FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael
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FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael

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FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael Empty FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael

Post by Peter Howard Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:14 am

FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael Tumblr_l7e5frzPCG1qagtrio1_500



    FULL NAME: Elliot Charles Michael Finnigan.

    NICKNAMES: Ellie, Brother-Bot, Brother-Bot 2.0.

    AGE&BIRTHDAY: Fifteen, May 11th 2010

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter’s Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    Defence Against the Dark Arts
    History of Magic
    Muggle Art
    Muggle Music
    Study of Ancient Runes

    WAND: Ash, Graphorn Skin, 13 inches, Unyielding.

    PLAY BY: Charlie Westerberg.


FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael Tumblr_maf23k9Mzd1qathvpo1_r1_500

    HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde.

    EYE COLOR: Bright Blue.

    HEIGHT: 6’0

    BODY TYPE: Thin, Wiry.

    Elliot has quite a feminine appearance. He has a long, oval-shaped face with medium-sized ears that stick out just the right amount, the left one having been recently pierced so that he can wear an earring in it. Elliot has a long, thin nose flanked either side by rounded, chestnut shaped eyes that are coloured the brightest possible blue. His eyes are lidded by dark, somewhat sporadically placed eyebrows that stop in some places and rejoin in the next place – an unfortunate result of having his eyebrows shaved during what he remembers to be “quite a good night out, actually.” His gaze is framed lightly by short eyelashes that allow him to retain something of his manliness. His lips are coloured a pale pink that curve up most often into a wry smile. He looks quite a bit like his sister in terms of his physical appearance but the way he presents himself distinguishes him quite a way away from Millie and so in the end the pair can end up looking fairly dissimilar.

    The six foot, skinny, blonde lad from South London was an impeccably dressed young man – a year or so ago. He would forever be seen in button down shirts and woollen jumpers with tan trousers and shoes that suit him reasonably well but leave him looking kind of like he has clown feet. Now, though, he prefers a more rugged style that has been born out of laziness rather than preference. The t-shirts bought for him by his grandmother – who really knew nothing about what Elliot liked – suited him down to the ground when the shirts he preferred to wear were absent from his wardrobe in favour of languishing in the washing basket. So as a result, Elliot has adopted a rather unkempt style that he likes to think of as sexy but, really, isn’t at all close to what anyone would think of as sexy – at all. But it suits him. God, does it suit him. So maybe it is sexy – well, a little.

    Wait, no. What am I saying? Of course it isn’t!

    Since his father’s death, as noted his style has become somewhat unkempt but as he has grown into it, he’s deigned to follow his sister in varying methods of body modification. As a result he has had several piercings dotted about his body though he has kept it mum as to where they actually are though a few notable ones are in his lobe – which was his first – on his hip bones and he’s even rumoured to have garnered a nipple piercing but no one has been brave enough to inquire as to whether this is true or not. Elliot has also acquired a number of tattoos – most of which are on his arms – but he also has a few done that were not by professional tattooists but by friends during parties that he can’t quite recall in his mind that had been irrevocably clouded by alcohol.

    To summarise, he is a shadow of the boy he was a year or so ago and perhaps best demonstrates the damage dealt to him by lack of luck in the way he presents himself.


    001. Passionate.
    002. Thoughtful.
    003. “Odd.”
    004. Brash.
    005. Emotionally strong – supposedly.
    006. Loyal.
    007. Shy.
    008. Respectful.
    009. Persevering.
    010. Hot-Headed.
    011. Studious.
    012. Protective.
    013. Hard Working.
    014. Conversational.
    015. Eager to please.
    016. Mediator.
    017. Worrisome.
    018. Quiet.
    019. Intelligent.
    020. Withdrawn.

    001. Adventure.
    002. Writing.
    003. Books – both of the fiction and non-fiction variety.
    004. Rum.
    005. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
    006. Peace and quiet.
    007. Sprite.
    008. Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
    009. Sketching.
    010. Video Games.
    011. The Kenmare Kestrels.
    012. Coffee.
    013. Long walks.
    014. Oreos.
    015. Autumn.
    016. Flying.
    017. The Ministry of Magic.
    018. Firewhisky.
    019. Music.
    020. Travelling.

    001. Jam Tarts.
    002. Rain.
    003. Change.
    004. Tea.
    005. Crying.
    006. His mother.
    007. Running.
    008. Butterbeer.
    009. Millie’s cigarettes.
    010. Trying to talk to girls.
    011. Slytherins.
    012. Care of Magical Creatures.
    013. Arguments.
    014. Shoes.
    015. House Elves – he’s an activist for their rights.
    016. Boys w/ Millie.
    017. Firewhisky.
    018. Shopping.
    019. Goblins – they freak him out, period.
    020. Lizards.

