RADBORN, Paris Ravindra
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RADBORN, Paris Ravindra

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RADBORN, Paris Ravindra Empty RADBORN, Paris Ravindra

Post by Paris "Perry" Radborn Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:49 am

RADBORN, Paris Ravindra Srhq710



    NICKNAMES: Perry, Per (pronounced pear)

    AGE: Twenty-seven

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons (never graduated)

    WAND TYPE: Rosewood, Hippogriff Talon core. A temporary wand; Paris plans to master the art of wand making... with mechanics.

    PLAY BY: David Tennant (I'm bringing Tennant back to HP, baby!)


    HAIR: Due to the fact that Paris' late wife had been quite fond of his longer, wilder hair, he grew somewhat sentimental and had difficulty trimming it, though he was not aware of the reason behind this emotional attachment to his hair. Paris often took a dull razor to his own hair simply to avoid a "bad" haircut, which, in his opinion, would be to have it snipped too short. This resulted in an untidy pile of long, dark brown hair which sat obediently upon Paris' head, held in place (styled) by a dot of molding clay.

    EYES: His eyes had always been rather noticeable among a group of lads his age; while his irises were most often the color of rust, in the sunlight they seemed to become a lighter, softer shade and though the change in color was not a dramatic one, on these occasions it almost appeared as though there was another set of eyes trapped behind his original, darker pair.

    HEIGHT: 6'1

    BODY TYPE: While it was not a serious health problem- he did eat, after all, just not as much as his mother would have enjoyed -while he was a young boy, Paris had not eaten much more than what was necessary in order to keep himself running properly. The reason? He had spent every second in a room below the kitchen, a room which had locks, pins, picks, screwdrivers, and other tools in every corner. This became a habit of Paris', and by the time he had graduated from Beauxbatons, he found that he was often too distracted by his ideas to waste any time eating. From the age that the lock picking and the inventing began, Paris had been a thin boy, and as he grew taller, he came closer and closer to resembling a toothpick. He was healthy and fit, mind you, he just didn't know how to listen to his stomach.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Paris Ravindra Radborn was quite eccentric by nature, and it was a personality trait that could be seen dancing in his glossy eyes, and in the way his lips curled when he grinned. He was not crazy, but he certainly wasn’t ordinary, and that was what the world saw as he roamed the streets, constantly thinking.

    Though he did not have the money to afford the well-made clothing that most men of his profession could, Paris always managed to dress presentably, and to peer past his wild hair with a hint of permanent amusement to his expression.


    (1) Thinking outside of the box
    (2) Picking locks (though he preferred to call it "lock fixing")
    (3) Remaining lighthearted & amused
    (4) Dodging questions about his history
    (5) Speaks fluent French & English

    STRENGTHS IN SPELLWORK: Charms & Enchantments

    (1) Déjà vu
    (2) Has difficulty quieting his thoughts
    (3) Strategizing
    (4) Does not react quickly to danger
    (5) Incapability of "throwing in the towel" after starting something


    (1) Amusement
    (2) Wasting time
    (3) A tough challenge

    (1) Restrictions
    (2) "Average"
    (3) Being reminded of his past

    (1) While speaking quickly, or to himself about something urgent, Paris often shifted back to speaking French.

    (2) In order to avoid any possibility of being reminded of his past, Paris always found a way to slyly steer the conversation away from himself, often doing so by amusing anyone who was an active part of the conversation.

    (3) If Paris found himself overworking his mind, he often brought his hands to his hair, messing it up as he thought, as though he was comforting his busy brain.

    BOGGART: Paris fears the return of his memories more than anything else- to such an extent, in fact, that he often has difficulty reacting correctly to danger, for he does not find that he fears such things as much as he instinctively should.

    PATRONUS: From the moment Paris’ mind was wiped clean of his memories, he found that he was no longer capable of producing a proper patronus, despite the fact that he’d once produced one of magnificent strength, which had always taken the form of a hyena.

    DEMENTOR: The death of his late wife, an event which occurred due to a mistake on Paris' part.

