KRUM, Estella Isolde
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KRUM, Estella Isolde

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KRUM, Estella Isolde Empty KRUM, Estella Isolde

Post by Estella Krum Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:57 pm

KRUM, Estella Isolde Large



FULL NAME: Estella Isolde Krum


AGE: 20




WAND: yew tree, 11 inches with a dragon's heartstring; flexible

PLAY BY: Krysten Ritter


HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, almost black



BODY BUILD: once again – average. Not too skinny nor is she anywhere close on being called fat.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Estella is relatively short young woman who stands 5 feet and four inches tall. Her facial features might not be considered attractive by the society around her, however; she has high cheekbones, thin nose and big eyes but also big mouth which makes some question the adequate reasoning of her proportions.
Her hair is usually kept short, somewhere simply above or a bit below her broad shoulders. As for her general appearance, there is nothing that is “extraordinary” in her; her clothing is not from fashion magazines, nor are they from any known designers – simply put, she wears what she wants and what fits her mood, although mostly she can be seen in a knee length shirt, either brown or black thick stocks and a sweater. This outfit does not change much during the year; even in summer she wears relatively similar items, making strangers obviously question if she has any other things in her closet. Or, if she even has that.

Make-up is a rare thing to see on her face and the same goes for the accessories. If her opinion matters, she prefers being all natural instead of spoiling her skin with chemicals.


TRAITS: loyal, brave, photographic memory, witty, creative, good at analyzing situations, adaption, high pain tolerance, smart, quick to learn, curious, interested in many things, studious, calm, balanced, modest, keeps everything clean, studying

likes: cold, winter, fresh air, scent of recently mowed grass, good food, candles, magic, science, muggle technology, animals, creatures
dislikes: provoking, laziness, sugar, alcohol, procrastination, other drugs, darkness, loneliness, summer weather

GOALS: replace a limb with a robotic one

HABITS & QUIRKS: Estella's hobby is science. She creates new items from nothing, makes them function and work properly. She can build and break anything she gets her hands on. The world, to her, is a system what can be organized and designed the way all human creatures want, if only they would know and use the tools correctly. Currently she is working on creating robotic limbs for humans (mostly herself).

BOGGART: Losing everything she has ever worked for

PATRONUS: Finally making a limb that functions when attached to human body.

DEMENTOR: Death of everyone she knew of kept close.

VERITASERUM: She is not fond of quidditch although her father is one of the greatest players in the world.

MIRROR OF ERISED: 1. to finally create a perfect magical limb that will function as one once attached to human body
2. develop it (alone) so far the limb can be connected to the central nervous system and therefore all the reflexes and sensations would be transferred there.
3. being accepted
4. her views not being laughed at.

PERSONALITY: Estella Isolda is a woman who likes to keep her things tidy and clean. That is mostly because of her “hobby” - everything has to be in place if she wishes to continue with the work the following day.
She is quiet, but unlike many taciturn people, she is relatively outgoing when it comes to being with friends and her family.
She is really creative when it comes to art; the saddest part of her is probably the fact that she was never really fond of literature. The only books she bought and stocked were ones of greater science.

Making her feel guilty is a relatively hard thing to do, however. Estella stands her ground regardless of the faults or goods she has ever done and even if she is caring about and to her friends and family, she can leave a quite heartless impression to those who do not even know her yet. She is very punctual and appreciates highly when someone comes to the meeting on the right time, which also means that she can be seen around some places quite early.

Sleep is considered a necessity. Estella is aware of the need of rest and therefore her whole day is scheduled. She needs at least six to eight hours of sleep before occupying her mind and body to work once more.
Her diet it very strict as well. If she eats, she needs to get all the calcium, protein and minerals. The less sugar, the best, therefore sugary treats such as ice creams or chocolate are relatively rare, nor does she even miss them.

She never was really fond of quidditch, whatsoever. The game is too brutal in her opinion, and getting knocked off from a broom while flying above ground at least twenty meters is not a thing she would like to experience. Neither is getting hit by a giant ball in a face acceptable as well.


FATHER: - Viktor Krum, born 1976

MOTHER: - Marina Krum (nee Harrow) born 1977- 2023;
- Irina Krum nee Berbatova | b. 2000 (Viktor's Second Wife)

SIBLING/S: - Elijah Krum, b. ~2005
- Gabriel Krum | b. 2024 
- Marko Krum | b. 2025
- Petre Krum | b. 2026
- Giorgi Krum | b. 2027*

OTHER: - Thierry Krum - b. 2015
- Fauve Krum - b. 2017
- Caelum Krum - b. 2024 - twin 1
- Cepheus Krum - b. 2024 - twin 2
- Primrose Potter - b. c. 2022-3
- Stephen Krum – b. 1978 – 2024.