    001. Pass his N.E.W.T’s.
    002. Move out of his mother’s house.
    003. Travel the world.
    004. Join the Ministry of Magic.
    005. Settle down and have a family.
    006. Open his own business.
    007. Take part in a few skirmishes with Death Eaters.
    008. Become a Department Head at the Ministry.
    009. Make a name for himself.
    010. Make his parents proud of him.

    001. Has an uncanny sense of smell.
    002. A dab hand at finding things.
    003. Sleeps without the covers.
    004. Unable to keep his hands steady.
    005. Rolls neck back and forth as he becomes increasingly impatient.

    BOGGART: Losing those that he loves the most.

    PATRONUS: Praise from his mother for good work at primary school one time, when he was six. He has then since been let down by his mother and his Patronus memory has changed but he has not tried to cast a Patronus in a very long time. His Patronus takes the form of a hound.

    DEMENTOR: The death of his father.

    VERITASERUM: He was present at the time of his father’s death.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: For his family to be put back together again and to never, ever, be left alone.

    There is a particularly famous painter that haunts the Wizarding World, etching onto canvas with oils of every colour known to man the darkest sides of the people that sit for her. Elliot, had he sat for her perhaps a year or two prior, would have only possessed a certain measure of darkness, a teaspoon of the darkest tones would have stained the canvas and light would have shone strong in his eyes. Yet, if he had sat for her more recently, his form would have taken shape in the darkest of rogue, peppered with ebony and midnight shades from her palette. Elliot is far from the form he took a year or so prior. Twisted by the rejection of his parents, the newly born loathing he feels for his mother and the mourning for his father that consumes him, the eldest twin has taken recent events much harder than his sister. Whereas Melissa has emerged bruised and wounded but willing to move on from what had happened, Elliot has withdrawn into himself, incapable of moving forward and is becoming increasingly bitter because of the events surrounding his father’s death and he and his sister moving in with their mother.

    Perhaps you could say he over-reacted somewhat in response to what happened over the summer gone but Elliot would never in a million years agree with you. The effect his father’s death had upon the boy was catastrophic and it turned the shy, well-mannered boy with an even temper and a great deal of happiness within him into a painfully reclusive, anti-social young man with a hot head and no time for anything other than his own brooding. He became something of his sister in that respect – became her darker side, or at least embodied some of her traits. Yet, Elliot is drastically different from his sister, even if they are supposedly twins. The boy dealt with his grief in a different manner and that perhaps is the most poignant difference of them all. It was almost as if they’d stopped being children the moment their father expired. They were plunged through a tunnel and they emerged as adults, grief-stricken, bitter and twisted adults.

    Shy and reclusive, Elliot certainly prefers to be left to his own devices. He is not out-going and doesn’t enjoy trying to make new friends; in fact, he’d rather avoid the whole dastardly affair all together. He’s quite happy to spend time by himself but he does admittedly get awfully lonely at times and he will seek out people in order to gain some company. He has his friends and the few he has he wishes to keep and does so just about. But, seeing as the Gryffindor group he is in is blighted with similar angstiness, Ellie fits in perfectly.

    The boy is your typical Gryffindor when you get down to it. Unwaveringly loyal and suicidally reckless, when Elliot finally lets go and strips himself bare of the stuck-up, highly strung facade he keeps, he is one to leap from trees and tombstone away his summertime. You’ll never meet a nicer person. Changed and embittered though he is, he’s still Elliot Finnigan. He’s still persevering and friendly and, above all, a genuinely nice person who loves his family and treasures his friends.

    Nothing really happened to Elliot, per say. Just, life I suppose. And death. Yeah. Death too.


    FATHER: Seamus Finnigan b. 1980 d. 2025
    When the twins were born and grew to be old enough to pick and choose their favoured parent, Elliot never really got to make that choice. Seamus should have been an easy choice over Lavender but before Elliot could so much as open his mouth to confirm his allegiance, Seamus had himself chosen Elliot’s sister, Millie. Lavender was also quick to hound after the younger of the twins and so Elliot was left feeling, well, rather disappointed I suppose; and, in fact, left him without a real fatherly influence. Though, make no mistake, Seamus did try to coax the boy into Quidditch and did manage to teach both of them to fly but by the time this occurred, Elliot had already turned his back on his father, feeling ostracized and hurt by the blatant favouritism of one twin over the other and so Elliot learned to function on his own, deciding instead of aspiring to be like his father to chase after his mother’s skirt-tails instead.

