GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia
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GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia Li9olo10

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GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia

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GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia Empty GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia

Post by Victoria Greyback Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:12 pm

GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia 1oswoj

Victoria Cecilia Greyback


    FULL NAME: Victoria Cecilia Greyback.

    NICKNAMES: Tori, Vicky, Vic, Greyback.

    AGE: Sixteen | | Sixth Year

    ALLEGIANCE: Previous | | Her Father ///\\\ Current | | Herself, Hogwarts Pack.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin or Gryffindor.

    CLASSES: Charms | | DADA | | Potions | | CoMC

    WAND: Holly, Phoenix Feather, Twelve and Half Inch, Flexible.

    PLAY BY: Sophia Bush.


    HAIR COLOR: Long, curly brown hair.

    EYE COLOR: Chocolate Brown.

    HEIGHT: Five foot, seven inches.

    BODY TYPE: Slender, strong though.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Victoria is a young woman with long, curly and messy brown hair. Her eyes are like chocolate frogs actually, but they're hard to just stare into. Her skin is naturally tan, with a few faint scars running up and down her arms. Her hands are known to have the most scars. Victoria wears a long sleeve black shirt with a simple small sweatshirt or jacket, whatever you want to call it, over that. The soft simple wool sweatshirt's length is down to her knees. Depending on whatever else she's wearing, it might be black or a dark gray colour. Her jeans are a dark blue colour with many rips in different places, wearing black laced shoes as well. Around her neck is a simple fang tooth from another werewolf that died protecting Victoria from the Ministry once.


    ◦ Naturally, Victoria is a swift and quick runner due to her half-blood nature. Due to her being part werewolf. Fenrir taught his daughter even more how to be a quick runner while in her human transformation.
    ◦ Potions is something that she has become quite skilled in, naturally due to being in Slytherin. But she excels in Potion due to always creating the one potion that can keep her blood under control during each month. It's hard, but some Seventh years tend to help her when creating the potion.
    ◦ The one thing, is Victoria, because of Fenrir, learned to control a simple hard of her werewolf mind. And this is to recognize enemies from allies. Regardless of this skill, Victoria moves away from the castle on the night of full moons, so she will not endanger the students.

    ◦ Full moons are a natural thing that she, along with her brothers and sisters kin suffer of. The full moon causes them to transform into werewolves, losing all control over themselves and becoming beasts. Because of this weakness, Victoria, she skips all classes on the day of the full moon and hides in the shack not far from Hogwarts.
    ◦ Victoria has a strange weakness for males. She isn't sure why, but it could be because while traveling with Fenrir and his pack, she hadn't much physical, emotional or any type of contact with a male her own age. Another thing is the fact that she doesn't know what to do when she finds a male she comes to care about.
    ◦ The night, because when it comes this time, sometimes Victoria gets the urge to just run away, be free from everyone. But, she doesn't run because she knows Carlos is at the castle. Victoria takes Carlos with her just in case, and the two of them either sit, lay on the grass and stare at the sky and stares. They always do this, regardless of the seasons. Carlos will either carry her into the castle again, or watch out in case neither one of them wants to move from the spot.

    ◦ Stars, something about the stars tells Victoria a story, and because of this story, she wishes to always be able to stare at them. When night comes, she does still have the urge to run away, but looking at the stars is something that she always loves doing as well.
    ◦ Care for Magical Creatures, it could be the fact that she's one of these creatures, and finds it amusing on how they think certain creatures should be taken care of. Normally, Victoria stays out of sight with some other students of her house. Some creatures that they bring are attracted to Victoria, because of her half-creature blood status.
    ◦ Raw Meat, her number one meat that helps Victoria survive if she doesn't have any type of meat on her. When traveling with Fenrir, sometimes they didn't have time to light a fire, of maybe because they were close to be getting caught. Thus they would turn into their werewolf form and eat the raw meat instead.

    ◦ Victoria, because of her father, Fenrir, grew a deep hatred and disgust for Purebloods. As her mother, Cecilia was born into a De Voyce, which they are known to have a new legacy of having pureblood witches and wizards. But because Fenrir had raped Cecilia, she couldn't get rid of Victoria because it was too late. Thus, after finding out her mother did not want her, hated the fact for Pureblood Lines. Wanting to stay away from Purebloods, for as long as she could.
    ◦ Muggles are another thing that the Greyback pack has taught her to greatly dislike. They're so weak, and thus she comes to terms that she finds that the world would be much better without them. Or at least, the wizarding world. Victoria though, some reason, finds the fact that if a Muggle needs her help, that Victoria would give them help. She isn't sure why that Victoria does this.
    ◦ Fenrir had forgotten her that day on the battle field. It was because of him that she now has to attend Hogwarts, and not be a free perrson like she wants to be. Away and out of the Ministry's eyes. Victoria vows revenge against her own father one day.

