggestive or implicative like her sister or her mother. She is as brazen and as thoughtless as her father when in anger. What Audrey does like doing is shocking people. With her level, sarcastic tone she can wipe the smirk off of anyone’s face and she is gleeful for being able to do so.

    Her real Slytherin traits come into full force with her need for survival and her aptitude for self-preservation. With everything she does she weighs up the pros and cons so either way she comes out smelling of roses. The one time she acted on impulse ended awfully for her. She’s learned from that mistake and what a hard learned lesson that was. As a result she has built up walls around herself, to protect herself. She doesn’t let anyone in and she certainly doesn’t permit herself to venture out. Everything about her is a guise, a well oiled machine plastered onto her body at the surface. She is determined to keep herself safe in every way - she wants to keep herself from both prying eyes and the control of someone else. She wants to desperately to be her own person but she knows this cannot and will not be the case, not if her father has any say in it.


    FATHER: Walden Macnair | Forty-nine | Department of Mysteries worker | Death Eater

    MOTHER: Vivienne Macnair née David | Forty | Socialite | Death Eater supporter

    SIBLING(S): Nancy Macnair | Sixteen | Student | ‘Dark Follower’

    OTHER: Emmaline Charlotte Macnair | Three months old | Adopted by Yvonne + Simon Parker.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Questionable Comfort.

    PETS: An owl called Hadrian + a kitten called Ariana.


    Early Years:
    Having one girl was bad enough, having two was insult to injury. Audrey’s birth was the second disappointment for Walden Macnair. He’d expected a boy and he’d been told by the Healers that had looked after Vivienne that it was wise to prepare for a son. Wise, it had not been, not even just a little bit. Walden had prepared for the arrival of a son and when Audrey was born his plans fell around him like leaves off of a summer-weary tree. He was crushed and for a long time, four years in fact, he had very little to do with his youngest daughter unless absolutely necessary. He doted on his eldest though. He doted on her as if he had only been blessed with a single child. It wasn’t until Audrey began to show signs of magic that Walden was forced to sit up and take notice of her. But even then, his attitude did not improve.

    Over time though, Walden quietly became very fond of his youngest daughter. He was still outwardly indifferent towards her but she had managed to wriggle into his heart as he watched her play in the gardens from the window in his office. It wasn’t until she was eight or nine that Walden fully entered her life. He began slowly, instructing her to sit with him in the library their manor house possessed so that he could teach her little bits of magic. Although eager to learn, Audrey’s magic seemed strained and almost stifled under the pressure to perform. What he saw in her instead was her mother’s talkative ways and with an air of superiority about her, even at that young age, Audrey declined the offer to be taught, deciding to let her magic flourish over time. And flourish it did.

    As she got older, Audrey’s magic really came into full force and by the time she was nine, her parents had little choice but to push her into some sort of tutoring to help her control her magic. Too many vases were being broken in explosions or anger of sadness. She was taught how to refine it, and how to stop it from overflowing. Years later she would learn how to apply that use of self-control to her own emotions and actions.

    When her Hogwarts letter arrived they were all understandably elated. Audrey was kitted out in the finest clothing her parents could afford and bought all of the books - and more - that she’d need for school. Her wand was her most prized object though and she doesn’t go anywhere now without it on her person. When she was sent to Hogwarts she did not go with just herself. She went with her own set of expectations handed down from her sister’s abilities in the classroom. Audrey did not deliver at first but as she tapped back into that flourish of magic, she began to grasp it all and began to succeed.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Slytherin was the choice the hat made after some persuasion and it was Slytherin to which has Audrey found herself in to this day. While draped n her sister’s shadow, Audrey could quietly learn ways to survive in the dungeons. At first she found it incredibly difficult to befriend people and after being told the way friendships and acquaintances should work, she decided it best to leave the friendship and wait for someone to approach her for her companionship. As it was, they didn’t and that suited Audrey down to the ground - especially in the first few months of her First year. After Christmas though, her first friendship was struck up with a Ravenclaw called Rebecca Kingsley.

