BLACKBURN, Elizabeth
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BLACKBURN, Elizabeth

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BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Empty BLACKBURN, Elizabeth

Post by Elizabeth Blackburn Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:56 am

BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvy5jjQGnM1qgg65ko1_1280

Elizabeth Blackburn


FULL NAME: Elizabeth Anastasia Blackburn
born: Elspeth Orla Blackburn
married name: Elizabeth Richards

1. Orla Black, called by death eaters 
2. Eliza Richards
BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvrinvtWm11u9ld2fo1_250BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvrinvtWm11u9ld2fo7_250
*will be explained later (in adulthood)

NICKNAMES: Beth, Elsie

AGE: 28 29
Born on 12th November 1999

Dark Follower
Death Eater

Ministry of Magic

Blackburn family
Avery family
Richards family

HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex Slytherin


WAND: Vine wood, unicorn hair, 11" pliable

PLAY BY: Amanda Seyfried



EYE COLOUR: pure green




BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nr2m51cZGb1u32j8ho1_500
Elizabeth is good-looking girl, she's average height but is slim so she looks shorter than she really is. Beth is not sporty girl, she doesn't like physical work nor any kind of sport (exception is quidditch but she only likes watching it). She never practiced any kind of physical activity so when it comes to her strength, she's very weak.

With her golden hair, green eyes and bright tan, people often assume she's veela. She looks just like her mother, except from light hair that she inherited from her father. She has round face with full lips, big green eyes and nose and ears that matches her face lines. She has two small scars, one is above right eyebrow and the other on chin. 

She is extremely ticklish, doesn't like to be touched or hugged. She likes wearing costly, elegant clothes and usually wearing dresses and heels. She hates wearing uniforms but when she must, she wears them proudly. She enjoys casual clothes too, and preferes neutral, dark colors. She always wears silver necklace she got from her sister.



Leadership qualities
Disregard for the rules



Her family

Being right
Walking in the woods
Classic music/painting/art/history
Controlling situation/conversation
Disregarding the rules


Being hugged or touched
Extremely slow walkers
Any kind of sports
Irresponsible people
People who has the habit to be late

Talkative people
Personal questions

1. Graduation
2. Becoming mother

3. Finding her parents
4. Moving to Scotland with her kids

-She always wears necklace with Imogen's name
-Taps her chin when bored or nervous
-Can’t stand being hugged or touched
-Is unable to take advices from anyone 

-Is unable to show her emotions in public
-Is always at least ten minutes early to any meeting or appointment
-Has several hidden tattoos that regular clothing conceal
-Writes with left hand, but does everything else right-handed
-Has a very springy walk


Elizabeth is scared that she'll never be able to control things in her life. 


Meeting Nikita
Giving birth and seeing her kids for the first time


Getting married


She is very secretive and has a lot of secrets.

That she discovered Andrew's secretes earlier, saved her brother and stayed with Nikita


BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvpndowm6C1tl4ciuo8_250BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvpn98CFqn1tl4ciuo1_250
First of all, Elizabeth is emotional. Her emotions are very strong, both good and bad emotions, but she is the master when it comes to hiding them. She's forceful, dedicated and well known control freak. She needs to be in control all the times because it's the only way for her to feel safe. When she's not in control of situation, she's all over the place and can easily break. However, these moments are rare. She is very capable of hiding her true feelings and motivations. She is constantly fighting herself, while trying to understand what she really feels and wants. 

She is protective, some would say even obsessive. She would gave all for her family and loved ones, and she wouldn't mind killing someone if it would make her family safe. She puts them in the first place and would do anything for them. However, she is very weary about trusting anyone (hell, she doesn't even trust herself). In order to love deeply and intensely, Elizabeth needs to make sure the person is worth her time. A person needs to gain her trust and this gets built up over time. if someone she loves betrayed her, they better watched their back because Elizabeth is revengeful and she will destroy their life eventually. 

She is power hungry and determined to reach her goals. She has excellent memory so when necessary, she can recall facts and bring them to the table at the time of needs. If it's for her own benefit, she will manipulate and blackmail people by these memories. She is very dangerous because of this, she will use her powers if needed, she will step on others and destroy their life if needed, only to satisfy her own greed. 

She is all about understanding things and mysteries, and is very good in that. The world is one big puzzle for Elizabeth, the one she's solving all the time. She is very intuitive and in combination of observing she can often say what's on someones mind. 

