JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria
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JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria

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JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria Empty JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria

Post by Ally Nott Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:22 am

JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria CSH-052628

Arabella Johnson


    FULL NAME: Arabella Alexandria Johnson
    NICKNAMES: Ara, Bella (but more Ara)
    AGE: 18
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: she went to school in America
    WAND TYPE: willow, 9 and half inches, unicorn hair very good with charms

    PLAY BY Demi Lovato


    HAIR COLOR:Arabella has brown hair that falls to the middle of her back that's either wavy, curly or straight. She's not really picky on how she's wears but it's according to the mood of her hair.

    EYE COLOR: Arabella has chocolate brown eyes

    HEIGHT: Arabella is about 5'7 which is the normal height for someone her age.

    BODY TYPE: Slender
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Arabella is about 5'7 with choclate brown eye and brown hair depending on her mood it's either wavy, curly or straight for she's not picky on how her hair goes. When Arabella is at work she wears her red healer robes with her hair back in a ponytail. But when she's on holidays or off work or weekends she wearsfor she isn't picky about what he wears. Arabella wear about any color BUT pink she can't stand that color! Arabella usually either waer solid black with a black cloak when she's on a mission or saving people. You will usually catch Arabella wearing jewelry at times as well but she nevers leaves anywhere without her locket her parents gave her.


    dueling, telling if people are lying, DADA, quidditch, singing, being there for others. keeping secrets. singing, writing songs

    her emotions
    love(not something you can read in a book)
    staying out of trouble
    writing poems/ music
    her Family
    Her Friends

    people lying
    fighting and arguing
    people hurting her family and friends
    to find out who she really is
    she bites her bottom lip when nervous
    BOGGART: Her family dying in front of her
    PATRONUS: when she gotten accepted into Salem School of Magic
    DEMENTOR: when her parents gotten divorced
    AMORENTIA: the smell of books, roses, vanilla
    MIRROR OF ERISED: too see her family back together again
    PERSONALITY: Arabella is very sweet and down to earth type of girl who just love having fun and a good time. Although she can be very shy when it comes to meeting new people or meeting a cute boy she likes. Arabella can be very stubborn at times which leads her into trouble mainly half of the time with herself. Arabella is very brave and loyal and would do anything for her friends and family no matter if she gets hurt in return. Arabella is very smart as well as very emotional but she tries to hide it for she thinks it a form of weakness.


    FATHER: Andrew Johnson

    MOTHER: Lilian Johnson

    SIBLING(S): none that she knows of but really Sophia and Nikki but she doesn't know

    OTHER: nope
    BLOOD STATUS: she thinks she's muggleborn but really a half-blood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class
    PET(S): has a snowy white owl named Winter and a black cat named Muffins
    (OPTIONAL. For students only owls, cats, mice and toads are allowed at Hogwarts however you might sneak something else through. Graduates are allowed anything. )

    none, although she wants one


    Early Years: Arabella went to a muggle private school in London before she got accepted into Salem School for Magic, but it didn't go swell. Arabella was always made fun of because she always made weird and freaky things happen without meaning to. Arabella didn't have any friends at her school for they thought she was a freak for making things happen. Arabella was raised to know alot about muggle for her mother was a muggle while her father was a wizard. Arabella's parents divorced when she was seven years old which left Arabella living with her father while her twin sister Sophia went with her mother. Arabella grew up and forgotten that she had a twin sister for her father would never mentioned it to her at all.
    Salem Years: Arabella didn't go to Hogwarts but went to Salem school of magic in America but if she did she'll probably be a Gryffindor. Arabella was sorted into Gralindoff which is a house just like Gryffindor for her bravery after many thoughts of which house to put her in. As Arabella's second year came she tried out for the Quidditch team and made it as chaser. As her fifth year came she became prefect of the school which was a Great honor to Arabella. As her O.W.Ls came she studied really hard and made 10 O.W.L.s which lead her to the sixth year. As she passed her sixth year with flying colors Arabella became Head Girl of Salem school of Magic.
    Adulthood: When Arabella graduated she decided to move back to London her home town for she believed that's where she truely belonged. Always knowing there was more to her life she started searching for who she really is and to this day she still is. Arabella decided to become a healer like she always dreamed about becoming. Arabella is taking the healers training to become a healer for St. Mungo's and hopes to beome a fine healer. Arabella is also a Order member and hopes to join the order in many battles.


    YOUR NAME: Sophia
    RP EXPERIENCE: about 3 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have other cahracters
    OTHER CHARACTERS: Sophia Lestrange, Leslie Darling, Lucy Garner, and Emmanuelle Lestrange

    RP SAMPLE: I have other characters

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Ally Nott
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JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria Empty Re: JOHNSON, Arabella Alexandria

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:55 am

ok. looks good to me.

accepted and sorted into grads

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Khaat Lupin
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