    It was during the summer of her first year that Audrey invited her new found friend home. It was during Rebecca’s stay that Audrey became privy to the lack of the money their family possessed. One night, upon sneaking downstairs for a glass of pumpkin juice, she overheard her parent’s whispering amongst themselves, voicing their twin worries about the vault in Gringotts. In the following weeks, her mother’s jewellery box was emptied and the jewellery inside was sold. After that she heard little more about their concerns and by Christmas time, her mother’s jewellery box had been refilled. That didn’t stop Audrey wondering about where they’d gotten the money from. The jewellery, though worth some money, could not have enabled them to splurge as they did that Christmas in the following year.

    During her second year, Audrey began to bond with her fellow Slytherins. It was during that time that she began to also garner their ridicule. Her sister made no move to defend her, too wrapped up in her own life, and so Audrey had to fend for herself. She refined her wit and it became rather barbed and sarcastic. It was during that time that she really began to develop some of her more disagreeable traits. Upon gaining the attention of her fellow Slytherins she found it difficult to spend time with Rebecca and the other Ravenclaws she had befriended. Over the course of the year, that friendship slowly faded away and more often than not Audrey found herself wedged between two of her fellow Slytherins both at mealtimes and during classes.

    Slowly she began to tolerate and even began to get on with a few of the girls. There was still that thinly veiled animosity and despite playing to her parents’ rules, Audrey yearned for the freedom her other friend’s had.

    Her third year treated her much the same but her fourth year changed her completely. It was during the November that several events took place. To this day she does not know what compelled him to do so, or whether it was a bet, but for the majority of her time in the first few months of her fourth year, she was courted by a Slytherin sixth year. Naive and trusting, she believed his every word and so when her father wrote to her telling her that she was betrothed to him, she was already besotted. Her mistake was believing the feeling was mutual. She fell hard and she had to pay for it.

    At Christmas, she was pulled from Hogwarts and given a set of tutors. Her mother was scandalised and told everyone who was willing to listen her Pureblood circles that her daughter had Spattergroit. In reality though, she was pregnant. It was during those months that Audrey really pulled away from people. She would spend hours staring unseeingly out of the windows of the manor at the world beyond. Only a handful of times would she ever venture out into the grounds and even then she would soon be ushered in by her mother for fear of her being seen.

    It was in the August that she gave birth and not even a week later her daughter, Emmaline, was given away to a childless couple in Northern Ireland. Wizard folk, thankfully, but that didn’t make the situation any better for Audrey. To a degree she was broken hearted, both for herself and her daughter. She had no choice in the matter. The child, a bastard by its very creation, could not be hers to look after and for the longest time Audrey resented her mother for her choice to send the child away.

    A few days before September 1st it was announced over dinner that Audrey would be sent back to school for her fifth year. He was keen to mention that the young man that had got her into her predicament would not be attending with her and had instead been sent to Durmstrang. Hesitant but willing at the same time, Audrey found herself back in Diagon Alley, breathing in the familiarity as they gathered her things for the school year ahead. Those few breaths of freedom made her realise that she could never, ever allow herself to be hurt as she was again.

    She has re-entered Hogwarts this year determined to keep her head down. She rarely speaks and only does so really to defend herself. She’s made her mistake and it did for her. She couldn’t survive if she was hurt the way she had been for a second time. So, as a result, Audrey does her best to stay away from everyone. She could never trust herself to walk into a relationship again and she certainly wouldn’t trust him. Her goal is to survive the year and to pass her O.W.L’s. She intends to do both and avoid any potential blips on the way.


    YOUR NAME: Amy.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Enough. Razz

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Fairies.


    RP SAMPLE: *draws a pretty picture instead*

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MACNAIR, Audrey Jean Empty Re: MACNAIR, Audrey Jean

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:17 pm

i really do like her! NICE! accepted and sorted into Slytherin!

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