Krum, Cecilia Evelyn
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Krum, Cecilia Evelyn

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Krum, Cecilia Evelyn  Empty Krum, Cecilia Evelyn

Post by Cecilia Krum Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:20 pm

Krum, Cecilia Evelyn  2zzj0jc

Cecilia Evelyn Krum


    FULL NAME: Cecilia Evelyn Krum

    NICKNAMES: Cec Cilia, Cecily, Cecil

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: None…. At least not openly.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms and Transfiguration

    WAND:Hornbeam, Runespoor Fang, 18 inches, flexible

    PLAY BY: Doriana Agacinska


    HAIR COLOR: Long Dark brown

    EYE COLOR: big deep brown

    HEIGHT: Five Foot Four

    BODY TYPE: Skinny, Average height maybe a little taller. Pale skin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Cecilia has long dark hair that is so long that she almost sits on it. Her big innocent eyes are the about the same deep dark color. Her face is soft and round her skin so clear that every one think that it looks like it belongs to that of a small child. She is about five feet and four inches tall which is about normal height for someone her age. Her skin is so pale in contrast to her hair little kids who have heard the story of snow white believe she is the princess. There are people that think she looks like a child instead of a young woman.
    Cecilia tends to wear many of her own designs when she isn’t wearing some other designer clothing. She loves to wear bright colors and converses or heels. Most of her cloths consist of skirts dresses and a few pairs of skinny jeans. You can never find this girl with out a bag or purse with her at all times. She never wears her hair up and refuses to go anywhere with out a ton of make up on.


    Fashion: She’s always designing her own outfits and shopping.
    Music: She sings, plays the violin, the cello, and the piano.
    Charms: it has always come naturally to Cecilia.
    Transfiguration comes hand in hand with Charms
    Flying: She loves to fly and has practiced every day she didn’t have much trouble with it when she first started.

    Clumsy: just because she loves to dance doesn’t mean she is good at it.
    She can’t say no: she just has problems with saying it and letting people down.
    Hot Guys: what teenage girl doesn’t fall for them?
    Quidditch: she’s an awesome flyer but add bludgers, a snitch, and a quaffle then she have problems.
    She is Rather ditzy: she doesn’t always think about what she says.

    Fashion, dancing, watching, quidditch, spending time with friends and family, her music, flying, partying, hot guys and girls.

    sitting still, classes besides charms and transfiguration, know it alls, mean people, those who judge her, being stuck inside on nice days, large groups of people

    to play in an orchestra just once, to see people wearing her clothing designs, to over come her clumsiness and to dance well (though that will never happen), and to graduate and become a charms professor.

    She always giggles when there is nothing funny
    You can tell she likes someone when she twirls her hair around her finger.
    When she is focused on something she doesn’t see/realize anything that is going on around her.
    When addressing Eli she always calls him big brother.

    BOGGART: To be alone all her life

    PATRONUS: the day she learned to fly

    DEMENTOR: the day her mother died

    VERITASERUM: That even though every one things she doesn’t have a side in the fight against the purebloods and muggleborns, she is really on the same side as the rest of her family. She is a Dark Follower even if she doesn’t say it out right.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To have people wear her designs and to see others asking who they are wearing.

    Cecilia is fun loving Ditzy teen age girl. She loves designing her own cloths, creating music, Dancing, and Charms. She can be a little shy and she can’t stand being in small place packed with people, but she tends to manage to make friends easily. She is quite clumsy and though she loves to dance and play quidditch she isn’t the best at it. She falls down almost every time she dances but she gets back up and continues to do what she loves, same with when she is flying.
    Though Cecilia is extremely nice to those who are pure of blood and brave at heart the dose have a very nasty side only those she can’t stand get to see. She isn’t open about which side she is on in the war between the Muggleborns and Purebloods, but everyone seems to think she is too nice to be on the same side as the rest of her family and death eaters. She dose hate Muggles and doesn’t think they should exist but she isn’t ready to let people know that. She’d rather wait and get the information she needs to stop the muggle from breeding with those of wizarding backgrounds.


    FATHER: Viktor Krum

    MOTHER: Marian Krum (dead)

    SIBLING(S): Elijah Krum

    OTHER: Nieces/Nephews: Fauve, Thierry, and Kitty.
    Cousins- Ivana Antoaneta, Fara Kosta, Janie Harrow, Henry Harrow, Finn Harrow, Euan Harrow, Sevastian Krum, and many others.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy


    nothing special just an old Nimbus 2000 which is out dated

    Just a rememberal


    Early Years: Cecilia was the second child born to Victor and Marian Krum. She doesn’t really remember these first few years since she was so young. As she grew older her parents started spending less and less time at home leaving her with hired help and her brother most of the time.
    When Cecilia was about five years old on a day Victor was actually home she begged and begged him to teach her how to fly like she had seen him do at one of his quidditch games. At first he refused saying he was busy and that she was too little and fragile, but Cecilia was persistent. Though he gave in Viktor himself didn’t teach her, he had found someone else to do so. This wasn’t exactly what Cecilia wanted but she was happy with what she got.
    When Cecilia was about ten she discovered the joy of reading. She had been left alone when Elijah went to school in Durmstrang, and she had been wondering board and lonely though the Manor when she stumbled across the library. This is a place she hadn’t spent a lot of time when she was little, but seeing all the books she was delighted. At least though other peoples writing she could have a few friends people to read about. From that day on she spent every wakening moment in the library reading one book after another. She did this the whole time Elijah was away. Then when he came back for the summer she spent most of the time he was awake in her room hiding. He had left her for so long. She had been alone for so long. She hated him for that.

    Hogwarts Years: In her first year Cecilia didn’t talk to many people. She spent most of her time alone practicing her violin or with her nose stuck in a book. She hadn’t made many friends though her grades were wonderful. She didn’t know anyone coming into the school and she didn’t wish to get to know knew people. She had wished and wished for someone she knew to be there next to her. She had been sorted into Ravenclaw but she wasn’t sure why. She presumed it was her thirst for knowledge that was hidden under her hatred of studying.
    In Cecilia’s second year she makes a few friends but she was still rather quiet. She avoided common areas afraid to be around a ton of people that she didn’t know. She was afraid of being called names and being made fun of. Some of her grades were worse this year but they were still pretty high. The drop in her percentages could have been for her determination not to study any thing or possibly for her lack of social skills.
    In Cecilia’s third year she began to be more out spoken. She defended those few purebloods she knew but people though were weird for one reason or another. This is the year she really started to make friends. She spent less time reading and playing the violin and more time hanging out by the lake and suckishly drawing clothes. Clothes that she one day wished to see people wearing. This is also the year she developed her love for fashion and designing clothes.
    Fourth Year: like the past to years Cecilia made even more friends and completely came out of her shell. Her grades were once again back to normal and didn’t really hide much from those who were truly her friends.
    In her fifth year Cecilia kind of fell off the face of the earth. Even she doesn’t remember this year. She remembers almost nothing. She no longer had friends and she didn’t really talk to any one but her brother Jack K. and Jake Collins, but now she doesn’t know what happened to the two boys she use to love so much.


    YOUR NAME: Cecilia

    RP EXPERIENCE: a year or three I didn’t really keep track.. I started in march when I was like thirteen… I think.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I’ve been here a long time…

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Possibly still Jaden Jamison

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: This is just a revamp of my Cecilia.


Cecilia Krum
Cecilia Krum
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Krum, Cecilia Evelyn  Empty Re: Krum, Cecilia Evelyn

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:36 pm

looks good to me. she's grown up a bit. some nice changes here! it'll be nice to see you back rp'ing w/ her again.

Khaat Lupin
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