    AMORENTIA: Due to the fact that the human mind remembers smells the longest, the smell of Paris' late wife's perfume had managed to sneak its way past the wall that had been put up between him and his memories. The perfume was a soft scent; a light mixture of rain and vanilla. Another favorite of Paris' had begun even before his first meeting with his love, and just so happened to be the strong, pungent smell of rusting metal.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Contentment; a feeling which Paris has only ever experienced once before, but had long forgotten.

    OVERVIEW: Both before and after Paris’ life changing choice to rid himself of his memories, he was quite the lighthearted lad; it was as though he were permanently amused. He adored laughter and had made a habit of ridding every situation of that element of seriousness. This giddy personality of Perry’s often aggravated those who were not in the mood for laughter, but Paris enjoyed himself far too much to care- in fact, he found this aggravation quite entertaining. Paris often had difficulty reacting correctly to troubling situations because of his point of view, and found himself in one hell of a mess a times because of this.

    See both the Quirks section and Paris' history for a better feel of his personality. This is merely a summery.


    FATHER: Mathew Radborn - A Death Eater
    MOTHER: Thérèse Radborn - An Auror
    (OLDER) BROTHER: Percival Radborn - A Freelance Thief
    WIFE: Vivienne Radborn - A Charms Professor - Deceased

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    BROOMSTICK():A kitchen broom, which Paris enchanted in order to allow it to fly - though it still has its hiccups.

    (1) An enchanted notebook, which never runs out of blank pages but never seems to change in size. It was in this very notebook that Paris sketched blueprints of his inventions, which varied from wizarding weapons to the mechanical wand that he had dreamed of since he was old enough to imagine.

    (2) A small, black, leather pouch which acted as the carrying case of every lock pick that Paris had crafted. This pouch was always to be found in Paris' pocket, and was something that he often brushed his fingers against when he was deep in thought.


    EARTH : Though young Paris enjoyed playing God with his creations, his favorite activity had always been defying locks. His fingers were fast and precise- the perfect combination for lock picking. When Paris had been a young boy of the age seven, his mischievous father had come to him with a lock pick and a padlock, a twinkle in his eyes, and Paris hadn’t been able to resist. Surely his father hadn’t known what the short, lighthearted lesson would lead to, but it was that evening that had determined Paris’ career. He could not have been more passionate about something- or so he had thought, until he fell for Vivienne Swan.

    During Perry’s years at Beauxbatons, he had made a small group of friends, and though they were far more interested in his skills than they were him- a fact which he was well aware of –he found that he enjoyed their presence. Paris liked laughing along with them, and felt that the fun that they had outweighed the fact that he was constantly being asked to force his way into teachers’ lounges, offices, and locked closets; the other boys were excellent pranksters, but there were times when they ran into a stubborn door that just wouldn’t open. Paris usually only tagged along for the laughs, entertainment, and to jiggle a doorknob loose, but one evening, Paris decided he wanted a taste of the glory… and that was when it began.

    He had made his way past the enchanted lock that the Headmaster had installed in the door to his office, and had started on the drawer that was said to contain the Headmaster’s supply of illegal, mood-altering potions, when things went awry. Oh, how wonderful it would have been to have watched the man squirm in his chair nervously, wondering who had gotten their hands on his things- but Paris hadn’t been the only one in the office that night. Apparently, the school’s Charms professor was interested in the Boss’ potions as well. She introduced herself as Vivienne; they weren’t in her classroom anymore, and he learned that, despite her sophisticated demeanor she was quite like himself. The encounter lead to private Charms lessons, invitations to meetings with important people (Paris made a lovely plus-one), and eventually, much deeper emotions- but in the end, the relationship lead to the expulsion of Paris Ravindra Radborn.

    Thought it was not the relationship itself that he was charged for, Radborn was sent packing towards the end of his last year at the wizarding school; that moment of distraction in the Headmaster's office had made him sloppy; the young man had left one of his hand-crafted lock picks behind, and was pinned to the "crime" immediately.

    Paris never graduated school, and therefore, did not earn a degree in any particular wizarding field- he would just have to make up a field of his own.

