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BLACKBURN, Faith Ann Empty BLACKBURN, Faith Ann

Post by Faith Blackburn Sat May 05, 2012 9:27 pm

BLACKBURN, Faith Ann Karen_gillan-1



    FULL NAME: Faith Ann Blackburn

    NICKNAMES: Faith, Ann, Faith-Ann,

    AGE: 15, 5th

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Slytherin

    CLASSES: CoMC, Potions

    WAND: Vine, Unicorn Tail hair, 8”, Very Springy

    PLAY BY: Karen Gillan



    EYE COLOR: Hazel-Green

    HEIGHT: 5’10”

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Faith is a very thin girl, tall, and pretty, she often catches people’s eyes with her bright clothing, which is usually either very short shorts and a nice blouse, or a nice low cut dress. Her hair is either pulled back or hanging loose about her shoulders, but if it’s up in a pony tail, she always uses a bright pink ribbon around the hair tie. Faith has one tattoo on her ankle, which is a small bow and arrow. Faith always wears flip flops, or very high, high heels. Being as tall as she is, she normally only wears flip flops to try and blend in easier, but sometimes she just feels the need to wear her high heels, which make her legs look fantastic. Faith has a few scars that dot her arms, and her abdomen, she never explains her scars, but they look pretty old.


    Friendly – She’s always got a smile on her face, and is polite to everyone she meets.

    Caring – Will listen to your problems in a heartbeat, doesn’t talk to much about any deep issues, and is always there to be a shoulder to cry on.

    Extremely happy go lucky – Even if she doesn’t talk much about any deep issues, like herself, and her feelings, she is smiling, and bouncing, and hyper much of the time.

    Smart – She may not look it, but Faith is extremely smart. She likes to solve logic puzzles in between classes, reads many many books on a LARGE variety of subjects, and enjoys discussing matters of society that she has ideas on how to fix.

    Forgets things easily – Has to write everything down in order to keep it in her memory, means she has a LOT of journals, she also has a very selective memory, in most social situations she doesn’t remember names, or faces, and tends to forget things like what she ate last, and who she was talking to on a particular day, but she remembers facts like when Grindelwald’s birthday was, and how much chopped Daisy roots are in a shrinking solution.

    Bites her fingernails – When thinking hard on a subject, doing her homework, or just anything at all that has to do with her staring blankly at something for a long time, she bites her fingernails to relieve her boredom.

    Anti-Social – Faith tends to stick to herself, people often tend to leave her alone as well, being forgetful as she is, she doesn’t always make the best of friends because she forgets their names so easily and reads so often that she just doesn’t often have time to make new friends.

    Reading – Faith loves to read, and is often seen sitting in the courtyard, in the Great Hall, in a random corridor, sitting on the stairs, on the grounds, or just in her own common room, reading away the hours, in various sitting/laying positions.

    Eating – Faith is the type of girl who will have some sort of food item with her while she eats; from chips, to ice cream, to drinking a cup of tea. While her metabolism keeps her looking good, her eating habits are not the best.

    Werewolves – One of Faith’s biggest interest are werewolves. She spends much of her time researching the disease, learning about the characteristics, studying the wolfbane potion, and if anything, she is looking for a cure, if not very actively.

    Quidditch – While it’s a fun sport to watch on occasion, Faith is normally up in her common room, happy in the peace a Quidditch match creates in the castle, usually by a window so she can hear the score and see any major goals, but she would much rather be sitting and reading, eating candy, than going down and watching a Quidditch Match in the midst of all those people.

    Gryffindors – It isn’t that Faith doesn’t like all Gryffindors, but unlike how most people are, she has only had bad experiences with associating with them. Slytherins have been altogether more accepting and kindly to ambitious people, even though Faith is not the most ambitious of people, she does understand their drive, and their want to be the best they can be. While Gryffindors, in her opinion, are just the popular kids who whine about their life too much.

    Her parents – Her father abused her as a child, and still to this day sends letters that are abusive in words. Her mother is always gone on some business or other, and has many, many affairs, which she doesn’t do anything to hide from her daughter, no matter how young she was.

    Get away from her parents, and live a life of her own.

    Biting her nails , eating a lot while she reads

    Dying alone – Faith is alone most of the time, and although she prefers being alone to read, One of Faith’s biggest fears is dying without anyone knowing who she is.

    Her 6th birthday, her parents took her over to her uncle’s mansion for the day, and she was let to play around with the servant children and run around outside barefoot, by far it was her best day.

    When she turned eleven, Faith was put on Platform 9 ¾ and left. Her parents didn’t wait for her, didn’t wave, didn’t smile and wish her a good year at school, they dropped her off inside the gates, turned around and walked off.

    Faith has been abused by her father all of her life. Since Hogwarts has begun it’s gotten less simply because she doesn’t see him. The letters she pretends to be so happy about when she receives them, are usually full of abusive words, of every nature.

    To move out of her home and get away from her parents.

    PERSONALITY: (At least 1 Paragraph of your characters basic personality.)
    Faith is a quiet person if you don’t know her. She sits by herself and reads. She tends to sit in odd positions, sometimes with her feet up on a wall, lying on her back, sometimes sprawled out on a chair, or a stair, or one sitting in a tree out on the grounds. She’s very smart, but she only ever visits the library to find a new book, never to sit and actually read it. She’d much prefer sitting somewhere else and enjoying life while reading a wonderful book at the same time.

