KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn
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KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn

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KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn Empty KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn

Post by Cecilia Krum Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:07 pm

KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn 11uu3ox

Cecilia Evelyn Krum


    FULL NAME: Cecilia Evelyn Krum

    NICKNAMES: Cec, Cecil

    AGE: 15

    ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: COMC, and Charms

    WAND TYPE: 12 inch holly with Dragon heartstring core

    PLAY BY: Doriana Agacinska


    HAIR COLOR: long dark brown

    EYE COLOR: brown

    HEIGHT: 5 foot 6

    BODY TYPE: Slender, Thin, skin and bones.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Cecilia had long dark hair that reatches to the small of her back. Her big brown eyes reflect the same color of her hair. She is slender and thin or other wise known as skin and bones. She had been known to starve her self and that is why she is so skinny. She had pale skin that contrast her dark hair. She had long legs and known to be on the tall side for her age. recently she cut her hair to her sholders and it is growing back. its now to about her shoulder blades.

    Cecilia normaly wears dresses and heels though sometimes you can find her in jeans and a tee shirt. she seemes to perfer the dresses but is she knows she is going to be flying she will put on pants of some type. she will sometimes change many times in a day.


    Quidditch, Potions, COMC, Charms, Flying, string instraments, getting her way.

    CHARACTER WEAKNESSES: Making friends, being in large groups of people, her love for reading and Quidditch. she is jelous of Elijahs Talent. guys

    CHARACTER LIKES: Flying, playing Quidditch, Reading, guys, Fire,

    CHARACTER DISLIKES: Large groups of people, mean rude people who think they know it all, most classes.

    GOALS: To be what is expected of her. To please people and meet their expectations. To be a grate Quidditch player like her father.

    QUIRKS: playing with her hair when she’s nervous, or tapping her fingers on something like her leg or a table.

    BOGGART: to disappoint he father again.

    PATRONUS: the first time she remembers when she and Elijah actually got along

    DEMENTOR: when her mother died

    VERITASERUM: her drug and alcohol problem..some people know about it but she has tried to keep it on the down low. then her eatin problem..its not nessisarily a disorder but she dosent' eat much.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: to make her father proud.

    PERSONALITY: Cecilia is rather shy and quiet. She has few friends because of this shyness. She loves Quidditch and has grate sportsmanship. Cecilia hates people who are mean to others and don’t know how to act around others. The only time she can really sit still is when she is reading the rest of the time she’s up and moving around. Cecilia is a kind and caring person she would do anything to help another. She is hard on her self and then that leads her to drinking and drugs and disappoints people more. she is a little guy crazy.


    FATHER: Viktor

    MOTHER: Mraina

    SIBLING(S): Elijah Krum


    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): Fox a barn owl.

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt



    Early Years: Cecilia grew up with her family. She always looked up to her older brother Elijah the only person she wasn’t really shy around. She would spend a lot of time in her room reading our out side on a broom when she was younger and that’s when her father thought her quidditch. She was wonderful at it and fell in love almost automatically. Soon after she fell in love with the sport she started to drift away into her own little world and did nothing but fly around on her broom pretending she was in one of the games.
    though her family dose not own any string instraments she had attepted to play a few like the Chello, the Violin and the guitar. she wastn't so grate at the guitar but she feels she was grate at the chello and violin and hopes to own one of each sooner or later.

    Hogwarts Years: when Cecilia arrived at Hogwarts she spent even more time to her self and made very few friends. She spent most of her time either reading or on the quidditch field when possible otherwise she tried her best in all her classes excelling in most of her classes. She played quidditch for the first four years and had team mates but no one ever closer than that.

    Adulthood: n/a


    YOUR NAME: Cecilia

    RP EXPERIENCE: three or four years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Member.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Alana, Jaden, Shelby, Delilah, Clayton, Maya, (victorie is dissappering)

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: this is just a revamp..


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Cecilia Krum
Cecilia Krum
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn Empty Re: KRUM, Cecilia Evelyn

Post by Cecilia Krum Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:17 pm

i think this is fiished... no clue
Cecilia Krum
Cecilia Krum
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate

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