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Victoria Malfoy

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Victoria Malfoy Empty Victoria Malfoy

Post by Victoria Malfoy Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:54 pm




    FULL NAME: Victoria Lupin Malfoy

    NICKNAMES: Vicky, Vic

    AGE: 19

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Slytherin

    WAND TYPE: Unicorn hair, 10 inches

    PLAY BY:


    HAIR COLOR: Coal black

    EYE COLOR: Bright, sparkly blue

    HEIGHT: 5'7

    BODY TYPE: Slim

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Victoria often wears fantastic red lipstick and blush, with blue eyeshadow on special occasions. She usually has a ribbon in the shape of a flower, and she has long, curling eyelashes which makes her a pretty character. Unfortunately she's rather sensitive and gets a few creases from weeping from bad injuries.


    Quidditch, dancing, singing

    Collecting, learning, playing Muggle sports (she's good at tennis, rugby and netball, but useless at everything else)

    Sweetness, boys, chatting

    Unflirty people, single people (unless they're boys!), robots

    To become a Death Eater


    BOGGART: The orphanage she went to when Victoria was little.

    PATRONUS: Being taken home by her mum

    DEMENTOR: Being put in the orphanage and taken away from her mum

    AMORENTIA: Cooking

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be forever with her mum

    PERSONALITY: Vicky has no strange quirks, so she's the excellent person to hang out with. She's cool, cute, quirky and sweet, and attracts all the hot guys very easily with her prettiness and sucking up. She socializes with girls very well too, and she's an advanced chatter. Unfortunately, some people think her chatting as some kind of distraction, and they think Vicky is evil and deserves to be locked up in Azkaban forever.


    FATHER: Scorpius Malfoy

    MOTHER: Lucia Malfoy


    OTHER: Great-granddad, Draco Malfoy, and great-great granddad Lucius. Lucia was meant for the Malfoys, so her parents named her after Lucius.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood (please accept cos she's in the looong family tree of the Malfoys, and they're all purebloods)

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    A sweet little cat named Dandelion who likes eating sweets. Vicky wants to re-name her cat Candy.

    She borrows her friends Nimbus 2001



    Early Years: At the birth of Vicky, her mother, Lucia, was thrilled. She had a special christening just for Vicky and all Lucia and Scorpius's friends. Vicky was on her best behaviour, and wrapped up in a pretty robe. She didn't make any fuss of the crowd and the unfamiliar surroundings. When she was 5, things started changing. She wasn't allowed out in the garden or out of the HOUSE without Lucia and Scorpius around. Vicky was suspicious, then realized about the war. She was put in the orphanage, and parted from Lucia and Scorpius until she was 10. She'd been thrown out of the orphanage for being too abnormal, then she went to Hogwarts. After, when she graduated, it was party time!

    Hogwarts Years: At Hogwarts, Vicky was very popular and well-loved. She was friends with all the girls in her classes, and most of the boys. She got a boyfriend when she was 12, but she dumped him. When she was 13 she gained back her ex-boyfriend and they were together until Vicky was 16 and he was 17. They broke up, probably forever, and Vicky swore that she didn't care. She said he was a lousy beast anyway, and up until now she hasn't got a boyfriend. Torture for Vicky!

    Adulthood: There are only two years since Vicky graduated. After she left, she was free, so she jumped into the parties and flirted with boys. She never met them after the party, so she only loved them for three hours. She liked cuddly toys, and cuddled them in secret. She wants to get engaged now, so she can have children. She's always accepting husbands!


    YOUR NAME: Sierra

    RP EXPERIENCE: Very good

    HOW YOU FOUND US: My friend Malowney Catt told me in e-mail about this

    OTHER CHARACTERS: None, I'm new

    RP SAMPLE: Vicky looked at the black, gothic wedding dress laid on her bed. She picked it up, and got dressed in it. She turned to the mirror. "Wow," she muttered to herself, and she smiled at the reflection in the mirror. It was actually HER? Wowza! She loved her new look, but she loved her fiancé even more. She hopped downstairs to join the party.

Victoria Malfoy
Victoria Malfoy

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Victoria Malfoy Empty Re: Victoria Malfoy

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:44 pm

May I suggest you look at the Canon List? This cannot be accepted. There are plenty of canons to choose from but there are no longer any Malfoys.

Canon List

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