    HEAVEN: Perry was not bitter about his removal from the wizarding school that he had previously attended- though he did wish that he could have continued having Charms classes with the brilliant Ms. Swan, whom he was not certain he would see again- in fact, immediately after leaving Beauxbatons, Paris set up his business as both a supplier of new, wizard weapons and getting past enchanted locks (those which did not react to countercharms).

    Paris was enjoying himself, and felt that he had done well for himself.

    In a year’s time, however, Paris found a familiar face on his doorstep, wearing a grin and apologetic eyes. Swan had been Paris’ professor during his time in school, and this had presented as a problem for the two of them… while he was a student. Neither knew how perfect those next five years would be.

    HELL: It had been another of those wands of his; they had always been so touchy, but Paris had been convinced that time around that he had found the solution. Vivienne was watching him work- as she often did, grinning to herself all the while –when Paris had called her over to the patch of carpet he was occupying, bolts and screws scattered about him. He’d had a crazed look in his eyes; he was certain that he had done it, and he wanted to prove it immediately. He had handed Vivienne the mechanical wand with a Cheshire Cat grin and had asked her to test it out for him; he felt that she should be the first women in history to put his invention to use.

    “Have you really done it, Paris?”
    “Oh yes, my love”

    She adjusted her stance and extended the wand at arm’s length, an excited sparkle in her eyes, but the moment she flicked her wrist, she burst into flames.

    “No!” Paris had screamed, louder than he had ever been. He’d jumped to his feet and had run to his wife’s aid, but by the time he had made it across the room, she had become a lifeless piece of goal- no, a diamond. Paris had killed his Vivienne, and he was not strong enough to withstand the crushing grief as he held the lifeless women in his arms.

    With a trembling hand, Paris had lifted that damned wand- the very wand that had taken Vivienne’s life- to his skull, and rid himself of the pain. “Obliviate!”

    The Ministry of Magic had received word of a large amount of magic originating from Paris’ home and arrived moments later to find a dead body and a comatose wizard lying on the floor, hold hands. Vivienne was buried that evening, and Paris was taken to St. Mungo’s in London.

    EARTH: The only reason Paris knew that he had unpleasant memories stashed away somewhere in his skull, was due to the fact that the events of his past had been explained to him by the healer whom he had awoken to after wiping his mind clean. A single word- “Obliviate!”- had rid Paris of the grief that had overcome him after the murder of his beloved wife, whom had meant a dangerous amount to him, but there was nothing he could have done to have prevented that doctor from telling him the tragic story of an inventor who had accidentally spilled his lover’s blood. The news had not torn him as it should have, but it certainly touched something within him, as though the information were tickling the dormant memories, teasing them. From that point on, Paris found himself incapable of answering personal questions, for he feared the rebirth of his past too much to allow his lips to utter anything of the sort.

    There had been a point later on that year when Paris had decided that he would not allow himself to work with anyone, due to the dangers that the weapons he created presented; they were unstable when he built them, and he was certain that another disaster would be the end of him, despite the fact that he could not bring back that feeling of love and grief that he had once felt towards his late wife. Paris was not a killer, even if he did supply witches and wizards with the tools that were necessary to take lives. His decision to remain neutral in the battles between Death Eaters and the Ministry had been made when he’d been old enough to understand that he had a parent on either side of the war, and it was this point of view that allowed Paris to hand weapons to both sides and tell them to “have fun”.

    As well as crafting weapons, Paris was constantly making attempts at creating the first mechanical wand, which he knew would change the meaning of “magic” forever. The problem? The test wands were unstable, and he could not seem to come up with a way to stabilize them, though that did not stop him from trying. Paris often spent many nights wide awake with his hands scratched up, a cup of coffee near by, and blueprints scattered about the floor.


    YOUR NAME: Red

    RP EXPERIENCE: Aw shucks, I can't remember!

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Vito Dee Symons sent me an invite.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Calvin "My Goldfish!" Ransom, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, and V-toe Dee Symons

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RADBORN, Paris Ravindra Empty Re: RADBORN, Paris Ravindra

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:09 pm

Ah. Mr. Tennant. How I have missed you. (:

Accepted! (of course) and sorted into Graduates!

Now, go forth and rp! ;D

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