KRUM, Alaric Stanislov
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KRUM, Alaric Stanislov

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KRUM, Alaric Stanislov Empty KRUM, Alaric Stanislov

Post by Alaric Krum Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:52 pm

KRUM, Alaric Stanislov Tumblr_m6uufonTeF1rniwfw
KRUM, Alaric Stanislov Tumblr_lxdqnm4AmR1r90v1wo2_500



    FULL NAME: Alaric Stanislov Krum

    NICKNAMES: Ricks

    AGE: Fifteen

    BIRTHDAY: 29 October 2009

    ALLEGIANCE: Alaric goes where it suits. He is an opportunist who runs after whatever amuses him at that moment and time. There is no rush, and no need, for him to embark on allegiances apart from his obligation to the Krum name; which, on its own, is already plagued by divisive family politics.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    HOGWARTS CLASSES: Art, Astronomy, Charms, CoMC, DADA, Divination, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration

    WAND: Ash and Italian Olive, Augurey Tail Feather and Cherub Hair, 13½ inches, sturdy
    001. Brilliant in Charms
    002. Strong Divination Core
    003. Aids Healing
    004. Boosts Transfiguration
    005. Potent for Legilimency
    006. Falters in Occlumency
    007. Weak in DADA
    008. Ashwood
    historically associated with Dark Arts
    & tends to strangle plants that grow around them
    009. Senses impending death
    010. Could be balanced by Light leanings of Italian Olivewood
    011. Bonds with a Romantic

    PLAY BY: Sean O’Pry


    HAIR COLOUR: Bistre Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Persian Blue

    HEIGHT: 6’2/1.88m

    BODY TYPE: Well-built, slender, and toned.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Although Alaric was a weak baby and a tiny toddler, initial concerns were stamped out as soon as the boy hit puberty. The teenager has experienced both early and rampant changes. Currently, he towers over most people his age, keeping to the Krum genetic fortune in body build. Alaric tans easily, and keeps his tan rather well. He has his mother’s skin, but takes after his father in looks. Despite not suffering from too many blemishes, he does have moles and freckles on his face that blends well with his tanned skin. The boy’s jaw is hardened and chiselled, one of the many quick features of maturation during puberty. Dimples appear when he grins, however, breaking up the masculine face to a rather boyish one. Although it appears as if he has put very little effort to his hair, Alaric deliberately fashions a mild bed-head out of it. This habit was quickly adopted upon learning of the apparent female attention he could garner from doing so. He doesn’t understand it, but he does it anyway, given its success. Like most Pureblood children, the boy has been accustomed to dressing smart. He doesn’t break the vein, and does take care of the way he presents himself.




    STRONG AREAS OF MAGIC: Charms and Divination


    001. Bulgarian, written and spoken, excellent
    002. English, written and spoken, excellent
    003. Russian, written and spoken, decent

    Body Art
    Caerphilly Catapults
    Nature Walks

    Being opposed
    Being proven wrong
    Being judged
    Body odours
    Viktor Krum IV & Family
    Small spaces

    001. To perform fairly in his O.WL.s and N.E.W.T.s
    Although Alaric doesn’t fancy school, nor does he like to study, he doesn’t want to be an embarrassment in his academic performance.
    002. To lose his virginity
    The boy is young and inexperienced, but hormones have been raging as his newfound discovery of the beauty of girls show some form of reciprocation. Yet, he doesn’t fancy being embarrassed by doing something wrong in the process of the act; thus the refrain from it, still.
    003. To master Legilimency
    004. To become the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain
    005. “To do something great!”