    Faith when she’s around her friends is very energetic, she is never upset if you pull her away from a book to talk, and is always ready to listen to your problems, comfort you, and give helpful advice, sometimes even quoting certain books as a reference point as to why she is giving that advice.
    Faith very often forgets social situations though. It doesn’t mean she’s awkward, but if she doesn’t know you completely and totally, she’ll forget your name in a manner of days, probably that information is taken by some other bit that she’s learned about something new in her readings. She enjoys talking, and enjoys conversation, and is very friendly, but she will not remember your conversation if it doesn’t somehow teach her something, or is with a very striking person.


    FATHER: Ted Blackburn – A very nasty man. He abuses his daughter, both physically, emotionally, and every other way he can think of. He drove away his wife, and takes it out on his daughter. While he’s still married to his wife, they don’t see each other anymore, for they live in separate houses. A muggle, he hates his wife for being a witch and giving that trait to his daughter, who now has to spend months and months away from him at a school to learn pretty little magic tricks.

    MOTHER: Sarah Blackburn – Is never at home, always off on an affair, and lives in a beautiful flat in downtown London. She doesn’t care about her daughter, or what happens to her under the care of her husband, in fact she doesn’t speak to her daughter, ever. With a good job in the wizarding world as a high up employee in a good standing department, she lives a life of luxury with her many male friends.

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: None – All of her family has either been driven away by Faith’s horrible father, or refuses to speak to them out of their own selfishness.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy-Middle, her mother is rich, but her father isn’t as much so. He has a good job, as does her mother, but Faith doesn’t see any of this, and is often left with less than wonderful clothing and belongings.

    Faith has an owl that she saved up for with her own money. Her owl’s name is Valerian, for she is an intimidating bird that likes to ruffle her feathers and nip at people who get to close, except for Faith, who she cuddles as though she thinks she is a dog instead of a bird.


    Many, many journals detailing things she knows she should know. Which include names, dates, specific conversations that remind her that she shouldn’t speak about a certain subject with a certain person. Things like these, that keep her in the right track, she keeps all of these in her trunk, which has an enchanted pocket that she did herself in her 4th year of Hogwarts.


    Early Years: Faith had a horrible childhood. Children she went to school with thought she was a freak, and always left her alone, or they bullied her. And while she was being bullied at school, she was also bullied at home, for her father abused her, in every way imaginable. Growing up wasn’t pleasant, without her mother around, Faith was forced to grow up very quickly, often having to fend for herself on food and clothing, for her father would go on drunken sprees and be gone for days at a time. Faith never really minded though, she liked it when he was gone, for she wasn’t hurt. When her father came home however, he was usually worse than any other time, and she still has scars from some of her encounters with him at these times.

    Her mother was never home, and when she was home, she and her husband fought constantly. Finally her mother just stopped coming home, and Faith realized she wouldn’t be seeing her anymore, for she had moved on, and left her alone with her dad. Faith doesn’t know much in how other children grow up with families, for she just assumes everyone has the scars, the stories, the late nights, she assumes a father’s job is to protect his child, and that’s by making sure she isn’t hurt by other boys, or to toughen her up so she doesn’t cry when other children make fun of her.

    Faith loves her father, even for what he did to her, and so she was sad when she went to Hogwarts, and thrown into a new world without him. He dropped her off and ran to get drunk, and she knew it was because he was upset about leaving her to other people. Stepping onto the platform was the best, and worst time of her life.

    Hogwarts Years: At school, Faith blossomed, she started off shy, and quiet, hiding away from anyone who could come near her, and still to this day, she doesn’t make any attempts at making friends, much preferring the books she reads all over the castle. But she doesn’t hide away while she reads any longer. Instead, she puts herself into situations where she might have to have an encounter with someone, but only if they want to, if someone doesn’t have to speak to her, they can pass on by, if they want to, they can stop and chat, for she likes to put herself in well-populated areas.

    Once she got out of the library, Faith made a few friends, learned a bit more, and became more open to other people. She started to love hearing other people’s stories, and loved helping them get over their problems, comforting them, and helping them in any way she could, without actually talking about her own experiences as a child as she did, if the topic ever came up, she quickly changed subject, and got it back around to the other person’s problems.

    Now at the end of the 5th year, Faith is looking forward to starting school off and being in her NEWT Classes, she’s excited, and willing, and can’t wait to make new friends.

    Adulthood: Not happened yet


    YOUR NAME: Molly


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Looking back at my very first application, I found out that I found you guys from RPG Directory

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Chase (Who is dead, which is why I’m making this app), Felix Barker, Selene Brun, Zara Ellis, Zoe Gould, Rise Lehmberg, and Rhys O’Neill

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To claim my old playby, and to make an exciting new plot that has been discussed with others on the site XD


Faith Blackburn
Faith Blackburn
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BLACKBURN, Faith Ann Empty Re: BLACKBURN, Faith Ann

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat May 05, 2012 9:40 pm

she's good. i like her. alright. i'll accept her and sort her into ravenclaw.

are you going to mount her pb pic and her avatar?

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Khaat Lupin
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BLACKBURN, Faith Ann Empty Re: BLACKBURN, Faith Ann

Post by Faith Blackburn Sat May 05, 2012 9:41 pm

There's a picture there XD
Faith Blackburn
Faith Blackburn
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Ravenclaw Prefect

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BLACKBURN, Faith Ann Empty Re: BLACKBURN, Faith Ann

Post by Jess Potter Sun May 06, 2012 12:36 am

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