BLOOD STATUS: pureblood

SPECIES: human


A rat named Simmi, a cat called Lancelot and an own Henny.



Early Years: When Estella was born, she was pretty much welcomed to the Krum family. Her mother was happy to have a daughter and her father hoped she might as well become someone who followed his path. She was a curious being as a child. When something was given to her, Estella would immediately study and observe it, break and then try to fix it. Due to the fact that Viktor played a lot of quidditch, her life was also surrounded by men and women who dedicated their lives to that sport. It was not a big surprise that on her sixth birthday Estella received a small broom instead of a doll or her most anticipated book. Regardless of her being slightly against flying (she is not so fond of heights), she quickly learned how to do so anyway.

If anything, Estella was more of a mother's girl. She enjoyed the company of her well educated and cultured parent, loved being near her and listening to the tales she had to say. Marina taught her manners and invested a lot that the girl would follow her dreams instead of doing what her father desired her to.

That, however, does not mean she was in bad conditions with Viktor Krum. Estella, after making clear on her decision that she would rather study and go towards science and medicine, was accepted regardless. During her school years, he supported her with all he could, but there was still the lingering presence of quidditch; he tried to get her into it by inviting her to some of his matches, other games and gatherings. Of course Estella went there, but her attention was elsewhere.

School Years: Estella never attended Hogwarts. As a matter of fact, even when her brother was transferred there, she remained at Durmstang and studied there as an excellent student. Her interests varied daily: she could be interested in magical creatures one day and on the second day Estella could be seen boiling different types of potions. A need to develop her knowledge and advance in different areas of expertise seemed to be the girl's aim.
She was a part of a wizard chess club and with their small team they competed for years against children of their age. Currently she has several awards on her shelves remaining from the school.
Due to her being the child of a famous quidditch player, Estella was also quite popular among her peers, although she never used that popularity for her own advantage. Honestly she cared less for those who followed her only for being the only daughter of Viktor Krum.

Adulthood: After successfully graduating from Drumstang, Estella chose the path of a scientist of a sort. For over two years she developed prosthetic magical limbs for those who were born with disabilities. She equipped hospitals and patients with medical arms and legs that could be attached magically and therefore used as the own, original limb.
Soon after gaining popularity, Estella moved to England where she got slightly involved with ministry of magic. Although she was not a frequent visitor there, she soon became also interested in business going on there and after a year of studying some extra about magical creatures and protective spells against them, she applied for a job as a Beast Specialist.








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Estella Krum
Estella Krum
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KRUM, Estella Isolde Empty Re: KRUM, Estella Isolde

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:54 pm


There are a lot of good things about her. You've got some good basic structure to her, but I do have a few questions. Please help unconfused me.

I am a bit confused about likes and dislikes since they're all sort of lumped together. Can you clarify that for me?

Also, the whole robotic limb thing is a bit of a problem in the magical world. That sort of science would most likely be considered a muggle concept since they could enchant a prosthesis to do robotic sorts of motions and actions. Not sure it works in the Rowlings world. I know it would mean a significant redesign for Estella, but you might want to consider having her be interested in developing a better magical prosthesis.

I'd like to see more about what her relationship is with her parents and how she got them to allow her to go to Hogwarts instead of Durmstrang. Viktor seems as he would be pretty dedicated to his old school, and while Eli had already earned some celebrity status as an artist (which no doubt was part of Viktor's feeling like Eli could handle being farther away from home), Estella doesn't have that. How did she get her parents to allow her to go to a different school than their traditional choice for a wizarding school?

And--I see no mention of her having any love or interest in magical creatures or animals. Where did the choice to become a beast specialist come from for her? It feels to me as though its a bit disconnected from her desire to develop this artificial limb--or however you work it out to fit into the wizarding world.

Let Eli or me know if you need help.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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KRUM, Estella Isolde Empty Re: KRUM, Estella Isolde

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:42 pm

she's much better, mis. thank you.

accepted and sorted to grads.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 19484
Special Abilities : Energy Worker, Medium, Heightened Sensitivity
Occupation : Director of St. Mungos, Owner of Sparks Bistro

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KRUM, Estella Isolde Empty Re: KRUM, Estella Isolde

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