    001. Likes to draw on his limbs
    002. Is particularly fussy over bed and bath hygiene
    003. Loves to climb and sit in trees
    004. Almost never stops touching his hair
    005. Does push-ups everyday, before sleep and after awakening from sleep
    006. Walks in long, rapid strides
    007. Talks to himself
    008. Only smokes Menthol Cigarettes
    009. Sleeps naked, but completely under the covers; even his head is buried under

    BOGGART: A Giant Lizard
    Though his earliest memories are hazy at best, Alaric remembers how his father would enter the room to drop a lizard on his covers, in the middle of the night. It was a cheeky habit that the boy has never understood. Even on hindsight, now, the thought of lizards creeping up on him fills his nightmares almost every night. It is no wonder that the boy sleeps with his body completely hiding under the duvet.

    PATRONUS: Alaric has never produced a Patronus Charm before.

    DEMENTOR: The memory of the entire ordeal of his father’s murder and how it happened, often involving a black hooded figure in his nightmares, although he knows Eli to be the culprit in real life.

    VERITASERUM: Even if Alaric is not a replica of his father, he still has a couple of traits that are Krum-like, which really means it is scandalous in nature, but not altogether surprising. What the Veritaserum would do, in the boy’s case, is reveal the points in his boyhood, where he has deliberately spied on his sister, and even some of the other women in the household, when they’re in the shower or enjoying a bath.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Currently, Alaric still sees his father’s enigmatic smile staring back at him, as if the older man was very much alive and potent. Soon, the boy will see himself wrapping an arm around the shoulders of Valerie Llewellyn, grinning with pride as he towers over her and keeps her close.

    PERSONALITY: While Stefan III was an unnerving character typical of the Krums, Alaric almost never inherit any of his qualities. Make no mistake; the boy was his father’s son. The towering height, the potentially intimidating stature, and the hard facial features; they all make up the true stamp of Stefan III. Yet, the boy grew into what would have been dismissed as more feminine inclinations, thanks to the family’s insistence on loving him like a baby. Unlike his elder siblings, Alaric barely bore the same sort of disciplined judgement that was their lot since birth. It is no wonder that Alaric turned out to be rather sheltered. Before the traumatic ordeal of his father’s murder, the boy was unscarred by the warring that plagued, and still plagues, the household of Krum. The core of his oddly good-humoured personality is still intact, only dented by a new sort of bitterness to the absence of his father, and certainly the anger channelled from his loss. While this has made the boy less hyperactive and noisy, Alaric is still very much a boy. He is still babied by his mother and older siblings, even as he is made to remember his father’s expectations of him. Knowing them, the teenager is very conscious about failing any that his father had clearly delineated before. While he is, by nature, a supposedly carefree and lazy person, Alaric does balances this with a fierce determination to upkeep both his personal pride, and the family pride, in the ways of which he conducts himself both academically and socially. This is a boy that has learnt to straddle the complication of more adult dealings as a member of the Krum family, and yet still never loses the heart to play. Also, while it is true that the teenager is loyal and loving, the extent of his attachments treads onto a penchant to be easily provoked to jealousy. While not one to desperately seek for attention, he does indulge in it when given. This is especially important the more someone means to him, whether it be his mother, his siblings, and the girls in school who matter. Everything almost always has something to do with pride, for the boy. It is no wonder that he is too quick to defend, and rather egotistical at times. After all, he had been raised to believe in his privileged standing. Yet, comparatively, Alaric isn’t someone who expresses prejudices. He certainly believes that he is better than a lot of people he knows, but he never outrightly condemns someone, nor does he exude a haughtiness that seems almost exclusively Slytherin in nature. Instead, there is no malice in the boy’s confidence. He is far more interested in his personal business than everyone else’s. Despite the abhorrence for competition, Alaric is ironically competitive by nature. He wants to win without working for it.


