Torrez, Evelyn Jenny
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Torrez, Evelyn Jenny

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Torrez, Evelyn Jenny Empty Torrez, Evelyn Jenny

Post by Evelyn "Dark" Torrez Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:03 pm

Torrez, Evelyn Jenny 95e5a7d5

Evelyn Jenny Torrez


    FULL NAME: Evelyn Jenny Torrez

    NICKNAMES: Dark. Jen.

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: It's complicated

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin. Ravenclaw. She has that slytherin ambition but that ravenclaw wit.

    CLASSES: Potions. DADA. Charms.

    WAND TYPE: 12" Mahogany Wood - Dragon Hearstring

    PLAY BY:


    HAIR COLOR: Black.

    EYE COLOR: Solid Green. Grey sometimes.

    HEIGHT: 5'6

    BODY TYPE: Thin.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: When you first see Evelyn, you get that cold, emo feeling around you. The positive energy turns to negative energy. People describe her as when she walks past a flower, it dies. She has piercings on either side of her bottom lip. Her hair is kinda that hard gel type of hair that never gets washed yet she never wears gel in it. It's a crispy type of hair that is pitch black. Evelyn is thin and always wears a short white top that exposes a lot of skin. She is a height of 5'6. Her eyes are like a solid, island green. They seem to be able to freeze someone inside but don't. When she is in a point of distress, her eye color turns like a cracked grey.


    CHARACTER STRENGTHS AND SKILLS: Pep talk. Offensive spells. Charms. Potions.

    CHARACTER WEAKNESSES: Being excluded from things. Being called a coward. Can flip out over nothing. Is temperamental. Dementors.

    CHARACTER LIKES: The Dark Arts. Feeling Important. Meeting new people.

    CHARACTER DISLIKES: Being set up. People who call themselves normal. People who judge her for what she looks like.

    GOALS: Just to be apart of something. She feels alone.

    QUIRKS: She is an emo. Wears too much black. Too much dark makeup.

    BOGGART: Vampires.

    PATRONUS: Getting her Hogwarts Letter.

    DEMENTOR: Her parents death by a vampire.

    VERITASERUM: She just always needed a hug.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To try and get over her depression.

    PERSONALITY: Evelyn has a dark personality. Despite her emoness and negative energy, she is very depressed and has no friends. She pushes them away so they don't push her away. This is the effect of her parents death. She always walks alone without anybody on her side. The truth is, she just needs someone to love. She has not one bit of happiness in her life and therefore cannot and may never conjure a patronus. And another effect of her parent's death is her attention to the Dark Arts. She embraces the dark arts and only takes DADA because they show here dangerous creatures and harmful curses. Under all of that grief is a girl who just needs a hug.


    FATHER: deceased

    MOTHER: deceased

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: None.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggle-Born

    RACE: Human.


    PET(S): Owl named Shadow.




    Early Years: Evelyn's early years were bad. She lost her mother when she was only five years old. It deeply devastated her and hurt her badly and that's what caused her weird behavior. After that, her childhood was border-line ruined because she became depressed. She wasn't like a normal kid anymore. She used to stay in the house and do nothing all day
    Hogwarts Years: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history during their stay at Hogwarts.)

    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)


    YOUR NAME: Or Alias if you prefer


    HOW YOU FOUND US: if the answer is google, what you typed in.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To ensure deliberate creation of character

    At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character

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Torrez, Evelyn Jenny Empty Re: Torrez, Evelyn Jenny

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:15 pm


I know you're not done, but I've already noticed a few things in your app you may want to rectify before you go to far..

+Playby- We don't allow for playbys found off of myspace or just off the internet. There are some playbys out there that can be used- I had a similiar character and I used Betty Curse. That character is gone now, so feel free to use her.
+We currently don't allow for orphaned charries. You can feel free to let them be killed or die later, but we find it limits what a charrie can do right out of the gate. And we worry about it becoming a trend.
+I also find it hard that she has no happy memories. Surely, getting her Hogwarts letter was some cause for happiness at the last.

Otherwise, you have an interesting character here.
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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Torrez, Evelyn Jenny Empty Re: Torrez, Evelyn Jenny

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:43 pm


This app is great, but its not done. LOL. We give 2 weeks for an app, and you're over the 2 week mark. I won't "toss" Evelyn away yet, but if you don't finish within the next few days, I will have to remove this application from this thread. But do you have a reasonable completion date in mind for her? If so, I won't "toss her" yet"

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Torrez, Evelyn Jenny Empty Re: Torrez, Evelyn Jenny

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