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Re: you stand there waiting, she turns & walks away; & you discover that timing is everything

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:45 am
He wanted an out. He wanted Sophie to wake up so he could excuse himself, or Claire to show up with an emergency (as selfish as that was), or to, better yet, wake up from this complicated nightmare that might have once been something of a dream. Because he didn't deserve the woman in front of him after all those years pining for the woman he had left standing uncertainly on his doorstep.


He clapped two hands over his face, tugging them almost violently from her grip as he breathed shallowly into them, because he would not let himself break down in front of her and make her feel like she had to attend to him while he was busy ruining the good thing they had.

"I think I need to take a step back."

The words hung in the air, muffled against his hands but not distorted to be unclear. His hands slid from his face, catching every nook and cranny of sunken tired eyes and crevasse of smile and frown lines, until they hung loosely at his sides, his eyes slowly moving to reach his.

"From us."

His voice caught and he lifted his hand to press against his lips, stilling them, because it wasn't fair to her.

Nothing about this situation was fair.
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Re: you stand there waiting, she turns & walks away; & you discover that timing is everything

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:18 am
Why was he so panicked? Avery could never have imagined Teddy this way, and yet he was ripping his hand away from her like she'd burned him. She retracted her own arm, closing one hand around the other in front of her stomach as she stepped away and stared at him. It was like someone had replaced him with someone different and broken and scary; thank Merlin Sophie wasn't there. She would've been distraught.

Not that Avery didn't feel that way herself, after he spoke. And he had to add that on. Had to specify. Clarify.

Wait, what? No. It didn't make sense. What did that mean? She was so certain that he cared about her. About Avery Bishop, nightmare that she could be. About Avery Bishop, who loved him. Who was in love with him. And yes, there was a difference:

When he was in the room, her feelings were so often dictated by the look on his face - the approval or lack thereof. She had waited for him, watched for him, lived for the look on her daughter's face when he walked in to see her and the knowledge that Sophie had all but claimed him as theirs. Sophie was possessive, while Avery couldn't allow herself to be that way. Not openly, anyway. But he had been theirs. And Avery was his, regardless of whether or not he wanted her.

She was his and he didn't want her. Didn't want them. ...Who wouldn't want Sophie?

None of the waiting, watching or anything else ever happened consciously, of course. It just crept up on her sometimes; it just registered when she'd been missing him too long and something reminded her of him and she realized how much it hurt to be away from him now that she finally felt like she had him. But rather than going out of her way, she had waited. Waited and let him do the work, which was ridiculous, she realized far too late. Why had she made him work so hard for it? Because she'd been hurt? His whole life had been hurtful.

Her eyes had glazed over, and she only realized it once she needed to blink and everything snapped back into focus. She was staring at the arm of the couch now, though not on purpose, and her expression was entirely blank: the one look that Robin had feared. It didn't belong on Avery Bishop's face. Yet there it was. And so, when she finally opened her mouth, her tone matched it perfectly. She wouldn't register it until she replayed the night in her head for the umpteenth time, but her breathing had leveled out as well. Her singularly dangerous defense mechanism had kicked in and she didn't even know it.

An hour ago, things had been fine. So it had to be because of Bernice.

"... Who is she?"

It wasn't fair, but none of this was fair. So she didn't feel bad about it. Surely she had the right to know? Otherwise why would he have come here looking like that, only to break her heart?
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