Elliot Todd Cartwright
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Elliot Todd Cartwright

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Elliot Todd Cartwright Empty Elliot Todd Cartwright

Post by Dory Le Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:28 am

Elliot Todd Cartwright 2lcn1u1



    FULL NAME: Elliot Todd Cartwright

    NICKNAMES: “Ellie”- his cousin Jack teasingly calls him that

    AGE: 24


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex-Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: Elder, sixteen inches, unicorn tale

    PLAY BY James McAvoy


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: Just slightly shorter than average. 5'5”-5'6”

    BODY TYPE: Stocky

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Elliot is not one for appearances, though he usually looks nice. He dresses in suits usually, styled like suits from the 1920s in America, but he is not one to obsess over clothes. He dresses presentably and finds that it is enough. He tries to remain clean cut, with a short trimmed haircut and sometime short shadow of a beard, but when he goes on what of his art and music escapades, his hair grows long and floppy. He is known to don a hat, usually Fedora-style.

    He has deep, pensive lightblue eyes and a very straight nose. He has broad shoulders and large hands which are very appropriate for playing piano and painting. His eyebrows have been called expressive. His countenance is usually distant and lost, giving his usually brisk appearance a sensitiveness that usually is not found in his colleagues.


    • Dueling- He was always good with wandwork, especially DADA and Charms and so he is very adept at his wand work.
    • Perceptive- Always one for observing, Elliot can usually tell when someone is lying or not, and whether or not they are upset by something.
    • Music- Elliot can play both the piano and guitar, and has done so ever since he was young. He does not prefer guitar, though very little know he can play piano.

    • Emotions- Being very perceptive to other's emotions keeps Elliot very emotional himself, and yet he does not show it. Some have called him a robot, because unless you know him, you would not know he had any outlet.
    • Solitude- Elliot keeps to himself and does not usually draw attention to himself in his actions, though he has an eccentricity that always surrounds him. Unfortunately, this makes him seem like a jerk when people meet him and he does not speak to them...
    • Gambler- When Elliot is depressed, he gambles. He takes his money to the nearest place that they have card tables and he loses it all.

    • Loved Ones- The few people Elliot let into his life, he loves with all his being, though he is rather dreadful at showing it.
    • Art- In the form of a painting, a sculpture, or music, Elliot finds he can discover true understanding and peace. He has a talent for music, an eye for art, and a keen mind for film and theatre.
    • Intellectual Pursuits- Be it reading or chess, Elliot enjoys intellectually stimulating activities.

    • Evil- Though an outsider to Elliot's life may not see it, Elliot has a strong moral code that is outright against the Death Eaters and general terribleness. He does not like to see people hurt each other and it kills him inside to see people in pain.
    • Heights- He does not like heights. Feet were made to walk on the ground. Plain and simple.
    • His father- The dirty scoundrel that left his mother and abandoned his son... Who never came for him when his mother died... Who never wanted a relationship with his only son... Can you see why he might not like him?

    • Go somewhere with his music.
    • Help the Order bring down the Death Eaters.

    • Absent-minded- Elliot can often be talking to you for an extended amount of time and suddenly re-enter the conversation mentally and have no clue what you had been discussing for the past half hour. He often looks lost and forgets where he is.
    • Disappearing Act- He has a bad habit of wandering and then disappearing and not contacting anyone for days or even weeks.

    BOGGART: Mountains and airplanes... He HATES heights.

    PATRONUS: Any memory of his mother.

    DEMENTOR: Meeting his father and realizing neither of them wanted anything to do with each other.

    AMORENTIA: Smell of card tables, brass, sheet music

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To have things figured out.

    PERSONALITY: Elliot may come off as rude or somewhat closed off, and in ways that is true. He will not pay you any attention unless need be and he will not open up, but it is not because he does not like you, but because there is no practical need for it. He understands that from relationships comes pain, and he has had enough with it all.

    He may seem like someone who refuses to trust, but that's only because the people he does trust are few in number, and yet he has left his life in their hands. He comes off mysterious and deep, but really he is very normal. He has a soft, gentle demeanor that is lost in the methodicalness of the way he lives his life. He seems like he is always suffering and is always wounded, and he is searching for a cure. He has a great capacity to love and his love goes out for mankind.


    FATHER: Chip Martin

    MOTHER: Astella Fitzpatrick, deceased

    SIBLING(S): n/a

    Darrel and Nancy Cartwright, foster parents
    Jack Dyllan, cousin

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human




    Journals for writing


    Early Years: Elliot was the love child to Chip Martin and Astella Fitzpatrick. Astella, a witch, left Chip after a short-lived, yet very passionate, summer romance in France and returned home to London pregnant. She did not contact Chip and soon after had Elliot. When he was three years old, she died of cancer and Elliot was shipped off to foster care, where Darrel and Nancy Cartwright took him in, even giving him their name.

    Elliot's foster parent's were good people, but he was a strange child. He hardly cried throughout his childhood and rarely showed his emotions, though when he did, it was always in the extremes. He asked questions that seemingly had no answers and was fragile beyond repair. It wore down on his foster parents and when they found out he was even a wizard, they were at their wit's end with the boy.

    Hogwarts Years: Soon after being accepted into Hogwarts, Elliot was sent a generous amount of wealth from some man claiming to be his birth father. After his first year of Hogwarts, Elliot began to live on his own, aided by the help of the mysterious father figure. He met his father when he was sixteen and they soon realized that neither one really wanted anything to do with the other. Elliot was also shocked to discover he also had cousins. His youngest cousin, Jack Dyllan, hit it off with him and they became very close. Though Chip always offered, half-heartedly, to let Elliot live with him, Elliot always declined, preferring living in the Leaky Cauldron, and eventually, his own apartment.

    Hogwarts was not the best experience for Eliot. He loved his studies, and his seventh year was much nicer with the addition of his cousin as a first year. However, Elliot remained on the lower portion of the radar, as he was passed over for more popular and outgoing students. Though one of the brightest students of his year, he was always outshined, though you would not find him complaining.

    Adulthood: Elliot can be described as a dreamer and a wanderer. He is not what you would call a man with a plan. He really has no plans. He is quite happy with living his life by doing odd jobs when needed and trying to find music gigs to pay the bills. He does not have ambitions, nor does he have high hopes. He drifts through his life, trying to find peace and happiness.

    He joined the Order after Hogwarts and, through it, he has found purpose and reason to continue on with an otherwise pointless life. He disappears often, taking random trips or disappearing to casinos to lose all of his money or to go to art shows. He still does not hae a relationship with his father and never plans to.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: two years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forumotion

    OTHER CHARACTERS: He was my... third?
    Now: Jack Dyllan, Skeeter Hudson, Salem Everwood, Simon McLaggen, Emmett Fisher, Peter Bellard, Marki Gordon, Zhanna Charkov, Naomi Quinn-Greyback, Reid Devereoux

    RP SAMPLE: At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character


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Elliot Todd Cartwright Empty Re: Elliot Todd Cartwright

Post by Jess Potter Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:08 am

From skills downward needs to be done, but otherwise good job!
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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:55 pm

accepted and sorted into grads
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