    FATHER: Stefan III Krum (1978-2024)

    MOTHER: Kalina Krum (1978)

    Lorelei Krum (2000)
    Georgio Krum (2001)
    Gustav Krum (2005)

    GRANDFATHER: Viktor Krum III (1942-1999)

    GRANDMOTHER: Kerri Krum (1945-2015)

    OTHERS: The entire Krum Family Tree

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    NATIONALITY: Bulgarian

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Pureblood Elite

    PET: Gorby, short for Gorbachev, the name of the boy’s Cheshire Cat

    BROOMSTICK: A Thunderbolt

    POSSESSION(S): There is a confidential letter addressed to Alaric by his father, kept in his Gringotts Vault. Instructions regarding the letter were clear and firm. It was not to be opened until the boy has come of age, upon graduation from Hogwarts. While he has been told to open it after his father’s death, the teenager has been faithful to the promise that Stefan III wanted from him. This was fortunate since, unbeknownst to everyone, the letter was magically sealed. Opening the letter before its time was certainly not a good idea.



    Early Years:
    While the boy’s name was, initially, to be Stefan IV, the plan was altered in favour of Stanislov. The intention was made with premature hope that the boy was to be his own man, despite expectations that he should, like his brothers, carry significant traits of his father. While Stanislov is supposed to be synonymous with glory, the boy’s birth was clouded with stormy weather, misfortune for Stefan III, and near-death for the boy. In fact, the Krum family Healers were ready to declare the baby dead, after hours of trying to get the baby to breathe independently, out of his mother’s womb. Nobody knew, or even knows, what occurred when Stefan III imposed himself into the room upon the fatal news, and removed the baby to the privacy of his study. There have been rumours of a deal between Stefan III and the Dark Lord, with the baby’s salvation in exchange for something untold and unspoken of. So it seems. However, as time went by, those who knew about the boy’s birth story began to believe it all to be a myth instead, seeing that the mystery was deprived of evidence. All that came out of that laborious two nights of waiting in exclusion to the privacy of father and son was the emergence of the baby, healthy and alive, and with a different name. Alaric is of Old German origin. There is tradition attached to it, and prominence of the name traces to Gothic roots. This can be attributed to King Alaric I of the Visigoths, who led the Goths to plunder Rome in the fifth century. Naturally, Alaric is associated to all the meanings of a leader, specifically one who is noble, and who overcomes.

    Hogwarts Years: Alaric is a proud Puffer. He has made quite a name for himself in his House, what with his outgoing personality and the crazy antics that he gets up to with his mates – Alex, Connor, Dirk, Thomas, and Wayne. Seven is a rather massive number for a group of friends. This has, however, made school a place of ceaseless madness and camaraderie. While this works for the boys and their friends, some abhor them just by the noise and foolery that seem to dwell in their presence. Mostly, though, the boys are loved and accepted by Hufflepuffers. This has made Alaric comfortable and proud of his influence among students in the House. Yet, he is approachable and makes for good company. While the boy can barely be considered diligent during school terms, he does receive tutoring help during the holidays at home, something of which his father had insisted upon for every child. This has ensured that his grades turn out rather satisfactory. Given that Alaric likes to still perform well with minimal effort, the current arrangement suits him well. Still, he does complain about the fact that half of his holidays have been robbed, in this way. Alaric has never been in a relationship. He may seem the sort to jump into a series of them, but the boy barely has any experience to speak about. While he may be a Hufflepuff, he does hate getting things wrong. His penchant for avoiding mistakes has made him really forthcoming in things that he has been proven to be good at, and rather withdrawn at things that are new to him. Yet, he is certainly not without the curiosity that is almost typical in any teenager.

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Madd

    RP EXPERIENCE: (-14+24) - (-16+17) - (-19+23) years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Harry Potter Wiki

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Augustus Rookwood, Damien D'Eath, Julien Delacour, Kendall Rookwood, Thierry Krum, Trenton Thomas.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Hopefully, to find some sort of muse.

    RP SAMPLE: geek
Alaric Krum
Alaric Krum
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Fifth Year Gryffindor

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Post by Elijah Krum Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:23 pm

Accepted and sorted into Puff land.
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Elijah Krum
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Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:31 pm

Teddy will have the hots for him and, therefore, bully him.
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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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Post by Alaric Krum Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:39 pm

Hello there Wink
Alaric Krum
Alaric Krum
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Fifth Year Gryffindor

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