NIGHTSHADE, Victoria Annemarie
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NIGHTSHADE, Victoria Annemarie

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NIGHTSHADE, Victoria Annemarie Empty NIGHTSHADE, Victoria Annemarie

Post by Victoria Nightshade Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:22 am

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Victoria Annemarie Nightshade


    FULL NAME: Victoria Annemarie Nightshade

    NICKNAMES: Vicky

    AGE: 14

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

    WAND TYPE: Willow, 11 inches, Dragon Heartstring

    PLAY BY Laura Michelle Kelly


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOR: Green

    HEIGHT: 5 ft 7 in

    BODY TYPE: Athletic

    Victoria is a very tall, athletic looking girl. She looks very thin, but she has lots of muscle. Her skin is somewhat pale, but there is a tan pigment to it. Her hair is around shoulder length, dark brown, and in layers. It used to be very frizzy and impossible to straighten, but it has developed into being soft and silky and easy to style. Lots of Muggle girls were jealous of her appearance in later elementary school years before she transferred to Hogwarts.


    Very cunning
    Excels in Charms
    Makes friends easily

    Not very good at "quick thinking"
    Wouldn't last more than 20 seconds in a duel
    Somewhat paranoid

    Many Muggle friends
    Quidditch players (non-Slytherins)

    Death Eaters
    Anyone who is mean to her

    Victoria wants to become a professor in Charms when she grows up and all of this Wizarding War fuss is hopefully over.

    She's very paranoid, and whenever around Slytherins or outside of school grounds has her hand near her wand at all times.


    Her first year at Hogwarts, Christmas Holiday. The last Christmas (and her best one) before her mother and father were divorced.

    During her second year at Hogwarts, where she had gotten an owl saying that her mother and father had split.


    Herself singing in front of a huge adoring crowd.

    Victoria is very timid most of the time, and somewhat paranoid. She does enjoy being with a group of people, as long as she (or someone she trusts) is friends with them. She's not friends with many Slytherins, on the account of her being terrified of anything that could be associated with Voldemort. She refuses to join one side of the war's believing, because she is afraid that whichever side she joined, the other would plot against her and that would be her demise.

    When she wasn't involved in the wizarding world, she would be described as you typical Muggle "nerd". She loves school, and would sacrifice anything social for academic achievements.


    FATHER: Joseph Nightshade

    MOTHER: Annemarie Zaroff-Nightshade

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Grandmother, Linda Zaroff, who took care of her during the custody battle of her mother and father (which eventually resulted in her mother winning).

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class

    A grey and orange cat named Annabeth


    Early Years:
    Victoria had a great early childhood. She was born into a Muggle family in the Middle-Class, and she was an only child. She made lots of friends at her elementary school, and was considered one of the "popular girls" in the last few years leading up to her transferral to Hogwarts. She began developing arguable magical abilities in the 4th grade. She would dream of things, and then they would happen. She was considered a freak by her Holy-Roller great-aunt Jennifer. She didn't really care much, though. She got into a fight with a much older girl when she was eight years old. This is when the paranoia and being scared of evil started to set in. She has been a pacifist ever since this incident. Mostly, her years before Hogwarts were those of an average Muggle child.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Victoria loved her first year at Hogwarts. She made many friends and loved all of the interesting classes that were offered. She passed her first year with flying colors. In her second year, she did even better in classes. She's stayed away from Slytherins through her first few years at Hogwarts, because most of them are rumored to be mean and "Death Eater Material". She's made a few friends in the year above her, and mostly everyone likes her, since she has such a nice personality.

    Victoria plans on living in the magical world when she is done with her schooling at Hogwarts. Since she loved school so much, she wants to be a professor at Hogwarts or Beauxbatons. She would love to teach Charms or Divination. She does plan to keep in touch with her family members in the Muggle world.


    YOUR NAME: Maddie

    RP EXPERIENCE: Intermediate-ish

    HOW YOU FOUND US: A friend who shares my obsession of Harry Potter


    Victoria aimlessly walked outside. It was a chilly winter day. Christmas. As she trudged through the deep snow, she fumed about her past. It was not fair that she had to deal with all of this divorce crap. She should have stayed at school over the Holiday. Instead, she had come home to her mother's house. Soon after arriving there, her father came and tried to take her from her mother. She was so close to using magic on him. She didn't want to be expelled though. Being expelled. That was one of her worst fears. She sat down at the foot of a tree, and picked off a piece of bark from its large base. As she picked at her bark, she thought about how it had been just fine and dandy back when her mother and father were together. She wished she could just go and relive those years over and over again. Her mother's extended family had gathered at their house for Christmas dinner. She looked at the house. Dark grey smoke was billowing out of the chimney. She could see shadows of happy people embracing and drinking cider inside. She needed to come out and escape the shallow, fake happiness that was her mother's half of the family. They acted like nothing was wrong. Her father's family, on the other hand, still wanted vengeance. The custody fight had not ended very nicely. In fact, the judge was almost killed giving the verdict when her father triend to rush the podium. She cringed at the memory. Why was she thinking about this so much? All she wanted to do was get back to school. Oh, well. It would be soon when she would leave to "Catch a plane to Nice to visit her great-grandmother." That was her coverup story; where she told all of her other relatives where she was going so she could keep her Hogwarts secret. She stood up and brushed the snow off of her coat, then walked back to the house. She opened the door, and was greeted by the smell of fresh-baked sugar cookies. Ah, well. She guessed that Holiday had its perks.

Victoria Nightshade
Victoria Nightshade

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NIGHTSHADE, Victoria Annemarie Empty Re: NIGHTSHADE, Victoria Annemarie

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:28 am

oh, well done. Well written app. Accepted and sorted into gryffindor.

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