She is terrified of failure but she keeps this hidden pretty well.  She relay on her instincts all the time and trust her own gut. She doesn't care if she's wrong, or if people think she's wrong, if her sens are telling her to go one way, she will. Because of this, she is almost always getting what she wants. Her leadership qualities are as strong as her ambition, but she never saw herself as a leader - thought people are often listening to her (probably because they fear they may end up on her "to destroy" list if they don't)


BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Untitled-1

*these are the ones who had no impact on Elizabeth's life
*these are the dead ones

Eddard, 57

Aspen, 54

Balfour, 31
sister in law: Rosemarie
nieces: Simone (5), Stephanie (4)
Eliot, 29
nephews: Damien&Darius (8,)
Davon, 27
sister in law: Barbara
Imogen, 24
Alana, 20
Sheila, 19

uncle: Robert, 59
aunt: Veronica, 56

Julia, 34
brother in law: Stephen
niece: Theodora
Silvia, 29
Valeriya, 22

fake sister: Audrey O'Sha, 28

husband: Andrew Richard
Cael, 7
India&Ianthe, 4

BLOOD STATUS:  half-blood (assumed to be pureblood)

SPECIES: human


black cat Ayla
owl Akira




Elspeth (later called Elizabeth) was born in Sweden as a third child of Eddard and Aspen (younger twin). When she was four years old she was moved to Godric's Hollow along with her four siblings, where she was raised by her grandparents. 

Family before all. It was her family's motto. And truly, they were all very close and would probably die for each other. Robert and Veronica were closest thing to parents that Elizabeth and her siblings had. When Arthur died, only three years after the kids came, Robert and Veronica went to Ukraine, for unknown reason, leaving grieving Penelope to look after eight kids. By the time, Elizabeth was seven years old. Even thought she always loved all of her family members, she was the most attached with her twin brother Eliot and four years younger sister Imogen. For some reason, Elizabeth was always getting most attention, which led to her small transformation. She got spoiled, but she was cunning and clever so she always knew how to get what she wanted. 

Unlike her siblings, Elizabeth was never a fan of the sport, but she loved music, though she never played any instrument, she was only singing and writing songs. Besides that, she was always into art, she found it to be very relaxing, pure and beautiful. Art was like yoga to her. 
First time she has done magic was long before Hogwarts. She used to make potions with her grandma, who was potion master in her time, so Elizabeth learned some tricks that turned out to be more than useful. The happiest days of her life were when she got her letter and few days later when she got her first wand ever. 

getting separated from parents



It was long known that Elizabeth will be part of Slytherin house. She was looking forward to it, and she was more than happy when sorting hat screamed Slytherin!
She was very adaptable so she got used to school in short time, thought she didn't really liked the fact that she was being watched all the time nor she liked how she was told what to do. Still, she was acting like she loved it all and she was an excellent student. Professors love her because who would say that underneath an angel face lies... little "wanna be bad" girl?

Being equal with others was something that Elizabeth couldn't accepted. All of her life she was the one, the best, she was the golden girl, she was the leader. And here, she was... ordinary. She didn't liked it at all so she decided she'll never be like them, she'll never be ordinary, she'll be unique. That was something that other students obviously didn't like, but she didn't care. She had a lot of "friends", thought they were all just pretending to like her, much unlike her, she was openly showing her emotions. Usually, she was pitting them all for not being able to be different. Thought she did admire those who was brave enough to be different - someone like Sebastien O'Sullivan.

Her favorite place at Hogwarts, from the first to the seventh year, was the library. She was spending all of her free time usually reading about the history, but she was also interested in magical creatures. She loved quidditch, but only watching. She never tried playing it, because she hated flying and she hated sports (much unlike her twin brother who was playing for Slytherin house at the time and later became professional player).

By the seventh year, she couldn't wait to graduate. She hated people (not all but most of them), however she was cunning enough to know how to treat them. She was polite and knew how to use sweet words, so she would usually get what she wanted. Trusting only herself, Elizabeth finished her schooling with all excellent grades, few friends, bunch of those who wanted to be her friends and many, many, many connections.

dark follower


breaking rules



BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvpn4zY5xc1tl4ciuo5_250BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvpn4zY5xc1tl4ciuo7_250BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_nvpndowm6C1tl4ciuo2_250

Now, when she graduated she joined Death Eaters. Among them, she insisted to be called Orla Black, thought no one understood why. As it was mentioned before, Elizabeth had many connections that helped her stayed informed. She knew almost everything, and that helped her in her game, she was unashamedly blackmailing all the people she could.