    When the pair divorced, Elliot was highly irritated by the fact that he was forced to remain with his father – not quite realising that he wasn’t actually wanted by his mother. So during his time with his father, over the course of what felt like him to an eternity rather than about a year, Elliot grew incredibly resentful towards the man, building upon the thinly veiled dislike for him that he already harboured. Elliot suffered from the idea that the grass was greener on the other side and would later learn that he would miss the days spent in the dimly lit kitchen talking about something and nothing with his father and even managing to smile to the man. Elliot had forgotten long ago about the way Seamus had tried to engage him; far too caught up in his mother and the wonder he felt surrounded her, Elliot could not forge a bond with his father in time before the man died and so as a result of that he has become somewhat touchy about the subject of his father’s death and aims to make good on his failures as a son.

    He has become somewhat repentant during the time post his father’s death and feels increasingly guilty with regards to his behaviour in the weeks prior to the event. He now tries his hardest to make his father – wherever he may be – proud of him because it’s only now that Elliot realises that all the while he was trying to impress one parent, it really should have been the other he was trying to make smile.

    MOTHER: Lavender Brown b. 1980
    It was Lavender’s whose attention that Elliot tried to gather during his childhood, writing Seamus off as absolutely useless to him. Yet, what Elliot failed to realise was the reality of his mother and how she wasn’t truly the angel he thought her to be. Elliot tried his darnedest to get Lavender to even look at him, let alone speak to him and wish him well. He was forever drawing pictures and working hard during his school work. All he wanted was a smile and when he got it his heart would leap into his throat and he’d be walking on a cloud for the next few days – his father’s response would not so much as garner a small smile from Elliot, the boy believing his mother’s opinion to be much more important than his father’s. Yet, Lavender never really recognised her son as anything particularly special but put up with him nonetheless because she learned quickly herself that she was going to get nowhere with her daughter. So, for lack of a better phrase, Lavender strung Elliot along and he followed willingly on her heels, dazzled by every movement the woman made. He was besotted with his mother, really, though not in any other way than a mother-son relationship – he was just very passionate and protective of her. It was this that allowed him to be blind to her cruelty to both his father and his sister and it was only after the death of the former that Elliot really began to see his mother in the light he’d never really illuminated her in.

    During the fall-out of his father’s demise, Elliot and Millie were forced into moving in with their mother in the house she had bought in Coventry the year before when she had divorced Seamus. It was during the latter part of their summer there that Elliot grew increasingly abrupt and impatient with his mother – finally realising that the grass was definitely not greener on the other side. It was during those weeks that his loyalty returned back to his sister, filling the void that their father had left behind – and so he became the protector of Millie that Seamus himself had once been. It was then, when he was thrusting her behind him out of harms way and shouting at his mother for scolding his sister that he truly began to see Lavender for what she truly was and began to grow up and become his own man – no longer needing him mother’s opinion with regards to anything.

    In fact, one could be as brash as to say that it was then that Elliot Finnigan became, as far as his emotions are concerned, an orphan.

    SIBLING: Melissa Finnigan b. 2010
    The relationship that Mille and Elliot share has improved dramatically over the years but never really started out particularly well. There was a lot of one-sided rivalry when it came to Elliot. He did not like the way Millie garnered the attention from their parents and truly felt as if he was the forgotten child. He didn’t like to play with Millie and often shut her out of his bedroom before tucking himself up between the wardrobe and the wall to read fairytales and dream of a time where he wouldn’t have a sister and he could just be Elliot Finnigan – the only child. He liked that prospect far more than he was ever willing to admit. He didn’t grow particularly close to Millie until after the near-drowning incident that – for ego sake – Elliot doesn’t care to remember. But his attempts to save Millie and the way he clung to her as they fell deeper into the murky waters are actions he does not forget and will not forget lightly. He doesn’t dare mention it but that was the real turning point of their relationship he feels and though it was increasingly rocky – pardon the pun – from there, it slowly, slowly got better.

    During their Hogwarts years, Elliot and Millie led parallel yet dissimilar lives. They shared similar habits and places they liked to frequent but never really stuck together until after Millie disappeared for those agonising days when she had been kidnapped by the then Transfiguration Professor, Felix Barker. Elliot is the only one that knows the nature of what happened and exactly what Millie lost. It was only then that the two began to bond and grow closer and it was when Elliot started to become rather protective of his sister. The nature he has towards her now is that of a fierce protection and he doesn’t dare trust anyone with her because he never really got over the way she looked as she lay in that hospital bed – beaten, broken and more childlike than he ever remembered her looking. She was his sister, he realised, and she needed him; desperately, so.