    ◦ At one point of her life, Victoria would like to either kill her father and take over his pack, or create her own. This is because she feels a better bond with other werewolves then with other witches and wizards, mostly because of her mother's pureblood status.

    ◦ Her eyes tend to slightly dull appearing when something causes her to remember a certain memory when traveling with Fenrir.

    BOGGART: And we Fade Away | | Victoria fears the fact that maybe one day, she'll never to be able to either build a family, or find a pack that will accept her blood status, as being the offspring of a pureblood mother, or the fact that Fenrir Greyback is her monster of a father. Another thing is, if she is able to find a family, that her husband would reject the fact of her werewolf blood status.

    PATRONUS: Cecilia De Voyce | | After a few years, the Ministry was able to capture at least one person from Fenrir's pack. And it happened to be Victoria. When Cecilia had heard this, she quickly went to the Ministry to figure out if it may have been her daughter, Victoria. When she found out it was, Victoria had been reunited with her mother, Cecilia. Fenrir spoke about Cecilia only when Victoria questioned him, which was every day on her birth. Once Cecilia explained to the Ministry that Fenrir took Victoria not a week after her birth, they decided that they would think about it. When the time came, Cecilia took Victoria back home. Not longer even after this, she was not cleared of her charges of being Fenrir's pack mate, and daughter. But Hogwarts offered to take care of this. Since then, after being reunited with Cecilia, she never felt so much alone until arriving at Hogwarts.

    DEMENTOR: Greybacks Vs. Ministry | | At the age of Fourteen years of age, the Ministry finally caught up to Fenrir's pack. During this time, the pack fought against the Aurors in order to either kill Fenrir's pack, or at least to injure one of them, then to arrest them. Sadly, one of them had knocked out Victoria using the stunning spell, causing Fenrir's pack to retreat, another thing is, that her father had just let the Ministry take his daughter. Once awakening, Victoria found out that her father, Fenrir, did nothing to try and protect her from the Ministry. It was because of this that she had transformed into her werewolf form and viciously attacked those near her. Causing them having to place her to sleep for three days.

    VERITASERUM: Each time, It grows Stronger | | Many students are aware of the fact that she is Fenrir Greyback's daughter, as she hasn't changed her surname into her mother's last name. But what they aren't aware of, is the fact that Victoria has of course, killed in order to survive and not be caught by the Ministry. Victoria calls these her "Hunts", and each person of Fenrir's pack must reach a certain number of hunts until they're truthfully accepted. Greyback's daughter made her number of hunts in record time though.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Life as We Know It | | Victoria's wish is to be able to find a place where she belongs. May it be in a pack, A family, just someplace where she knows that people will care and give her love. This wish though, may be hard to gain due to the fact she is a werewolf, and Fenrir Greyback's daughter. A lot of people continue to remind her of her blood relations, and causes her to always snap at them.

    PERSONALITY: Victoria is a very straight forward woman. She takes everything that you tell her, and directly tells you how she feels at the moment. She was raised this by Fenrir's pack. The woman believes that you need to pull your own weight around the "Family" (Hogwarts House), and if you've done something wrong, then take it as your own risk and responsibility. Another thing is, that Victoria is a random, emotional teenager due to the fact she's never had a stable relationship, may it be with a kin, pack mate, father-relationship, mother-relationship, or a basic one. She doesn't know how to express herself, or all the emotions that she has built up, causing her to lash out and snap at people depending on the topic that they're speaking about. Even about the most simplest things that they don't understand, she snaps. One other thing, Victoria doesn't take anyones Crap, just be warned now then finding out later.


    FATHER: Fenrir Greyback.

    MOTHER: Cecilia De Voyce.

    SIBLING(S): Unknown Sisters and Brothers | | Currently aware one may be attending Hogwarts. Never cared to confirm this or not.

    OTHER: None that's Aware of.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Werewolf.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Father | | Poor ///\\\ Mother | | Wealthy.

