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Anwen's Plot

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Anwen's Plot Empty Anwen's Plot

Post by Anwen Collins Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:11 am


Anwen was not spoiled at all. Her family lived on a farm in Liverpool, and everyday she would milk the cow, get the eggs, and feed the chickens. She did not have a job, as the farm made money selling fresh food. She lived like this until she turned eleven and heard about Hogwarts. She there met her best friend, and is now 16 years old.


Father: Ben
Siblings: Fred, Katie, Trishia, Danny, James, and Haley


Best friend: Open
Close friends:Open
Friends: Open
Like family: Open
A friend from a distance: Open


The Teachers Pet: Open
The Friendly One: Open
The Clever One: Open
The Quiet One: Open
The Loud One;; Open
The Rebellious One: Open
The Ignorant One: Open


BestTeacher: Open
Fun Teacher: Open
Good Teacher: Open
Alright Techer: Open
Bad Teacher: Open
Boring Teacher: Open
Worst Teacher: Open


True love: Open
Current: Open
Ex, not friends: Open
Ex, friends: Open
Crush: Open


Forever hate: Open
Rivals: Open
My Annoyerv Open
Enemy: Open
Who I Annoy: Open
Anwen Collins
Anwen Collins

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Anwen's Plot Empty Re: Anwen's Plot

Post by Ingrid Payne Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:41 pm

Any ideas? Ingrid needs plotting
Ingrid Payne
Ingrid Payne

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