    Recently, Elliot has become something of a minder to his sister and takes on their mother head to head in the numerous battles that the women have with each other. Elliot is specific with his desire to protect Millie: no one messes with his sister.

    Maternal Grandparents
    Elizabeth Brown née b. 1959
    George Brown b. 1959

    Paternal Grandparents
    Jane Finnigan née O’Sullivan b. 1959
    Doug Finnigan b. 1959

    Paternal Immediate Family
    Arthur Finnigan b. 1985 - Uncle
    Harriet Finnigan née Samuels b. 1985 – Aunt
    Lauren Finnigan b. 2008 – Cousin
    Reuben Finnigan b. 2010 – Cousin
    Charlie Finnigan b. 2012 – Cousin
    Georgia Finnigan b. 2013 – Cousin

    Plus, additional ties with the Thomas, Weasley, Potter and Robins’ families.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.

    PET: Mimi the Owl – [x]

    BROOMSTICK: Firebolt v. 3.3

    001. An assortment of lighters.
    002. “Merlin only knows how many” pairs of glasses.
    003. Magazines of an honourable nature, promise.
    004. Cigarettes.
    005. Photographs of his friends and family.
    006. Sweets.
    007. Dreamless Sleep Potions.
    008. A bottle of Firewhisky.
    009. Letters from home.
    010. Odd socks.


    Early Years:
    It was clear from the very beginning that Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnigan did not marry for love. Lavender, still hankering after Ronald Weasley who was long married with children of his own, realised seemingly overnight that she wasn’t getting any younger; and though the somewhat aged Quidditch trainer wasn’t her first choice – that one ever being her Won-Won – Seamus wasn’t a completely awful. No, he was a fine man that any woman would be glad to marry – or at least that was what she told herself to convince her and her parents that it was a practical idea. Seamus took a bit of convincing but he too felt his internal clock ticking and though he did not love Lavender, he was rather fond of her and admitted to having a small crush on her during the time she was dating her beloved Won-Won. That, of course, sealed the deal and the two were married in the spring of the following year and their children, their only children (as, after twins, who would want more?), were born the following year.

    The backdrop to that particular May, no less than a month after their anniversary, was a chilly, stormy one with the skies unable to decide whether it would relinquish its spring showers in favour for the summer sunshine. Elliot was the forgotten sibling, the Healers not even recognising that he existed until the very day of the birth. Millie was born first, Elliot trailing after being the more painful one of the two to give birth to. The fact that he was the forgotten sibling followed him further, into his early life. He was not the favourite, by any means. No, Millie – the first born, the one they’d counted on – was and Elliot loathed her for it, always trying in vain to garner the attention of his parents and prove to them that he was better than her, that he was taller, skinnier, smarter, funnier. Anything. Anything at all. Anything to get their attention – he’d do it, regardless of what it was.

    Unlike his sister, Elliot wasn’t named after anyone. He wasn’t bestowed with such an honour, or such gifts. He would not scream through the night because he had encountered old Mrs Honeydinkle and proceeded to predict the day of her death. No, he merely had to contend with the smell of her that clung to his skin like a second coat, damn near impossible to dislodge unless he rubbed his skin raw in the bath. Elliot did not have any particular powers that singled him out as a ‘special’ wizard. Though he did not know of Millie’s talents exactly, they all knew there was something different and that only made Elliot more resentful. But Elliot isn’t just your ordinary wizard. At the same time, though, he’s far from having what he considers to be a useful ability. In fact, Elliot has what he would call the epitome of uselessness in terms of abilities. He can smell. He can smell and he can seek. Like a dog, you could say.

    When he was young, the boy could always tell when it was going to rain and was highly aware of food that was beginning to burn way before it had even done so. He was also fantastic at finding things that were lost – and, more specifically, finding people. He could never explain it; he just knew where they were... that was all. Nothing to it really. Simple. But of course, most just put it all down to luck and said he was silly for thinking it was going to rain or that his mother’s pumpkin pie clearly wasn’t burning when it oh so clearly was minutes away from beginning to. He was just a normal wizard. Quite unremarkable, really.