    Victoria owns an Owl that actually belongs to Fenrir, after the Ministry got their hands on Victoria, it followed her until she reached Cecilia's home. When Victoria moved to Hogwarts, it also followed. The Owl is known to be named Grey(back), after the family name. He delivers letter between Victoria to Fenrir or Cecilia, and the same the other way. Grey is known never to confuse the letters some how.

    Victoria had learned how to use a broomstick while traveling with Fenrir for a few years, never actually owned one until right before leaving for Hogwarts. Cecilia had given one to Victoria that was originally owned by her mother. Because of Cecilia's wealth, she was able to buy her daughter a Firebolt. Currently, the broomstick is underneath the bed that Victoria sleeps on.

    ◦ Advery's Fang | | Advery was a werewolf that was a little older then Victoria when she was fourteen, before the attack of the Ministry. They had found them before and tried to attack, but Advery was able to protect Victoria from being killed, instead, he died. Because of his death, Victoria transformed violently and killed the Aurors. She keeps his necklace, along with her scent, and the necklaces, other wolves are able to notice the fact that she's Fenrir Greyback's daughter.
    ◦ Potions, Potions | | Victoria keeps her own set of Potion supply that she gets either from Carlos once in a while, or from Fenrir in a package. These items are what is able for Victoria to create her own wolfsbane potion that keeps her transformations from becoming deadly violent.
    ◦ Hunts | | During her hunts that involved Wizards, their wands changed their alliance to Victoria, and she keeps these as her marks of the hunt. They work very well, and another thing is, the fact that if her current wand breaks, she's able to replace it with another one from her previous hunts. In total now, she has seventeen Hunts.

    *** Honestly, these wands will NOT be used, it's just for show that the fact Victoria was a very busy werewolf.


    Early Years: Honestly, Fenrir Greyback never loved Cecilia De Voyce. Instead, he was continuing what he always did, which was trying to spread the virus of the werewolf gene all over the place. And what's even more perfect, is having something a little rough along the way? Fenrir Greyback had waited until the Witch Cecilia had done a little too much partying when it was one of her days off, out with her friends. That's when Fenrir had went and ended up raping Cecilia.

    Traumatized because of this, Cecilia never realized the fact she was pregnant until it was far too late to get rid of the child. This child would forever remind her about the man that raped her, and caused so many people in the Wizarding world to pity her, and the normally pureblood family. Cecilia had moved back in with her parents during the pregnancy, and when the time came, she found out that the child was indeed a female half-blood child.

    Cecilia named her Victoria Cecilia de Voyce originally, although this quickly changed not even one week after Victoria had been born. Someone that was working on Fenrir had sneaked into the hospital, and snatched Victoria away from Cecilia and the De Voyce Family. De Voyce was sickened, and extremely heartbroken to find out someone had taken away Victoria from them, and a cycle of despair then began.

    Other then this, Victoria had been brought to Fenrir still as a child, and was then raised under his pack to see how much Witches and Wizards were vile, and did not care about their race. It wasn't until she was two years of age, that Fenrir decided to change his daughter into a werewolf. Due to her age, some of the pack members were extremely worried that she wouldn't be able to stand the transformation. But, to everyone surprise, expect Fenrir's, Victoria was able to survive the transformation into a werewolf.

    For a long time, Fenrir and his pack taught Victoria how to understand the Allies from the Enemies while transformed into a werewolf. A few of them were wizards that saw the light once transformed, and created Potions in order to help her control her very violent transformations. Victoria was getting used to it all, and because she wasn't like a normal witch, growing up in a nice house, with a loving family, she had gained her first wand at the age of seven during one of her Hunts.

    Fenrir explained to his daughter that each member of his pack had to go do something called a "Hunt". Where a certain amount of kills must be made in order to truly become part of the pack, where everyone would then truthfully watch your back, and never leave you behind, and always come back to get you.

    Victoria some how, was able to do this in record time by ignoring the Potions some of the older Werewolves would create for her. Thus during the full moon period, she would travel anywhere that was close to their camp and try to find Mythical People (Witches or Wizards), or even muggles alike. This way she was able to make her total kills with ease. Fenrir was quite proud with Victoria, that she was exactly like him.

    There had been a few times, where Victoria wonders about who her mother was, and she would even question Fenrir this. The older werewolf would explain that she's was a witch that didn't want anything to do with her, a Half-Blood child. Fenrir explained how Cecilia was part of those that believed in Blood Purity, and that because of Victoria, she killed that chance of continuing a Pureblood family life. Victoria really seemed to hate her mother even more after hearing this from Fenrir.