When she turned 21 she went to Ukraine to visit her uncle and aunt. she was supposed to stay only for a week but it turned out to be a whole year. Reason: Nikita.
Elizabeth met Aneta Feodorovna Markova with whom she became really close in short time. By the time, Aneta dated Nikolai Romanovich Ivashkov. One day, Beth met his brother and she fell for him in the second. He was dating some girl but he ended up their relationship, showing Elizabeth he's having feelings for her. And they started dating. 

family before all
before all....

BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Tumblr_lzasnogQSA1qh5rnko1_500

He wanted to propose. The day he decided to ask her she got the letter from home, saying Davon got into some bad stuff, saying the only way to get him out is if she would step in and become Elizabeth Richards. Family before all. She gave Nikita goodbye letter and one last kiss, even before he managed to ask. She went back to London, begging him not to come with her, making him promise that he wont, making him promise that he'll move on.
And just like that, she put on her mask, she went home, only she didn't came alone.

Screaming, crying, begging for death, and than more crying but it wasn't her, it was someone else. Her baby was very loud, but that sound was like a melody to her. She looked at him, she kissed him, she called him Cael.
And now big question? Who is the father? She had no idea. Was it Nikita? Andrew? She had no idea. Even though something was telling her that the baby was the product of her past, she decided to believe that it's Andrew's. No one ever knew she was with Nikita, no one will ever know... With 22, Elizabeth Richards became a mother.  

what happened to davon and who the hell is andrew richards?

Elizabeth was 23 when she decided to join the ministry. Since Andrew was already there, it was easy for her to get the job. Though it wasn't exactly  what she wanted, being auror was always part of the plan. But it didn't last for long. Two years later, just when she turned 25, Elizabeth got pregnant again. This time, she was sure the kids were Andrew's. They got twins, India and Ianthe, two blond girls with huge blue eyes. They looked just like her.

When she was twenty six she left death eaters, claiming she need to clear her head and spend more time with her kids. She started working with potions, something she always wonted. She decided she will follow her first dream of becoming potion master, just like her grandma.

As it's sad before in spoiler, Andrew killed Veronica and Silvia. How?They died in car crush that he caused. After losing two of her loved ones, Elizabeth was broken. That was the first time after four years that she not only thought about Nikita but also sent him a letter. She got her reply next day and as always, his humor made her fell just a bit better.

At the age of twenty seven, Elizabeth started digging around Andrew's work only to find out the truth about the man she was living with for five years. When she discovered he's not clean and loyal, she started wondering if he's loyal to her their family. She didn't care about affairs, she knew he had them and since they weren't in love, she was okay with that. But putting their kids in danger, she couldn't let him do that. So she moved back to her old home, saying she's going through some time and she needs to be alone for awhile - with kids.

On her twenty eight birthday she went back to Andrew. Only to say goodbye - forever. She had a plan, thought it was a big one, it required time and commitment but she believed she was up for it. One day, a man knocked on their door. Crucio! Andrew fell on the ground, he was in pain. Elizabeth was there, standing in the corner, scared. Then more man came, they were torturing her husband and she was just standing there, watching... and then.
He said something, something only she will understand. Two words left her mouth, green light in the room, one scream, Andrew was dead. Killed by his wife.

months ago 

what is it with davon?

And when she thought that everything was over, karma said hello.
Meet Eliza Richards
There was something going on with others, she could feel it. But she could never guess... when she walked into the room, Nik was siting on the chair. As he met her gaze, he smiled. "Eliza!" he called, but it wasn't his voice. Oh man, it wasn't him. What was going on? And then they told her. Everything. And she acted like she never met him, even though she spent one whole year in his house. It was... painful, watching him like that. They changed his memory, his identity. Dimitri, he's name is Dimitry. And she? She only became his best friend, his babysitter, the one who should watch him out, make sure his memories don't come back. She should make sure that no one finds him. Because she was great in her job.
And just like that, Eliza Richards was born.

Elizabeth and O'Sullivans
Elizabeth and Carmen


ALSO KNOWN AS: Marija/Maki

RP EXPERIENCE: few years

HOW YOU FOUND US: Rina told me

MAIN CHARACTER: Christian O'Sullivan

CHARACTER PURPOSE: Need 'evil one' in my small collection :')


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BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Empty Re: BLACKBURN, Elizabeth

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Looks good, Maki!

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