GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria
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GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria

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GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria Empty GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria

Post by Fantine Greenley Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:11 am

GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria Character_large_332x363_jade

Fantine Alexandria Greenley


    FULL NAME: Fantine Alexandria Greenley

    NICKNAMES: She doesn't really have any

    AGE: 20

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin (graduate)

    CLASSES: ---

    WAND TYPE: Willow, 10 3/4 inches, dragon heartstring

    PLAY BY: Elizabeth Gillies


    HAIR COLOR: Brunette

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: Roughly 5'6"

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    Fantine, at first sight would be thought of as a worn out mother of multiple children, not a twenty-something that has plenty of years left. She almost constantly is glaring at something, with a disappointed frown on her face. Her eyes are bloodshot most of the time, because she spends most of her time crying. She always has dark circles under her eyes, and her cheeks look like skin and bone. She has scars all over her arms from when she was a cutter in her earlier teen years, and she is very self-conscious about her looks, because they tell the stories of her past.


    She can mix up an antidote for just about every poison there is.
    She doesn't speak out a lot, so she doesn't get involved in fights or things of that nature.

    She is scared easily.
    She is not very good at apparating.
    She spends most of her time lost in her own little world, crying about her past.

    Dark Magic
    Half-bloods who aren't afraid to get into dark magic

    Small spaces
    Order members
    Her parents

    The only goal that Fantine has or has ever had is to impress her parents. If she did that, she wouldn't mind dying for any reason, because it's literally her life mission.

    She'll have random fits of laughter at the most inappropriate times, and she's afraid of being underground.

    BOGGART: A giant seamonster hell-bent on eating her

    PATRONUS: Being sorted into Slytherin House at Hogwarts (because it impressed her parents so much)

    DEMENTOR: Her father finding out her mother had cheated on him with a muggle and thus produced a half-blood child. He had beaten both of them senseless that night.

    VERITASERUM: She knows who her real father is, and where to find him (as of a couple of years ago, she doesn't know if he's still alive)

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her parents embracing her as she tells them she's done something to rid the world of muggle-borns

    Fantine is a very held back woman. The last thing on her mind is to have any friends or a significant other. All she wants to do is join the Death Eaters so her parents will finally accept her. She spends most of her time either sitting outdoors talking to herself and crying about her past experiences, or just reading a book. She has never been a very outgoing person. She needs love, but refuses to think about it until she's accomplished impressing her parents.


    FATHER: (Unknown), Last name of Greenley

    MOTHER: Alexandria Bailey

    SIBLING(S): None (that she knows of, half or otherwise)

    OTHER: Step-father Zachary Bailey, Aunt Joelle Garrison (on her mother's side) that accidentally told her (step)father about Alexandria cheating on him.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human


    Large grey wolf, named Prince



    Early Years:
    The first eleven years of Fantine's life were rather peaceful. Her mother and (step)father were happy with each other, and there were no problems. She (along with her step-father) did not know that she wasn't actually a pure-blood. She made a few friends that also lived in the magical community, and was a very bubbly girl. She loved playing jokes on her parents and her neighbors.

    Hogwarts Years:
    During her first year at Hogwarts, Fantine might have made a few friends, she didn't remember. When she went home for the Christmas holidays, she found out that her mother had been lying about who her real father was, and she was absolutely devastated. Her father was a pureblood-supremacist, and wasn't too happy that a child of his own wife was a half-blood. Since her mother was mildly scared of her step-father, she acted in the same manner as he did most of the time, to avoid his wrath. So basically, both of her parents hated her.

    She became very distant, and didn't allow other people to talk to her, or even try to. No one really liked her at Hogwarts, because she was so withdrawn, most of the other students just didn't think it was worth it to try and make friends with her.

    Fantine has not been out of school very long, but her main mission has been to join the Death Eaters and impress her parents by taking up the same values they have. She still doesn't really have any friends to talk to, but when she gets her parents to love her again, all of the years of solitude would finally be paid off.


    YOUR NAME: Maddie Smile

    RP EXPERIENCE: Couple years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have another character

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Margaret Chase

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to make a charrie that wasn't trying to become a Death Eater because they hated the Order, or because they were some kind of sadistic killing/torturing machine. Her emotions are the main reason for her decisions, she's going to be one of those people who don't think very much before they act. I'd like to see her become a dark witch, then possibly be turned around with a good friend or a significant other, or something of that sort.

    RP SAMPLE: ---

Fantine Greenley
Fantine Greenley

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GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria Empty Re: GREENLEY, Fantine Alexandria

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:16 pm

looks good to me. nice job. accepted and sorted into grads and DE's.

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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