    Another thing during her transformation, is when during the time she went for just normal hunts, she would find people who were pureblood and just killed off random numbers when she got the chance, continuing to hate Purebloods until the end of time. She swore on this.

    However, when Victoria was fourteen years of age, the Ministry finally caught up to Fenrir's pack. And that's when Victoria fought along with the rest of her kin against the men and women who wanted to capture most of them. Although, Victoria became sloppy and was hit with a stunning spell, falling to the ground, her right hand was still clutching to her wand, and eyes were wide open.

    What Victoria didn't know, is at this exact moment, Fenrir told his pack to pull back, with most of them transforming into werewolves in order to get away. Fenrir never looked back at Victoria t this time, and allowed the Ministry to take Victoria away from him. Those that chased after Fenrir's pack were able to only get two other people from his pack. The other two were awake and explained that they would never let "Muggles" Even though some of them were Half-Bloods, touch Victoria.

    Victoria awoke the next day. And was explained by two Aurors that Fenrir didn't look back, and retreated once they some how stunned her. Two other pack members were there, not wanting to be separated from Victoria. The two of them were actually the ones that kept a transformed werewolf-Victoria from killing even more people. They were afraid that if she killed more Half-Bloods, she would have to locked up somewhere.

    During the trial for three pack members of Greyback, they were interrupted by a pureblood which that went by the name of Cecilia De Voyce. This was the exact moment that Victoria had finally met her mother in person, not hearing it from her father anymore. Cecilia had embraced Victoria, even though her daughter didn't react, she couldn't anyways, she was cuffed together.

    The De Voyce family explained the fact that Fenrir had taken Victoria when she was only a babe, and that they would make sure that Victoria would not run away back towards Fenrir. Although, the Ministry allowed this to happen, they were even more surprised when Victoria explained she'd rather take her sentence with her pack members then go back to a family that didn't love her. She was happy that Cecilia came to claim her as her daughter, but still holds a great disgust for purebloods.

    The De Voyce though, told the Ministry that they would take the other two pack members as well. They explained to the Ministry that these two members were like her extended family, and thus, they would not let family die, or be placed in the wizarding jail. The two other members live with the De Voyce family, acting like a special type of bodyguard for her. Thankfully, one of them were the one who makes the potions and was able to help her with her still violent transformations.

    Hogwarts weeks later, sent a letter explaining that the Ministry was starting to complain, and thus, they had the urge to take in Victoria and teach her everything that she needs to know to be a Witch. Victoria though, was extremely pissed off about this, and only of her pack members would be able to come, which was Carlos Valoz. While Thomas Ultz would stay behind.

    Hogwarts Years: As Victoria entered Hogwarts with Carlos, who was offered a slight teaching position when it came to Potions, he accepted. Due to the fact that Carlos is the one who would create the Potions for Victoria, that way she would no longer have violent transformations. Victoria was sorted into one of two houses, which the sorting hat actually had trouble with.

    The sorting hat couldn't tell between the fact she was sly, cunning, and very devious, or the fact she remained loyal, and brave when it came to "Pack" mates. But in the end, the sorting hat made his choice, and that house was very excited to gain a new student/member. Although, it wasn't until halfway threw the dinner that night that they found out Victoria was Fenrir Greyback's daughter. To which, some became close to her, while other people distant themselves from Victoria.

    For two years, Victoria would always stay at Hogwrats, never wanting to come in contact with Cecilia. Although, during one of the summer breaks, between her fifth and sixth year, Victoria noticed that a letter came from the owl that belonged to her father, to which he delivered one from Cecilia. It appeared that Thomas and her mother, Cecilia would be marrying soon. Although, after getting this letter, Victoria placed it on the stone wall and burned it with a spell, not caring weather or not her blood loving mother would marry her pack mate.

    Adulthood: Victoria expects to graduate from Hogwarts, and get rid of the Ministry from being off her back. Another thing is, that she would like to be able to find Fenrir, and make him suffer for the fact that he had left her there all alone. Another thing is, Victoria wishes to kill Fenrir possibly, and take over his pack.


    YOUR NAME: Lexi.


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forummotion.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Evalyn Avalon.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I felt like playing a Cannon character, and I was really interested in playing A Greyback, but with a twist. Such as she's actually lived with Fenrir instead of being raised without him.


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Looking good! Just post here when you're done.
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GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia Empty Re: GREYBACK, Victoria Cecilia

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Looks good! We'll have to set up a half sister meeting. XD

Accepted and sorted into SLYTHERIN!
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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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