    When the twins were brought home from the hospital, both parents realised that it was not practical for them to be brought up in the small flat they’d bought after marrying. So quickly they moved, shifting their belongings from the flat into a four bedroom house in Wales where they lived before the near-drowning accident that nearly cost them their children but brought the twins closer together as a result of it. Despite all of his resentment, Elliot tried to save Millie and though they had both plunged into the icy waters, the fact that he tried mattered and so the bond was forged between them. But of course, a bond was broken between the young parents who were never quite the same after they nearly lost their children. This signalled another move, into London where they would remain until the demise of Seamus. But one thing that happened as a result of their experience was that they were never again allowed to swim unless it was in a pool that had at least two life guards on duty.

    It was once they moved back into London that Lavender began to work for Witch Weekly and after that, the bond between husband and wife was strained further by Lavender’s gossipy ways increasing ten-fold, driving Seamus to the brink. It was around this time that the man became drinking, forcing him to retire and take a position in the Department of Magical Games and Sports at the Ministry. It was also around this time that he came in contact with a man that had once been his very best friend: Dean Thomas; and that was when Elliot met Trent and he gained his first friend.

    The three grew up playing together – ensuring that there are plenty of embarrassing pictures of them all running around naked or covered in bubbles having a bath. It also ensured that when he went to Hogwarts, Elliot would have a foot in the world already because he and his sister were virtually brought up as Muggles and it was only when their Hogwarts letters came that they actually realised they were quite special. It was that very Augustus day when they received their letters that Elliot first learned about Hogwarts and while Millie took off down the street to find Trent, he pestered his father for information, harassing the man until he knew everything there was to know about Hogwarts.

    And then, not a week later, Elliot found himself in Diagon Alley, walking the same street as hundreds of thousands of students before him, he just as desperate as they had all been to drink in the magic of the place and the magic of the world he was now to live in.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Elliot Finnigan jumped onto the Hogwarts Express on September 1st and immediately distanced himself from his sister, determined to make a name for himself instead of traipsing around after her hoping for some attention like his mother and father made him promise he would. Once he was out of the sight of his parents he dived down to the other end of the train where he found two people with whom he would come to be incredibly close with: Jasmine Lockton and Jack Cavell. Both were sorted into Gryffindor with Elliot and the threesome stayed together for much of their early years of Hogwarts, together forming a smaller group within the larger Gryffindor clique that was very much on the lower end of the pecking order.

    Elliot was always the more studious of the two and spent the majority of his time studying with Jasmine and Jack while the others got up to all manner of different kinds of mischief. He pretty much stayed out of it, remaining dutifully out of the way, allowing his sister to hog the limelight. Only, the difference was that Elliot was not quite as jealous as he was when he was younger. As Millie made a name for herself as a trouble maker, Elliot’s name became known to the teachers as a result of his high marks consistently in his essays and in the tests that he did. The hard work in the end gained him incredibly high O.W.L scores and now as he enters his sixth year intends to do that much better.

    However, in the summer of his fifth year, he lost one half of his parentage. His father’s death left a hole in Elliot and an even deeper hole in his sister, forcing the two to work together once more as they found a common enemy in their mother – the person they had to move in with after the funeral. He returned to Hogwarts a completely different person. More unkempt with a disregard for his wellbeing but an increase worry for those around him, Elliot is something of a shadow of his former self but it will be his ability to sustain what he had before that will make or break him.

    Elliot Charles Michael Finnigan

    Arithmancy – Exceeds Expectations.
    Art – Standard Certificate, Pass equivalent.
    Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations
    Charms – Exceeds Expectations.
    Defence Against the Dark Arts – Outstanding.
    Herbology – Pass.
    History of Magic – Exceeds Expectations.
    Muggle Art – Standard Certificate II, Pass Equivalent.
    Muggle Music – Standard Certificate III, Pass Equivalent.
    Potions – Exceeds Expectations.
    Study of Ancient Runes – Exceeds Expectations.
    Transfiguration – Outstanding.


    YOUR NAME: Amy

    RP EXPERIENCE: Three years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliates while site-hopping.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Oh, you know... people.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: So no one steals him. XD


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FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael Empty Re: FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael

Post by Sophia Granger Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:31 am

hm... sexy I like him, accepted and sorted into the Lions er.... I mean Gryffindor!
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Post by Elijah Krum Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:36 am

He would love you very much for calling him that, Soph. Haha! Smile
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FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael Empty Re: FINNIGAN, Elliot Charles Michael

Post by Sophia Granger Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:45 am

haha I bet! I might make a new charrie because of him! *eats him up*
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Post by Gisele Delacour-Quinn Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:48 am

Mine. *snuggles*
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