MASON, Arabella Leanne
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MASON, Arabella Leanne

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MASON, Arabella Leanne Empty MASON, Arabella Leanne

Post by Arabella Mason Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:58 pm

MASON, Arabella Leanne YIR_Up-Next_Willow-Shields



    FULL NAME: Arabella Leanne Mason

    NICKNAMES: Ari to close friends/family, but generally Arabella. Call her Bella and you die

    AGE: Thirteen, born 3rd April 2013. (Starting third year in Sepember.)

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin. Slytherin. If not then...idk, maybe Gryffindor? Or Ravenclaw. Not sure. I think she's a Slytherin.

    CLASSES: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions and Charms.

    WAND: 11 inches, cherry, core of dragon heartstring, inflexible.

    PLAY BY: Willow Sheilds.


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde.

    EYE COLOUR: Brown.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Arabella is slightly tall for her age, standing at around 5’7”, though is still growing.

    BODY BUILD: Tall and slender, not athletic so isn’t muscle-y, but is quite vain so makes sure she’s always thin.

    Arabella is the typical tall and skinny blonde girl, that half the girls want to be and half the girls hate. She likes it though, and takes pride in her appearance. She always does her hair and make-up every morning, plus before any big occasion, and is very fashion-forward, hating the school uniform and changing out of it whenever possible. If she ever gets any spots or zits, they are immediately cured with magic (one of the first spells she made sure to know) and the same with any cuts or bruises. Arabella won’t settle for second best, she must look perfect at all times. Almost all of her own money is spent on clothes, wanting an outfit for every occasion, to make sure that she is never seen in the same outfit twice. This means she usually mixes and matches skirts and tops, not wanting to wear the same dress twice.


    • Talkative (though this can backfire sometimes).
    • Good at persuading people to do what she wants, especially boys.
    • Always full of energy and ready to go.

    • Can be sly and sneaky - willing to be mean to others to benefit herself, is rather selfish..
    • Extremely vain.
    • Cares too much about what others think of her - a desire to be popular.

    • Chatting and hanging out with friends.
    • Teasing her younger sister.
    • Boys, boys, boys!

    • Studying of any form.
    • Getting her hands dirty in any way - literally to metaphorically. She prefers others to do the dirty work.
    • Animals of any sort. She thinks owls are useful for delivering letters, but detests animals otherwise.

    • Marry rich - to avoid having to work herself. (future)
    • Be popular at Hogwarts, as well as afterwards. (now/future)
    • Get a boyfriend (now).

    • Always likes to play with her hair, flicking it around.

    BOGGART: Being alone, poor and having to do jobs she hates.

    PATRONUS: Her first dance at Hogwarts. She was a second year, so extremely lucky to be invited to it by an older student.

    DEMENTOR: When her father was really ill a few years ago, not knowing whether he would live.

    VERITASERUM: None...yet!

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Having a lovely family and tons of friends in the future, with plenty of money to spare.

    Arabella is a bit of a mixed bag. In some ways she can seem like the lovely, kind girl who everyone appears to like, who boys seem to like. On the other hand, you don’t know what she had to do in order to get to that position. When she wants something, not much can stop her from going out and get it. She may not have massive goals like some people do, but in her opinion this makes her goals that much more achievable. She is somewhat of a ‘social climber’, befriending those who she think will push her up the social ladder and dismissing those of no use to her. Arabella knows exactly where she wants to be, in the heart of all the social activity, preferably with an older, clever and handsome man by her side.


    FATHER: David Patrick Mason, pureblood, ex-Ravenclaw. Born 8th June 1987, currently 39.

    MOTHER: Florence Georgina Mason (née Chamberlin), pureblood, ex-Slytherin. Born 17th January 1990, currently 36.

    SIBLING/S: Edward Stephen Mason, Ravenclaw, born 13th March 2010, sixth year and Lilian “Lily” Violet Mason, pureblood, born 2nd September 2014, Ravenclaw, first year.

    OTHER: None of importance.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper class (wealthy).

    PET/S: None.



    Early Years:
    Arabella grew up in the heart of London. Her parents owned a house in Notting Hill, which was larger than most. Her father had some important job in the Ministry, head of some department, though Arabella never really paid attention to his work, unlike her siblings who seemed to be fascinated by it. She had always gotten on a lot better with her mother from an early age. Her mother didn’t work, she stayed at home to look after the three of them. Arabella and her mother loved to go out and shop together, gossip about people and generally relax and have fun. When they got slightly older, her mother taught them the basics of magic. Her brother and her sister both seemed to pick it up more quickly than she did, which annoyed Arabella. Her mother later told Arabella that she wasn’t always the best at magic either, but she was good at other things and that there was nothing wrong with that. When Arabella was eight, so Lily seven and Edward ten, their father fell ill. It caught them by surprise, with him only being 35 at the tmie. It shook the entire family, making them closer and forcing them to think what would happen if he died. He was in St. Mungo’s for nearly a year, where he was luckily cured and able to go back to work. During the time, however, the family had to survive on less money and work together, which none of them liked, having been used to having all the money they wanted. It especially annoyed Arabella and her mother. This made Arabella want to make sure she always had money, whatever point in her life she was at.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Arabella was excited to go to Hogwarts, but not because she wanted to learn all about magic. She wanted to make friends and meet guys and have a social life. She was fed up of only having her siblings around the house and was extremely jealous when her brother had come back with tales of Hogwarts, but she didn’t think he appreciated the socialization enough. He just liked studying, the weird person, she thought. In her first two years, she made quite a few friends at Hogwarts. In her second year, there was a big dance and she was invited to it by a fourth year boy, which was lucky for her, because otherwise she wouldn’t have been allowed to go. She was very proud of this, as not many second years were invited.
    Entering her third year, she wanted to make more of an impression. She had gotten through her first two years and felt like she wasn’t at the bottom of the school anymore, she was on her way up. She wanted a boyfriend, not just any boyfriend, but a clever, preferably pureblood, boyfriend who would take her out on nice dates, paying of course, and who everyone would be jealous of. That was her new plan and nothing could stop her from making it happen.



    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jemma

    RP EXPERIENCE: Since PA was founded. So like five and a half years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Searching for Ravenclaw avatars in google!

    MAIN CHARACTER: Jemma Tiquelle and Molly Weasley.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have a more social characters, I always seem to create shy characters. And someone who isn't "good". Idk, I like her. She's shallow and B**** and will be fun to play Smile.


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Arabella Mason
Arabella Mason
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Fourth Year Slytherin

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MASON, Arabella Leanne Empty Re: MASON, Arabella Leanne

Post by Khaat Lupin Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:19 am

Oh, she's definitely going to be fun. I'd love to be one of her professors. I'd love the opportunity to give her detention down with the gamekeeper with the school's magical creatures. HAHAHAHA. I'd love to see how she'd cope.

And she is definitely a Slytherin to me.

So, yeah. Accepted and sorted to Slytherin.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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MASON, Arabella Leanne Empty Re: MASON, Arabella Leanne

Post by Arabella Mason Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:27 am

She would be very stubborn. Try to get out of it in ANY WAY possible. I can imagine her trying to bribe her way out of it or something. She wouldn't like to go near any creature. She'd probably faint or something XD.

And yeah, she seems fun to write. I seem to accidentally make all my charries like shy/introverts/antisocial, so wanted a change. To go cause some drama drama!!

Yeah, I thought of her as definitely a Slytherin. Thankyou! Off to claims and such Smile.
Arabella Mason
Arabella Mason
Fourth Year Slytherin
Fourth Year Slytherin

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MASON, Arabella Leanne Empty Re: MASON, Arabella Leanne

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